Life and Time of Lady Vargos Ch. 07

"The New Bitch of Vargos Manor"

Lady Vargos begins to exert his new found powers as Lady of the House. He is able to channel many of his frustrations and anger through being tough and almost insulting to those try to accept him as the Baron's wife. As a result, word spreads and Martin is slowly becoming the Bitch of Vargos Manner.

Martin was surprised to see Missy. He thought she had left after the consummation ceremony. Martin turned to face her.

"That's enough Missy. Is that why you came here, to get a few laughs before you left? Well fun time is over. You can leave now," Martin said pointing at the door.

"I'm sorry honey but damn, I think I'm all in favor of leaving you like this. You look darling in that dress."

Martin glared at her in anger. She was finding it too much amusement in looking at the pseudo woman he was being forced to become.

His own family and these people that never even knew him before had somehow all decided he would be better off as a spouse to another man. The dressing Martin as a woman was by his husbands request and it was publicly, privately and socially enforced all while being accepted as normal.

"This is not funny Missy."

"I'm still a man!"

"You used to be a man with money, power, and you were handsome too," she said then looking up as if she had an after thought, "Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that you have a really impressive big dick. Women like that, and you did have your share of the ladies. Remember sweetie." She looked up at him and a smile broke into a grin. "You had everything a man could have wanted."

"Why what's wrong Martin? You still have all of those things, right? I mean not much has changed really when you think about it. You're still a man and you have money. I think the word pretty is more appropriate now rather than handsome in describing your appearance, except for those curlers, but that's just a technicality right?" she gave him a sheepish grin. "And you do still have that big manly cock hanging under that pretty yellow dress you're wearing. The one I masturbated for you before you got married. Right?" I assume they haven't removed it," she raised an eyebrow looking at him grinning, "yet?"

"It's the clothes mostly I think that has changed. The ladies in your life are long gone though, aren't they sweetheart. You're the lady in the relationship now."

"What's wrong honey? I hear you took the Vow of Chastity with your new hubby. I'm so happy for you. You must have been lying to me when you said you hated all this being a wife thing and you wanted a way out," she said sincerely.

"You secretly like all this don't you Martin. Prancing around in your frilly dresses and high heels, painting your toenails and being accepted. I bet you are really a closet transvestite and the door was forced open."

"Oh so what happened? Just decided having a big dick between your lips was not so bad after all? Am I right?"

"I made it worse?" she said opening her eyes wide as if shocked by his statement and ignoring the money part. "That really hurts. I got you an attorney to try and get this marriage annulled. Honestly Martin, he was working on it when we got news you wanted to take the Vow with your husband. Seems like you have accepted your role in this marriage all of a sudden to me. Any more surprises or old traditions meant for women you plan on participating in? Nothing we can do from the annulment angle anymore I'm afraid."

"Martin, you are standing here in front of me and you are living your life full time dressed as a woman. This man is your lawfully wedded husband and you consummated the marriage by having sex with him. That's the reality of it right now."

"But you did accept his semen into your body. You were seeded by your husband Martin."

"I was there the next morning to console you after you were de-flowered and seeded remember? You were wearing that cute white dress and your Bliss Mask."

"You can't deny it all happened can you Mrs. Vargos?" she said grinning.

"You even participated in the traditional Three Nights of Consummation. Not every wife would do that you know. Most women feel it is an ancient outdated tradition and find it degrading women, but you're not really a woman are you Martin."

"But you are now taking the Vow of Chastity, of your own free will I might add. How can you logically argue that you have not accepted this marriage and your new life as a woman when you asked for this? Besides aren't these the invitations to the Vow Ceremony that you are signing personally requesting people to attend?"

"You have no idea what they did to me at that spa Missy," he spat out his hand reaching down and lightly smoothing the skirt over his groin area as he recalled some of the teaching techniques they used.

"I'm not getting a sex change Missy. That is out of the question. I'm a man and I will stay a man," Martin took a deep breath and then walked over to the desk.

"SHUT UP!" Martin snapped loudly, "I don't want to hear anymore of your shit about sex changes." Martin knew Missy would have something to say but he needed to complete this meeting and get her out of here.

"Ahhhhhh, how sweet," Missy said with a smile as he sat down at the desk. She put a deed down in front of him.

"Martin sweetie, I'll talk to the lawyer again and I will see what I can do for you short of a sex change dear," she said softly and holding his chin with her thumb. "I hear high profile divorces are very popular in the wealthy social scene. Maybe the intrigue of it all will come full circle."

