Innocent Divya's Degeneration Ch. 03

Divya's sexual growth was progressing in leaps and bounds with Mayank online and Mehra in real life. Who knows how much further Divya would've gone with Mehra if not for the fact that events suddenly took a major turn.

So Divya's father took a big decision in consultation with Mayank's parents. It was decided that the wedding, which had been scheduled for a couple of months away, would be held within a week. Divya's grandmother herself had made this request, because she wanted to see her beloved granddaughter get married before she died.

Mayank and his family arrived from the US. All his relatives were impressed by the arrangements and how beautiful Divya was. Mayank himself was delighted at the fact that he would get his hands on this hot piece of ass much sooner than expected. He tried to steal a few moments alone with Divya. But she was always surrounded by an army of aunts and cousins.

A lavish honeymoon suite had been booked in the town's biggest hotel for the wedding night. Leading up to it, there were the usual silly traditional games. Cousins and uncles and aunts on both sides were making naughty jokes, and Divya and Mayank were blushing. Finally, after a lot of leg-pulling, the two were allowed to go to their room.

As soon as they entered the honeymoon suite, Mayank closed the door, locked it, and threw his arms around Divya.

Divya herself, now experienced in intimacy thanks to Mehra, put her hands on her new husband's shoulders and started caressing him.

"Oh man, I have been dreaming about these tits since I saw them." Mayank said and started pinching and fondling them. He was delighted to see how quickly her nipples got erect. He bent down and bit her left nipple hard.

She felt her hand move to Mayank's crotch. There was an erection there. But it wasn't as big as Mehra's, she noticed. Instantly, Divya admonished herself. You are with your husband, don't think of someone else, she said to herself.

Divya got goosebumps when her husband's erect dick rubbed against her naked thighs. She could not wait to finally be fucked. She reached down with her hands and wrapped her fingers around his dick. Again, her brain noted, not as thick as Mehra's. Again, she scolded herself.

Finally, Mayank took a break from her boobs and slid lower. Divya smiled and moaned, in anticipation of some oral action. But she was disappointed when all Mayank did was stare at her pussy for a few seconds with a smile. Mayank saw her pussy with the small sparse bush. He poked it a little with his finger. And then he lifted her legs and spread them.

He moved his hips to position his dick at her pussy and then using his left hand, guided it at the opening. And then he thrust.

"OWWWWW!" shouted Divya. She had expected some pain when her hymen was breached but nothing this bad.

"Slowly please." she pleaded.

"OWWWW!! OWWWW!! OWWWWW!!" Divya kept yelling at every stroke of Mayank's.

But it wasn't getting okay. It was still hurting. And it was not feeling pleasant at all. After everything she had experience with Mehra, Divya had expected that actual sex would be even more exhilarating. It was not the case so far.

Divya felt her insides filling up with her husband's cum. He thrust his hips wildly for a few seconds and then collapsed on top of her.

He was already fast asleep.

That's when her in-laws announced a surprise gift. She had originally been told that due to the rushed wedding and other family commitments, there wouldn't be a honeymoon right away. It turned out that this was just a ruse to surprise both her and Mayank. They were gifted a week long all inclusive vacation at a couples resort in the Caribbean. So while the rest of the family flew back to Texas, Mayank and Divya had been booked first class onto a flight to the Caribbean.

By the time they arrived at the resort, Divya was an cloud nine. She had really loved the pampering of the first class flight. Mayank had been very caring and lovey dovey throughout. The air-hostesses saw the armful of bangles Divya was wearing like a traditional newlywed and paid her special attention.

As their taxi from the airport drove into the resort, Divya was amazed at how beautiful everything was with well-manicured laws, fountains and a lot of gardens. Mayank noticed with glee that most of the guests were white and the women were all walking around in bikinis. In addition to his hot wife by his side, he would get a chance to ogle a lot of other beautiful bodies on the beach.

"That was amazing!!"

"Did you like it?" he asked.

"Good." he said, getting up. "Come on, let's take a stroll around the resort. I especially want to check out their casino."

Divya noticed how Mayank would blatantly sneak glances at white women in bikinis. Most of them were so tall and fit. At 5 ft 1 inch, Divya felt like a midget walking past some of them. She also felt like she was overdressed. Although a couple of passing women smiled and complimented her on her gorgeous sari, Divya felt like a nun. Earlier, she was very shy of wearing very tight clothes. But all those naked adventures in the net cafe had lowered her inhibitions. She started wondering if she should maybe wear swimsuits.

"Divya, there's a clothing store in the resort. You should buy some t-shirts and jeans and shorts etc. All this desi clothing looks out of place in a resort."

They went to the resort store and bought Divya some new clothes. They went back to the room so she could change into them.

"What are you doing?" Divya giggled and started straightening, but Mayank pushed her back down.

