Mary Jo's Surprise

Mary Jo was an attractive woman in her mid twenties. She had curly dark-brown hair that reached her shoulders. Pretty blue eyes that were accented by thin-round framed glasses that perched atop her small perky nose. She was slender, weighing 120 pounds, which made her size 32-C tits look larger on her small frame.

The only downside to Mary Jo was her attitude. While she continued to rely on her attractiveness to help her get ahead. She also developed a new reputation as a stern task-master. And to those who worked in service oriented fields that she had to dealt with she was simply known as a bitch. One such place was a shipping center that Mary Jo's company used. It had become her task to frequently take packages across the street to be shipped out. Something that she resented doing. The Shipping Center was a blue-collar shop filled with uneducated men whom Mary Jo didn't desire to be around. She knew that they found her attractive, and while that would normally please her in other circumstances, she found it detestable because there was no benefit in it for her. She would receive the same service no matter what. So in return Mary Jo spoke down her nose to the employees she had to deal with. At times she would be downright rude and insulting. And if a package didn't arrive on time she would raise hell until her ego was satisfied.

"What a bitch." Eddie commented.

Eddie went on to explain that he had been upstate visiting his sister and her boyfriend over the weekend. It turns out that they both had gone to the same college. His sister's boyfriend had been something of a voyeur in college and had secretly taped several of the women he had had sex with. He went through the tapes with Eddie while drinking and Eddie discovered that his future brother-in-law had been the lucky recipient of one of Mary Jo's famous blowjobs. He had hidden a camcorder in the room and got tape of her sucking him off and taking a full blast in the face before allowing him to go down on her until she came with a screaming orgasm. Then she sucked him off one more time. Eddie compelled him to dupe a copy for him and had brought it back home. He had originally planned to show it to everyone at work. But now he thought that perhaps they could make copies and drop them off across the street at Mary Jo's office for her co-workers to enjoy. But Marvin had a better idea. It was much more risky, but if it worked out then the results would be worth it.

When she arrived Marvin unlocked the door and let her in, locking it behind her. He led her into the warehouse receiving area where Mary Jo saw Eddie working over a TV and VCR. Ignoring him she began lambasting Marvin for his idiocy. She was taken aback by his continuous smile, which irritated her all the more. Then she picked up the sound coming from the TV. At first glance she realized that Eddie was watching a porno tape. That was the last straw for Mary Jo. To have these derelicts watching porno in her presence was something that she was going to go directly to the owner of the company about. She was just about to tell them so when she took a second look and realized that it was her face on the screen-with her lips wrapped around a hard cock!

"Nice isn't it?" Marvin asked.

Mary Jo looked on in horror at the graphic scene of her sucking off one of her college dates. She blushed in shame as the scene unfolded to her taking his load of cum in her face. But reddened even worse when it changed to her getting her pussy licked. She was humiliated as the two men watched her crying out with joy as she had gotten off.

"What do you intend to do with that?" She asked.

Mary Jo was stunned. The owners of her company demanded very strict moral character from their employees. Should this tape get out her job would be over. And what would her husband think of it. He knew that she wasn't a virgin when they met. But to appease him she had claimed that he was the first and only man she had ever performed orally for. This would either make him realize she was lying and reveal her past reputation. Or else make him believe she was cheating on him.

"Well, that sounds a lot better." Marvin said.

Mary Jo misunderstood the request. "How much do you want. I'll buy it from you and I promise to be nicer to you."

Mary Jo was starting to understand. "You can't be serious?"

Mary Jo tried to reason with them but there was no changing their minds. She couldn't flee because Marvin still held her arms. Finally she caved. "If you promise to give me that tape and never say anything about it I'll give you both a blow job."

"Who first?" She asked.

She looked to Eddie in disgust. Where Marvin was at least attractive Eddie was not. He was overweight and had shaggy hair and looked generally unclean. Mary Jo saw that he was totally undressed. His dick wasn't as big as Marvin's but he was stiff and waiting for her to service him. Marvin stepped aside and let Eddie take his place. Mary Jo opened her mouth and accepted his organ inside her. She was surprised when Eddie grabbed the sides of her head and thrust his cock into the back of her throat. She tried sucking him but Eddie held tight and fucked her face more than she sucked. She almost gagged as his cock-head repeatedly banged past her uvula into her throat without control. She could feel hands squeezing her breast and knew that it must be Marvin behind her. But all she cared about was finishing off this cock in her mouth and getting the tape and leaving. She felt relief when Eddie groaned and blasted his man-seed into her mouth. While not as much as Marvin's, Eddie's was unloading straight into her throat. It was all Mary Jo could do to keep from gagging as he finished cumming in her mouth.

She panicked when she heard him tell Eddie to "Hold her." She tried to struggle but Eddie grabbed her shoulders and held her down while Marvin climbed behind her. She felt his cock press against her pussy. "Please, no! Don't fuck me!" She begged. But it was too late. Marvin's cock slammed into her wet pussy.

Mary Jo felt ashamed of herself at his discovery. She tried in vain to escape the cock that was impaling her to no avail. Marvin began pounding his cock into her pussy enjoying his moment of triumph over her. He held her hips and banged away. Mary Jo struggled a few moments more. Then her pussy took control of her rational. Without realizing it she began fucking back. The cock inside her was meeting a basic need of her desire. It wasn't until she heard Marvin say, "Damn, Eddie. She's digging it." That she realized what was happening. She tried to force herself to stop but couldn't. Her body needed release and as much as she hated it she couldn't stop herself from fucking the cock in her pussy. Soon she was moaning with delight. Then her orgasm rocked her. She screamed with glee as wave after wave of pleasure washed throughout her body.

