Girl's Night In Ch. 02

I turned to head back out to my living room when Jennifer said "Hold on there speed racer. You look ready but I have a few more items we need to outfit you with before you go out there." She then grabbed me by my dick and pulled me back into the bedroom. As I stood in front of her she slipped a mask over the one I was wearing, it completely covered my eyes and left me blinded.

"Trust me model man, you are going to thank me for this," she said from behind me. I was disappointed and my body slumped a little. She noticed my pout and leaned close to my ear, "I'm going to spare you, to keep you from whining out there, but you have no idea what you're missing." After saying this she slid some type of earphones over my ears but failed to cover my right ear completely. "You can't hear anything, do you understand me?"

"I am going to be leading you around out there with this leash," she whispered into my ear while giving a couple of more gentle tugs on the leash. "When I pull, you move or else I pull harder," she warned while giving the leash a good tug that made me jump.

She pulled me by the leash down the hall toward the group of half-drunk ladies and it was disorienting. The darkness coupled with the muffled sound and the inability to feel my way with my hands left my full trust in Jennifer. It was necessary to lag far enough behind her that the leash was taut and kept me walking straight down the hall. With my hard cock held straight out from my body by the rings and my balls pulled forward, I felt like I was just a walking penis. The cheers as I entered the room made my cock swell as large as I have ever felt it.

"Oh yeah!" "I want to play with that toy." "God, that looks delicious," were some of the responses I heard but couldn't put a face to.

"So he has no idea I came in my panties when I saw that gorgeous cock," my mother-in-law laughed. I felt a sudden rush of blood to both my face and my cock.

"Look at that pre-cum," one of the ladies gasped as Jennifer drew her finger away from me, "that is soo hot. He is practically dripping."

"I know you all have been primarily focused on John's cock rings and ball strap," Jennifer continued.

"He absolutely does have a fabulous cock but these rings will also take your husband's cocks and make them so much better for you," Jennifer sold on.

"I'm not promising it will look like this," Jennifer continued, "but it will be harder, thicker and last longer than it has before. Plus the rings add a whole new sensation for you. Would anyone like to feel?" I was shocked to hear Jennifer ask.

"Remember he can't see or hear a thing, ladies so you don't have to be embarrassed to do or say whatever you're thinking. He'll never know which one of you did what so just enjoy testing out the toys." Jennifer said. "Why don't you take the leash sweetie and I'll go get some other things ready."

The foreign hand wrapped firmly around the base of my pulsating member and I heard Lori declare to everyone, "God he is so hot and hard." Cheers and shouts erupted from the others and one of the ladies asked her how my cock compared to her husbands cock. This will be interesting, I thought.

"Look at you holding John like you own him Lori," Ashley said. Ashley was one of Lori's oldest friends from college and a true southern belle. She had auburn hair, a gorgeous face and a long lean body honed by years of teaching yoga. I have always told Lori that if I could invite any friend of hers into our bed, Ashley would be my first pick because she is beautiful and proper but I am sure there is a wild side there. "I wonder if Mark would enjoy you stroking another cock like that little lady. You should probably turn that gorgeous hunk of meat over to one of us single ladies who can play without risking their marriage," she warned my wife.

"You single sluts get to go out and get new meat whenever you want. I haven't held another man's cock in 10 years," Lori countered. "I think Mark would want me to have some fun, it's not like I'm going to fuck this guy. Let me enjoy this for a minute. You'll all have your chance." I didn't move but the realization that my wife had just agreed to share me with everyone there was amazing and I had never been more turned on. It was also an amazing act of trust and reminded me how lucky I am to have married her.

"You aren't taking him anywhere, unless you take us too," one of the ladies laughed.

"When are you going to share him, Lori?" Marcia tentatively asked. Marcia had lost her husband tragically a few years ago. She was still dealing with being a 30 year old widow with 2 kids. Physically she had transformed herself from your typical mom into a head turning woman (her new D cups were the final touch a few months ago) but she had yet to emotionally recover enough to start dating. I was surprised she had even come over this evening.

"The first game will be an easy one, we all remember I never?" Everyone responded less than enthusiastically, "Well in this version everyone will put their hands up and I'll ask a series of questions. If you have done the act mentioned you put your hand down and can go refresh your drink because you won't be seeing John next. The last person with their hand raised will be the winner."

"Terry I expected that from you but Becky you little closet whore," Ashley reprimanded.

