Innocent Divya's Degeneration Ch. 02

When Divya went to the counter to pay, it was empty. She looked around. That's when a door behind the counter opened and Mehra came out with a wide smile on his face. He was holding a folded sheet of paper in his hand.

"The question is, what do you owe me?" Mehra shamelessly leered at her and said.

"Come into my office for a minute."

"Please, I am in a hurry. Here." she dropped a 100 rupee note on the table. "I'll collect the change tomorrow."

A couple of the people sitting at computers around him looked up.

"Now, miss, would you like to discuss this in the open or in my office?"

"Good." Mehra nodded. "Raju, take care of the counter for a while."

Mehra closed the door behind her and walked to a desk with a big computer screen on it. He turned the screen towards Divya and hit a button on the keyboard. A video-clip of Divya started playing, showing her taking her clothes off. Divya closed her tearful eyes and looked away.

"It's not like that." Divya opened her eyes, keeping her gaze away from the screen, and said. "That is my fiance from America. We are getting married soon."

"I swear to god. I swear on my mother's life." Divya pinched her throat and said. She was terrified.

Mehra actually wasn't sure about the legal threat he was making. In fact he was sure that if he went to the police, he'd get arrested. He had seen this beautiful vixen go into a private booth everyday, and on a whim, decided to use spyware to see what she was doing. He had installed a software that one of his friends suggested, and fixed his settings such that the stream from its webcam would be replicate on his office computer.

"Please sir, don't call the police." Divya said. "I will give you whatever money I have."

Mehra walked around the desk and approached Divya. He grabbed her cheeks with his right hand. His heart skipped a beat at how soft and supple her skin was. He then turned her head so she was facing the screen.

He then grabbed her breast with his other hand.

"Please sir, I am from a good family. I am getting married into a good family. I made a mistake. Please let me go!" Divya was now crying and begging.

Divya wiped her tears and choked back her sobs. She was in a real predicament. If this guy called the police, her parents would find out. The wedding would be called off. her life would be ruined.

"What?" Divya asked.

Divya instantly started taking her kameez off. And then stood there, hoping this would be enough. But it wasn't. Mehra reached behind her and unhooked her bra. It fell away, exposing her big pendulous breasts. Mehra instantly started fondling and licking them.

Divya was a red blooded virile woman of 21 who had never felt any sensuous male contact. She was like a bottled up volcano. And as much as her mind, conditioned by years of orthodox values, was hating what was happening, her starved body was disobeying her and responding happily.

"Oh wow! I cannot wait to fuck this delicious cunt."

"No please. Please Mr. Mehra. Please let me go. I am a virgin. If you take my virginity, my husband will leave me on the wedding night."

"Get up, you foolish woman."

"You don't have a choice." Mehra said. "Either you let me fuck you or then I go to the police."

"Well...I...just stop blubbering."

Mehra understood the predicament this girl was in. He took a broader view of the situation. If he pushed her way too much, he might end up killing the goose that laid golden eggs. On the other hand, if he played his cards right, he would have access to her for a long time. He was a married man. He didn't want a full-time mistress. Just someone for occasional pleasure. And, he told himself, he didn't want to destroy her life. She was right. In this conservative society, if her husband found her not to be a virgin on the wedding night, he would surely leave her. As hot and fuckable as this young woman seemed, she also seemed nice and sweet and it would be a shame to ruin her fledgling life.

"Okay, I have a solution."

"I understand the importance of saving your virginity. So I will not fuck you now. But once you have gotten married, and your husband has taken your cherry...then I want my pound of flesh."

"ENOUGH!!" Mehra yelled. "I am trying to be reasonable here. Now let go of my feet before I kick you in the face."

"Listen Divya, it's quite simple. You promise to go to bed with me after you get married. I don't want you to be my wife or mistress. I just want a taste."

"Now, you said your fiance is in America. Will you be living in America after marriage?"

"So the first trip you take home here after that, you come to me voluntarily. I will find out if you are back but if you don't!"

"I am a kind man. And a patient man. And I'll wait. I don't want to destroy your life. But remember, I have the video. And I will keep the video as collateral."

Divya stood up and pulled up her salwar.

"Getting dressed." Divya said.

"But you said..."

Mehra dragged Divya towards the table. She had to kick off the salwar and panties rolled around her ankles to keep from falling. The horny old man took the naked nymph less than half his age to the desk and made her lie down on it, he then went to the computer, turned his webcam on and pointed it towards Divya's naked body splayed out on the table.

"Keep quiet."

Divya watched spellbound as the old man's thick dick hung inches from her face. Mentally, she was disgusted. But she could not look away. This was the first dick she had seen up close in real life. She saw the thick bush of white and black hair around it and the big testicles hanging below it.

