My Very First Time Ch. 02

Okay, So I spent Friday afternoon at Angelica Sanchez' house. She is my new girlfriend and she is beautiful. The weird thing is that we are both eighteen and neither of us has been laid. Not even once.

But she said that she promised her old boyfriend who taught her all about sex that she would not get laid until she was eighteen. Okay, so a month ago was her eighteenth birthday and January was mine. So?

For some reason I slept like a freaking log on Friday night. I woke up at eight on the dot thanks to the radio alarm that plays the classic rock station. I jumped into a pair of sweats and a tee shirt along with my beat up Nikes. I jumped down the steps two at a time and invaded the refrigerator of three granola bars and a huge glass of orange juice.


"Jerome! How are you?"

She laughs that great laugh of hers. "And are you working today?"

"Would you like me to make you lunch?"

She laughs again. "Oh, I'm sure I can make it interesting. About one?"

I get in the shower and scrub every inch of Jerome Woodley. I began to shave like six months ago, but really I only have to like once a week. But I take the Old Spice I took from my Dad and I splash it on my arms and my face and even under my arms.

"Mom!" I call. "Garage is clean! Lawn is mowed! I am outa here!" And I head for the garage without waiting for a reply. I have a two year old Trek bike. It is really cool and cost me most of the money I earned working at camp last summer. But I found it on e-bay and I think I stole the freaking thing.

I ride some neighborhood roads and only have to get out on a main road for about a mile and I swing into Narberth hills where the Sanchez family lives. I come up to the house and leave the bike on the front walkway. On a Saturday afternoon I figure it's safe.

She takes my hand and like pulls me in the house. She comes right up to me and kisses me really softly and her tongue comes right out and into my mouth. I do the same and we are kissing like crazy and she has her arms around me and I have mine around her.

I smile back. "Well, yeah..."

She goes in the refrigerator and gets two Cokes. She hands them to me and I pop them open and give one to her. She grabs the plate with the cold cuts and signals for me to take the crackers on the other plate and follow her. She leads me out to their back patio.

Today there is a nice breeze blowing and the sun is out. The trees are just waving a bit and whispering around the patio. We put our plates down on the table between the lounge chairs and stretch out.

"What is your friend Justin going to do?" She asks me.

"Yes," she says, sighing." She munches on her cracker for a minute and I'm looking at her lying there with those great legs stretched out and that lower lip that extends just enough to make it sexy. "I bet there are a lot of sad stories at Lower Wellington that we don't even know about."

She laughs that great tinkling laugh of hers. "After yesterday? What a silly question, Jerome Woodley!"

But I hear her giggle again and I hear some rustling an when I look over again, she has taken the sweat shirt off and man! I was right! She's wearing nothing underneath but a pair of bikini bottoms!

She laughs again. "Like what you see, Jerome Woodley?"

Her eyes half close. "What do you like about what you see. Tell me."

She reaches under the table and pulls up a bottle of sun tan lotion. "You know, Jerome Woodley, those UV rays get through the trees really easily. Would you rub some lotion on me?"

"Man, Angelica," I say, "I never realized what strong shoulders you have!"

"You never told me that!"

I am trying to look her in they eye, but it is not easy. I mean man, her boobs are but gorgeous and as I'm staring at them because I can't help it, her nipples become hard and stand up as if they are taunting me.

"Oh yeah. Right. Sure" So I lather up my hands and start up at her neck. I'm rubbing very softly on her neck and bring my hands down to her shoulders and rub the lotion on her arms and then, well there is no way to avoid it – not that I want to, understand; but I drop some lotion on her breasts and she wiggles a little. I'm on my knees now, between her legs and sitting back on my haunches. I'm rubbing the lotion in on her breasts and she is starting to wiggle even more and breathe harder. She has both hands up over her head and is holding on to the top of the lounge chair really hard.

She is glistening from all the lotion I've put on her and I am in dreamland. Then she spreads her legs a little more and murmurs up to me "Finish what you started, Jerome Woodley."

She draws her legs up a little and my hands slide down her thighs and I am massaging the inside of her legs, right near her vagina. Now, with another girl I might call this her pussy. But this is Angelica freaking Sanchez, for God sake! So I'm rubbing and her legs are moving farther apart and she takes my hands and moves them right on top of the little bit of brown pubic hair that she's got.

She knows all about oral sex, because she sucked me off this afternoon until I thought I would faint. And I got to see her stripped except for her panties and touched her pussy and licked her breasts and man, what an afternoon.