"Your turn." he told Eddie.

When Eddie finished he got off her and began dressing. Mary Jo lay still watching the two men. She had been raped but had enjoyed it. She wondered what they were planning next. "You can go now. But don't even think about calling the police. Or else this tape will go to everyone." Mary Jo wasn't about to go to the police. She wasn't going to tell anyone about what had happened here today. The one thing she knew was that for now on would treat these men better than before.

She worked for a software company that she joined shortly after marrying her husband a year earlier. The two had dated for two-years prior to the wedding. Prior to that she had attended college, where she had developed a reputation for being loose. It's not that Mary Jo slept with a lot of men. In truth she had "gone all the way" with six from the time she lost her virginity it her senior year of high school until she had graduated college and met her future husband. But Mary Jo dated many men. And was more than willing to satisfy them orally. If she remembered correctly she must have sucked off twenty or so men during college. And she was more than willing to allow them to go down on her as well. But she settled down after graduating and moving back home. She was now starting a new life as a business professional, and as the perfect wife. So she couldn't afford to have her career marred by her youthful indiscretions.

Tuesday she had done just that. She belittled and insulted Marvin, the Shipping Supervisor, for a delay in an earlier shipment. Marvin had wanted to lash out at her but was afraid of losing his job should he be so bold. Instead he apologized and cursed her behind her back. As she left another employee named Eddie approached.

"Today is one of her better days." Marvin replied. "I'd like to find a way to put her in her place." With that Eddie smiled. "I have just the way to do it."

Later, after the shop was closed Marvin called Mary Jo's number to tell her that there had been a problem with her shipment that morning. After patiently listening to her tirade of insults and demands he calmly told her that he needed her to come across the street after she got off work so that he could have her sign the necessary forms to resolve the matter. Mary Jo agreed. But waited until everyone else had left work before deciding to stroll over. She knew that she was making Marvin stay later than necessary but felt satisfaction in doing so. In truth she was setting herself up even worse.

"Where the fuck did you get that?" She said gasping.

Mary Jo was suddenly speechless. She turned to flee but Marvin grabbed her arms. "No so fast now. You want to watch the whole thing don't you?"

Eddie turned the tape off. "There's more where that comes from." Be bluffed.

Marvin answered, "Why make copies and deliver it to everyone you work with. Maybe even put it on the internet."

"Oh God, please don't do that." Mary Jo begged.

"What would you do for this tape?" Eddie asked.

"We don't want your money, Bitch." Marvin replied. "But we do want you to be nice."

"Oh we're serious alright."

Both Marvin and Eddie agreed. But the insisted that Mary Jo strip for them. Reluctantly she began disrobing. First she pulled off her shirt then her slacks. They made her stand there in her sexy red-lace bra and panties before telling her to remove them. When she removed her bra both men moaned with delight at the sight of her perky C-cup breast. Then they were both silenced when she slipped off her panties to reveal her clean-shaven pussy.

Marvin had his pants off almost immediately. His thick 8-inch shaft jutting out in anticipation. Mary Jo hesitantly got on her knees before him and took him into her mouth. She sucked on his meaty cock; the first one other than her husband's in over two years. As she sucked her felt her pussy tingling and growing wet. She tried to deny her feelings but it was almost impossible for her to suck a dick without becoming aroused. She hoped that neither man noticed. She continued sliding her lips and tongue back and forth along his shaft, feeling him throb with excitement. His ass cheeks clenched and his legs stiffened, letting Mary Jo know that the moment of release had arrived. She felt the first blast of his warm, salty cum strike the back of her throat. Followed by more and more. She couldn't believe the load that he was spewing into her. Marvin held her head tight forcing her to swallow every last drop. Finally he relaxed and pulled out of her mouth.

When he pulled out of her mouth Mary Jo started to get up but was shoved forward by Marvin. "We ain't through with you yet, bitchm" he said.

"Shit, man. She's wet as hell." Marvin exclaimed.

Then she felt Marvin's pace quicken. "Do-don't cum in me!" she called out. But it was too late. Marvin's cock exploded in her pussy. She went rigid as the reality of what was happening hit her. She was being raped and her pussy filled with another man's semen. Marvin pumped the last of his load into her then pulled out.

Mary Jo jumped. "Absolutely not!" She yelled. She was not about to let that disgusting asshole fuck her too. But as she tried to struggle free the two men tossed her over onto her back. Before she could do anything Eddie was atop her. His cock already entering her sopping pussy. She felt total disgust as Eddie began thrusting in and out of her pussy with no care for her feelings at all. Then she felt it happening again. Eddie's shaft was rubbing her clit with each motion. Mary Jo bit her lip trying to hold back but there was no use in resisting. He pussy unleashed yet another orgasm. Tears welled in her eyes as she cried out her passion. She hated the smug look of satisfaction she saw on Eddie's face. Then she saw his forehead wrinkle. "Oh God noooo!" She cried out as she felt his cock swell inside her. He bucked and thrust deeper. She felt his cum spurting inside her. And then she had a third orgasm. This one stronger than the other two. She clasped her arms around Eddie and cried out as the two bodies climaxed together.

They had the goods on her and she knew it. But she also knew that perhaps she might take advantage of the situation for her own good as well. Hell, she just might wait until after closing to bring all her packages to be delivered. Mary Jo loved her husband but he only had time to screw around with her on weekends. Now she might have an indiscreet way to satisfy her fantasies throughout the week.

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