"The reason for my visit sweetheart is I want you to sign over this property to me," Missy said in a business tone now pointing at the address on the deed. "You have no need for this property. Your father and I lived here a short while and you have access to your husbands properties and wealth all over the world now."

"What?" Missy gave a surprised look to his response.

"You have no need of this property Martin. Your father betrayed my trust, making me think he and I were married all those years while all along he was married to some man in another country. He used me like I was a whore."

"You can't imagine how insulting or what an embarrassment to me that was Martin. The public humiliation I suffered being with him and then finding that he preferred men over me. I put my time in as his wife damn it, and I at least deserve some consideration."

"You wouldn't understand Martin. I'm a woman," she said softly trying to cool the situation.

The fact that Missy kept coming to Martin led him to believe he may have been left more assets than he was aware of.

Missy suddenly was a little tense about his sudden change. Acting as Lady of the House in an accepting way took away her ability to use his situation against him in some ways.

"If you wish to see me naked Martin all you have to do is ask sweetie and I'll gladly undress for you now," she said starting to unbutton her blouse.

Martin wasn't interested in seeing Missy naked. He wanted to see her utterly publicly humiliated. It was as if he had let her know that, "Yes I am now the head mistress of this perverse estate and I can't change that, but the perversions will continue on my terms not yours."

"Fine. It's up to you mother. It will give you a chance to show off your fake titties in a formal setting. Let's just hope it's not a bad time of the month for you. Why don't you call here that morning to get further instructions if that's the case."

"Very well. The choice is yours."

"You know Martin, I'm going to resubmit that application that sex change that you requested me do," she threatened as she walked past him having not achieved her goal of getting his signature.

"I'll see if I can't push that along for you."

"My meeting with my mother is finished now," Martin called out the door, "Please show her to the front door and send in my next appointment please."

She pointed her finger at Martin.

"Hmmmm," Martin thought and smiled, "one of the security pricks actually doing my bidding."

With all power he was now consolidating around him, Martin still couldn't change anything to do with his own situation. He had no idea how involved Missy was with the implementing of his feminization or if she was just taking advantage of it to get what she wanted, but he knew she had an agenda here and it wasn't about helping him.

Felix arrived in a very flamboyant outfit to let Martin know how things were progressing with the dress he would be wearing to the Gala, and did he have any questions or request.

Martin still couldn't help but think that this is the type of man that should be in his position instead of him. The state should register these fags like Felix as candidates for arranged same sex marriages. Even if he had to be forced to do it, like Martin was. Like being drafted into a spousal role.

Written by: Rikki

"Thank you so much," Missy said smiling to the frilly dressed maid as she stepped inside the study where Martin was waiting.

"Oh my god Martin." Missy couldn't help but be surprised at Martin's feminine appearance. She stood for a moment by the door covering her mouth respectfully as she continued the giggling.

"You should see yourself. You look like a real woman Martin." She laughed again. Missy had seen Martin feminized before but he seemed different somehow.

Missy walked across the room. She was wearing a white peasant blouse with a pair of knee length blue denim capris. She wore a pair of jeweled flat sandals that made her red toenails the center of attention.

There was no signs of understanding or concern in her voice for the mental anguish Martin was suffering as a man having his masculinity slowly and forcibly stripped away then being remade in a very feminine way.

"Oh hush Martin. Look at you sweetie. You are a woman now," she said admiring his appearance with a smile and then a giggle again.

"Oh yes it is Martin. I'm one of the only people around here that remembers you when you were still a man.

"Oh no you're not, I mean really Martin this is not a man I'm looking at," she said quickly.

"Shut up Missy or I will have you removed now," Martin said folding his arms under his D-cup padded breast.

"Get out of here Missy." Martin was furious with her teasing him about his situation, but she pushed on.

Martin was reluctant to move from where he was standing. He had been informed at the spa he would be closely monitored and Martin didn't know if there were informants or cameras watching him, but he knew if he took steps forward and walked he would have to do it heel toe with a little hip action. It was Lady Vargos' new required walk and he knew Missy would start laughing at him. For all he knew she was the one monitoring him.

She looked at him in with a pouty lip and said in a very childish manner.

"I'm not a transvestite."

"I have my reasons for doing what I'm doing Missy and it's none of your business. You said before you would help me when this all started but you didn't. You made things worse. All you want is my money."

