I Bet It Could Pt. 01

_WARNING: You might not be the right audience for this story.

I'd enjoy reading your comments, but if this slow approach is not your thing then probably move on._

Danielle and I have a pretty good marriage—not perfect—but pretty good. We'd met in college, me a senior about to graduate, and she a freshman in her second semester. We dated off-and-on and then after she graduated we decided to move in together. That was many, many years ago, and now she's in her late 40's and I'm in my early 50's with a 25 year marriage and 4 kids to show for it.

Our sex life was good, if maybe a little vanilla. Prior to getting engaged and married I had had a couple of girlfriends, one serious, and so had some experience. Danielle, had dated guys, and had one serious boyfriend from high school, but unlike me, she'd never been in bed with anyone else. Not that she was bothered by that, although I was. You see, I felt a bit like I had taken away her opportunity to sow her wild oats. I knew that she had fantasies about other men—particularly Latin men—but whenever we talked about it she was pretty insistent that these were not ideas to be acted upon. I wouldn't have minded, really. After 25 years of marriage and 4 kids, I knew that we were partners for life. Still, despite all of that, or maybe because of all of that time and experience, I felt like I had kept her from some fun that she could have looked back on fondly.

Even if she had agreed to follow through on my fantasy, I'm not sure how we could have pulled it off. While we lived in a pretty busy suburban community, we really didn't know any single guys, and (here's where I have a hang-up) there was no way I would put her in a sexual situation with someone that I didn't completely and thoroughly trust. So, I guess I had just resigned myself to fantasizing about this threesome without ever being able to experience it. Then I had an idea.

Here was the plan: She would put on one of her little black dresses—short but not too revealing—she would take off her wedding ring, and she would do a little bit of flirting at one of the nearby hotel bars. I would be there too, pretending not to know her, and she would see if she was still half as attractive as I knew she was. The idea was that she would meet some out-of-town businessman, have him buy her a few drinks, dance a bit with him and then leave him hanging. Part of me thought it was cruel—to lead a guy on like this—but only a very small and easily ignored part of me.

It took a few weeks for us to pull things together and it kind of became a fun little project to work on. In fact, we called it our Project whenever we needed to make time to work on it. If the kids were around I would ask, "Hey, you up for working on that project tonight?" We looked for nearby hotels that catered to business travelers and were large enough to be sure to have a decent crowd. We went and checked a few of them out to make sure they had music and a dance floor. We bought her a new dress that looked hot on her and was just the right amount of revealing. And we even worked out a cover story for why a single 40-something woman was alone in the bar while not traveling for work. That was her idea. She would say she was planning on meeting a friend who was coming into town for a meeting. Her friend had run into some travel issues and was going to be delayed, but would be there soon.

Danielle and I hopped in the car and headed to the hotel. She had worn a nice and conservative outfit when we left the house—our kids are teenagers and may have wondered about Mom's dress otherwise. Once we got to the hotel, I dropped her off at the door and went to park. She found the lady's room off the lobby and went in to change, while I parked and waited in the car. In a few minutes, she came back out and dropped her bag with her old outfit in the car and went back into the hotel.

"Do you like it?" I asked.

I hung out in the car for another 10 minutes, and then headed in.

After about 20 minutes, it started to get a little boring. I was about to start my second round of reading the newspaper, and my wife was still sitting on her own. My phone buzzed, and I checked it out.

I typed my response. "Hang tight seems like ppl starting to arrive."

My phone buzzed. "I'm about done" read her text message.

While I had been distracted, one of the basketball guys had made his way over to my wife's table and was standing across from her with his back to me. I could see they were talking, but they were too far away for me to actually hear them. I kept an eye on the situation, while pretending to read the front page of my newspaper for the third time.

I originally wrote this to share only with my wife, however I thought maybe someone else would appreciate the very slow approach that she and I are taking to exploring this fantasy. If you're looking for some immediate, hot sex scenes you'll be disappointed. There is some sex, especially in Part 3, but it only makes sense (given my wife's shyness) after Part 1 and 2 happen.


