Jessica Alba does more than nudity.

His name he kept to himself , he instead went by his nickname – Bear. He had acquired strong mental powers and loved to use them to make people do things they normally wouldn't do. One day he was watching an interview of the actress Jessica Alba and she stated she wouldn't do nudity. He decided to take her over and to do a nude photoshoot for playboy magazine. He reached out with his mind and found her and easily took her mind over. He contacted playboy and told them she would do a spread for them but it had to happen fast before she lost her nerve and changed her mind. They told her they could do it that day in two hours and gave her the name and address of a photographer. Bear had her gather her things and head to the address she was given. Once at the photographers place they introduced each other and he set her up for a tasteful nude photoshoot. Jessica explained to the photographer that she was pregnant again and wanted to get reminders of her beautiful body before it was destroyed.

He had called in three large men to help him and one petite young girl. The men were an Asian, a Black , and an Indian the girl was a Latina about fourteen years old virgin. The photographer took his pictures of Jessica getting fucked up the anus , in her pussy and having a large cock thrust deeply into her throat. The girls cherry was taken by the black man while she ate Jessica's pussy. The video captured every moment including her beautiful body going through the throes of multiple orgasms as her nether lips were spread by a fourteen inch long two inch around penis that was shoved to the balls into her and had the image of it moving in and out on her abdomen.

Jessica was screaming bloody murder so the photographer injected her with something to relax her and loosen her vaginal muscles then the mastiff mounted her and his penis put the men's to shame as he forced his red fourteen inch long three inch in girth cock inch by inch into her vaginal passage way and pushed through her cervix into the back of the womb. Once he had stretched her and she was lubricated enough he started Jack hammering into her. She screamed in agony as her raped her , she felt something tear in her groin but he never slowed down until he ejaculated filling her womb with his doggie spunk. He then pulled out of her dripping some of her blood from his member and went to a corner to lick himself clean. Lying there totally spent Jessica Alba whimpered , please no more but Jessica he replied you signed the release forms you really should have read them , I have lots more planned for you and slapped her on the ass. He had the fourteen year old girl sit down by her ass and she started slapping her ass and fisting her pussy then her asshole. Then she brought out a hose with a long nozzle shoved it into her cunt and turned it on masturbating her and cleaning her out with it.

Getting this on video would have ruined her career if it was ever released but the photographer used it to keep Jessica in servitude. After that day Jessica became a top earning porn actress divorcing her husband and only managing to keep her children because the photographer had something on the judge. The Alba movies made millions especially when she used her knowledge of Hollywood to bring other beautiful actresses into the porn industry. The first movie she did was the invisible women and the talking horse where she dressed in her fantastic six-nine modified costume which consisted of a blue silk short skirt , blue thigh high stockings , dark blue knee high boots , a dark blue belt , a blue sleeveless collarless sheer silk blouse that left her abdomen exposed and a black six-nine in the center of her chest. In the movie she played a super heroine who was captured by a villain called professor undone that brought in an intelligent talking horse that using mental powers forced her naked onto his back cuffed her hands and ankles around the barrel of the horse and rolled her beneath him.

They spent two hours getting pictures and signing the required release forms. Jessica had the three men and girl suckle at her breasts and pinched her nipples to show that she was producing milk. Bear had her ask if they could do something more ambitious the photographer said , of course as ambitious as she wanted. She said how about some bondage , smiling he said , yes let me set it up. So he cuffed her naked body spread eagle to a bed. She told him she was going to act as if she was really being forced and not to free her unless she used the safe word , Shambhala. Once she was securely fastened down Bear released her mind and she started screaming. The photographer ignored her and took many pictures and had set up video cameras to capture it all.

All that and at the same time a similar sized cock was plunging deep into her bowels and another stretching her throat and jaws to the limits. When they were finished the girls licked her crotch clean after making her climax the photographer told her they were done and Bear took her over again. Bear asked the photographer in Jessica's voice if bestiality shoot was possible. Excitedly he said , yes give me an hour and he contacted someone on the phone. Then he said , let’s get you positioned for this and moved her onto her hands and knees tying her down over a stool and pillow. A man arrived with a large brown furred mastiff and they got ready to record the action and take photos of the action. Jessica again told him , don't stop no matter what she said unless it was the safe word and Bear released his control over her. Okay let's do this , the dog was released and immediately went to Jessica's beautiful ass and started licking her pussy causing her to climax.

She then did the same to her anus after which she flushed out shit. Jessica climaxed each time her pussy and anus was masturbated. When she was done she got up and told Jessica , I love your movies but I think this one will be your best , patted her ass and left. What is left for you to do to humiliate me Jessica asked. Oh I think I can come up with something , and he brought out a four foot long two inch around python and told her , this is Satan after the snake in Adam and Eve he is a specially trained snake in sex acts. He placed Satan's head at Jessica’s entrance to her vagina and he pushed into her spreading her lips apart and pushing his way deep into her body the scales sliding across her clit caused Jessica to orgasm multiple times and moan loudly saying yes fill me up , fuck me Satan bring me to ultimate pleasure.

His cock was at the entrance to her vagina and when he started trotting his cock started to grow entering her pussy spreading her lips apart. As he sped up he started fucking her going deeper and deeper into body , when he finally ejaculated the sperm filled her womb to over flowing leaving a trail behind her as it spilled out of her pussy. She also screamed out her pain and pleasure as she orgasmed many times as the horse ran. After about an hour they stopped and repositioned his cock to go in her anus. After half an hour they stopped and took her off the horse showing her gaping anus and cunt getting pictures so deep into her body that they normally couldn't be gotten.

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