"I have accepted nothing," Martin snarled.

"I was chained to the end of the bed. I did nothing with him. He forced himself on me."

"I didn't accept it Missy and you know that!"

"That's enough Missy." Martin had heard enough and realized he was arguing with her about nothing constructive.

Missy was cunning. She knew how to work Martin up emotionally about his forced womanhood, pointing out how helpless he was even teasing him about it, before becoming more sympathetic and caring again about his plight just before asking for what she really wanted.

"I was forced to do it. I had no choice."

Martin's eyes teared up in anger and frustration. The evidence she was using to argue his acceptance was very misleading and circumstantial at best.

"Martin, I don't care what they did to you at the spa. All I know is what my eyes actually see, and you are giving everyone the impression you are accepting your place with the Baron now. If you still are so adamant about getting out of this marriage, I would suggest a sex change. That may be the only way out now. If you really want out that is."

"Being a woman is not a bad thing Martin. I'm a woman. You are already a woman in essence. You just need to have your penis and balls removed and then with reconstructive surgery and hormone therapy they will form you a pussy like..."

Martin quickly walked to the desk. Placing one foot in front of and even slightly over the other as he walked causing his hips to sway ever so slightly with the motion. He stepped quickly but very gracefully to he desk.

"What is this?"

Martin pulled away from Missy's grip.

"Now the bitch speaks the truth. You're nothing but a deceitful liar Missy." Martin said to her request.

"I will not give you anything. I have given you more than you deserve. You can't help me Missy so I can't help you. You promise a little then take everything your greedy little hands can get." Martin felt a sense of control for the first time.

"That's because you are a whore Missy."

"You suffered public humiliation?" he said looking up at her slowly. "Missy have no idea what public humiliation is. That wasn't humiliation, you were just exposed as the dumb, air headed bimbo, money grabbing slut you really are. You got caught and outplayed at your own little game is all."

Martin sat back in the chair seeing her pleading her case rather than demanding or scheming like before. His mind working from a standpoint of power and control for the first time since arriving here. She needed his cooperation in this to get what she wanted and that was something he controlled. He didn't need that property. He didn't know exactly how much John Hastings aka Dorothy got in the will, but he knew it was probably substantial.

"I tell you what mother dear," he said in a mocking tone. "My Vow Ceremony is in a week and I assume you will be there." He looked upwards in reflection.

"You really want this property Missy? Show up here at the manor naked and have dinner with me and my husband."

"No purse either," Martin continued ignoring what she had just said. "You will carry only those papers you wish to have signed. Oh and you will be wearing a pair of high heels which I will have selected for you. I want you to dine with us that evening and have drinks afterwards. I will then consider signing that deed for you at the end of the evening if you do as I ask," he said now looking at her firmly.

"Don't be ridiculous Martin. Hire some blonde bimbo to play your sexual fantasy games with you. I'm not going to get caught up in all the weirdness that goes on around here," she said looking about with a disgusted look trying desperately to control the moment.

"How dare you ask me to do such a thing you sick bastard. You are just like your father. No, even worse. I will never do any such thing," Missy said picking up the papers from the desk.

Martin stood and then walked gracefully across the room, head held high in a sophisticated manner as if in total acceptance of his feminine lifestyle, and opened the door.

"Yeah, yeah." Martin sighed. "She threatens me again," he thought to himself.

Missy was fuming as Martin didn't react to her threatening statement.

Martin turned and smiled at Missy as a security man stepped in the door to do as Martin asked.

"I swear I'll do it Martin." Missy left without saying another word. Martin closed the door.

Despite what had just transpired, Martin didn't feel any real satisfaction. He had limited powers and he knew it. Though he could make such demands of Missy and enjoy seeing her squirm, he couldn't actually force her to do the things like he was forced to do. He had to rely on her own greed and desire for money to make her do his humiliating request to herself.

The rest of the daily appointments were more to inform Martin about the progress of his own Vow Ceremony and the paintings unavailing, than anything else.

Martin studied Felix for a moment. This man was wearing what to Martin was obviously a woman's black pantsuit, with a pink blouse and a black tie. The shoes he wore were lady's black patent leather flats with open toes revealing the man had red toenails and he was wearing sheer hose of some sort. The man had red fingernails and his black hair was slicked back revealing four pearl studs in each of his earlobes. Felix obviously felt comfortable with his feminine appearance and Martin wondered if Felix used the opportunities of his visits to the manor to be even more outrageous than normal.