I'm not sure where the years have all gone, but truth is, Danielle has done a good job of staying young. She works out regularly, eats healthy and avoids some of the bad habits that will age you early. I'm doing okay too. While I'm not any kind of gym rat, I'm fortunate enough to have good genes that keep me fairly slim. So while we're older, we both tend to look a bit younger—she still has a body that turns heads—not voluptuous, but well put together. I'm proud to know that I'm married to the hottest MILF in town.

We had talked about adding another man to our bedroom activities a few times—or, maybe more to the point—I had talked about adding another man. Danielle was pretty clear, "Sex is something for the two of us and no one else. And besides, you give me all that I can take already." Our sex life was pretty good, so I guess neither one of us had anything to complain about. Still, from time to time, the idea of getting her hooked up with another guy came up. The answer was always a clear "No." Secretly, I think part of her resistance was due to jealousy. While I felt like I'd be okay with her being with another guy, I knew that there was no way she would ever consider sharing me with another woman. And, I suspect she thought that if she allowed a threesome with another guy, I'd next be asking for a threesome with another woman. That wasn't my intention, and she never asked, but still I wondered.

I think a good portion of the attraction of seeing my wife getting satisfied by another man is because I knew that when they were done he would leave, and I would have her all to myself. I have total confidence in our marriage and even if he were the best lover in the world, I knew that she and I were together for the long haul. That feeling of being her chosen mate was what spurred the idea I eventually proposed to her.

So, I had a plan. How then, do I convince my very conservative wife to go along with it. Well, it turns out that it wasn't so hard after all—largely because she does like to make me happy. One night, after dinner and with the kids safely working on homework in the other room, I suggested a "challenge" for her. I laid out my plan, and she was pretty resistant. However, I assured her of two things: (1) NOTHING is going to happen; (2) this is NOT a prelude to me asking her for the same permission. Eventually she agreed but had a couple of conditions of her own. First, we had to choose a location that was far enough away from home that we wouldn't run into anyone that we knew. And second, that if at any point she got uncomfortable I would sweep in and get her out of there. I agreed in a heartbeat.

Finally, the night arrived. It was a Tuesday and both of us had arranged to take the next day off of work. We ordered pizza for the kids for dinner and let them know we were going out for a charity event—I guess I kind of felt like I was the "charity" in this case—but Danielle did seem up-for-it too even if she also seemed a bit nervous.

As she left, she offhandedly said "Oh, I found your little addition to my outfit."

"Not my style," she replied, "but I'm wearing it anyway." She turned and left without another word, but I swear she had a mischievous smile on her face.

It was about 6:15 when I walked in. Looking around I thought the place was pretty empty. I quickly glanced around and saw Danielle sitting at a high-top table reading something on her phone. I did my best to ignore her and made my way to an open stool at the bar. I chose a spot at the far end, which gave me a good view of the room while also being out of the way. I had brought a newspaper and proceeded to order a beer and start reading.

"Are we done yet?" was the text from Danielle.

Another half an hour went by and still not much had changed. Sure, people were filtering in and out, but mostly groups or couples. I was seriously considering giving up on the whole thing. There were two middle aged couples sitting in the middle of the bar who seemed to be in town for some kind of conference. I guessed that they were married and traveling together. There were a couple of guys sitting at the far end of the bar from me. They seemed much more interested in the basketball game on the tv than anything else. They were not her type anyway. There was a woman eating dinner on her own in a booth by the dance floor and another older couple eating in the booth next to her. And there was a table of what appeared to be Hispanic guys eating at another table to my far left. They were a bit behind me so I couldn't really check them out without pivoting in my chair in a fairly obvious way, so I didn't have a good idea of what they were about. None of the others in the place seemed to hold much promise.

I started typing my response of "K let's go" when the table behind me erupted in cheers. I never hit send on that response. I turned to see what the commotion was about and saw everyone at the table except for one guy on their feet cheering him on. There were six of them, and the one guy sitting was grinning broadly, if somewhat embarrassed by the attention. It was clear that he was celebrating something, or at least his friends were celebrating for him. They all had their glasses raised and were toasting him. I was guessing it was his birthday or something. The guys finished their toast and were chuckling and getting back in their seats when I looked back at my wife.