Escort Diaries: Ch. 00 Prologue

Ch 1

But she dared not let out anything more than a whimper. She had learned early in her marriage with Darryl that her cries of pleasure drove him to climax much too quickly. No, she wanted to milk him slowly and deliberately. She wanted this to last so, so bad, and she knew it just wouldn't go long enough.

Darryl could frequently get Juliet to a state of frenzy as well. But it seemed like whenever he did, she would plateau after the initial excitement—her buzz would only last for so long before her brain decided it wanted more. Her mind often wandered like it was disconnected from the body being ravaged below and their lovemaking often ended with her pining for one last thrust, one last drip of cum, one last touch inside her soul.

She closed her eyes and locked her legs around his muscular bottom, glistening with sweat.

She smiled softly. "Harder," she whispered back. She was always juggling how to react to her man. After four years of marriage, she thought it would be different by now. But still, she had to choose her words carefully during sex—not too excited to make Darryl orgasm, but encouraging enough at the same time.

But too soon it was over, and Juliet felt her mind wandering again as her husband kept fucking her.

Darryl knew that Juliet had a lot more in her. He slowed his roll to try and buy some time, to try and fill her again.

Darryl was first to disengage from the kiss, feeling that his cock had been given a sufficient break.

"Whatever you want baby," she said with a look of mischief on her face.

Juliet gave him a smile but deep down inside, she felt a twinge of disappointment. Darryl really liked fucking her doggy style. Too much in fact, and she could rarely get off that way. But she loved him and needed his cock—what else was there to do?

She felt his hands grab her waist and then the familiar warmth of his crown butting against her opening. And then he was in and her body shuddered as another small orgasm flowed from her ass to her toes.

"Fap, fap, fap," was the sound his balls made as they started to slap against her backside. Faster and faster he went, chugging along, grunting with each thrust, until that pressure built again in the tip of his penis. But this time there was no stopping it. He clenched down his kegel muscles and felt his cock spill over in pleasure. He got a couple more thrusts in before he lost control, dumping his semen into Juliet's cunt in jolts, four, five, six strong as he emptied himself into her.

But there was an upside to Darryl finishing. Juliet loved cum. She loved feeling it hit her cervix, loved tasting it, rubbing it over her skin, tasting it some more. As soon as he pulled out, she flipped onto her back and drove her right middle and ring fingers into her cunt. She scooped out as much of the juices as she could, their fluids mingling together in perfect harmony. Fingers curled, she lapped the sticky liquid into her mouth, feeling the hot, slightly burning sensation in her tongue as she imagined millions of sperm cells swimming inside her mouth.

He loved watching her though after they made love. He drank in the details as she spread some of his potion on her tan, natural, d-cup breasts. In a strange way it turned him on, smelling his musk on her afterwards. He watched in satisfaction as she circled her firm nipples with her fingers, the thick semen sticking slightly as it dried.

So why couldn't she still get sex off of her mind?

After yoga, she padded into the bathroom and turned on a hot shower. Showers always made her nipples extra sensitive, and after rubbing body wash all over her body, she instinctively reached for the vibrator she had there. After a quick buzz she felt Darryl get in. He reached around her, grabbing her right boob and tweaking the nipple. Instantly she felt weak in her legs, arching her back as she came. But too soon it was over. Juliet turned, gave Darryl a quick kiss, and hopped out to let him finish.

"Shelle! How are you?"

Juliet's younger sister Michelle was always the wild one. And she especially liked trying to shock her older sis with lewd comments in private—or public. They talked three or four times a week during her commute into the city.

"Ohmygod, did you guys do it this morning? Last night? I need details girl, it's been too long," Shelle basically begged on the phone.

"Hmm," Shelle chuckled. "Wish I could be there."

"Jules... Jules... Shelle to Jules, you're drifting..."

"Sorry what was it?"

"Oh you naughty girl."

"We uh... we hired an escort."

"You WHAT!?" she whispered fiercely.

Juliet shot him a "not now" look. Talking dirty was fun, but what had her sister done?

"Wondered?" Juliet thought to herself. More like "remembered."

"Because it wasn't you? God you make me so hot. No, it wasn't weird at all. I think I enjoyed it more than he did. She kinda jumped on me. Which is weird because, you know, that's my thing."

"So... you gonna tell me what Shelle did?" Darryl was starting to sound more curious.

Darryl gave the road a funny look and then shrugged. "I figured they'd already done that."

Juliet let out a soft sigh as the stiff black cock pushed past her lips slid into her. She could almost feel the moisture coating her inner labia overflowing with anticipation. She loved its warmth and the way it made her tingle from her toes to her belly. She groaned lightly as it filled her, clinching her muscles against its length and girth.

