Helping Aunt Min Jee Move Ch. 02

_Make sure to read Helping Aunt Min Jee Move Ch. 01 before reading this one.

My aunt began to slide her soaked lips along the length of my cock. Her hot juices slowly dripping down her thighs and onto the car seat, The musky smell of her sex would have given us away if not for the the fact that my parents had opened their windows at the start of the car ride. The direction my cock was facing towards was the real problem. I was unable to point it away from the front due to my aunt's body stopping me from doing so. I began to panic, incapable of seeing how I could possibly get out of this situation without getting caught by my parents.

At the thought of the consequences, I attempted to reach out around my aunt's waist to try and pull her hand away, stopping her before it was too late. She slapped my hand away and dug her nails into my thigh, causing me to gasp in pain.

I quickly looked up and gave her a stiff smile. "Of course not, she's really light it's just that my legs are numb from how cramped it is in the back." I replied.

My dad looked up at us in the rear-view mirror. "We're almost there, in about 10 minutes or so we'll be arriving at your new apartment Min Jee," he said. I was so fucked. I wouldn't have enough time to hide my erection from my parents when everyone got off the car. The only way I'd be able to hide it would be to make my erection subside, which would be difficult. My aunt's hand sliding along its length wasn't making it any easier. I quickly tried to reach around her once more in a last ditch effort to stop her. My fingers accidently grazed her nether lips, eliciting a soft moan as her body trembled. I looked up alarmed before being met with relief, the moan wasn't loud enough to be heard by parents.

My mom turned around to look at my aunt, her eyes full of concern. "Min Jee are you alright, why are you breathing so hard?" she asked.

I felt my aunt lean forward to lift her ass off my lap. "How is the situation with your rude landlord you told me about going?" she asked. Her hand was still wrapped around my cock, positioning me into the right angle for entry. She had asked the question as an excuse, using it to go even further with me.

Unable to restrain her craving any longer she suddenly sat back down on my lap with her entire weight. At first I felt the pain of her butt slamming down onto my lap, quickly overshadowed by the searing hot sensation surrounding my cock. This warmth was nothing I'd experienced before, It felt unbelievably better than any pleasure I had ever felt in the past. I looked down between us to find my aunt's ass pressed against my stomach.

I knew this was extremely wrong, but the feeling of her pussy engulfing my cock made it feel right. She slowly got used to my entire length inside her, the quivering and twisting of her body subsided as she kept herself still on my lap. Hearing my aunt try hard to catch her breath in order to keep my parents from finding out was intoxicating, making me crave her even more.

"We could pass by a gas station so that you don't have to fill up the car on your way back," My aunt said shakily, in a desperate attempt to try and buy us more time.

The car began to turn into my aunt's neighborhood, I could feel her reluctantly begin to lift herself off my erection. I watched as she leaned forward once more pulling her dress back into place followed shortly by her panties. Even though I knew it was wrong, I wanted to stay buried inside my aunt.

My mom opened the passenger door, "Min Jee!" she gasped. "You're covered in sweat, it looks like you just went swimming!" she said, quickly unloading the boxes blocking us from exiting the car.

My aunt climbed off my lap nonchalantly and began to laugh, "It was really hot in that cramped seat, of course I'm going to sweat a lot Ji-min." she replied back. The way she acted made it seem like nothing had happened between the two of us. Like she wasn't just trying to satisfy herself with me.

My parents went inside the apartment with my aunt, leaving me behind to unload the boxes from the car all by myself. After half an hour I finished unloading all the boxes, I sat down on a box finally able to take a break. Images of my aunt sitting on my lap filled my mind, I couldn't get her out of my head. I don't think the relationship between the two of us would ever go back to normal. I needed to clear things up with her and make sure we both knew what we did was a mistake.

I quickly got up and moved to the car window "Wait I thought we were all going to help her unpack?" I asked. "Where are you guys going?"

I glanced over at the apartment, my aunt avoided my gaze as she walked over to pick up a box before bringing it back inside. I took a step back as my parents pulled out the driveway, leaving me alone with my aunt. At least this gave us a chance to talk about what happened on the car. I lifted a box and walked inside her new apartment, bumping into her in the narrow hallway.

Thank you._

The situation with my Aunt Min Jee was getting worse by the second, I couldn't come because if I did it would fly towards the front of the car where my parents were, completely blowing our cover, not to mention sealing my fate. Of course my aunt didn't seem to notice the dilemma I was in, if she did she didn't show it.

