The Meet Ch. 06

The reason this took so long is because I accidentally deleted the first draft and had to start over. Ugh. I waited so long, I forgot everything I wrote. Going back through the chapters, there are a host of continuity errors in names and dates. If you can forgive those, I hope you enjoyed the tale.

It was the day of our first swim meet, at home. Clearly, this gave us an advantage, competing in familiar waters. Other weeks we would be traveling, competing at other schools. I'd discovered that some of the ones in the tri-state area allowed boys to wear swim trunks, but here at home, none were given that privilege. Not even the visiting teams. The girls, of course, got to wear their school-sanctioned swimsuits if they chose, and most did, but male nudity was commonplace and expected here. Just my luck.

Now, I had to go through with this swim meet, knowing I had nothing to look forward to. I'd been anticipating it every minute of every day, up until I lost the bet. I was furious, because I had worked so hard to get my problem under control. At first, I beat off constantly so I would be in a constant state of sexual exhaustion. It negatively affected my swim times, but I was still the fastest on the team, by far.

I felt so dejected from the ordeal, I still hadn't bothered beating off before the swim meet today. I was undressing in the locker room with Pete Wilkins next to me. "Did you see how many people showed up for this?" he asked. "My whole family is here. And that other team must be big, because the visitors' side is packed, too.

"Yup. And they invited the girls squads from BOTH teams to watch, so they'll be staying on our side of the pool, because there's not enough room in the bleachers."

"I dunno," Pete shrugged. "They usually do that, but maybe because this is the first meet of the season?"

"Oh, no shit!" cried Pete. "Last year, didn't they beat us last year?"

I blushed, but wasn't really feeling up to it. I was nervous that I had to be naked in front of so many strangers. The girls team, I was almost used to it, by now, but there would be new girls from the other team close by, too. Things could get awkward again real fast. This, coupled with the fact that Coach Bradley and Dr. Wynn tricked me, had me feeling nauseous. I didn't feel like competing. "I'll do my best," I said, quietly.

The boys screamed and growled in fury, eager to prove themselves. I looked down to my crotch. My penis was dangling there, hanging low, feeling heavier than it usually does... but I wasn't remotely feeling sexually aroused. It felt like the feeling would stick, as I was in such a funk.

Shockingly, they put the opposing girls team on the far end of the building, nearest us, and our girls squad was on the other far end, opposite our rivals. Coach Roger Anderson said it was to keep us from being distracted. That otherwise the girls would be talking and distracting us. Strangers wouldn't do that, supposedly.

Pete tapped me, "We're up."

The thing is, I wasn't focused. I came off the block later than anyone, and barely made my way up to second place by the end of the race. I could see the coach looking at me with a mix of anger and perplexion. Never had I performed so poorly. I shrugged, walking past him, plopping onto one of the only open spaces on the bench, at the wall.

"Dr. Wynn, I have to compete again. Two more times!" I protested, as we neared her door.

"What?" I asked. I could barely look at her, I was so humiliated. Not by being naked, but from failing. "I missed the dive, I'm sorry! It's never happened before!"

"NO!" I shouted. "Of course not! It's not PURPOSEFUL. I hated that I sucked out there. I'll try and do better."

I lost it. "Tammy, maybe if you hadn't lifted me up, and slammed me down, I wouldn't be like this, you ever think of that?" It was a brave thing for a student to challenge authority in 1958. I wondered if I crossed the line.

"You got my hopes up, KNOWING you would make me fail," I insisted.

"Oh, I had every intention of being a man... Look, I am not trying to sabotage anything, and I will try and do better. I mean it. It's just... well, I was pretty upset, is all. It just isn-"

"Well, that's just it. It isn't fine. I was tryi-"

I stopped, looking to her. She was being serious. I paused, a rather long time, and finally said, "No, you're right. I lost the deal. It's on me. Forget it. I'll go out there and do better, I promise."

"Wait, do you mean that?"

"You're not going to trick me out of so-"

"You're sure?"

I bolted out of the office, more revived than ever. Focused, visualizing myself diving and swimming to perfection. I was getting "in the zone" as it were. But thoughts of taking Amanda and Tammy afterwards also crept in my brain. By the time I reached my bench, I found my cock half risen in expectation to the event. I had every intention of breaking records from here out.

It was a relay. I was the fourth and last to dive on this run. I looked to the left of me, noticing two girls from the other team seated nearby. Their eyes were staring at my thick meat. I quickly looked away, trying to think on other thoughts, but the only other thoughts that came to mind were of Amanda and Tammy. I was having a reaction.

"What's that supposed to mean, asshole?" I snipped.


"Well, I guess I did, but I don't contribute the times to my... erections," i whispered, leaning in.