Divya was delighted at this show of spontaneity from her new husband. Also, bent over like this in her undies reminded her of how Mehra used to make her bend over too. She shivered when she felt Mayank put his fingers in her panties and slip them down to her thighs. Divya grabbed on to the suitcase and prepared to be mounted.

"Just give me a minute." Mayank said, and staring at his wife's perfect naked ass, did his best to bring his flaccid dick to life.

But Mayank pushed her back down and rudely said,

Divya stayed bent over, her naked butt jutting up in the air, for a good two minutes. Mayank still kept trying to get erect. But then, he got frustrated and finally gave up.

Divya decided to take the initiative. She reached and wrapped her fingers around his soft dick. But it angered Mayank even more. he slapped her hand away and yelled,

Hurt, Divya pulled up her panties and started wearing her new clothes. Mayank muttered something about how he was jetlagged and still tired from the wedding. And finally they left their cabin.

"Whooops! Sorry about that!" said a tall muscular white man with close cropped brown hair and deep blue eyes. He was wearing camouflage shorts and a tight t-shirt showing off his well-built body. Behind him was a white woman just a couple of inches shorter than him with long blond hair and green eyes. She was wearing a yellow bikini top and white shorts.

"Looks like we're gonna be neighbors!" the woman said as the bell boy put down their backs in the cabin next to Mayank and Divya's. In fact the two cabins shared a common wall.

"Hi, I am Mayank." our hero tried to hide a wince as the big guy's powerful handshake almost crushed his bones. "My new bride Divya."

"Hello." Divya shyly smiled and said. She didn't know if she was also expected to shake Chad's hand. In her town, women did not usually shake men's hands. She felt relieved when Chad sensed her hesitance and didn't raise his hand towards her.


"Texas. Originally India." Mayank said.

"I love your bangles. And that's such a lovely henna pattern." Kelly approached Divya and held her wrist and raised it up.

"Anyway, we'll catch up later when we aren't all grimy and disgusting after a 6 hour plane ride." Chad said. "Nice to meet you folks."

Divya noticed that he cast a barely hidden glance at Kelly's butt as she walked away. Divya herself had been quite taken by how big and Strong and charming Chad was.

Divya drank coke and followed him around. She was amused by the flashy lights and the fancy settings. She had seen casinos in Hollywood movies and TV shows and this seemed exactly like it. But she had always been brought up to believe that gambling was a bad habit. So she was a little surprised that someone like Mayank from a good family was so interested in it.

Her grandmother had a heart attack. She was admitted to the hospital and survived after intense treatment. But Divya had to be with the family in the hospital taking care of her grandma. She communicated the situation to both Mayank and Mehra, who were disappointed at this sudden break, but were understanding. In a week or so, her grandma was out of danger. But the doctors told the family that the blockages in her body were major and another attack come any time.

The next few days were very hectic. All the wedding preparations had to be done on a war footing. Divya did not have a single free moment to herself. She explained the new development to Mehra who was sad that their dalliance had been cut short. But he saw a silver lining in it. The sooner Divya got married, the sooner she would lose her virginity, and the sooner he would have a chance to penetrate the pussy he had gotten so attached to. He started the process of applying for a US visa to visit his brother in America.

Finally, the day of the wedding arrived. It went off without a hitch. Divya's grandmother was feeling a lot better and was happy to be present. Divya herself was excited. Now that she was married to Mayank, she could experience actual sex. She also felt guilty at another sentiment she was having. That the sooner she had sex with Mayank, the sooner she would eventually be able to go all the way with Mr. Mehra. It made her ashamed to think of the fact that her body was craving Mehra more than her husband.

Both of them were really tired. North Indian weddings can be long and tiring. But neither of them were planning to let their exhaustion stand in the way of what came next.

"Oh my darling wife, I have been waiting so long for this." he said, burying his face in her chest.

Mayank wasted no time in stripping Divya naked. He then pushed her to the bed with rose petals all over it. And then climbed on top of her and started playing with her massive tits.

"Ouch!" Divya said. It hurt, but it also felt nice.

Mayank was pleased when she felt his crotch. He was afraid this demure traditional girl might have to be coaxed into arousal. But clearly, she was on board. Immediately, he took off his own clothes, and fully naked, climbed on top of her again.

But the comparisons to Mehra kept cropping up in her mind. She noted how Mayank's playing with her boobs seemed very hurried and haphazard. He was mauling them, pressing them, biting them, but there were none of those tender caresses she had come to expect.

"This will hurt a little." Mayank breathlessly said as he got on top of her again.

"OH YESSSS" said Mayank.

"It'll be okay." Mayank kissed his new wife quickly on the lips and thrust some more. The pain increased for Divya.

But Mayank's animal instincts had now taken over. He didn't pay heed to her request and kept thrusting. Finally, his 5 inch dick was inside her. And he could feel the sticky blood against his dick's skin. That turned him on even more. He had just penetrated a virgin. His only prior sexual intercourse had been with an older woman, a maid from one of his motels.

