Magic Dress - Yvette Pt. 04

"Well," said Kathy when I got home. "You've nearly done it. You proved yourself as a woman in society, on a date and in the bedroom. And you've been dumped! Now what does Yvette want?"

She finally said that we should go out together as girls, and I should do some more dating. I should persist keeping my bottom in condition, so that I was fuckable at short notice. We would both of course carry condoms. So I spent time with the butt plug and once a week she fucked me with the larger dildo. Whenever we went dancing, my rectum was cleaned and lubed, though we were very hesitant about just picking someone up. Several times we went dancing, made friends with a couple of nice men and offered them handjobs which they generally accepted. This was part of the female experience, said Kathy, and safer than fucking or sucking.

"We're going to pick up someone and they can fuck me without going to the bathroom."

We went back to a couple of places till we found two men we had given handjobs to. Kathy approached them and said "Nice to see you again, boys. Is there anywhere around her a girl could get a fuck?" They said there was actually a corridor leading to the fire exit which was quiet, and we went there.

They took one each and unzipped their trousers. Kathy dropped her knickers. I did not need to, as my rear was uncovered by the suspender double thong. I faced the wall, and bent over, lifting my skirt. Kathy leant back and spread her legs, lifting hers. "Like what you see?" They said they did, and started putting on the condoms. "Oh, just to save disappointment. Yvette's rather flat chested, so the silly tart's padded out. She's got a great arse, though. If you want some real boobs try mine, but don't forget we want to be fucked and quick about it!"

It didn't take long, then they were out and panting with their condoms hanging down full of spunk. "Thanks, lads," said Kathy. "I really needed that."

"Right, Yvette. Let's get back to our husbands before they notice we're gone," Kathy said with a smile as she picked up her knickers. We pulled down our skirts, made a quick exit, and went home.

"Risky but exciting. I could never have managed anything like that. Thanks so much."

I was now confident enough to go out in the town on my own, and often wore the original dress which remained my favourite. One day I was recognised. "Oh, hello," said a voice I vaguely remembered. "Is that Maurice?" I was shocked and looked around to see a woman I did not know. I realised with a shock it was my old boss, a man. "Well, well," he/she said. "This is a turn-up for the books. Why don't you come and have a coffee, if you've got five minutes? By the way, nice dress."

I said I was Maurice at work but Yvette when relaxing.

I said I would be delighted and I was sure Kathy would be interested to meet his wife. I asked if I should come as Maurice or Yvette.

So that Saturday, Yvette and Kathy met Angela and Iris. Four ladies together, for a pleasant lunch. I was of course wearing what we had begun to think of as the lucky dress.

Then Kathy and Iris went off to share information about their husbands, and Yvette and Angela discussed a job for Maurice. And I was offered the job.

I now understood and it was quite simple. I could never be a biological woman. I would not have periods nor experience the amazing female orgasm. What I really liked was actually the socially constructed parts: the dresses and the way of acting. In that sense, I think I can very nearly be a proper woman. Of course, it was obvious in hindsight, but I would not have missed the journey which Kathy had taken me on. I understood so much more about women and the way they lived, and about sex and about myself. It is impossible to express how much I love and admire Kathy. I think and hope I am a better person.

At last Yvette knew what Angela had discovered: that she was enough of a woman, but did not have to prove it. I enjoyed dresses and relaxing like many other woman. I knew I could date men and make love with them like a woman, but now I was married I did not need nor want to. I was more considerate and was happy to be more like a woman in my dealings with the world than Maurice used to be. Maurice and Yvette were now less separate in my life, but just different moods.

Looking back we realised how very lucky that dress had been on so many occasions. It had started me on a new and satisfying way of life as a happily married cross-dressing husband, and had rescued me from a wrong turn. It was also lucky Kathy had bought it, because my first wife Jean would never have understood. I still don't know why I put it on in the first place, but I'm glad I did. Perhaps it had some special magic.

