Library Passion

After spending four years in the military and another eight years working at a dead end job, I decided to go and get my college degree in hopes that would lead me to a better job after I graduated. It was a risk at 35 years of age but I didn't feel I had much to lose.

She will disappear for two or three hours at a time, with nobody knowing where she is. It wasn't always at the same time either. Sometimes it was around noon, while at other times it was in the morning. She was rather secretive as well, not talking to people unless she had to.

I get the feeling sometimes that she's been hurt by someone really bad and that accounts for her standoffish behavior and her desire to keep her private life to herself. I understand that as I've been there myself getting dumped while overseas.

I had to remind her a couple of times that as a former military man, I didn't need constant supervision and was aware of the rules and policies. That seemed to keep her off my back. She seemed to respect my standing up to her and not letting her intimidate me as the younger student employees do.

I would sometimes sneak one of the coeds into the library late in the evening and take her to an out of the way spot and make out. I tried to do it on nights when Ms. Anderson isn't around. She likes to watch people and lately she's been watchdogging me again.

She said she thought she would pay me a visit remembering that I had invited her over. We started talking as we walked around a very deserted section of the library. I steered her toward the back where no one was around. I steered her down an aisle of old books that no one ever looked at.

It was then that I heard something move, like some books or something. I looked out of the corner of my eye and sure enough, some books had been moved just enough for someone to spy on us. I knew that it could only be Ms. Anderson.

She began licking the length of my shaft and swirling her tongue around the head of my cock. There was no way in hell I was going to stop now, even if I wanted to I couldn't, I was too turned on. Kelly, in the meantime, was going to work on my cock, licking it and sucking the head into her mouth.

She must have liked what she saw and was enjoying it because she sure as hell wasn't trying to stop us. I wondered if she was fingering herself as she watched? Kelly got my attention again as started deepthroating me, taking my cock almost the entire length down her throat.

"Why did you stop me, Justin, wasn't I doing it right?'

"Sure, but is it safe, what if someone catches us?"

I turned Kelly so that Ms. Anderson would have a birdseye view of my cock sliding into Kelly's pussy and then me fucking her. Once I had her positioned just where I wanted her, I slid my cock into her pussy and began fucking her.

Once we were finished Kelly kissed me and thanked me, saying she would see me around. As she dressed I pulled my jeans up and walked her to the door. I turned around finding Ms. Anderson standing in front of me, her arms folded looking at me. I looked at her saying,

"Yes, I'm sure you were convinced I wasn't here. Why don't you follow me into my office so we can discuss your future here Justin."

She turned and scowled, "In my office, now!"


"First of all I'm not a dog, so I don't sit. Now, if you've got something to say to me say it, or I'm leaving."

"Nor does it give you the right to sneak up and pull some books aside and spy on us while we have sex, fingering your pussy while you watch!"

"That's right, you thought you were being so damn coy, spying on your employees all the time, lurking around and disappearing for a couple of hours every day almost. Most people don't notice it but I do. It's a habit you know, it comes from my military training. I learned to be aware of my surroundings, sort of a survival thing."

"No, you weren't spying? Well, how come I could hear you breathing? Quite heavily I might add as if you were getting yourself off as you watched."

"Look, let's just forget this whole incident. I don't fault you for anything you did, we all do things at one time or another we're not proud of. I know because I've done my fair share of it myself. I had no girlfriend at the time, no one to care about or care about me, I was by myself and had to learn to deal with it."

"No, I don't want a thing, I'm just saying you and I are a lot alike whether you're willing to admit it or not. I see it in your eyes, we both know what pain is. I ran away from mine and joined the military to hide from it. The one thing I learned though, you still have to deal with it one way or another. Ah, the hell with it, if you want to fire me go ahead, it won't be the first time."

"Justin..wait...don't go. You seem to understand things. You're right, I have been hurt, hurt deeply, so I know you know what I've been through. It's hard when you lose someone to another woman, someone you thought would be with your forever. You're the only one I've told that since it happened two years ago."

"Well, two years is a long time to punish yourself for something that isn't your fault. If he left you for another woman, then he was probably unfaithful, to begin with. With some guys it's in their DNA, it's who they are. You're a good-looking woman, and you have a good heart, stop trying to hide it."

