Lost Empire 66

0001 - Tempro

0097 - Ace - Zimmel

0101 - Shelby (mother ship)

0200 - Ellen

0403 - Johnathon

0778 - Jan

0805 - Toran

0908 - Tara - Mara

Ungrown - unnumbered

2 - onboard Shelby, in Re-gen

1000 - Sherry

???? - Lena

Lieutenant Colonel Randall Jimison still couldn't believe what was happening. Not only were they going to be delayed more from getting home, now that were saddled with these females. Looking over the readings he still didn't understand what in the hell had happened.

"I was about to ask my A.I. give me a few minutes. Incidentally, let me have the readings you have." Shiloh stated.

Resisting the urge to hold the female close to comfort her, Randall started to pace to take his mind off her. What was going on, was he coming down with something? He'd never felt this way about any female, he damn sure didn't feel like suddenly getting that way either.

"What are you talking about?" Rear Admiral Richard Grant's voice came over the comm.

"That is unfortunate," came the voice of Derrick, his holo-gram behind Shiloh. "I know for a fact that your family wants you home. Do all that you can," Derrick's eyes narrowed as he thought a moment. "Hang on a moment Vice-Admiral." Switching channels Derrick called Johnathon. "We need to take readings on the young female with you. The three that are with our recon, passed out with their life signs bottoming out at almost ten seconds. The thing is, I know for a fact that you were in trans-warp far longer, Mary?"

"After scanning the Tendraxian female, then Miss Hartwell, it is apparent she is the key. Her close proximity to the female, combined with her extended exposure to trans-warp, helped the female to survive. The amount of energy her body contains from trans-warp space, helped to allow the female to travel." Mary started as she was quiet a moment. "I have conducted the same test scans on Captain Callie, plus the Empress."

"They also contain the energy, though nowhere the extent as Miss Hartwell. According to the readings I am getting, they have not been in trans-warp nearly as much as Miss Hartwell. Might I suggest that Admiral Hartwell, along with Miss Hartwell, retrieve the three ships?" Mary suggested.

Shiloh nodded not really understanding what Derrick was talking about. He trusted the commander implicitly, the man always seemed to know what to do. A moment later a rift appeared, not far in front of the three small ships. Johnathon slipped easily out of the rift, stopping in front of the three small ships.

Hartwell turned toward the Tendraxian female as soon as the ships were aboard. "I think it would be good if you are there when all three of the survivors awake."

Hartwell sighed as he explained. "Other females of your people were found. I believe it would help things if you are present when they awake.

It took all Hartwell could do not to growl at her answer. It took even more effort, not to try and correct the female. With a pleading look to his sister he watched the both of them as they made their way to the med bay.

Turning in his chair as soon as they were there, he regarded them for a moment. Looking at first Shiloh, Grant then finally Randall, with a small shake of his head.

Shaking his head again Hartwell gathered his thoughts before he spoke. "I assume that the three of you know he isn't happy. Frankly neither am I, you three are three of the highest ranking people we have. I had assumed that this mission would have been a vacation for you." Here Hartwell turned toward Randall, "YOU, I am the most disappointed in. Son, I know you can read, I know you can follow orders, yet, you did neither when it came to first contact with the Delcrons."

"Idiot! Had you read the full briefing you would have realized that SHE was trying to get you to react the way you did." Hartwell said with a serious look on his face. A look that quickly dissolved into one of slight amusement.

"I tried to tell you, but you were so sure you knew what they were like." Shiloh stated then turned toward Hartwell. "So, it will only be a fleet of forty to fifty thousand."

"That they are sending all three?" Derrick said as soon as his holo-gram appeared. Hartwell's face screwed up into a grimace. "We have to remember that you left after you beat the hell out of her. Also, I had Mary analyze all the video of the altercation. She appears to be someone of importance in the Delcron empire."

"I have a suspicion, though at this point we aren't sure. As I said they will send all three groups of ships. The first to open negotiations. The second group will be the actual beings involved, plus their family. The last I am sure they will have hang back in case nothing comes from the negotiations."

Derrick shook his head, "nothing short of the eradication of the Delcron race. Though I do remember reading that if another female steps up to claim you, then a battle for you will ensue. The victor gets to become your mate."

Derrick could feel for the man, though in this case had the man actually gone in prepared, none of this would be happening. "I am afraid that in this case, in this situation, dealing with these people? You are just that, a piece of meat, that is the prize at the end."

"Given what we have on them, we are working on a solution. Know this though," Derrick said with all seriousness. "You will end up with a wife or two at the end of this."

Giving a sigh Derrick looked at Hartwell, "according to Mary it shouldn't take more than an hour with Lucie. I have asked Mary to monitor all three of them to make certain."

"Onai Sakuta, you should be concentrating on healing more. Your father would be displeased if he knew of this." Dempsy said as Onai suddenly laid still a look of intense concentration on her face. Fifteen minutes later a confused Celeste appeared.

