Good Neighbor Ch. 05

Synopsis: A neighbor left a fledging harem unattended, and hilarity ensues.

Note: "My Erotic Fiction", which means it cannot be reposted, etc. without my permission; it may be illegal or immoral for you to read; and it is all made up.

Note 3: What happens to Candy is a blatant effort to suck up to, er, I mean, thank one of my favorite readers/reviewers. I know she won't approve of all aspects of what happens to the character, but I hope she appreciates the idea.

Jack noticed that they were missing one and it sent a tingle of fear down his back. "Guys, where's Candy?" The other girls looked around, then split up to check the house.

Jack and the thundering herd rushed to Lily's nervous voice and found her in a shared bedroom (Jack did not even try to track the ever-shifting pattern of who slept where), staring in the closet.

"Dear Jack, this is the promised insurance. Don't worry- she is not really a robot, our Processes cannot go that far... yet. She thinks she is charging up, and thinks she needs to do this whenever she 'powers down' or sleeps. She will still eat, etc. but now thinks she is doing it to blend into human culture better. Enjoy your new toy. MTT." Shit.

He would have sworn he heard a click as Candy's eyes popped open. Goddamn it- even her irises were a silvery blue! "Unit candy is active. How may this unit serve Master?" Not quite a robotic monotone, but a flatter tone than the exuberant Candy usually used, and her delightful Eastern European accent was gone. Double damn it!

"Unit candy was Transformed into a personal serving-bot by the good people at Midwest Transmogrification Technologies as a reminder to Master Jack of their agreement."

"The card was included in the fruit basket. Unit candy had found the basket and the two cards in it. One card triggered unit candy into hiding it until the proper time, which has arrived."

"Affirmative. Unit candy is a fully programmed, fully functional serving-bot. It is her purpose to serve Master Jack in any way possible."

"Complying." Candy walked, a little stiffy in contrast to her usual casual grace, to the kitchen and wordlessly began to wash the small accumulated pile. Her movements were somewhere between her usual graceful moves and a bad robot skit- tiny jerks at the ends of most motions, and a strange tendency to only move one part at a time. It had the result of feeling like you were watching a movie that was just a tiny bit out of sync.

"Question is not understood. Self-checks indicate no problems with unit candy."

"This unit has no commands to carry out."

"Describe usual behaviors of 'candy' for unit to emulate."

Over the course of the next few hours, they learned a lot about 'unit candy'. She would accept 'input' from any of the girls, but if there was any question, she confirmed it with Jack and he could overrule anything. They... they uh... well, they also learned that she had some upgrades. Her tongue was inhumanly long and strong, she could squirt like a Super-Soaker, she had incredible control of her vaginal muscles, her clitoris could expand into a thick five-inch 'cocklet', and she could vibrate several interesting parts of her body.

"What should Candy-bot do now?" Candy-bot looked around Penny's room, having just helped the youngest of the Fan Club unpack and move in, then brought her to several high-end climaxes. Candy-bot had a big, helpful smile that looked a bit too much like she copy-and-pasted it from an airline attendant's training manual... which she very well may have.

"Should Candy-bot engage Penny with more coitus?" She asked happily.

Apparently, they created a monster. Once Candy-bot tasted sex, it seems to have become one of her Prime Directives! If she was not specifically told to do something, she would try to engage whoever she saw in some form of sex. Jack had locked his bedroom door to get some desperately needed privacy and rest from her after she sucked him dry. No one was quite sure when or why Candy switched from 'unit candy' to 'Candy-bot', or how to turn off her aggressive sex drive, and they were running out of non-sexual tasks for her to work on.

At the weekly Fan Club Meeting, Kuni mentioned that she might have an idea. One of her clients has this old grade school they remodeled into apartments, offices, and commercial space. The place was built in an older part of town that was supposed to be the next 'hot' area, but that didn't happen so it has been sitting for some time. She was pretty sure they could get the place cheap.

On the drive back, the girls were excitedly chatting about how they could turn the old cafeteria area into their dining and meeting room, the office into Paladin Enterprise's office, and so on. One of the more interesting discussions was about the gym space. It was largely unrenovated and still had the wood floor, basketball hoops, and an old stage. Some of the girls wanted to make it a gym with lots of fun things they could have sex on, others wanted it as an open space for some of their business stuff, and a couple others thought about using it as a retail or other commercial space to help pay for everything.

"Well, we could use some more lube... " Bunny started.

"Oh, and I would really like a new..." someone started to add before they all broke out in a general hubbub.

"You may be right about that! And it would be close to our new place!" Ginger reflected.

The girls mobbed him about buying different things before they left but all Jack could think about was making the payments so he told them a firm 'no'.