"Tell me about it, you're looking at the king of self-punishment. One day I just decided that it was stupid to make myself and everyone around me miserable because of a memory. The only one getting hurt was me, and that made no sense, no sense at all. After I came to that realization I was able to move on, you can do the same. Now, unless you still want to fire me, I'll see you tomorrow."

After a hug that lingered for several seconds, we stopped and I left. Over the next couple of weeks, Ms. Anderson seemed somewhat happier. It seemed as if she was trying to take my advice and stop punishing herself. I encouraged her by smiling, giving her a knowing nod and a thumbs up.

Then she made her way to a side door next to her office and went inside. Well, I knew that was another little-used entrance to the basement. I waited for the right time and then I did the same thing, going through that door and down into the basement.

I followed the sound, making my way to the back of the basement. As I turned a corner it opened up to what must have been a work area or some sort of open office. What I saw blew my mind. There, sitting on an old couch was Ms. Anderson.

She raised one of her breasts to her mouth where she stuck her tongue out and started flicking her nipple with her tongue and then sucking it into her mouth. She did the same to her other breast, repeating the process several times. Then she stood up and took her blouse off followed by her bra.

She then sat down, spreading her legs wide, her thick, full lips parting showing me her beautiful pussy. She was so aroused from sucking her nipples that her pussy was almost bright red inside. She then started running her fingers through her thick forest of pussy hair as I watched while my cock turned to stone.

Then she pinched her fingers together, pinching her lips together as she began moving her fingers up and down, side to side, pleasuring herself. She tilted her head back letting out a low moan of self-satisfaction. As I watched I unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped then half way.

I watched the expressions of arousal on her face. The more aroused she became, the more her facial expression changed. Then she eased that middle finger into her pussy, working it in and out. After a few seconds, she added a second finger, working them deep inside her pussy.

In the meantime, Ms. Anderson was becoming more and more aroused, lost in her masturbation as she squeezed her breast with her left hand and continued fingering her pussy with the other. She was undulating her hips as she fingered her pussy, while I pounded my cock.

I thought for sure she was going to scream bloody murder but instead, she smiled at me. It was as if she had been waiting for her to come down to her. I smiled at her as I stepped forward and placed my hands on the couch, leaning forward and began kissing her.

She gasped as I sucked her juices from her fingers. Once I had done that, I lowered my head between her legs and took in the heady aroma of her pussy. My head was spinning I loved it so much. I then placed my face in her bush, inhaling her scent again as I wallowed in her thick bush.

To help make ends meet I got a parttime job working at the library. The head librarian is an attractive woman in her early 30's. Her name is Ms. Anderson and I found her easy to work with but she is a little odd at times.

Still, I didn't want to pry, I like keeping out of peoples business if I can. I'm kind of private myself. The other thing I noticed about her is she dresses rather frumpy. It's hard to explain, it's just that she's obviously not into fashion.

Then again I could be full of crap and she's just a little off. I see no reason not to like her though. Still, there were times however she can be a pain in the ass. She's very strict and is a stickler for the rules.

As time went on I became more comfortable being back in school, working trying to become more sociable myself. The coeds seemed to like me and I liked being with women on a semi-regular basis even if they were a lot younger than me.

I didn't appreciate it but it wasn't out of hand as of yet. On one particular Friday night a young college coed, Kelly, I'd had my eyes on came in around 7 that evening. Ms. Anderson had gone for the evening or so I thought so I went over and started talking to Kelly.

Once we were in the back we started making out. Kelly and I were kissing and caressing one another when I pulled up her top exposing her breasts. She made no effort to stop me as I started caressing her tits and toying with her nipples.

I was too into making out with Kelly, so rather than stop or move as I should have, I decided to be defiant. Besides, what gave her the right to spy on us anyway was my attitude. Kelly in the meantime had tugged my zipper down and pulled my cock free and was now on her knees.

I unbuttoned the top of my jeans and unzipped them enough to get my balls free. Kelly wasted no time taking them in her hand and sucking them as well. I looked over out of the corner of my eye again to check on Ms. Andserson. This time I could see her eyes as she stared at us.