With that Onai flipped up off the bed. A slightly grinning Dempsy was sitting in a chair nearby. "Husband to be, how long have you been released?"

"NO! Husband to be, I lost you once before, that shall not come to pass again. I will accompany you, two masters should be able to aide the Emperor far better than one. Plus, I know that you will not lose me either." Onai stated with a slight smirk on her face.

Unwinding like a coiled spring, Dempsy was on his feet heading for the doorway. Onai was right behind him moving in step with him almost as if they were two of the same person. Stopping a moment Dempsy nodded.

Looking at him with a suspicious look she warned, "do not make me come after you again Husband to be. I was only angered the last time, I do not want to follow you with blood lust. It would not go well for either of us."

0003 - Conner- Thomas

0098 - Lucy

0125 - Lars

0301 - Rodrick

0667 - Marco - Brown

0798 - Celeste - Shelby (human)

0808 - Radella

0250 Tendra

0999 - Zan - still lost

Known and OR numbered

0501 - Thaddeus

"Vice-Admiral Shiloh, you understand what the hell is going on? I mean as soon as we went trans-warp, all their life signs went critical." Jimison asked Shiloh.

Jimison nodded as he initiated the transfer. Sitting back, he made sure that the female was comfortable while he waited. Looking at the petite form of the woman he suddenly felt strange feelings of protection deep within him. Shaking his head, he started to wonder what the hell was going on.

A moment later he heard the Vice-Admiral cursing over the comm. "Well it looks like we're going to have to get back the hard way."

With a sigh Shiloh continued, "it is apparent because of the long term exposure to ripalon energy, trans-warp more than ten seconds can kill them. Damn it! I thought we'd be home by now! It will be another day before they can travel again via trans-warp."

Johnathon nodded as Mary appeared running several scanners over the female. A perplexed look dominated her features. Turning toward Lucie Hartwell, Mary started to run the same scanners over her. Looking unsure Mary brought out a few more scanners, a moment later she nodded.

"You're conclusions?" Derrick asked.

Derrick was nodding as he turned toward Johnathon, "Make it so. I'll let them know you're coming." Switching channels Derrick stated, "Alright, we have solved the mystery. Admiral Hartwell should be there in a moment."

"Alright, I am moving to take you all aboard." Hartwell said a moment later. As they watched an opening appeared on the side of the ship. A moment later, a yellow beam shone on each ship as they all were pulled toward the ship.

The pale female's eyes got large as she stared at Hartwell. "Lord sir?" She asked a look of uncertainty on her face. "Other survivors?"

The female bowed her head to Hartwell, "I will do all that you command, Lord sir. I am after all, yours."

Within minutes all of the unconscious females were in the med bay, all three of the recon team reporting to Hartwell.

"Recon one reporting sir." Shiloh stated for all of them.

"Sir, I thought that in this instance that he was going to kill-" Randall started then was cut off by Hartwell.

Randall narrowed his eyes as he stared at Hartwell. "Wait a minute, what in the hell! A SHE!! Damn it man! She nearly took my head off! I...I..."

A suddenly grim faced Hartwell shook his head. I would suspect-" Hartwell started.

"Someone of importance?" Hartwell said as he stared sideways at Randall. "You're not exactly sure, who?"

Randall swallowed hard as all turned to stare at him. Looking at Derrick, a look of near terror in his eyes Randall asked. "Is there no way out of this?"

Randall's eyes went large as the look of terror seemed to grow larger. "Claim me? What, am I a piece of meat?" Randall almost whispered now starting to look bewildered.

Randall's look of bewilderment was growing more by the second, Both Shiloh and Grant also had a slight look of bewilderment, though they knew the commander had something up his sleeve.

A look of abject horror replaced the bewildered look in a second as Randall started to back away from Derrick and the others.

Looking around, Derrick, then Hartwell, could see that Randall had beat a hasty retreat for now.

On board Celeste, Kimon Dempsy could see that his soon to be bride, was chomping at the bit to get loose. He could sympathize with her, though, she did seem to be greatly distracted. She hadn't been concentrating hard enough or she'd have been out sooner.

"Miss Sakuta," she stated as the bio-bed started to power down. "I am surprised that you are ready to depart the med bay. I release you."

"A few hours." Here he held up a hand to silence Onai. "I know that you wish to complete the joining ceremony. I am afraid that a mission of importance awaits me. Another has taken the place, of the mate of my shame. I must go after them, as well as my student. He has the gift though," here Dempsy smiled. "He is not yet complete. I will return-"

Dempsy looked up into her eyes to gauge how serious she was about what she'd just said. The fierce look of determination, gave him pause. There also was a look that he hadn't seen in quite a long time. An all consuming devoted look of love. His eyes wide a moment, he was surprised that she still felt the same about him.

"We need to prepare for this. The one we are going after must have great skill, though the last was rather pitiful." When Onai nodded with a serious look Dempsy was satisfied. "We will gather what you need from your ship. Then we will gather mine, I will stay with you."