A few months went by with barely a reduction in the daily insanity. Things were a bit calmer in many ways with Jack and four of the girls off at 'real' jobs much of the week, but the wage slaves did not bring in enough on their own to help as much as they had hoped, even with the outrageous tips they often got. Sadly, the 'escort service' and other sidelines kept rolling along.

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Note 2: Read Good Neighbor 1 to 4 first.

"Um, Jack? You may want to come up here."

When Jack edged past her, he saw Candy standing in there, nude, eyes closed. There was a metallic sheen over her skin (not like aluminum paint, more like she had been lightly chromed and buffed so the skin tones shone through) and a blank expression on her face. Her large breasts looked like they were literally bolted on- high and unnaturally hemispherical. Even her long black hair looked more like a bundle of thin wires, pulled back in a tight braid. Weirder still... she had a laptop charger stuck in her almost shiny pussy. There was a note taped to her shoulder.

"Candy? Candy? Are you awake?" Jack touched her very smooth feeling shoulder.

"What happened?"

"I know that part, but how the hell did they do it, and where did the card come from? Were they here?" Jack asked nervously.

'Uh... OK... so are you, like, 'programmed' or anything?"

"So if I asked you to... I dunno, do the dishes?"

When she was done, she went to a nearby corner and stood stiffly upright. "What's the matter Candy?"

"Why are you standing there?"

"OK, so act like Candy usually does."


Working together, they also got her to act a little more human, but sadly that did not make it much less creepy- apparently there really is something to the 'uncanny valley' theory of humanoid robots. Her movements were a little more normal, and there was a bit of her old accent back in her voice. For some reason, though, there was a weird side-effect.

"I guess I don't know." Penny said, distractedly as lay on her bed.

"No, god no. I'm pooped. Go see if you can coitus anyone else." Penny said before she flipped over on her bed for some much needed rest.

The other, lesser but still big, problem that bothered Jack and Angel was the whole two-houses thing. There were just too many of them to fit in one house, especially with the whole Paladin Enterprises thing going on, and spreading it over two houses was causing all kinds of unforeseen problems, like the traffic jams of cameras and binoculars, or the number of 'lost people' knocking on the door all the time. Many of the neighbors had expressed their growing concern and irritation. Of course, the police were only too happy to swing by to investigate.

That sparked a round of discussion and some internet work, followed by a field trip to check it out. The old school was not very attractive or that large, but it certainly looked big enough for their purposes. It was between a residential area and a light industrial/commercial area that looked like it was safe enough, but more importantly would offer a lot of privacy. The group took a bunch of photos and voted for Kuni to ask her client about it next time they met.

As we were driving, Bunny suddenly called out "Jack! Look! Pull in there!" After Jack recovered from his near heart attack, he saw that Bunny was pointing at sex shop. Groaning even as he pulled in he asked "Don't we already have, like, a LOT of these things?"

Ginger chimed in "And I bet Candy-bot would like some new toys." Candy-bot nodded, eyes gleaming silver-yly.

"HOWEVER." Bunny said loudly. "The main reason I asked you to pull in is that!" The sign she pointed at said 'Hiring'. "That sounds like the perfect job for any of us, but I was especially thinking of Ginger." Ginger looked at the sign thoughtfully with a smile growing on her beautiful face.

Within minutes, the Fan Club had invaded every corner of the shop. Jack could hear his girls squealing in different corners but the lingerie selection seemed to be getting the most attention. He and Ginger were talking to the assistant manager, a pimply-faced young man who could not seem to stop staring at Ginger's more-than-generous bosom. Every time Ginger tried to get Jeffery to talk about something like pay or benefits, the poor kid just drifted back to the titanic twin orbs. Ginger huffed good-naturedly when Jack told her to button back up. They left an application but both were pretty sure she would get the job. Hell, Jack figured Ginger would be assistant manager in a month and probably either out and out own the store, or at least rule it with an iron fist, shortly after that.

An hour later, they left with four big bags of stuff and were (mostly) happily back on the road. At least they figured out a way to keep Candy-bot halfway quiet. They got her a fancy vibrating device and told her it was a 'portable supplemental power pack'. She expressed robotic joy as she 'plugged herself in' and sat back with an expression of mechanical bliss.

Ginger was indeed basically running 'Romantricks' within a month. Using her employee discount, she was able to wear tight black leather and latex as her working uniform and had helped the owners, who turned out to be a sweet older couple, make the place more profitable to the point that they promoted her and offered her profit-sharing. They were even talking about changing the name and 'branding' to something like 'Red's' with her as the mascot. One of their biggest innovations was the "Live Product Demonstration' nights on Tuesday and Thursday evenings when Ginger or some of the other girls got paid to show how to use different devices or model different outfits. They served non-alcoholic drinks and snacks, charged a cover charge, and sold a ton on those nights. It was outrageous, and usually a lot of fun! (The fact that they managed to heavily promote other Paladin Enterprises things as well was just a nice bonus!)