Then she started deepthroating me as Ms. Anderson continued to watch us. As I stood there I could hear her breathing as she watched us. Her breathing sounded heavy and labored, like when your masturbating. Kelly took me to the edge when I pulled her up to her feet. She looked at me asking,

"Yes, you were perfect but I want to feel my cock inside your tight pussy. Don't you want that as well?"

"I think it's a little late for that Kelly, besides, I think we're safe enough."

I held onto her hips, sliding my cock in and out of her pussy as Kelly did her best not to make any noise. Over and over I slammed my cock into her pussy, my balls slapping against her sexy little ass. Before long Kelly started cumming, her pussy clamping down on my cock, sending me over the edge as well. I began cumming, pumping her pussy full of my hot load.

"Ms. Anderson, I didn't know you were here, I thought you left hours ago. You sure put in the time."

"Now, isn't it kind of late for that? It's almost closing time."

I followed her into her office where she leaned back against her desk pointing me to a chair saying,

I looked at her saying,

"You have quite the attitude don't you Mr. Briggs. You must think your pretty special being a veteran and all. Well, that doesn't give you the right to come in here and screw coeds here in the library."

Her eyes got big and she looked like she was fit to be tied. I knew I had her saying,

She didn't speak for several seconds, then she denied spying on Kelly and me. I looked at her saying,

Then I grabbed her wrist bringing her had up to my nose and taking a sniff of her fingers. They reeked of pussy juice, proving that she had been fingering herself as she watched. Her whole attitude changed and I could see tears welling up in her eyes as she tried keeping her composure. I realized I had gone too far and I felt bad. I wasn't quite sure was to say so I told her,

"So what, you want sympathy or something?"

As I started to turn and leave, now pissed off at myself and everything, in general, I heard Ms. Anderson say,

I looked at her, feeling more empathy toward her than ever. I wish I hadn't been so damn rude to her, she's had her fair amount of hard lumps. I sighed saying,

"Thank you, Justin, that means a lot and you're right, I should stop punishing myself. It's just really hard to do sometimes."

She smiled and shook her head no and told me she'd see me in the morning and thanked me for the talk. Then for some reason, even I didn't even understand I walked over and put my arms around her giving her a hug. What blew me away was, she hugged me back.

The one afternoon on a Saturday I noticed she told someone she was going to have lunch in her office and not to disturb her. Then I watched as she puttered around until she thought people were busy and not paying attention to her.

The lighting was poor, to say the least, but it wasn't totally dark. I started looking around, trying to find where she had gone. I went up and down some aisle as I made my way around, listening for any sounds. Then I heard what sounded like moaning.

Her blouse was unbuttoned and her breasts were exposed. She has really nice firm breasts with half dollar size aureoles and her nipples were hard. She was caressing her breasts and twisting her nipples with her fingers.

Then she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. I couldn't believe my eyes. She had the most beautiful, hairy bush I'd seen in a long time. Most college coeds either wax or shave their pussies and I don't like it. Ms. Anderson, on the other hand, had a beautiful hairy pussy.

I watched as she curled her fingers, wadding her hair up in her fingers and then tugging it gently. Then she loosened her grip and eased her hand downward, splitting her fingers so they were on either side of her labia.

Then I reached in and freed my rigid cock and balls as I watched her. She started moving her fingertip over her pussy lips, with light feathery touches moaning softly. After satisfying herself with that, she eased her middle finger between her lips and started sliding it up and down between her wet lips.

I was now stroking my cock as I watched her, sitting there and masturbating. My heart was pounding in my chest, I wanted to step out of the shadows and let her see me, stroking my cock as she fingered her pussy but dare I do anything like that?

Suddenly I was so overcome with lust for her that I kicked off my jeans and stepped from the shadow and stood in front of her. Her eyes were closed and she furiously worked her fingers deep in her pussy when she suddenly opened her eyes and saw me.

Our tongues were wrestling in her mouth as she kissed me back, so passionate, so full of lust. Finally, I broke our kiss and knelt down in front of her. I looked at her fingers deep in her pussy and gently pulled them out. Then I raised them to my lips and stuck them in my mouth.

I loved the softness of her hair and the way her wet lips seemed to kiss my cheek. Then I reached up placing my hands on her hips and pulled her forward until her ass was on the edge of the couch.