He's My Brother-in-Law Ch. 04

This story contains gay incest.

Our nude bodies glistened with sweat as I, my father and my brother in law stood in the family room. I couldn't help but wonder if Thad's ass hole was throbbing the way mine was from the championship fucking that my father had just given the both of us.

No one spoke for a minute. Dad was checking out the stiff meat that Thad and I both had standing up from our crotches and then he wrapped a hand around each prick.

"And I never, ever suspected that you'd be into gay stuff." Thad replied. "I may be dumb but I know that nobody throws a fuck up a guy's ass like that if it's his first time."

"You've been with guys before?" I asked.

"Was that the only time?" I asked.

"Does mom know?"

Thad reached over and wrapped his hand around dad's limp dick and said, "What a waste of prime meat."

"There's no way that's going to happen." I told him. I reached into his lap and fondled his big loose balls in their hot sack. "I intend to get a lot better acquainted with these."

Dad gave me a small smile and said, "I just may have to find out if that's true."

We sat there playing with each other's cocks and then said, "Regarding your mother, I just had an idea."

He stood up and pulled his phone out of his pocket, then came over and sat back down between us. This time, I got my hand around his dick before Thad could. He punched in a number and when it was answered, I was close enough that I could hear mom's voice.

"We're having a blast. We should have done this a long time ago." mom replied.

"Why, are you having some kind of party?"

"No, nothing like that. I'm over at Thad and Sue's place. When I finished my chore I came over to check on the boys and bring them some beer. We're sitting around shooting the shit and drinking. I thought that maybe if you knew what time the two of you would be back, we could pick up a bunch of fast food and meet you back at our place. That way, the two of you can take it easy after your hard day."

"Sounds perfect." dad said. "Just give us time to get the food and back home."

"Well, you heard her. We have a couple more hours free. What should we do to fill the time?" he asked, smiling.

He stood up from his seat and pulled each of us up beside him. Then, he climbed back onto the sofa on his knees with his back to us. He spread his legs so that his gorgeous ass cheeks parted, showing his hairy crack.

"Goddamn. I'm glad I married into this fucking family." Thad said.

"If you ever get tired of being a husband and dad, I bet you'd have a great career as a porn star." I told him.

"Looks good enough to eat and then some." Thad replied.

"You're first, Brent." Thad said. "I want to be able to watch this."

Thad retrieved the lube. As I was coating my hard cock, he was massaging lube up dad's hole.

Dad had his head lying on the sofa back and he said, "It'll fit. I'm counting on him to make sure of that."

"If I never fuck another ass, I'll die happy because I'm about to fuck the best of them." I said.

I grasped my cock at the base and guided it to dad's puckered opening. The hole flexed when my cock head nestled against it. I applied some pressure, feeling how hot the opening was. I could feel dad's body relaxing as he made himself ready for getting fucked.

I pressed a bit harder and the greasy hole spread further.

"I forgot how much it burns at first, otherwise I'm great. Slide it in me."

"You're in." Thad said. He looked up at dad and said, "Now your fun begins."

"How did you know that my nipples are hot wired to my ass hole?" he asked.

"You're fucking me really great already." he said.

"Don't cum." he said to me. "When you feel close, pull out and I'll take over."

I drew my cock back until it popped out of dad's hole and stepped to the side. Thad took my place and guide his cock into the vacant hole, sliding it all of the way in in one stroke. Dad grunted.

The two of us alternated filling his hole for the next period of time, however long that was. One of us would plow dad's ass until we got close, then step aside to let the other cock take over. Dad didn't say anything but from the noises he made and the way he arched his ass up to meet our cocks, I knew he was enjoying it.

Dad made his way over to the towel draped sofa where he had earlier found me fucking Thad and sat down in the center, his big dick and balls hanging over the edge of the seat. Thad and I followed and sat on either side of him.

"I never even suspected that the two of you were both hung like bulls." he said, gently stroking our dicks.

"Maybe you're not as dumb as you look then." dad replied with a smile.

Dad turned to me and said, "When I was around your age, still living at home, we had this next door neighbor. Joe was the same age as me. He and I used to sleep over at each other's place, we were best friends. I don't need to tell you what might happen if two horny young guys share a bed. For about a year, we sucked and fucked every chance we got. Then, he went into the Air Force and I never saw him again."

