Key to Her Lockbox

"Oh my god!" a female voice said.

"What the... Are you Rajan's cousin?"

The woman sat on the sofa, holding her hand in front of her eyes. Her spreading fingers didn't quite hide the sight of him. Apparently because of the mix-up she'd used a cushion as a pillow and her jacket as a blanket.

"I told Rajan repeatedly I was arriving Tuesday night!" she said with exasperation.

"I'm not a guy," Lakshmi said. "But you definitely are."

Kyle stared blankly at the wall for a moment. It was possible that Rajan had said Thursday, but because of his accent Kyle hadn't heard him right.

"No, Rajan mailed me his key to the lockbox, so all I had to do was open the doors with the key in there."

"Sorry to surprise you," Lakshmi said. "I'm not surprised if Rajan told you the wrong day. He's so absent-minded. Anyway, I decided to sleep on the couch rather than find my way in the dark to my cousin's bedroom."

"Yes, I think you should!" Lakshmi said with a musical laugh. "Get decent, I mean."

Rajan hadn't told him that his cousin was a gorgeous woman. But why would he? Rajan had said it was okay for Lakshmi to stay at his and Kyle's apartment for a few days. She'd arrived from India and had some interviews lined up. It had worked out well, because Rajan had flown to Texas to visit his brother. Lakshmi had been to the US before and spoke almost perfect, though accented, English.

Kyle, trying to be a good host, took Lakshmi to a local Indian restaurant Friday night. She said the food was decent. Then they returned to Kyle's apartment and talked and played video games.

"Huh! What the f..." he began.

A finger was placed over his lips. He could smell a woman's perfume.

"Of course! Who else would it be?"

"Sh," Lakshmi said, and then she replaced her finger with her lips.

He felt her soft hand on his bare chest, and his responses quickened as she slid it down underneath the waistband of his pajamas. Her hand felt cool as it touched his warm, growing cock.

"The Basket" - The man sits with one leg stretched out and the other leg bent at the knee to help him balance. The woman sits on his lap. While she can control most of the movement, he also has some control with his hands on her hips. He is also in the ideal position to kiss and suck her nipples while having sex.

Lakshmi's hand stroked his cock, which was fully hard. She pulled back the sheets gracefully, and then pulled his pajama bottoms down.

Next thing Kyle knew, his rod was enveloped in her silky wet mouth. He moaned, and rolled his head in disbelief. This was a dream, right? Any minute now he'd wake up and find himself alone in his bed.

"Feel me. I'm so wet," she said, slipping his dick from her mouth for a moment.

"I want more!" Lakshmi said, re-arranging herself so her cunt came down on his face.

Kyle thought he was in heaven with her creamy thighs around his head. His licking inflamed her passion, so that she moved faster and more urgently than before. Kyle moaned at the skill she showed in her going down on him.

"I want you inside me-real bad," Lakshmi said as she moved off of him. "Do you want to try a position from the Kama Sutra? I really get off on it, and it'll make you last longer."

"Yeah! How do we do it?"

Kyle followed her instructions.

Lakshmi took her time with this, needing to align her sheath with his pole. In a moment she slid down onto his rod. Kyle felt his cock enter her spongy, wet interior, felt it envelop him.

"It's good, isn't it? Now let me move on top of you. You can hold my hips-and even suck my tits while I move."

Again she ground down, her pussy juice seeping out around the base of his cock. Unable to focus on sucking her nipple, he flicked it with his tongue. Lakshmi wrapped her arms around his shoulders, held on, and ground down hard.

"Put your arms around me and let it fly, baby. It's okay, I'm on the pill," she said. Her voice sounded frantic, she was so turned on.

His white-hot lava spewed into her depths with a fury as he cried out, groaning.

"Aaagh! Oh, yeah! Oh yeah, baby, so good! So good!" she cried in a high-pitched voice.

"Oh, so sad! I wanted you inside me all night," Lakshmi said.

"And my cousin won't be here for a few days," Lakshmi added with a smile. "Well, time to dismount. I couldn't stay in this position all night anyway."

"I'm going to have to do some research into that book," Kyle said.

They were quiet for a moment, enjoying the afterglow of their lovemaking.

"You did! Some of them are still leaking from me. That was quite the load. You must be tired after cumming so much."


"Good morning. How did you sleep?" she asked in her exquisitely soft accented voice.

"Pretty well. I kept waking up though, wanting to climb on top of you again."

"So, I'm curious. What made you come into my bed last night?"

"Huh. Okay."

"Is that a threat or a promise?" Kyle asked.

They made love the next three nights.

"Oh, I didn't? She's something, isn't she? Sometimes I'm sorry she's my cousin," Rajan said.

He never slept with Lakshmi again during her stay at his and Rajan's apartment, but that night he had a moment alone with her in the kitchen.

Lakshmi took his hand and smiled.

"Of course I did! I had a fantastic time. But why?"

Kyle made a short laughing sound as he grinned at her.

"Yeah," Lakshmi said, as if it were obvious. "Besides, it turns out you're a nice guy, with a good sense of humor. I wouldn't have touched you the morning after the first, if you weren't."

"Who says we have only a few days? I told you, my interview went well. If I get the job I'll be moving here, and we can explore more of the Kama Sutra," she said, her dark eyes twinkling.

Lakshmi's musical laughter bubbled through the kitchen like a babbling brook.

