Kennedy and Her Mom Ch. 02

I woke up early the next morning, and threw the last few things I'd need for school into the back of my car and ran back inside to say bye to my mom.

I was feeling odd and trying to remember the events from the night before and had a nagging feeling there was something I couldn't quite put together.

As far as I know.

It was a good dream though, and while I did wake up in the middle of the night with my dress off and a big wet spot under my bottom, I really don't know if it was real or not.

The dream was hot enough that I still felt warm under my shorts. I'd purposely not put on any panties. I woke up horny and wanted to stay that way.

The drive from Wilmington to Beaufort is slow but beautiful, and I took my time thinking back over the night before, from the strange sex show Mom and Charlie Lombard put on for me, to the incredible aftermath.

God it seemed so real. I was in my bed, passed out and completely oblivious to how I got upstairs on my own, into my bed wearing not a stitch of clothing. But this I do know, dream or no dream, I clearly watched my Mother open my legs and suck my pussy until I came in a squirting orgasm unlike any I've ever experienced.

I decided I wouldn't drink any more vodka for a while, but I also knew that would be hard once I got to Carolina. There was a party planned for the first weekend back, and I had a date.

Charlotte was waiting on the big porch when I drove up. She had a few bags of her own waiting to pack in her car, and I assumed we would leave almost immediately. I wasn't going to wait on Mom if she didn't get there in time.

I laughed as she walked past and ran up the stairs to see Mr. and Mrs. B. They were no longer together, divorced even before my parents, but I knew they still liked each other enough to have a working relationship. I also suspected they were still having sex, which I wanted more than anything for my parents.

"Well look what the cat drug in!"

I kissed her full on the mouth.

"She should be right behind me," I said. "But you know her. She's easily distracted."

"Can I get you anything to eat or drink? Want a Bloody Mary for the road?"

"Must've been quite a party," she said smiling from across the counter.

I heard a car door slam outside, and I heard Charlotte's voice and then my mom's.

"Who me?"

"You guys staying for lunch?" he asked.

"I think we've done enough damage this summer," I said. "I need to save my brain cells."

"I'm going to miss you guys," he said. "This house isn't the same when you guys aren't bouncing off my walls."

"Listen," I said. "I'm sorry about..."

"Let me tell you something, Kennedy," he said, looking around to make sure no one was in ear shot. "I will never forget this summer or that night, and I don't want you to either."

"I won't," I said.

Mom was the bottom of the steps waiting for me. Mrs. B and Charlotte were talking out at the cars, saying their good-byes.

I stopped her.

We looked into each other's eyes for one last time before I headed back to school.

She smiled slightly, rolling her eyes.

Then I stopped her.

"Ken," she said, "you were great last night. I'm going to miss you more than you can possibly know. I love you more than you can possibly know."

"That was no dream," she said. "That was real."

My shorts were off the entire way.

She'd been up early and made breakfast for us, and she was going to follow me up to Charlotte and Mr. B's house. Charlotte and I were headed to Carolina, and Mom and Charlotte's mom were going to hang out in Beaufort for the day.

I'd passed out on the couch between my mom's legs, I do know that, and I really don't remember how I got upstairs, but I'd dreamed my mom was between my legs in my bed. Things are already kind of twisted in our relationship, and that wouldn't be all that surprising, though it would be a first.

I was going to tell her about the dream at the breakfast table, but she was chirping about Charlie Lombard, the assistant golf pro we'd had over last night, so I just let it slide.

My mother is a lesbian, I know that to be true. And while I've been between her legs many times in recent years, I'd never known her to once do the same for me. In a way, I wanted to know the whole truth, but it would have to wait.

I threw a duffle bag into the back seat and blew the horn to let Mom know I was leaving. She came to the porch and blew me a kiss and said she'd see me in a couple hours.

Even though I had showered, I still smelled both of them every time I inhaled. At some point along the road, I slipped out of my shorts and masturbated thinking about everything from Charlie Lombard's beautiful cock to the dream.

And I want it to be real. I want it again.

I decided to go on a five-day vodka fast, laughing at myself as I drove toward Charlotte's in pool of cum. I didn't put my shorts back on until I got to Beaufort. I had two more orgasms before I got there.

"Hey girl," Charlotte yelled as she lugged a bag down the steps. "Go say 'hey' to my parents. And don't fuck my dad."

I always thought about my dad when I was around Mr. B, even the night last week when I drank too much and seduced him after the house party. I walked into the house sheepishly.

It was Mrs. B, my mom's best friend and sometimes lover, a woman who'd helped raise me and more than once saved me from problems I couldn't handle. She was also the woman who first taught Charlotte and me about sex.

"I've missed you guys so much," she said. "When's your mom getting here?"

Mrs. B laughed as she walked back into the kitchen.

I rolled my eyes and told her I was swearing off vodka for a while.

"What I remember about it was indeed," I said.

"The cat's dragging somebody else in," I said.

I didn't know Mr. B was sitting in the sunroom. He walked into the kitchen and kissed me on the forehead.

I said I didn't think so. We wanted to get back to school before dark, and I wanted to get as far away from the beach as possible.

He laughed as he poured Bloody Mary mix into a glass of ice.

Mrs. B had walked out, so I reached out and touched my best friend's father on the arm.

He stopped me in mid-sentence.

I smiled and I kissed him on the mouth, lingering just for a second longer.

Then I ran out to help Charlotte complete our getaway.

"Baby, I want you to have the best year ever," Mom said, hugging me and trying not to cry. "I worry about you, and I pray I haven't messed things up for you. I'm not the world's best role-model, I know that."

"Mom," I said. "I love you no matter what, and you don't have to worry about me. I can handle it."

"Last night," I started. "Last night I had a dream that you were in my room."

"A lot of things happened last night," she said. "I'm sorry..."

"No, Mom," I said. "I had a very good dream. And I don't know how the night ended, and I don't know how I got to bed, and I don't know how I woke up with no clothes on, but I can't get it out my head, and I so want it to be real. I really want to know."

She kissed me on the forehead, and then on my nose and then my lips.

I got in my car and followed Charlotte out of the driveway, both of us beeping our horns and waving at our parents on the porch. And then we drove like bats out of hell back to school.

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