Hard and Fast...

They are alone in the old spare bedroom. There is a large metal bed, all rusty and squeaky. He blindfolds her and puts her down on the bed, handcuffing her to the bedpost. He's very strong and she couldn't fight him even if she wanted to. He ties her ankle to the bottom posts and she can't move while he slowly opens the buttons of her blouse. As he goes, brushing his fingers lightly over her exposed skin, his lips follow, placing agonizingly light kisses where his fingers have left. Like the wings of a butterfly.

But he shifts away and starts stroking her ankles gently, moving up her bare legs, adding lips in those sweet light kisses when he reaches her inner thighs. She's still blindfolded so she can't see where he will touch her next and he still hasn't said a word.

He continues to tease; kissing and touching her deliberately slow, eventually moving his mouth to her hot center, where he only kisses the top of her thighs and she whimpers and begs him to uncuff her, he's going too slow, she wants it hard and fast and he knows it, so he refuses her pleas. No matter how much she begs, he refuses. She needs him, she wants him and he finally brings his tongue to her aching clit, stroking it ever so gently, blowing the lightest of kisses over its sensitive tip, suckling delicately all around it.

She can feel his broad chest against her hardened nipples, the coarse hair tickling them deliciously. She can feel his hard cock against her inner thigh and she whimpers in anticipation- she has to have him inside her! She feels his strong arms around hers and she's waiting for him to uncuff her, but he still refuses.

Then he goes a little deeper, but still not enough and he's moving so slow that she thinks, she'd go crazy with frustration. She begs and begs for him to free her and satisfy her aching need for him, to please go deeper. Please!

He doesn't stop and she doesn't want him to. With every deep and gentle thrust she groans and mumbles incoherently, biting her lower lips with excitement. She puffs air through her mouth as if blowing cigarette smoke. Tears of ecstasy stream down her cheeks to meet the beads of sweat on her neck. Her body is all wet; grinding against his in a pleasurable rhythm. She had longed for this day and she can't hide this fact even if she wanted to. Her fantasy has come true.

He's relishing every moment with his entire mouth now on her pussy, digging in like he's devouring a succulent slice of watermelon fruit while looking straight in her eyes, her juices all over his mouth both of them knowing full well that one more prodding with his tongue and she will explode...

He unclasps the front of her bra and she waits for him to kiss her breasts, but he doesn't, teasing her and bringing his lips just a fraction above her nipples, so she can feel his warm breath, but he doesn't touch her. She's arching up-she wants to feel him so much!

He stops short where she most need him, barely tracing a finger over her swollen lips; it's so light that she's not sure if she's not just imagining this. She had him take her pants and underwear off before and now she's completely open to him. He moves his hand up her stomach, brushing his thumbs along the underside of her breast and she wriggles and squirms in a plea for more, she needs more!

Her whole body is burning and she hates to feel him leave her center. He's undressing now and then comes back, rubbing his naked body all over hers, making her beg again to please take her hard; to remove the handcuffs and let her touch him. But he doesn't, he never does.

He removes the blindfold instead and she can see his face, he kisses her but avoids her mouth, concentrating on her temples, her jaw lines, and her neck. She can feel his rigid shaft rub against her damp folds and she moans to please take her now, do it now, hard and fast, she can't wait anymore. But he only dips his tip inside her, kissing her clit and her shoulders.

Only when she starts crying, he slips out of her, to untie her legs and uncuff her hands, and she's immediately wrapped all around him, her legs locking around his hips, and her fingers digging into his buttocks, to pull him inside her as hard and deep as she needs him, and she arches up into him, and he complies by pushing inside forcefully now and thrusting fast, over and over and over again, while she moves her arms up to grab his neck and pull his lips down to hers in a hard, passionate kiss!

Her legs begin to shake slightly, her toes start to curl. He knows she's about to get hers so he increases the tempo then as if to tease her, slows down. She digs her fingers deeper into his buttocks to enable him go deeper. She feels her belly muscles tighten as her moment approaches. He knows she wants to feel it so bad but he has other plans on his mind; slowly, he pulls out of her and puts his face between her thighs bringing his tongue to her clit one more time; stroking it ever so gently, licking its sensitive tip and suckling delicately all around it.

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