"There have been a few times, when I was out of town on business, that I let guys suck me off. No fucking, though."

"Your mother and I, sex never was much between us. I can't even remember the last time. That's one of the reasons, when I found you two fucking and having a good time at it, that I wanted to get involved. It's been a long time since I came into anything other than my hand."

Dad then looked back at me and asked, "Are you okay with all of this, really? We can pretend it never happened."

"Wait until he sucks you off." Thad said to dad. "For a beginner, he sucks better than anyone I ever met."

"And I'm going to hold you to that. I'm already jealous of Thad because he got your load instead of me, your blood son."

He rose up from the sofa and walked over to where his clothes lay on the floor. I noticed again what a hot man he was, this time looking at his full ass globes. When he bent over to pick up his pants, his hairy cheeks parted enough for me to see his puckered hole. My mouth was watering.

"Hey, babe, I was just calling to see how your day is going." he said.

"How soon do you think you'll be home?"

Dad looked down at my hand around his cock and then he wrapped his fist around Thad's big dick.

"Well, it will be at least a couple more hours. How about I give you a call an hour or 45 minutes before we think we'll be there and then we can meet?"

He disconnected and then turned smiling to each of us.

He was playing with our hard dicks again, stroking them both to make them harder and then he said, "I have an idea. Let's not let these fuckers go to waste."

"What do you think, boys? Is my old man ass worth fucking?" he asked.

Dad's body was a work of art. He was perched with his folded arms resting along the back crest of the sofa, making his wide shoulders look even broader and his upper arms thicker. I admired the muscles in his back and how his torso had a perfect v-shape down to his trim waist. His ass was even more outstanding. His cheeks were rounded globes, firm but not too muscular. The deep crease between them had a forest of hair tendrils spilling out.

"I take it you like what you see."

Dad looked pleased that he was so obviously admired and he said, "So who's going to be the first to sweep the cobwebs out of there?"

"Then, come on, son. Turnabout is fair play. Let's see what you can do with that big dick." dad told me.

"Man, this is really tight." he said. "I don't know if Brent's big dick will fit in here."

I moved up to stand behind dad. Thad was sitting to one side of him and he grasped each of his ass cheeks and spread them so that the tiny rosebud hole was visible. My cock was leaking long streams of precum just looking at it.

"Hey, no need to hurt my feelings." Thad said, grinning.

I applied more pressure and the hole slowly began to unfurl. My cock head was half hidden in his ass. As I may have said, I've got a pretty big head, helmet shaped with a wide flange around it. It was going to be a challenge to get it into him.

"How are you doing, dad?" I asked.

He took a deep breath and must have willed his hole to open because suddenly the fat head popped all of the way through his tight ring.

I pressed again with my hips and watched as the length of my shaft slowly slid deep inside my father's ass. He spread his legs a little wider and tipped his ass higher to give me the maximum advantage and I leaned forward so that I could rest on his back and play with his nipples while I fucked him.

I began slow, making short thrusts that only brought a couple of inches of dick out of his ass and moving my hips to poke his ass walls and stretch them open. Dad was making little sounds of pleasure.

Thad was still holding his cheeks wide but now he let go and stood up beside me. He watched as I increased my stroke, drawing a little more cock out of the tight opening each time. I felt his hand on my ass cheek and then his finger sliding into my hole. That made me start fucking harder. My balls swinging and slamming against dad's ball sack was an added turn on, too.

Looking down and watching my cock sliding in and out of my father's ass while having my own ass finger fucked, it didn't take long before my balls started to tickle. Thad had already lubed his dick with his other hand so he was ready to go.

I sat down beside dad and reached under him to feel his cock. It was standing up hard and stiff again and dad opened his eyes and smiled at me when he felt my hand on it. I had an overwhelming desire to climb under him and suck his dick while Thad fucked his hole but I was afraid I'd miss my next turn up at bat. Instead, I contented myself with playing with his big hairy balls.

It finally happened that Thad was slam fucking dad's hole and couldn't hold back any longer. He thrust his cock all the way in and I watched as his balls bounced in his sack, shooting their slimy load into dad's guts. When he'd emptied his balls, he pulled his softening dick out and I rammed my cock back up dad's ass. It was burning hot from being fucked for so long and I could feel Thad's dick juice coating my prick. It was so wet and silky and slick that after only a few strokes, my own load blasted up dad's hole.