Futa Naked In School 05 - Futa's Naked Passion Chapter 1: Stacie Breaks the Rules

Futa Naked In School – Futa's Naked Passion

By mypenname3000

Stacie Ward's Week, Monday

You could grope them. Stroke them. Get them to pose in pictures. If they consented, you could have sex with them. I'd gotten so much pussy, eighteen-year-old freshman girls just bursting into their sexuality, nineteen-year-old sophomore girls pretending to have more experience than they had (though they'd gained it), twenty-year-old junior girls ready to prove how wild they could be, and twenty-one-year-old senior girls confident in their sexuality already.

The Program came along with the laws the repealed all sort of sexual laws. Public nudity and obscenity laws were revoked. Incest was decriminalized. As long as you were consenting, you could do what you want. New styles of clothing were coming out, tops that showed off a girl's nipples, skirts cut to be open in the front to flash panties or pussies, the explosion of genital piercings.

What I didn't expect the Program to deliver was a girlfriend.

Meaghan was a cute girl, a senior like me. She was chosen for the final week of the Program before the semester ended. She had short, brassy hair and sparkling, green eyes. She'd asked for satisfaction on her second day in our Civics class. I'd volunteered.

It was hot. I was high on endorphins so, that final Friday, fucking her in the hallway, I asked her, “Want to go see a movie tomorrow?”

We'd been dating over winter break. She was fun and wild.

“Yeah,” I said, giving her an almost wounded look. “What, do you think I'm going to just cheat on you.”

I grinned at her. “I got into your pussy last night, didn't I?”

Even if you weren't in the Program, you could have sex so long as it didn't disrupt the class.

She smiled and snuggled up to me, this possessive gleam in her eyes. My stomach roiled. I didn't like that. We were dating, having fun, but it had been only two weeks. I hadn't proposed. She didn't have a ring. She didn't own me.

“Damn,” I groaned.

I climbed out into the frosty morning air. Clear skies meant cold temperatures here. My breath fogged the air before me. My nipples hardened despite my puffy jacket and a tight sweater. I didn't wear a bra, most futas didn't. Besides, my small titties didn't need any support. She took my hand and we headed in.

What a pity.

“But then I couldn't have her eat my pussy,” said Meaghan. “And, trust me, Stacie is the best. I think it comes from being on the swim team. She's learned to hold her breath.”

“You could come ride on my big, Black futa-cock!” shouted the boisterous Shelena. Our college's quarterback swaggered up in her letter jacket with conference championship embroidered on the front, her large, ebony tits almost spilling out of the low-cut halter top she wore beneath. “I'll take care of that purity.”

“I'll report you to the president,” Shelena mocked in a screechy, high-pitched whine. “Just a friendly offer. Can't wait until your in the Program.”

“I want to gag,” Meaghan groaned as we passed Shelena.

Excitement buzzed in the air, everyone eager to see the new girls. The cheer squad, led by the wild Tatyana Naumov were doing high kicks, flashing their pussies at the cheering crowd. They stopped wearing anything beneath their skirt early on, and they were talking of replacing their tops with sashes so their tits could be on display.

Meaghan's hand slid up my thigh, caressing my leggings as she went higher and higher. A tingle raced up to my pussy. She wasn't joking about giving me a handie. There was this wild gleam in her eye. I groaned as the tingles electrified my cunt.

President McTaggart took the podium, her red hair swaying about her face. She had a big smile on her lips, her eyes gleaming. She looked out at the crowd, waiting for everyone to quiet down. I groaned, my girlfriend's hand coming closer and closer to touching my futa-dick.

The auditorium shook with applause. It thundered around. I groaned, Meaghan's hand rubbing over my hard futa-dick, feeling me swollen in my panties and tights. She glanced at me, a naughty grin on her face, that possessive gleam in her eye.

“Okay, okay, it sounds like you had a great time,” President McTaggart said. “Well, it's a new year and a new week. So, let's choose who the four lucky students are. As always, ladies first.”

“Perfect,” Meaghan purred as she pulled out my futa-cock and stroked me.

“And for our next girl, we have...” President McTaggart pulled out a piece of paper. “Kalena Apikalia representing the Juniors.”

“Damn, Meaghan,” Randi Bjork said. The blonde girl sat across the aisle from us in the junior section. She was a fun girl to hang out with. I made a pass on the year before, but she was way too committed to her debate club to bother with dating anyone, even me. This year, she was even worse. She was the president, spending all her free time with the club and their adviser, Ms. Rowbottom. “You are going to town on Stacie.”

She nibbled on my ear as she stroked me, my eyes fixed on the cheerleader stripping naked. Apikalia bent over as she peeled down her skirt, doing a booty shake at the stands. Futas were cheering for her. She would be popular. Mobbed.

“Okay, futas, your turn,” said President McTaggart, Adile standing by her naked now. I just imagined she would be going for every girl, using her ten minutes at the start of every class to get relief to enjoy herself. “We have... Stacie Ward, the captain of our swim team, representing the seniors.”