I said I wasn't sure, but I was hurt and I wanted the original dress. I got the original bra and panties and put on the dress, sat down and felt calmer. We had some tea and talked.

One day she said, "Don't wear the gaff, but wear that dress, the one you like, and the suspender thong that keeps your bumhole clear." I got the idea.

"Nearly," she said. "We're going to pick up two guys and we're both getting fucked. Get your bottom cleaned and lubed."

"Listen, boys," she continued. "This is no joke, we just want cock. The only thing is that Yvette here is on her period, but she loves it up the arse, if one of you fancies that. I don't like it myself, but my cunt is desperate. Any good to you?" They looked at each other, and then one turned to me and the other to her. She quickly got two condoms out of her handbag and added "Rubber or nothing."

I felt a hand caressing my buttocks, then they were parted and I was being filled. Looking sideways, Kathy was in the position they call a knee-trembler with her man enjoying her chest while pounding in. I was being held by my hips as he slammed it in, grunting words of appreciation. It felt rather nice to be used in this way. I made some "Ooh! Ah!" noises myself to express appreciation, then "God! Yes!" as he pumped and pulsed inside me and swore. I felt that tender feeling again at a man's simple lust.

"Me too," I added in a breathless little girl voice.

"There's another experience for you," said Kathy. "Risky but exciting. We'd better not go there again. What did you think, Yvette?"

Simon found me a few more men to date: straight, but willing to take someone like me. A date now meant meeting in a social situation and a fuck afterwards if I agreed. One seemed OK on the date itself, but in the bedroom called me a pervert bitch as he fucked me, which was very unpleasant. I was afraid he would beat me, though he did not really, just a couple of slaps. Another was quite pleasant, though a bit dull, started eagerly but came in two minutes and offered me money to piss on him, which I declined. The best date I had was when I was wearing the original dress. He treated me very well and was quite witty. He was considerate in the bedroom and fucked me twice, for quite a long time the second one. Then he said it would have to be a one-off, because he was married. They were all part of women's experience, said Kathy.

As he/she sat down, he/she said "I never knew you were into this. Fancy that! We were sorry to hear about your divorce, but you really went off the rails: that's why we had to let you go. Are you all right now?" It was a perfectly calm conversation between two women, former work colleagues, who just happened to be men. I said I was, and was intending to get married to Kathy. "That's wonderful!" he/she said "A wife who knows how you like to relax is a great find. Oh by the way, are you still Maurice?"

"Nice to meet you, Yvette. I'm Angela. Now it's very lucky me running into you, because we have a position similar to your old one soon coming available. If you've got a better one, fine, but if not I'd be glad to have you back. As Maurice or Yvette, whichever you prefer. Is there any chance you and your fiancée could come to my house on Saturday to meet my wife and discuss the possibility?"

"Dress optional," she said. (Now it was Angela, I thought 'she'.) "As it is the weekend, I prefer a dress, though I don't usually if visitors are coming. Actually, let's say Yvette, though it's probably better if we think about a job for Maurice."

"Nice dress," said Iris. "We've got one just like it. It was actually Angela's first dress."

We found out that they had been through a similar process of being uncertain what Angela actually wanted, and had tried various options, with one or two near disasters. As we got to know them better, it became clear that I had gone much further and they admired my pluck and Kathy's support.

Maurice and Kathy got married, and Simon was Best Man. Maurice was welcomed back by workmates and enjoyed his job. Kathy and Yvette went out together, and we occasionally made a foursome with Angela and Iris, and they have introduced us to another similar couple.

The dildos and butt plugs were no longer needed, but Maurice and Kathy enjoyed an invigorated sex life together. However, it was Yvette who relieved Kathy's period pains and loved her orally at other times. She's better than Maurice at that. I suspect that Yvette might like to give the occasional handjob and be fucked again someday, but only when sharing with Kathy.

That was the end of the story, or so I thought.

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