Fuck Toy

Fitness Center

As I lay in bed that morning, I re-viewed my life and where I was headed. Dead end job, a check-out girl at the local supermarket, always eager to do extra shift as shelf filler. Divorced, never complains if groped, not a troublemaker. A useful bitch!

With no children and an upwardly mobile ex who was determined to go places, I was holding him back, the divorce was granted. I moved out of our small home that I admit was never too clean, never really homely and moved into a squalid flat. A room, a shared bathroom. Filthy environment, not the sort of place one invited one's parents to visit!

As I reflected upon my life and prospects which looked rather dismal, a germ of an idea occurred to me, 'Perhaps I could turn my life around!'

As I scanned merchandise, rang up cash and credit card transactions I was only half there, I was thinking, looking at options, discarding them as quick as they occurred, 'Win Lotto', 'Rob a Bank' sort of thoughts....

My brain hardly registered the quick grope, I filled shelves for four hours and went home to think. I was never going to get out of this situation if I did not take charge!

I got the job. I stiffed the jerk who had been groping me and got fired, lol!

I turned thirty, I got promoted, I moved to a better neighborhood. My new abode was self-contained. I had a bank balance!

Now when my ex said at the divorce hearing that I had let myself go, he was quite right. I was twenty kilograms over weight and that was looking before the scales had settled so probably more like 25!

Exercise in a clean airy environment early in the day for just a few bucks and lotsa eye candy while you do it!

As my fitness improved and I shed pounds then stones I noticed I was getting some attention!

Quite a number of employees used the same fitness center and as inevitable I got to hear gossip, who was doing who, who was a good fuck, who was a sadistic bastard. In one ear out the other, then I realized this was information I could use to my advantage!

I worked out, I became 'Toned' I heard comments about my 'Hot' body, the Cougar in the red leotard... There never had been any miss-propriety. I just got admiring looks, ok I confess I wish that had been more!

I wondered about coming out and announcing that I was and had been a lesbian all these years.... Na not me, lol.

Thirty something female, No Kids, divorced, gainfully employed, FRUSTRATED...... get the picture I was ripe to be plucked!

Now in the girl's locker room as I am certain that as in the men's, one hears things. I had wondered why the fitness center was always closed Wednesday evenings. I overheard a conversation between two women in the changing rooms. 'I got invited to next Wednesdays event!'

WTH ( that's short for What the Hell) , what happened on Wednesday Evenings?

It took me months to find out about the Wednesday Evening events!


There was a note crudely stuffed into my locker door!

Gee Five days to find out what the message meant and implied, my toy required to be updated to a battery driven one!

I ventured a look into the main gymnasium and was Grabbed, arms pinned and wondering what the hell was going on?

She is going to like it and beg for more, she will have to wait until its her next turn. You could be seen to before her next turn the Wednesday after next!'

(And so dear reader I became a fuck toy, a fully paid up member of a sex club, masquerading as a fitness gym! I guess you want me to spill the beans and describe my experiences)

It was a fantasy evening for a young man. He explained that his wife refused to give him a blow job and as this activity seemed to feature in every blue movie he had ever watched, he needed to know exactly what he was missing. It was clear to me that the experience he was about to undergo would decide his attitude towards his wife!

Now I don't claim to be an expert, he had had seven mouths working on his nice cock. I had sucked and then bitten his cock to get his attention. We locked eyes and I blew him to ejaculation.

This fantasy club I liked and I was to be the fantasy girl the next week!

No Wednesday ever came around so fast, I was on a high all week, my electric powered toy had its batteries changed twice!

It was past eight pm I was going to be late to my fantasy evening. I entered the lion's den to a roar of approval. MEN lots of them, men I had never met, and not a female present. WTF ( You do know what those letters are short for dear reader)

A man I did not know stood and started to speak.

What wait I thought it was mine....

Woah, 'no limits' and 'used by' and I was the only woman present! I turned and headed for the women's locker room. I did not make it!

Two strong men held me, front and center of the assembled men. The guy who had first spoke continued. 'And so my final fantasy is fulfilled, Non-Compliance'!

They destroyed my spandex gym outfit. I was naked, I got used and abused and fucked every which way. The men had a ball, and I sort of liked it!

Then Something Happened.

'Lesbian Display, men can watch but not participate' was the note in my Locker.

There were many women at that evenings session, just four men. I watched as dildoes and strap-ons were demonstrated and used on willing subjects. I left frustrated and be-wildered. Why were those women in such a sex club? I was there, a sex toy used by all the men in the club and the women left me out of their play session!

The evenings session was un-specified, male, female, objective, all blank, Someone had a secret fantasy and we were to provide the audience and participators! It was a full House!

I got a shock when the woman who had been most vocal about what could be about to happen turned out to be that evenings fantasy lady!

'I want you to use this on me' is all she said.

Now I am not sure how the system worked, I had been a fuck toy for months. The note in my locker was rather a shock.

I spent the week in turmoil to get everyone else to fuck me and exclude him....

My mind was inventing ways to make him squirm. My battery powered toy got new batteries twice. My Notice to members just said 'Sex, sex, SEX'.

There was a sports bag beside a central table.

'You Guys and Gals can use these on me!' There was a large dildo, a whip, a baseball bat, cuffs, rope and other stuff there. I was really really going to get seen to!