"It'll be okay." Mayank said and kept fucking her.

"OHHH YESSSSS!" Mayank said and started pumping his seed inside her. It had barely been two minutes.

He then rolled off on his back. Divya felt her pussy with her fingers and felt the mix of her blood and her husband's semen. She was glad the painful part had ended. She lay there, getting used to the feeling. Then she turned on her side to face her new husband.

Divya did not have too much time the next day to reflect on her first sexual intercourse being disappointing. The wedding was over and now she had to go to her new home. The next day was spent saying goodbyes to all her near and dear family members, especially her grandma. There was a lot of crying and hugging, but finally Divya was ready to begin her new life in the United States.

The excitement of visiting a tropical paradise thrilled Divya. A week in a romantic locale is just what a newly-wed couple need to whet their sexual appetites. Divya started feeling optimistic. She reasoned that they had both been tired on the wedding night. Relaxed in a beach resort, they would certainly have a better time.

The resort itself was the closest thing to paradise. It was couples only so there were no noisy kids or single men hanging around like the beaches of Goa that she had been to. Every cabin was ocean facing. There were multiple swimming pools. The resort had half a dozen restaurants and bars that were included in the package and a lot of water sports and other activities. And what delighted Mayank the most was the casino that the resort had in-house.

As soon as they checked in and went to their cabin, Mayank dragged Divya to the bed. She, giggling, started taking off her clothes. She was filled with a sense of excitement and optimism. Mayank kissed her passionately, and then got on top of her. Divya, naked except for the ceremonial bangles, opened her legs and closed her eyes, hoping it wouldn't be as painful as the first time. Mayank pinned her hands above her head, making the bangles jingle. And thrust his dick into her.

Mayank said and rolled off her 3 minutes later. Divya faked a smile and nodded. Her optimism was waning. It hadn't been as painful as the first time, but it was still not comfortable or enjoyable. What she didn't realize...nor did he...was that Mayank had eagerly thrust into her without any foreplay. So she wasn't wet down there at all. Mayank's inexperience showed. And while he was able to cum very easily, thanks to the friction provided by a newly deflowered cunt, it didn't bring any pleasure to Divya.

"Yes." Divya lied and smiled. Her duty was to please her husband.

Walking around the resort, Divya started forgetting the disappointment of their second sexual encounter. The resort was grand and packed with beautiful couples. Holding hands, Mayank and Divya walked first to the private beach which was a mile long stretch of white sand next to deep blue water. Then they checked out the restaurants. Mayank, who liked to drink, checked out the bars. And then they headed towards the casino.

Mayank half-read her mind. No, he did not want her to wear swimsuits. While he was happy ogling others' wives, he was too much of a hypocritical traditionalist to let other men stare at his wife's almost naked body (if only he knew about Mehra, right?). But he did think that saris and salwar kameez would be too much in such a place.

"As you wish." Divya said, partly happy.

Inside the room, Divya stripped down to her undies. She picked out a pair of knee length shorts and a black t-shirt. She was bent over the suitcase, putting the rest of the clothes inside when Mayank approached her. He saw his gorgeous wife's inviting round ass, covered in her panties, and it called out to the primal male in him. He stood behind her and started fondling her ass.

"Stay like that." he hoarsely said and unbuttoned his own shorts.

But several moments passed and nothing happened. She turned around and saw that Mayank was furiously rubbing his dick, which was still soft.

"Can I help?" Divya asked, starting to turn around. What she had in mind was sucking his dick, the way Mehra had taught her. If Mayank had let her do it, given her newly acquired fellatio skills, she would have gotten him hard in no time.

"I told you to stay down."

"You can get up and get dressed." he said in an upset sounding voice.

"I told you to get dressed!"

As they walked out of their cabin, they almost ran in to a couple led by a bellboy carrying bags.

"Not a problem." Mayank smiled politely.

"Oh yeah!" the guy flashed a wide smile. Then extending out a big hand, he said, "I'm Chad. This is my new bride Kelly."

"Hi Mayank. Hi Divya." the couple said in unison.

"So you guys here on a honeymoon too, huh?" Kelly asked.

"Where are you guys from?"

"Mmmmmm. I love me some spicy Indian curry." Chad said. "We're from Oklahoma. So we're neighbors back in the states too."

"Thank you." Divya said, blushing at the compliment.

"Nice to meet you too." Mayank said.

Mayank led Divya to the casino. He was delighted to be in there, like a kid in a candy shop. Mayank loved gambling. He frequently went to Las Vegas with his friends. So having a casino at the resort was just the perfect honeymoon package for him. He checked out of a few roulette tables, blackjack tables, poker games, craps tables, and had a few free drinks that were being offered by the roaming skimpily clad waitresses.