“I...” I blinked as my two friends looked back at me. “Damn.”

“Yeah,” I said, my dick throbbing.

As the other futa's name was drawn, I stripped naked. My puffy jacket came off then followed my sweatshirt, baring my little titties. Kalena stood nearby, squeezing her large breasts and staring at me with a wicked grin.

She giggled in delight as I thrust down my skirt, my cock thrusting out of my panties and tights. She squirmed more, her black hair swaying about her wicked face. I shoved down my tights and panties, slipping off my shoes in the process. I stood naked and proud, my futa-dick throbbing hard before me.

I groaned, spotting our coach, Miss Castellano, cheering with them. The Hispanic woman, in her early thirty, had wavy-black hair falling around her head, a big smile on her face as she grinned at me. She clapped hard.

I winked at her. “The less I wear, the faster I'll swim.”

The mobbing happened. The girls swarmed at me. They were all around me, touching me, stroking me. I couldn't help but grin as they caressed my flesh. Their hands slid up and down my body, squeezing my tits, my rump. One girl found the lips of my pussy. So long as she didn't penetrate my hole, she could touch me there.

I groaned as someone got a hold of my futa-dick, pumping their hand up an down it. I groaned at the pleasure surging through me. It was incredible. I was already so hard from Meaghan's stroking hand, now this. My eyes closed and—

Meaghan appeared, pushing the sophomore girl away. Her hand seized my cock, stroking me. A few of her friends—Reina Vala, Maritza Esparaza, and Kassy Quickley—pressed in, pushing back the younger girls, forming a ring about me.

I groaned and came in a second from the pure excitement of being surrounded and lusted after.

Possessive, clingy eyes.

Now she was at the center of attention, squealing in delight. Might be the first time she had a girl touch her clit-dick.

“Sure,” I said, buzzing from my orgasm.

Moving through the halls, her friends escorted me between classes. They seemed to appear, ready to guard me if Meaghan couldn't walk with me. They waved off girls, telling them that I had a girlfriend and to back off. I grit my teeth, hating it.

When I walked into a classroom, aching for need, I couldn't ask for relief. At least one of Meaghan's friend was in every class I had. The girl had her phone in hand, ready to report me if I did anything.

She screamed her head off as I fucked her on the cafeteria table. Then I ate her out, not caring her pussy was full of my cum, then I took her again, this time with her bent over, moaning, gasping, crying out her rapture to the world.

After lunch, we strolled to the one class we shared, Civics. I didn't need satisfaction for once. But as the class dragged on, as the girls in it were eyeing me, making Meaghan grow stiffer and stiffer, my futa-dick swelled and ached.

“I have to get to class,” Meaghan muttered. “Kassy and Reina will get you to your next class.”

“Yes,” I groaned, fighting to grind my teeth.

I had my pride.

Chapter One: Stacie Breaks the Rules

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Winter break was over and it was back to Rogers College for the start of the next semester. The fall one had been wild. The Program had come to my school. Every week, four new students—two females and two futas—were chosen to participate. They had to attend classes naked, their flesh on display for the student body's enjoyment.

It was crazy. I loved it.

In some of the liberal parts of the country, things were getting really wild. It still was just catching on, but it was transforming my college.

Meaghan rode in the passenger of my old Ford Corolla. It was a 90's model, a little battered, but cheap to drive and maintain. She nodded her head to FuTastix, the rapper burning up the charts right now. She was singing about all the cunts she'd popped a load in, all the tight poon she'd enjoyed.

I ate her pussy so well, just snorkeling in her snatch, she just sort of clung on. Before I knew it, she was giving me all access to her body. Pussy, asshole, and mouth. She wouldn't let any other futa have her.

She said yes.

“Mmm, you're going to be a good futa, right?” she asked me as I pulled into a parking spot in the student lot. She stroked my hand. “Going to stay away from the girls in the Program?”

“No, no,” she said. “I know you love my body.” She grinned, licking her lips. She'd blown me in her driveway, not even waiting for her mom to head back inside after giving her wave goodbye. She just hiked my skit, pulled my futa-dick out of my panties, and sucked me off. “But I also know you love getting into pussy.”

She shuddered. “Goddess, yes. And that's why if you need any, you come to me. Any time. I'll satiate you.”

“Sure, sure,” I told her. “I'll hunt you down enjoy you if I get too hard.”

Then that gleam vanished as she gave me a hot kiss. She burst out of the car into the cold, her brassy hair swaying about her face, her tight jeans hugging her cute rump. “Brr, I hate January. Let's get to the assembly. If you get hard, I'll give you a handie.”

“I know, I'm the best girlfriend in the world.”

“A new year means a new start to be pure,” declared Lola Lovel. The blonde President of the Purity Society was on her soapbox again. Literally. She was standing on one before her little cabal of brainwashed futas and girls all dressed up in the long skirts and high-necked blouses, wearing promise rings and purity bracelets, all vowing to never participate in the Program. So far, none had been chosen.

