Leaving Normal Pt. 02

_I had originally intended "Leaving Normal" as a stand alone story but a number of people have asked for more. So I got to thinking...

Don't get me wrong, I missed my elder brother but having Mom to myself also had its benefits. Dad was home and, although I loved him and enjoyed the time we had together, there were times when I just wanted him to go. I could see the look in Mom's eyes sometimes and knew that she felt the same. However, we had an agreement. Nothing would ever happen when Dad was home. None of us wanted to upset him. We called them our normal days, when we acted as we had before we had discovered each other.

"I'll get it," I said and walked to the kitchen where the phone was. It was

Intrigued, I followed him to the kitchen where Mom was standing stark naked talking to Dad on the phone. Mikey sidled up behind her and cupped her breasts in his hands and began to fondle them. At first, Mom looked annoyed and tried to wordlessly shoo him away but she never could resist Mikey's touch. She closed her eyes and her head rolled back, her mouth open. Mikey moved his left hand down Mom's body, caressing her stomach until he reached her pussy. He began to finger just outside her vulva until it was wet enough to put his finger in.

Mikey didn't need another invitation. He slipped his erect cock into her pussy and slowly began to thrust into her. Mom responded by wriggling her ass back and forwards, her ear still to the phone. She let out another moan and said into the phone. "No. Honestly. It's just this headache but I think Mikey is going to give me something so I can get some relief." She turned and gave her eldest son a wicked grin. Mom told Dad she had to go and put the phone down.

The day after Mikey went back to College, Dad went off for a few days to the Head Office at Silicon Valley. That night, I was lying in bed with Mom when I asked her if Dad had said anything about that phone call. "He just asked me if my head felt better." she smiled.

Maybe she was right about Dad but the rest of the family? There was one member of the family who I thought might be ready to join us.

She was a year older than me and when you're 6 and your cousin is 5, that year can make a difference but Molly and I had always been close. I always wondered how Molly had ended up being my Aunt's child. Aunt Julia and Uncle Pete were both obsessed with what the neighbors thought about them. Aunt Julia, especially, was critical of anything that disturbed their Walton's like existence but Molly had always had a wild side.

We stayed close as we grew up. One night when she was 15 and I was 14 we had gotten drunk when our parents had gone out to dinner. We got to fooling around. Nothing deep just heavy petting. I was the one who called a halt to it and even though Molly had agreed and laughed off the whole incident, I often wondered how far she would have gone.

WhatsApp. She had sent me a couple of pretty revealing pictures from a couple of Nudist Beaches she'd visited. She Messaged me to say it wasn't fair. She'd shown me hers, now I had to show her mine. The old me would have laughed it off but done nothing. That was the old me.

She replied. "Great looking cock, Stevie. You have grown!!."

Dad was in his Study upstairs so I talked to Mom in the kitchen about

"Yeah," I replied, "it's hard to believe she's really their daughter."

The next day, Dad and I drove out to the airport to pick her up. When she came out of the Gate, she looked amazing. I suppose I still had a mental picture of her as a young teenager but she had blossomed into a real woman. Her hair was raven black and down to her shoulders, she wore dark glasses and a blue baseball cap. She was tall with an incredible body and full breasts. She word t shirt and shorts so I was able to get a good look at her long legs. She saw Dad and me waiting and broke into a huge grin and waved. It was then that I decided that I had to try.

We got home and spent the day together. A normal day. Molly told us all about her travels, the things she did and the people she made. Once or twice, she mentioned getting messages from me and I wondered if she would talk about the nude selfie I had sent but although she came close, and gave me a wicked smile each time, she never mentioned it.

"What." I asked, "What?"


"Not that different," I said, trying to joke my way out of the conversation, "You've seen the picture to prove it."

"You asked for it."

She walked up to me and looked into my eyes. "Definitely ' something's changed. I just can't put my finger on it."

I turned and walked back into the house.

"And what exactly did you mean by the comment."

"I remember you chickened out."

She moved her head back but but left my hands where they were. "Your

"Is downstairs and busy." I said. I took my t shirt off and dropped it to the floor. She did the same and undid her bra, freeing her breasts. I knelt down and sucked first on one and then the other. She gasped with pleasure and then looked down at me.