Startled, Kyle covered his business with his hands. He had padded naked into the kitchen and to the refrigerator.

"Yes. I guess you're Kyle," the woman said in her lovely Indian accent.

"Yeah, but I thought you weren't coming till Thursday night."

"No, he told me Thursday. And I expected a guy."

Kyle had no idea that Rajan's cousin was a woman. Not only that, she looked like a Bollywood actress. Despite being messy, her hair was long, thick, and shiny. The skin on her pretty face was radiant, and she had a knockout figure.

"Well, you're here. And you found the place okay. Did you have any trouble getting in?" he asked.

"I didn't even hear you come in!"

"No problem. If I'd known you would be here Tuesday I'd have left a light on," he said. "Well, seeing as how you're here, I'd better get decent. I'll shower before breakfast."

He retreated the way he'd come, leaving Lakshmi with a view of his bare butt as he walked away.

Nothing more was said about the awkward introduction. Later that day, Lakshmi rented a car and took care of some business. Thursday she drove around San Bruno to get the feel of the city. She also drove by the company where her interview was.

Later that night, Kyle was startled to find someone climbing into bed with him.

"Sh, it's me, no need to be afraid," said a soft, heavily accented female voice.

"Lakshmi?" Kyle asked.

"But, what..." he began again.

She moved until she lay with the upper part of her body on his. Succumbing to her womanly charms, Kyle relaxed and responded to her kisses. Her lips were full and sweet as she took light pecks at his. As he responded more confidently, so did Lakshmi. Soon her tongue began to explore his mouth, her breath echoing tantalizingly in his ears.

"Mm, nice," Lakshmi moaned into Kyle's mouth.

Kyle reached around her and placed his hand on her back between her shoulders. He shouldn't have felt this comfortable and relaxed in bed with his roommate's cousin. But he did. It wasn't him, it was her. He thought it was because she wasn't of European descent, and therefore had a more relaxed attitude to sex.

"Lovely. Like alabaster in the moonlight," she said, looking down at his package.

Lakshmi pulled her hips and legs around so they were next to his head.

Kyle lifted her kimono. It was longer than a kimono, and made of a silky material. His hand found its way between her legs. A furry thatch of hair greeted his fingers, which slipped easily into her wetness. After fingering her for a few minutes, he moved his hand to her clit. Her fleshy nub became harder as he stroked and rubbed it.

Lakshmi's pussy tasted sweet and pungent, and licking along her folds made her wetter. She resumed sucking his dick. Kyle lapped at her clit, which made her moan loudly around his cock.

"Please. I want to be inside you," he said.

If it weren't for the pussy juice on his face, Kyle would have again thought he was dreaming. Lakshmi took off her kimono.

"It's called 'The Basket,' and you hold me like a basket as I face you. Sit on the bed with your back to the headboard."

"Now stick one leg out, and bend the other knee in. Great, now I'll sit in your lap."

"Oh my god, you feel so good," Kyle moaned.

Lakshmi slid up and down on his cock. Taking a break, she drove him deep and ground down on it while looking into his eyes. Her dark eyes burned with a fire as she did this, looking into his blue eyes. He took one of her dark brown nipples into his mouth and sucked it. Lakshmi moaned, and returned to the sliding afer a few minutes of this. Kyle noticed her pussy had gotten wetter, and he slipped back and forth easily.

"I'm close," Kyle gasped after a minute.

Kyle didn't need any more encouragement. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes, feeling his cum bubble to the surface like lava.He grabbed Lakshmi tighter and pulled her onto him.

Lakshmi shut her eyes tightly, and her mouth opened in a large "O" as she felt the flood fill her cavern.

They sat together in the same position, panting, their chests heaving. Kyle felt a small flood of liquid oozing from her pussy and into his crotch. His dick was shrinking, and then he slipped out of her.

"I wish I could," Kyle replied. "But there's tomorrow morning," he grinned.

She moved from off his lap and stood up. Then she mopped up their combined fluids from her pussy with a corner of the sheet. She lay back down on the bed next to Kyle, who had stretched out onto his back, and faced him. He felt her caress his chest, then place her soft hand on it.

"Oh, the Kama Sutra! Yes, there are a lot of great positions in there, and good ideas. But for some of the positions you have to be real limber and athletic!"

"I lost quite a lot of those little guys," Kyle said dreamily.

"Mm," Kyle said.

Kyle awoke in the morning feeling Lakshmi's naked body spooning his.

"Solidly. I had a wonderful sleep. How about you?" he asked.

Kyle was quiet for a moment, wondering what could have lit this exotic woman's desire for him.

"Hm. How about I tell you when my cousin comes home?" Lakshmi asked.

"Right now, I'm going to climb on top of you and fuck you until you can't even see straight."

"Both," she said with a grin, rolling him over onto his back.

Rajan returned on Wednesday. Kyle kiddingly chided him for not telling him that his cousin was a stunning woman.

Kyle grinned at that.

"Hey, remember you said you'd tell me why you climbed into my bed?" Kyle asked her.

"You didn't have a good time?"

"Because I have an attraction to blond guys-you Vikings and your proud spears," she said, accenting the second syllable in Vikings.

"That's all it was? I guess blonds are rare in India."

"Too bad we had only a few days."

"Oh! Then I'll see who I should talk to in the hiring department there," Kyle said with a smile. "Put a good word in for you."

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