Internet Meeting Ch. 04

I tried to appear casual as I wandered about the busy mall wishing to remain anonymous, discrete. Beneath my attempt at normalcy my body seethed with frazzled nerves as I checked out Charles' appointed meeting place. Charles had selected a toilet in a quiet secluded corner of one of the upper floors. I hesitated at the door, casting a nervous glance over my shoulder uncertain yet driven by a need that consumed me. Seizing the moment when my need overcame my uncertainty I threw caution to the wind and slipped into the oversized glaringly bright sterile room.

With a silly giggle I quickly proceeded to strip down to the lace ruffled shorts that I had worn to the mall. With a breath of surging excitement I slipped the costumes bodice up my legs wiggling my hips to help it into place. Already a snug fit I concentrated on my breathing as I cinched the lacing as tightly as the shop clerk had shown me to. Immediately my breath became shallow and dramatic.

The shoes and ankle covers were difficult but I managed holding onto the sink to maintain my sense of balance as I adjusted to the height. With a sly smile to my reflection I placed the blonde bob styled wig on followed with the costumes blue bow to complete the Palace Alice look. "Aaaah," I purred to myself as beheld the creation of me in the toilets mirror. The costumes bright blue stood out in stark contrast to the bathrooms bright white sterility. Breathing as deeply as the tight bodice would allow I wondered silently if I really shouldn't have purchased breast forms to go with it.

As Charles pushed into the room I stepped back swaying on the unfamiliar height of the heels. I held my breath as I waited for Charles to behold his sissy princess. His Palace Alice. Charles stood stalk still leaning against the toilets door as his intense gaze travelled critically over my body while I stood demurely before him. With a swirl of his finger Charles indicated that I should spin for him and tentatively I complied, smiling as I felt the skirt and petticoat flaring out slightly. In the mirror I caught a glimpse of Charles being startled by the flash of ruffled lace beneath, then a slight satisfied smile on the next spin.

"Don't move," Charles whispered as he moved up behind me. I went limp with submission. A little yelp escaped my lips as Charles' fingers brushed against my bare leg. His breath became heavy on my neck and shoulder. I moaned as Charles pressed his body into mine pinning me between him and the sink. I could feel the stiffness of his cock through the myriad layers of material between us.

Pinned there in utter blackness I felt Charles rummage in his pocket again. Trembling with uncertainty I almost pulled my head away when his hand forced something rubbery against my lips. Relentlessly he applied pressure until I opened my mouth allowing him to slip an O-ring gag between my teeth. I gurgled concern as Charles sinched the gag tight before tracing my stretched lips with a finger.

My knees buckled as Charles continued to eke the last of my explosive orgasm, without the forceful hand keeping me pinned to sink I would have slide the floor. Stars glittered across my darkened world as I cooed my appreciation through the gag. Gooey hot cum seeped through my panties and Charles ignored it as it slide stickily down my inner thighs. A long shudder passed from my head to my toes leaving me legless. I leant my head against the cool glass of the mirror barely aware that Charles was busy behind me. I stirred only slightly when I felt a cooler air wash over my sticky clit as my cum soaked panties were rolled down my thighs.

As I moaned my displeasure as Charles' hand in my hair forced my face harshly into the mirror. With his free hand I left him loosen his trousers letting them drop to the floor. Charles must have gone commando as with a rush of reality I felt his rigid manhood pressing between the cheeks of my bottom. Charles was breathing heavily on my neck using his weight to hold me still as he kicked my ankles to get me to spread my legs for him.

In another world I felt his erection probing my moist sissy hole knowing Charles' intent. It was then that I let my submissive nature slip me into the role of Charles' fuck slut. My body went limp. Charles' member pushed against my gurlie-boi cunt. With a long trembling sigh I pushed back against him, my shrieks of wild abandon muffled by the dildo and gag when Charles buried his large rigid cock to the hilt in my sissy pussy.

With sharp grunts and hard thrusts of his hips Charles pumped the remnants of his orgasm deep into my boi pussy before collapsing his weight on me. Weakly I hung over the cold hard sink as Charles' grip loosen on my hair and eventually his softening cock popped from my sissy hole. Labouring for breath Charles silently lifted himself off me as I swooned hoping that I must have pleasured him.

I could hear Charles' breathing as he tidied and washed up silently waiting for his next move. My mind refused to believe what my ears heard when without a word Charles left the toilet. Charles had left me restrained, masked, gagged, dressed in a Palace Alice costume with ruffled panties pulled down about my knees as his cum dribbled from my gaping sissy twat.

I slipped into a catatonic state as I waited and hoped for Charles' return. When I heard the door open I looked up expectantly. From the smell I could tell it wasn't Charles. The smell was old. Rancid. My body began to tremble again as foot steps shuffled slowly towards me.

"Don't you fucking well pull away from me you stupid fucking cunt," he snarled with fetid breath while twisting my hair painfully. Meekly I could only mew my understanding trying to nod my head against the pain.