Well, she asked me to come over to her house tomorrow. Her folks are away for the weekend at some legal conference, so it's just her and her two dogs and a cat at the Sanchez house. So, am I getting over there on Saturday? Right!

Then it was attack the garage and the lawn and suddenly it's eleven thirty. So sweating like a fountain, I pick up my cell in the garage and call Angelica.


"Are you kidding me? After yesterday? I am a changed man!"

"Shit no! I got up early to do my chores. Jerome Woodley is a free man."

"Depends on what is on the menu."

"Si, Senorita! See you then!" I hang up and punch the heavy bag hanging in the garage five quick ones. Man! Am I lucky or what?

Then I put on my really tight Perry Ellis Tee shirt that Mom got me for my birthday, a pair of Docker shorts, clean socks and of course, my Nikes again. I bop downstairs and it's twelve fifteen. So I get on Space Book for fifteen minutes and screw around with people I don't know.. Okay, trick is to ride my bike slow enough so I don't get all sweated up again. I'd love to drive over, but Dad is on the golf course and I know Mom has got running around to do.

I pedal easily out of the driveway and take the bike path that runs through our town of Wellington. It is cool for May, but I am floating along. Is this the day that two soon to be graduates of Lower Wellington High School lose their virginity? I can tell you that she is the hottest girl I have ever dated, which in itself is no big deal because I have not dated that much. But she has these great boobs and a tight ass and wonderful lips and they were wrapped around my dick yesterday. Weird!

I ring the doorbell and before I get my finger off the bell the door swings open and there's Angelica. She's wearing a large dark blue sweat shirt with Holy Cross in red on the front. I guess she's wearing shorts under it, but I can't tell. It comes down to her thighs and that's about it.

I pull back just a little and put my hands under the sweat shirt and up her back. Holy shit! She's not wearing anything under the sweat shirt! She pulls her head back and smiles at me. "Surprised, Jerome Woodley?"

She backs off and takes my hand and leads me in the huge kitchen they have with all the pots and pans hanging off the cooking island in the middle. She has a huge plate of cold cuts and cheese and crackers laid out on the island.

It's got these great flagstones and a table with an umbrella, four chairs around the table and a couple of lounge chairs. But, the neatest thing about it is that there are about a dozen huge pine trees surrounding the whole thing except for one little path in the middle that leads out into the yard. I mean nobody can see who is doing what on the Sanchez patio. And, there is some shade there like almost all day.

Angelica takes a cracker and puts some cheese and baloney on top and hands it over to me. I tip my Coke can at her. We start talking about school and our plans for summer.

"Well, his mom is getting divorced again and it looks like they will have to move, so I don't know. Dude stayed out of trouble most of the year, though, didn't he?"

I reach over to the table and take some cheese and another piece of baloney. It's getting kinda warm so I start to take off my tee shirt. I stop. " it okay for me to take off my tee shirt?"

"Oh, yeah. I guess." My ears are getting red. I take off my tee shirt and stretch out again. Without even looking over at Angelica, I say, "aren't you getting warm?" Now, I swear, I was just making conversation, honest!

She is propped up on one elbow looking over at me and grinning. "Wow! Angelica! I didn't...that is, well, umm..."

I sit up. "Hell yes! Wow! You are really something."

"Umm, everything. I mean you got those great legs and your boobs, I mean breasts, are just, well, magnificent."

With that she rolls over on her stomach and stretches her arms over her head, holding the bottle out to me. Well, by now I have a boner that is stretching my shorts, big time. I take the bottle and move over to the bottom of her lounge chair. I rub a lot of the stuff on both my hands and go up to her back and start to rub her shoulders.

"I am a swimmer, Jerome Woodley. Not at school, but I belong to a swim team in the summer."

With that she suddenly rolls over and is laying there with her boobs splayed out on her chest and her flat stomach and incredible legs right in front of me. "There is a lot about me that you don't know yet, Jerome Woodley."

"Well, Jerome Woodley, don't stop. This is where the sun can do the most damage, you know."

I am lost in those boobs. And my knees are killing me. So I shift so that my legs are hanging over the side of the lounge chair. This lets me lean back a bit and I reluctantly leave the wonder of Angelica's breasts and begin to rub her stomach. I get down to the bikini bottoms and she raises her buttocks and brings her hands down and wiggles out of the bikini bottoms. She is stark freaking naked.

Well, my hands are still slick with the sun tan oil, so I start to massage her upper legs. They are really strong and buffed. Yeah, she must be some swimmer. I move my hands up and down her legs, kneading them, but not too hard.