I was going through a hard time, a recently divorced Plain Jane, boring job, no prospects woman of 29. That just about describes me and my past life perfectly, a nobody, a non-entity!

My ex-husband had said at the divorce hearing that I had insisted upon, 'She has let herself go and she had her tubes tied with-out consulting me' that described me in a nutshell. I had had four miss-carriages in five years, I was afraid of having unprotected sex, and by then afraid of sex!

I had had a bright future, a 'B' grade student who got pregnant the first time I tried sex. We Got married, I miss-carried, the marriage went south from there...

I got up dashed to the shower before the rest of the occupants, dressed and went to work, early turn at the check-out. My brain was at last working!

My Shift at the check-out ended and I accepted the generous offer of shelf filler, by a man who liked to grope me! 'Gota do what a Gals gota do!'

A 'B' grade student, but I could touch type, I knew my way around a computer! I scanned the local rags job vacancy adverts and spotted a very low-level advert for data entry staff. I rang the number and had an interview scheduled for the next day!

The new job was a walk in the park, I was very soon the fastest data entry girl they had, they made me a sort of supervisor, mentor to the other girls, there was NOT a man employed in that lowly position.

I was frustrated beyond belief; my sex toy was no longer satisfying me!

I joined a local fitness club as a temporary member, the fact that my ex was a member did not deter me, he was a lie-a-bed sluggard in the mornings. I intended to be there when they opened and be gone before eight am!

I confess those fitness jocks had bodies I craved for, I dreamed about them using my body!

At work my mature attitude and professional performance was being recognized, I was promoted, but still in the data entry division.

My situation had improved, I was gainfully employed with a stable if limited future ahead of me, I heard through the grapevine my Ex was doing extremely well.

I was now thirty-one, my career as supervisor of the data entry personnel was secure. I had a nice apartment. I was looked at as a 'Cougar' at the fitness center, admiring glances, compliments even, but never approached for a date!

OK so what happened to upset my apple-cart?

(From here on dear reader things get pornographic.)

My temporary membership had expired and I needed to renew or join as a fully paid up member.

I sort of recognized the woman at the receptionist desk when I went to re-new my membership. She remembered me, remembered me getting pregnant and leaving school to get married. I remembered her as a fitness geek, a gymnast, two years my junior. We chatted, I got full membership.

I was Thirty-two, trim taught and terrific, I enjoyed the eye candy at the Gym. I was frustrated. I had not had sex, other than with my now old hat toy in three years. Not one of the eye candy guys I had been eye-balling ever so much as reacted!

I was back at the changing rooms, mildly frustrated at the male bodies I had been observing, 'Just Jocks' my brains told me.

'Next Wednesday Eight PM to find out what we get up to!'

I went to the fitness club at the appointed time, it seemed deserted, but some noise was coming from the equipment area. The changing rooms were empty, but there was a lot of clothes scattered about!

A male voice I sort of recognized was speaking. 'Julie the naked one over there is about to be fucked by seven horny men!

I was ejected from the room! I begged to be re-admitted, I agreed to all the demands, I signed disclaimers. I was re-admitted. I watched a woman get fucked by seven men!

As a fully paid up member and signatory to non-disclosure documents I was entitled to visit the Gym the next Wednesday evening. In the ladies locker room there were several other ladies and talk was about sex, sex, and little else.

Five women and two men lined up to give the young man the benefit of their experience and technique, I joined at the end of the line, I got the sperm!

Then something happened.

(Now dear reader I can hear you saying 'Oh yes a lamb to the slaughter' well I got slaughtered!)

Wednesday evening at eight pm I was in a quandary in the ladies changing rooms, what should I wear? There was no one to ask, the ladies locker room was a silent place, there seemed to be no other ladies here except me. I just had my Gym gear, a spandex swim suit!

This was my first night, what had happened to the nice people I had expected to play with? I knew I was going to get fucked, I knew that there were multiple partners available. I did not expect to be the only female and there were seventeen men present. I know I counted them twice to be certain. New batteries were suddenly the bottom of my 'to buy' list. I was going to get fucked!

'Ok Guys, you all know that this is my fantasy'

I needed a 'no limits' girl who would be used by me how ever I wanted!'

It occurred to me that rather than this Wednesday Fantasy subject I was to be its victim!

Shit he wanted non-compliance he had it in spades I was in no way going to be compliant!

As time went by, I found myself as the female subject of many men's fantasies, I was assured of a great fuck every Wednesday!

I had found out that the male fantasy evenings were posted to the male's locker room and the rather rare female fantasies posted to the ladies locker room.

As fuck toy in chief I decided to attend despite other offers for my Wednesday evening's entertainment.

Then Things Changed!

As I changed in to my replaced spandex gym outfit the women's locker was alive with talk, Who is it? What's to happen? Were common voices as we got ready for the event.

She stood in front of the crowd. She removed her gym garment and stood naked before us. She opened a gym bag beside her and threw a whip on to the floor.

She never uttered another word as men and women took to her naked body with that whip. I confess I used it as well!

'Next week its your fantasy, but be aware your ex will be there!

Really be bad, bad ass.....

Attendance was up, it was the fuck toys fantasy evening! I entered the room naked, freshly shaved and oiled up, a fuck toy to behold.

'Now members some of you are novices so you just get to fuck me, play with my body. Others of you are experienced' I tipped the contents of the bag on the table. 'One member here is not allowed to touch me!'

My ex was to miss out!

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