“Stacie, you can reject your hedonism and find freedom in purity,” said Lola.

Lola's cheeks went bright red. The junior girl squirmed.

“I'd rather roll in a pig sty,” Lola sneered, glaring at Shelena. “Say that again, and I'll report you to President McTaggart for sexual harassment.”

I despised Shelena. She was a bullying bitch. She tried to harass a few girls in the Program, skirting the lines on consent. So far, she hadn't gotten in trouble. Shame more than a few girls liked her, dewy-eyed over her accomplishments on the football field.

We entered the auditorium for the assembly. We moved to the senior section. I nodded to Pearle Parris and Isadora Hardy, two of my friends. They grinned at me, eyeing Meaghan. I sat down with her near the top, my dyed-purple hair swaying about my face.

At least when the weather was warm.

My futa-dick throbbed.

“Welcome back!” the president exclaimed in her usual, over-the-top enthusiasm. “I hope you all had an amazing holiday!”

Her hand shoved into my tights and panties, seizing my girl-dick.

Futas clapped and wolf-whistled as the president shoved her hand into a bag full of names. She fished around and pulled out one. She stared at it and then shook her head. “Sorry, futas, the first girl chosen isn't going to let you do more than touch her. Our college's most aggressive lesbian, Adile Badem, represents the Freshman.”

The Turkish lesbian, who hit on every girl in the Program, stood up without a hint of modesty, peeling off her sweater on the way to the president. Her dark skin came into view as I leaned back and enjoyed the handjob.

One of the cheerleaders, a Hawaiian beauty, threw down her pompoms and ripped off her shell in a flash of black hair. Her large boobs bounced out. She did another high kick, flashing the student body her pussy. I groaned, Meaghan stroking me harder. Faster. She pumped her hand up and down my cock with fervor.

“Don't want her getting any ideas,” Meaghan purred. “I want my futa all to myself.”

I wouldn't even have a chance to be around her.

“What?” Meaghan hissed, her hand tightening on my cock.

“Fine,” muttered Meaghan, leaning back and pouting, her hand releasing my cock. “I'll finish you off later. Just remember, I'll take care of you. Like you did for me in my week.”

Girls were looking at me. They were whispering and giggling. I was popular. Tall, athletic, and confident, one of the few futas who dyed her hair such a bright color. Purple and bold, showing off our college's color. I nodded at a few I'd enjoyed during their Program week. They burst into louder laughter as I sauntered own, my cock half-thrusting before me.

I couldn't help winking at her.

“STACIE!” my swim team started shouting. “STACIE! STACIE!”

“Stacie, are you going to be able to lead your swim team to victory naked?” asked President McTaggart as I handed off my clothes.

The futa-president laughed in delight.

Not that I would object.

“Back off that clit-dick, Jalila,” hissed Meaghan, meaning one of the cheerleaders had my cock, “that's my futa-girlfriend.”

“I got you, honey,” Meaghan purred then fell to her knees before me. She engulfed my cock. Sucked.

My cum pumped into my girlfriend's mouth. Blast after blast of jizz flooded into her, bulging her cheeks. I groaned, my pussy convulsing. This wonderful pleasure surged through my body. It was incredible. I filled her while she stared up at me with those green eyes.

I groaned as my pleasure peaked. The last of my cum surged into her mouth. She gulped it down while her friends pressed in around us. Catherine Snider and Tina Walker had joined the wall. Defeated, the girls streamed over to the naked sophomore futa, the geeky Lizaveta who usually took pictures of the girls in the Program.

“Mmm, there you are,” Meaghan purred, standing up, a little bit of my cum on her lips. “I'll take care of you.”

The only problem, Meaghan and I shared one class, and it was after lunch.

I was twenty-one. I didn't need to be babysat. I was in the Program. I could have some fun.

When lunch came, my poor futa-dick was so swollen. My shaved pussy lips ached. Juices dribble down my thighs. My nipples throbbed with need. Meaghan swooped in like an angel. As mad as I was for having her friends spy on me, I needed her badly.

It was great. She cuddled up beside me for the rest of lunch, panting, flushed, feeding me French fries dipped in ketchup, giggling. She was clingy, but after that hard cum, I didn't mind. I was floating with satisfaction.

I needed another cum.

“We'll keep her safe,” promised Kassy, a brown-haired girl in a low-cut blouse. She took my arm. “You'll be a good futa, won't you?”

My last two classes, Medieval History and Film Studies were torture. I wanted to cum so badly. I needed it. Ached for it. Couldn't ask for anyone to satiate me, and I wasn't about to just masturbate like a fool while everyone watched me.

Just as my last class let out, my phone beeped. It was in my bookbag, the only thing I carried with me. Lacking pockets made carrying a cell phone a pain. I pulled it out and swiped the screen. I had a text from Meaghan.