Deerborn Lodge Ep. 01

She didn't appreciate being called ma'am or Mrs. Carmichael. She was always Cassie of the Deerborn lodge. Once Deerborn Lodge was a modest inn for travelers, but since her husband died, she desired a more interesting lifestyle.

Deerborn Lodge had a frequent visitor, Leland Taylor. His dark brown eyes almost took a reddish tinge. Cassie always admired his broad-shoulders, but she reminded herself to resist Mr. Taylor. If she wanted to keep him back for business, she figured she should keep her distance and let the other girls satisfy his needs. She occasionally entertained guests, but a businesswoman can only have so much fun.

"Yes, Cassie. I apologize." She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Despite the fact that it was cut short, she always seemed to have trouble keeping it out of her face, "Do you know when Leland is coming again?"

Penny nodded. She sat up and crossed her knees. The front entrance suddenly opened, and a gust of frigid wind rushed in. Penny made a small shriek.

"All is well, sir." Cassie grinned, "I am the proprietor of this establishment."

"Well - I - suppose so," He began stuttering nervously. Penny helped him ease out of his sleeves, and made a point pressing her chest against his back.

"I think - just until the storm has passed," he said. His eyes would not stray from Penny's figure.

"Ah, my name - Edison Lewin."

Penny's hand stroked the top of his arm, "I hope I'm not bothersome by telling you, that Deerborn Lodge has a special service." She took his hand and began leading him down a corridor, "If you would like to know more, I can tell you about it in your room."

"God yes, I mean - sure, go ahead." Edison reeled back in his excitement. He didn't want to scare off Penny.

He nodded slowly. He couldn't take his eyes off her gorgeous figure. Her nipples were already perked.

"Is that all?" He leaned closer into her and smelled her perfume. His hands ached from the eagerness to rub them against her pussy. He imagined licking her perky nipples.

"Oh, I really want you right now." He blurted, he turned bright red.

She began unbuttoning his shirt. Not too quickly, but with an alluring flare as she would bend over to kiss his forehead of his lips after each button. His manhood swelled underneath her. She rocked her hips on top of him just enough to feel it grow harder.

"The mouth, or -"

She leaned over him. She extended her tongue tip and curled it up against his sensitive skin. He sighed as she placed her mouth half over the crown. Ed uttered a small moan. She lovingly sucked around his corona, and absorbed his manly musk. "Can you take all of me?" He hesitantly asked. She didn't answer or look up. She began to suck harder, drawing in more of his hardened length. She was delighted as she felt the firmness develop in her mouth. She sucked harder and harder. She had to hollow out her cheeks to fit him in. Ed realized that she was extremely familiar with the process.

(To be continued...)

Her blue eyes were her distinctive trait, and she always liked to wear lighter colors to highlight their brightness.

Penny was lounging on the sateen sofa. Her open nightgown revealed her curvaceous chest and the skirt stopped just above the knees. Cassie softy flicked Penny's thigh, "You should present yourself as a lady, darlin'. Especially in my lounge."

"Any day now, I think. She answered, "Let's just hope the weather doesn't delay his arrival."

A man entered, he began stomping his boots on the rug. "Apologies, ladies. I didn't mean to enter so abruptly."

He finally looked up from his feet, and she could tell that Penny made an immediate impression on the gentleman. Penny looked up with her eager amber eyes, "May I take your jacket, sir?"

"I think we have just the room for you, sir. How long would you be staying with us?"

"Penny, dear. Take Mr... I'm sorry, I didn't get your name."

"Well, Mr. Lewin. I'll check you into our books, and Penny will show you the way." Cassie grinned, and she went behind the desk to attend to business.

"Please, just Edison is fine, or if you would like, Ed." His heart began thumping a little faster, as he interpreted Penny's words. Penny tilted her head and smiled, as she took out a ring of keys from between her breasts. She picked out a key with a playful look, and with the long edge she rubbed it against the top of a breast and stared straight into Edison's eyes. Edison gulped nervously, he felt his cock press against his pants. He longed to feel her depths and curves. She finally unlocked the door and pulled him inside the luxurious room. Penny released his arm. "Would you like to learn more about our special service?"

She chuckled, "You shouldn't hold back. I understand how we might just want to jump right into the deep end, but sometimes a little - foreplay helps move things along." She eased out of her nightgown, "You don't mind if I get a little more comfortable, do you?"

"Sit next to me, Ed." She slid down one of the strings to her brassiere. "Just so we're on the level, every night with me adds 30% to your bill."

"I'm not as expensive as some of the other girls, but I hope you'll still like me despite that."

"Don't be embarrassed, sweetie." With one hand she began pushing him down unto the bed, "I think it's really cute."

"I think you have a big surprise for me, don't you?" Penny eased off his hips and began to take off his pants. She stroked his inner thigh, as she tentatively observed her client's manhood. "What would you like first, sir?"

"Your mouth would be wonderful." He cried out.

Ed couldn't resist bucking his hips towards her. She understood his desire to sink deeper into her mouth. She continued slowly sucking and advancing down his length. She kept her eyes closed as she absorbed all the sensations from touching him with her tongue and lips. He moaned with appreciation as he ejaculated a stream down her throat. A sense of joy and relaxation overwhelmed him. Penny swallowed with ease and got up. "There, that's a good boy." She stroked his chest with a cat-like grin.

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