Oh god, Divya thought. He wants me to THAT. She had read about it in some novels. And most recently, seen it in the video clip Mayank had shown her. He wanted her to suck his dick. She felt revolted by the idea. But considering her situation, she had no choice. The mouth doesn't have a hymen. So Mehra could do whatever he wanted with her mouth without her husband finding out. She sighed and opened her mouth.

Divya gagged as Mehra shoved his dick into her mouth in one swift motion. It tasted salty and slippery. The tip hit the back of her throat and made her feel like she would vomit. but Mehra grabbed hold of her big naked tits flopped along her sides and thrust his dick in deeper. Divya gagged again.

Yeah right, Divya thought. A kulfi is tasty. This thing tasted and smelled awful. As as the moments ticked by, she got used to this invasion of her mouth. She pushed her tongue against the length of his rod and made a slurping motion.

"How much do I owe you?" she asked.

"Excuse me?"

Divya did not like where this was going.

"WAIT!" Mehra loudly said. "take a look at this."

He handed Divya the folded sheet of paper. Divya opened it, and her throat went dry. Printed on the paper, in black and white, was a picture of her sitting naked in the booth, her legs spread open.

"Office." Divya whispered, almost at the verge of tears.

He said to an employee sitting in the corner, and walked into his office. Divya meekly followed him.

"So you are running some sort of a sleazy webcam business from my cafe?" Mehra said accusingly.

"Don't lie to me. Girls from good families don't do such things in public net cafes."

"Maybe I should just call the police and let them decide. Even if you were not running some sleazy business, you were naked in a public place, which is against the law."

When Divya came in, he was hoping that he would get to see something interesting. But as the events unfolded, he was pleasantly surprised at how much explicit evidence he had. With all this in his hand, he was sure he could browbeat Divya into doing anything he wanted.

"Shut up! I am not interested in your money."

"Open your eyes and look. Look how shamelessly you are sitting there, buck naked on my chair, in my booth, spreading your legs."

"Showing off these big tits."

"Shut up! These pleas aren't going to get you anywhere. Stop crying or I will call the police right away."

"Now miss Divya. If you want me not to go to the cops and post this on the internet, let's first start by you showing me a close glimpse of what I have seen on video anyway."

"Strip, you bitch!" Mehra said in a menacing tone. "You have five seconds to start stripping."

Divya stood motionless, fighting back tears, as the dirty old man's rough fat hands mauled her tits. She could not believe that the first male hands playing with her tits belonged not to her handsome fiance, but to this sleazy net cafe owner. But what she hated the most was that her body was actually reacting favorably to this male touch.

Mehra noticed her quickened breath, the goosebumps, and the shivering and was delighted to note that this little bitch was actually enjoying what he was doing. He kissed her on the lips clumsily. She tried to turn away, but he held her head in place and thrust his fat tongue inside her mouth. Not wanting to waste any time, he opened the knot of her salwar thread. It fell down. He then lowered her panties too, and admired her neat bush hiding her luscious pussy that he had seen on the screen.

Fuck? FUCK???? Massive alarm bells went off in Divya's head. She immediately dropped to her knees, naked, and grabbed Mehra's feet. She started crying and saying,

"Don't blubber." Mehra bent down and tried to pull Divya up, but her grip on his feet was too strong. he saw her young full ass jutting out as she bent over and spanked it a couple of times.

"Nooooooooo...please don't destroy my life." Divya was now bawling.

"Pleeeeeeeeeeeease Sir, have mercy on me. Think about my family."

Mehra stood in his office, thinking, as this naked 21 year old virgin grabbed his feet and kept sobbing. He knew he had hit the jackpot having this girl at his mercy. At the same time, he did not think of himself as a completely evil person.

He thought about it long and hard as the naked Divya was crouched on the floor grabbing his feet.

Divya wiped her eyes and looked up.

"Nooo pleeeaase..." Divya started crying again.

Divya let go of his feet and sat up on the floor.

Divya said nothing.



Divya nodded. Wiping her face, she started getting up. Mehra's dick started going erect looking at her ample boobs and soft skin and he started wondering if he had made a mistake letting her go.

"What are you doing?" Mehra asked.

"Oh no no no no no." Mehra grabbed her arm. "I am not done with you yet."

"Yeah, I said I would not take your virginity. But there are other things."

"What are you doing, sir?"

Mehra then walked to the other side of the table and pulled Divya's head until it was hanging over the edge of the table. He then unzipped his pants and fished out his half erect dick.

"Open your mouth!" Mehra commanded.


"Don't fight it. Just relax. Suck it like a kulfi." Mehra said.