That had always been a quirk of hers. Ever since she discovered her capacity for stimulation, Juliet was insatiable. She broke her first vibrator within a week, the circuits fried from overuse. Darryl always tried his best, and he is an impressive physical specimen. She heard from her sister about that time he made her cum over and over again in their parent's bedroom.

"I'm doing it again," she thought to herself. "Focus. Stay in the present. Feel him all around you."

"How does that feel, baby?" He whispered in her ear.

Darryl had achieved a good rhythm at this point. The rhythmic thrusts of his seven-inch cock pressed again and again against her cervix, and the brief spasms of pain drove her wild. She felt her breathing quicken as a tiny climax rolled over her body, and she instinctively grabbed her breasts to make it last.

Darryl noticed the change in her demeanor. He loved it when she ground against him and clutched at her deep, dark nipples. He loved he way that she hit her lip softly when she orgasmed and the way her breaths became quick and shallow. He was close to his own orgasm—he could feel the pressure build in the crown of his penis.

Juliet smiled at her husband and let her legs fall to the side. She reached up to kiss him and felt their tongues swirling inside. She loved exploring his mouth, running her tongue over his teeth, basting in his taste.

"What would you like?" he asked, staring into her warm hazel eyes.

"Let me at that ass."

She felt him withdraw and then rolled over, sticking her well-rounded bottom in the air and wiggling it slightly. She tried to spread her legs wide as she knew otherwise the squeeze her pussy put on his cock would be too much for him.

Darryl loved seeing Juliet on all fours, ass in the air. He loved the way her skin felt against his pelvis and thighs and the way her otherwise athletic butt jiggled slightly with each thrust. He took her slight shiver as a sign to get going, and he slowly built his tempo back up.

Juliet knew once she was on all fours, she wouldn't be completely satisfied. Hell, most of the fucks she had before Darryl couldn't get her off even twice, and Darryl had to build to that point. Still, she couldn't help but feel a little cheated. It was a guilty feeling—here they were connected in the closest possible way, and all she wanted was more sex.

Darryl watched her go back for seconds with amusement. He had girls swallow before, but it didn't really matter to him. Wasn't semen something you clean up with a sock or a towel? Until he met Juliet years ago he never knew someone who loved cum so much.

When Juliet finally opened her eyes and came to her senses, she found Darryl in his usually spot lying down next to her. She reached in and gave him a soft kiss on the lips before nestling into his arms. This is where she was meant to be. This was love. Their breathing slowed to match each other's as they cuddled naked, needing only each other.

The next day Juliet got up before dawn as was her habit. She took a quick look at Darryl's slumbering form. He still had a football player's body, though a bit thicker around his trunk and thighs these days. She drank in his flaccid cock and couldn't resist giving it a quick kiss on the tip.

Since they both worked downtown, Darryl usually drove them in to work. Juliet loved he way he filled out a dress shirt and had to remind herself to calm down lest she get wet in the car. Just then, her sister called.

"Oh, I don't know, thinking about fucking that man of yours."

"Yeah, I don't think he's up for that," Juliet said, giving Darryl a coy smile out of the corner of her eye.

"I just think I wore him out," Juliet replied giving Darryl an impish look. She swore that he even blushed through his chocolate ski.

Shelle loved to remind her older sister that she'd been with Darryl before. It wasn't a contentious issue between two sisters who had been inseparable since Shelle was born. Shelle was the first one to discover their mom's vibrator, to lose her virginity in high school, to show Juliet how to have a one-night stand. Shelle introduced Juliet to a world of pleasure that she never knew existed. When Juliet brought Darryl home for the holidays for the first time, Shelle lit up like the Christmas tree. It would have been cruel to not give her a run at that cock—Juliet had a feeling it was going to happen one way or another. Better that she knew and gave permission. And any weirdness went away when they later invited her to join in the fun.

Shellie's voice recalled Jules out of her brief daydream. Damn, she could feel her panties starting to get a touch damp underneath her dress pants. At least she wasn't wearing a skirt.

"You'll never believe what me and Mark did last night."

Juliet glanced at Darryl again. She liked talking dirty in front of him. He didn't react this time.

Juliet shot up in her seat. Every hair on her body seemed to tingle.

"Oh no what's she up to now?" Darryl asked from the driver's seat.

"Yeah, a friend of Mark's, I dunno, recommended this girl. Said she was fun. And kinky. And I kinda, you know, have always wondered about threesomes."

"So, what was it like, you know, like?" Juliet tried to be discreet. Darryl didn't need to know everything about Shelle and Mark's sex life, though Shelle probably wouldn't care. "Were you, you know, because it wasn't..." She didn't know how to finish without giving too much away.

"Jesus Shelle."

"Uh, she and Mark, they, uh, they umm, tried anal!" Juliet just busted out with the lie. She hoped her face didn't look weird.