I almost laughed, but at the same time, I felt so humiliated. I did all my best not to look at anyone, or focus on anything, but I could hear snickering and gasps from the crowd, even outright laughter from the girls' squads. I was blushing, but doing my damnedest to pretend I wasn't humiliated.

I was impressed with the opposing team's talent. I was told we were the best in the division, but they may have been close. I looked around the room. People were cheering the race, but there were also many eyes were on me. Some disdainful in their looks, some in awe, some just flat-out stared. Maybe half the room was watching the race. I found myself getting harder still. Why? Why did this happen to me?

BOOM! I was gone. Like a tuna to the sea, I cut through the water. By the turn, I was a fraction of a second behind the guy next to me. I flew down the line like a shot, tagging the wall, popping up to thunderous applause. For a moment, I thought the roof might cave in. Everyone - absolutely everyone - was cheering me on.

I was still angry that Coach Amanda Bradley and Dr. Tammy Wynn foiled the agreement we made. They promised if I could go the entire three weeks, prior to the meet, without getting an erection during practice, they would give me one night of "unadulterated" sex. They played me, though. At practice yesterday, Coach Bradley had the girls go to practice naked. Of course, I got hard!

Eventually, I had become so accustomed to being flaccid around the girls, and during practice, that I began stroking off less and less. Especially, the last few days. When the girls showed up at practice yesterday, as naked as the boys were, I couldn't help but pop a boner.

"What?" I asked, dropping my shorts, throwing them into my locker.

"Why did they invite the girls to watch? They could just stay in the locker rooms until the boys finish." It was a valid argument, I thought, as I laid it out.

Buddy Preston was passing by and snapped Pete with his towel. "No, you idiot. It's because we're swimming against Baldwin U. They're our arch rivals."

"That's why we got him now," Buddy pointed to me. "Ragin' Woody is gonna smoke everybody."

Finally, ten minutes later, the Coach popped in. "Alright, everybody. I shouldn't have to tell you how important this is. Not just being the first of the season, but we're up against B.U. Give 'em hell, I say. Make 'em pay for last year."

I ran out with the rest of the team, making our way to our side of the pool. The opposing team was also on our side, but we split it down the middle. Across the pool, they pulled the bleachers out from the wall and packed them with the attendees.

My eyes darted to the opposite wall to the bleachers. They were filled with so many people, they looked downright uncomfortable. I am pretty sure we exceeded the fire code. Good thing there was plenty of water around. A horn sounded and coaches and refs met near the blocks. A few heads nodded and then Coach blew his whistle.

We rushed over with one other teammate. I had the block nearest the bleachers' side, and Pete had block three. Tim was further down, along with three members of the opposing squad. This was the 100 meter. If I could get focused, I could crush it.

I wasn't there thirty seconds when Dr. Tammy Wynn approached. "Ryan, my office. NOW!" she screamed. It echoed across the room, even with it filled with so many people. I hadn't seen Tammy this angry since our second workout together. I followed her quickly, making our way to the hall exiting the pool area, to the offices in the Pilner building.

"We have time. Get in here!" She grabbed me by the wrist and heaved me forward, pushing me into the office. "Explain yourself. Just what was that? We worked countless hours on the block."

"Are you purposefully sabotaging this meet, Ryan. Really? I would expect much more fro-"

"I mean it, Ryan. You had better get your head on straight."

"What?" she asked.

"And you can't get over it? Is that it? You can't be a man?"

"Fine," interrupted Tammy, crossing her arms.

"No, I mean, we'll do it. I'll talk to Coach Bradley and we'll do it."

"I don't think you're hearing me, Ryan. It's a new deal. If you go out there and win this thing for us, THEN you can have us."

"Yes, of course, I do."

"How could we? And Ryan, I want you to win. For more reasons than the school. Go. Win it."

"I'm sure. Now, go."

When I made it back to my area, I saw my seat was taken, but Pete got up, touching my arm. "Where were you? We're going up on the next one."

I turned away from the girls, afraid I might embarrass myself, but already it was there, my junk almost parallel to the ground. Soon to be curving up, rising past my belly button. I thought my big dick looked ridiculous in its fully erect state. Pete caught my struggle and whispered. "Ragin' Woody Ryan came out to play. Fuck yeah!"

"You haven't figured it out? You get your fastest times when you're hard."

"It's true," said Tim, standing nearby. "Really? You didn't know that?"

"Maybe you should."

Walking out to the blocks with that stiff rod pointing to the heavens made it doubly embarrassing. I so badly wanted to get in that water and swim, but I had to stand there and wait. Perry Johnson was up first. He's a fairly strong swimmer, but weak off the block. The shot was heard, and the two boys dove in, Perry last off the block, of course. His fine form carried him, coming up close, once Pete dove in.

Finally, I got up to the block. We were almost a quarter length behind. Flushed red, eager to get the fuck out of here, I watched as the last member of the opposing team dove in before me, when finally I saw Alan's hand touch.