She moved back and shrugged off the rest of her clothes. I stared at her naked body and felt my cock straining in my pants. Hurriedly, I removed my clothes and led her to my bed. We sat and as I continued to suck on her tits, she began to cradle my cock.

All characters are over 18._

Mikey had gone back to college.

The closest he ever came to finding out was once when he was away at a Computer Seminar in Dallas. It was early evening and all the curtains were closed, allowing Mom, Mikey and me to sit around the Living Room naked. We were watching some TV and I was sitting in the armchair while Mikey was curled up with Mom. Suddenly, the phone went.

Dad asking to talk to Mom. I put the receiver down and went and told Mom who went off to talk to Dad. I sat down again and continued to watch TV when I noticed Mikey urging his cock to stiffen. He stood up and gave me a mischievous grin before walking out of the room.

Mom let out a tiny groan and then said into the telephone. "No, no. I'm ok. Just a headache." She continued to half listen to Dad as he body began to slowly sway as Mikey continued to finger her. Suddenly, she pushed Mikey back with her hips and then bent over, her legs apart. She placed her free hand on the Kitchen table.

Mikey increased the power of his thrusts and it wasn't long before Mom let out a loud grunt as she climaxed followed moments later with Mikey cumming. We all looked at each other and collapsed in hysterical laughter.

I had often wondered if we shouldn't let Dad in on the secret but Mom was dead set against it. "I love your father," she had said, " and I would never do anything to hurt him but, honestly, he just wouldn't understand. I think he'd actually be horrified. I love him but he's never been the most adventurous person I ever met. No. I think it's better if we just keep it to us three and just keep the family out of it."

My cousin Molly.

When we were kids, if I got into trouble it was usually because I had followed Molly into one of her daring schemes. Once, when we were caught in the garden playing "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours" Aunt Julia had gone nearly apoplectic. Although it had been Molly's idea, I took the blame for it saying I had forced her to do it because I knew the sort of trouble she'd be in at home. Molly had told me about her Dad and his belt.

She could have gone to college but she decided to take a year out to travel. She'd worked jobs for years and saved up. She had spent nearly a year travelling in Asia and Europe despite her parents disapproval and now she was heading home. She'd kept in contact with me via

The new me posed naked in front of a mirror and took a Selfie which I sent to her with the Message. "Like what you see?"

Now she was on her way home. She'd asked if she could stay with us for a few days which Mom had readily agreed to. In truth. She didn't really need to break her journey with us but I thought it just put off the moment that she would have to go home.

Molly. Keeping one ear open for any sign that Dad was approaching, Mom thought carefully about what I'd said. "Well," she said, "I suppose you know her better than any of us. Don't get me wrong, I really like Molly but she's always kept her distance from me. Probably because I'm her Mother's sister."

"I don't know" Mom continued, "when you live in such an oppressive house, you either fight back or sink. I'll leave it up to you but I will say one thing. Test the waters first. She may act like a free spirit but you can never tell how people are going to react."

On the way back to the house, Molly sat up front with Dad asking how the family were and how things were going. The usual smalltalk you have with relatives but the whole time she was watching me in the rear view mirror just as I was watching her.

The next morning, Dad was setting off for a few days. He spent much of the time packing and making phone calls so it was late afternoon before we were all standing in the driveway, waving him off. Mom went straight back into the house but Molly and I waited until Dad's car had disappeared from view. I felt her eyes on me and when I turned to look at her, she was staring at me intensely.

She looked at me thoughtfully. "You've changed since I last saw you."

"I don't know. I can't make it out but I know that you're different."

"Yeah, about that." she continued, "You sent me that picture."

"True but I never thought in a million years that you'd actually send it." "Well, it's nice to surprize you for a change."

I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her. "If you're lucky." I smiled, "you'll get the chance to put more than your finger on it."

As I entered the house, I could hear Mom being busy in the Living Room. I went upstairs to my room and turned on my XBox when the door burst open and Molly stood in the doorway, her hands on her hip.

I was enjoying being the one in charge for once. "I think you know what I mean. You remember when you were 15 and I was 14."

She came into the room and closed the door. I went to her and put my arms around her. "In that case, you and I have some unfinished business to take care of." I kissed her , my tongue searching for hers and finding it.


"If we're going to do this" she smiled, "let's do it right."