Leaning so close I could feel his ugly breath on my face the horrid person sneered, "Now don't you look like a real nice bit of scrumpet." Making me feel dirty and loathsome as I trembled with disgust. I tried not to filch when his hands stroked my body through the luscious costume. I could only simper as brute fondled me pushing me this way and that as his fingers poked and prodded.

Taking several deep breathes to ease my jangled nerves I locked the door and looked for a place to layout the various items in my bag. Gnawing nervously on my lip I slipped the Palace Alice costume out. My nervousness melted away as the wonder of donning this costume to please Charles washed like magic over me.

The constraining bodice made me concentrate, my movements became more deliberate as I hurried to don the skirt and petticoat. The sensation of the satiny material sliding over my legs made me shiver and my gurlie clit tingle with a appreciation. I watched in the mirror as I slipped the petticoat over my ruffle covered bottom and fluffed it into place. I smiled knowing that the way my legs disappeared into the fluffy frill of lace would drive Charles absolutely mad with desire.

I struck several poses as I whiled away the time waiting for Charles with every moment adding to my building desires. By the time the light rap on the door sounded I had slipped into a hypnotic like trance. In a dream I watched my hand unlatch the doors lock and slowly turn the handle opening the door to allow Charles to enter.

I stopped slightly giddy facing Charles smiling hopefully. Charles stared his gaze unfocused, transfixed. Quietly his voice dead pan he ordered, "Turn around Princess and face the mirror." With a tinge of uncertainty I scampered about to comply. Watching Charles expectantly in the mirror I trembled when he continued, "Now lean into the sink and place a hand on either side of the mirror." His toneless voice and faraway look unnerved me but I dutifully complied.

Kissing my bare shoulder Charles pulled an item from his pocket, with great interest I watched surreptitiously in the mirror as he produced a blackout mask. Biting my lip apprehensibly I tired to make eye contact with Charles as he slipped the mask over my head and my world went black.

Silently Charles then began to fondle my Palace Alice costume as I took deep breathes to calm my dark world. I could only make appreciative or concerned noises through the gag as Charles' hands kneaded and caressed my body. A heavy hand kept me pressed against the cold sink as his other hand groped my pantied clit. Charles massaged me as I moaned and writhed beneath his possessive touch. My clit engorged straining against the satiny crotch of my ruffled panty. Charles' fingers seemed to dance over my sensitive clit until with a whimper I erupted filling my sexy panties with sissy cum.

I groaned heavily into the mirror as Charles' fingers delved between the cheeks of my bottom and extracted the dildo plug I had inserted earlier. My sissy hole felt empty as Charles brushed the plug over my lips. Instinctively I tuned away but Charles would have none of it and I felt a surge terror, then lust when his fingers entwined in my hair pulling my head back viciously. With the weight of his body still pinning me to the toilet sink I could only whimpered helplessly through the gag as Charles forced the dildo plug past the O-ring and into my mouth.

As my legs spread I began to suck on the dildo plug in my mouth for comfort, ignoring where it had recently been. Charles used his free hand to trace my cum sticky inner thighs and clit with his hard stiff cock. My body began to tremble uncontrollably as my mind went blank trying to imagine what Charles was doing to me.

Charles' manly growl filled my ears as he ground his hips into my bottom. Uncaring Charles took me. Hard. He slammed his hips into my boi bottom as he thrust his cock deeply inside me again and again and again. I could only grunt beneath the assault as his driving need slammed me into the hard sink. Charles' fingers ripped at my hair as he thrust deeply forcing me to my tip-toes to accommodate him. Charles held me there as his cock pulsed filling my sissy twat with his cum.

As I languished in post orgasmic euphoria Charles busied himself about me. It wasn't until the act was complete that I realised Charles had cuffed my hands together. Bewildered at first then stricken with fear I stumbled as Charles used the restraints to pull forward and I fell to my knees on the hard floor. Stunned by the suddenness I meekly crawled along as Charles pulled me across the floor. My breath trembled as I fought for control in the black silent world terrified by what I didn't know. A rattle of metal and a loud click made me freeze with fear.

I was too stunned to think. Mindlessly I pulled apathetically against my restraints knowing it was hopeless. I didn't even think to remove the dildo plug from my mouth choosing to suck on it for comfort instead as I sank to the floor in despair.

"Well, well, well," a cold harsh male voice intoned as the unknown person stood over me, "what have we got here then?" He asked himself before crouching down beside me. I flinched and pulled away as a hard finger with a ragged nail stroked my cheek. I squealed with fear as his hand lashed out to brutally grasp my head by the hair.

I wailed into the muffling gag as the bastard then stood and lifted me by the hair after him. As I scrambled to gain my footing he slammed me harshly into the nearest wall. To make his point of utter control he slammed me bodily several more times into the wall. When was I a breathless sobbing meek mess he relented.