"Next question," Lori continued, "I've never had anal sex. Wow that many. Oohhh gross, Mom, I didn't need to know that."

"A little prude stroking a strange guy's big cock," Terry answered. "I think there's hope for you yet."

"You've got to be kidding me Jennifer." I complained, "All those beautiful ladies out there and you want me to be blindfolded."

I nodded in response. "That's the last time you respond to anything anyone says until the earphones are removed," she forcefully reminded me. "I'm almost done here. Give me your hands." I put my hands behind my back and she proceeded to secure me with some furry handcuffs. "Now I don't have to worry about you groping my customers," she laughed and I pretended to pout again. I then felt one of her hands gently pull on my balls and my cock jumped. I heard a click then another gentle pull on my balls.

"Alright, big boy," she said while giving my shaft a few long strokes, "you feel ready, it's showtime."

"Are you ladies ready to see some more toys?" Jennifer yelled above the cheers.

Jennifer then went into her salesperson mode again to describe what I was wearing. "John is in our sensory deprivation kit right now," she explained, "he is wearing noise canceling earphones that prevent any sound from being heard..."

"None whatsoever," Jennifer lied. "He is also wearing a blinding mask to prevent him from seeing anything and the lack of sight and sound heightens his response to touch and can be a very powerful teasing tool in the bedroom," she continued. I then felt her nails tickling my balls causing my dick to jump in response and eliciting a few giggles from the ladies. She then slowly ran a nail the length of the underside of my cock and the sensation was amazing as her hard nail scraped along the sensitive spot just below the head.

"I have handcuffed him with these black velvet cuffs," she continued. "They are soft but just as difficult to get out of as your traditional metal cuffs. The velvet prevents you or your man from having to go out the next day with embarrassing marks on your wrist and they also help relax a person that is now completely at your mercy." Jennifer emphasized the last point by swatting me hard on the ass and the smack brought some laughs and some moans form the audience as I jumped.

"You mean his cock and balls, Jen; I hadn't even noticed the rings." Terry yelled out to the cheers of others. "Christ I'm drooling over here."

"If they can make my husbands cock look like that I'll pay you whatever you want," Becky joked.

I could feel my cock bounce with each rapid beat of my heart as the room erupted with shouts of "over here" and "me, me, me." I felt a gentle tug on the strap around my balls as I was led to my left and made to stand in front of one of the ladies.

I felt the leash pulled tight again as it was passed off and a set of nails raked down my chest and gently trailed from my neck down to the base of my cock causing my whole body to tremble with anticipation.

"Mark is probably about the same size but I've never felt him this hard before," she honestly replied, "I think I'm going to be investing in these rings. It'll be fun to see if I can ever make him feel like this." I smiled internally thinking how fun it definitely would be.

It was good to know one of the ladies there was worried about me. The other four single ladies all agreed they should get to play while the married ladies booed.

"Well I might fuck him, I haven't had sex since Brad and I broke up 2 years ago," Ashley replied. "I may end up raping poor John when it's my turn. I've worn out my last two rabbits and they are great but nothing feels quite like the real thing. None of you will mind if I take him to a back room, will you?"

"Well maybe I'll just have to take him right here then," Ashley challenged, but I could hear the embarrassment creep into her voice despite the encouraging shouts she was getting from the other ladies.

Lori continued to slowly and firmly stroke me subconsciously as she spoke. "I guess since Jennifer gave John to me it is up to me to be sure no one monopolizes his demo time. I assume everyone would like a chance to feel how all of this gear works?" She joked as another round of yells burst from the group. "Well since everyone is anxious for their turn and I don't want to play favorites we're going to play a little game to determine who get him next." Lori's idea was met by a collection of groans.

"So first question, hands up everyone," Lori used her teacher voice to get everyone participating. I always loved the fact she was a teacher, the fantasy of having sex with a hot teacher had always appealed to me so I married one. "I never have had sex with more than 1 guy at a time." I heard a few gasps and wished I could rip off the mask and see what was happening.

"It was college and it was great," Becky replied unapologetically.

"Well then you shouldn't have asked sweetheart. I'm 54, not dead here, don't knock it til you try it," my Mother-in-law joked as a few of the other women cheered for her. "So, wow, only four of you left, don't I feel like a little prude," Lori said, choosing to ignore her Mother.

"Ok, ok, next question. I've never made out with another woman." It was killing me to not be able to see who was left and who had done these things. I would definitely be asking Lori to share all later.