As if reading my mind, she lowered her right hand down and pointed the tip of my cock upwards towards her pussy, right against her lips. My head was spinning, if we went any further we would be going past the point of no return. With the last remaining bit of my sanity I reminded myself what would happen if my parents were to find out. They would immediately disown me as well as cut off all ties with my aunt, our lives would be completely ruined. If we were lucky my parents would only kick us out the car on the side of the road, never to be seen again.

My mom turned around to face me, her eyebrows raised in concern. "Is my sister too heavy for you Daniel?" she asked.

My aunt laughed awkwardly at my reply. "Oh Daniel's just being sweet, all that time I spend at the gym must be paying off" she said. Her soft hand held my cock while she talked with my mom. She began to stroke me in a steady, unbearably slow pace, as if to convince me to stop resisting and just give in to her needs. I felt her hand slide up and down my shaft, firm enough to keep me fully erect but not fast enough to allow me to come.

Suddenly, intense heat surrounded and massaged at the tip of my cock. My aunt had taken advantage of my distraction caused by her moan to press me in between the folds of her lips. I gripped the edge of the seat tightly, by the sound of her heavy breathing I could tell she had lost all restraint.

"Y-yeah i-it's just really stuffy back here." My aunt stammered back, more focused on trying to push herself further down my length than on answering her sister. "It's nothing to worry about, I'm fine". If it weren't for the lack of space limiting her movement, I would have already been completely buried inside my aunt.

My parent's none the wiser continued to chat innocently about our landlord with my aunt, who remained hovering a few inches off my lap. I held back a gasp as she used my cock to tease her wet lips. I looked up to see her thin sweat soaked dress sticking onto her body which made her slim figure more pronounced, every curve along her body was visible to my eager eyes. Her long hair was sticking to her wet and enticing neck. It was over. I couldn't hold back my lust any longer, I wanted nothing more than to allow my Aunt Min Jee to use me to satisfy herself. I felt her body quivering with excitement in anticipation of the imminent penetration.

Nothing else mattered but the sensation enveloping my cock. I couldn't care less if my parents were to catch us at this moment, as long as the hot velvety walls continued to massage my cock. I couldn't believe she actually did it. I noticed her suddenly out of breath as she gyrated her hips against me, her enticing neck and back writhing as if in pain. Finally conscious of the fact that my aunt had just sunk her slim frame down to the base of my cock.

I knew that my aunt wouldn't be able to lift and lower herself onto me, even the smallest indication that she was bouncing on my lap would certainly get my parent's attention. I felt her slowly begin to rock her hips, grinding herself against my cock. If it weren't for the boxes covering our lower bodies we wouldn't have been able to get this far. By now, we were just a few blocks away from her new apartment. The time we had left was quickly starting to run out.

"We already have a full tank Min Jee," my dad replied. "and besides we're about to arrive at your new apartment, you and Daniel will finally be able to stretch your legs out." I saw my aunt bite her lip in the rear view mirror, frustrated that her futile attempt at delaying our arrival had just been shot down.

The car stopped suddenly, snapping me out of my trance. We had arrived at the new apartment. I quickly pulled my briefs and sweat shorts back up, the outline of my erection clearly visible. There was no way I could get my erection to subside after having experienced being inside my Aunt Min Jee seconds earlier. I flipped my cock under the waistband of my shorts and pulled the edge of my shirt over just in case, hoping that my parents wouldn't notice.

I quickly stammered trying to think of an excuse for her, "Well she, uhm..."

I felt my mom hit me on the shoulder, "You should have given your aunt more room Daniel!" she said. "Hurry up and start unloading the boxes."

I heard my mom yell as she exited the apartment alongside my dad. "Daniel help your Aunt Min Jee move the boxes inside as well as unpack". I watched confused as they both got back into the car.

My mom looked up at me impatiently, "Our landlord called, he's said he's raising the rent again." she said. "Your father and I need go meet with him, don't worry we'll be back in a few hours."

Our eyes made contact and I quickly looked away before speaking. "Listen, umm Aunt Min Jee about what happen—" I felt her bump into my shoulder, slipping past me to grab another box. She was purposely avoiding me. I continued on into the empty living room a bit disheartened by her reaction. I guess my aunt wasn't ready to talk. She must be regretting the way she forced herself on me in the car. I didn't blame her, what she did must be weighing on her consciousness.