Night time again and here I was alone once more and bored out of my mind. I was a teacher at a local school and because of that unless I drove out of town, my options of trouble to get into were severely limited. This was how I found myself going to places on the internet that I had never found before looking for some way to blow off a bit of steam. I settled back then and set to work as my wife and children slept getting more and more excited as I went deeper.

The next few days of the week seemed to drag on after that as my excitement for the party built and it was because of this that I never once noticed anything was going on, but the whispering seemed to be constant around me by a few of my daughter's friends. I just chalked it up to them being worked up over the coming end of the school year and the odd crush that some of them had on me.

Once home from work on Friday I made myself a drink as I had the house to myself that night, my daughter was at a friend's house and my wife had been scheduled to work a heavy load leaving me all alone. I fixed myself up and then grabbed the wolf mask I had bought and left a little later than planned and by the time I had gotten there the party was already in full swing, in fact you could smell the booze and smoke before the doors even opened. Smirking I went in and found a den of lust and booze and couldn't help but lick my lips as I made my way inside.

"Well now Mr. Wolf, you aren't used to being hunted, are you?" She giggled as she squeezed my lengthening rod and then nipped my neck with her teeth.

She surprised me even more when she pressed her body into mine moaning as I man-handled her slight frame my hands freely roaming her body cupping her ass and breasts. "Mmm, I knew you couldn't be the average boy that comes to these." She whispered into my ear as she pushed a hand into my pants her slender fingers tickling my shaft.

She wrapped both legs around me then and began to ride me as I gripped her firm ass in my hands and I turned leaning against the wall for support when I saw the two other girls and I groaned in surprise and pleasure driven harder by being watched. Not wanting to disappoint I spanked the bunny's ass as I leaned my head down nipping and kissing along her chest. As we played the cat girl slinked closer running her hands over both of our bodies edging ever closer to where we were joined. As she gripped my balls in one hand, I jerked in surprise her touch pushing me over the edge as I began to pump thick ropes of cum deep into the girl riding my cock.

I swallowed and went in listening as they talked about the crazy party that they had found last night and giggling as they whispered to each other. I couldn't help but to try and listen as I fixed breakfast for myself and them as well my thoughts drawn back to the masks on the table a bunny, a cat, and a bird.

Finally, I found something of interest, sure it would not sound too great unless you knew the reputation. It was a moving party that in general only the older high school and younger college students went to trying to escape their parent's control and explore new things all while being too young to buy their own booze. Was I too old to be going? Of course, I was, but then I was in decent shape and it was a masked party this time to celebrate spring and so no one would ever be the wiser that I was crashing their fun. Smiling to myself I saved the date and address and then settled back in my chair and stripped off my pants planning to enjoy a little bit of late-night personal fun before going to bed.

I wish I could say I didn't enjoy the attention the some of the girls gave me, sometimes I even enjoyed the teasing shows that some of the bolder girls would give me as they sat in short skirts letting me see underneath as they sat with spread legs. Honestly, if these girls didn't talk like they did I might have tried to see just how far that teasing would go.

As I looked around it wasn't long before a girl wearing bunny ears and a eye mask came up to me from behind her hands boldly running across my package.

I grinned and spun around and pressed my lips to hers as my hand grabbed her by the hair and the other gripping her waist. "All the better when the bunnies come to me."

I chuckled and pushed her to a wall my hand mimicking her movements as I cupped her pussy under her short skirt and the least bit surprised to find her bare of panties and silky smooth to the touch. Taking advantage of the situation I stroked her bare slit with my fingers before plunging two deep into her core as the music droned on around us. As I did, she wound a leg around me pulling us both close together as her little hands worked my pants open. Growling, I leaned my head down and bite her neck as I ground my body into her my bare shaft gliding easily along her mound as our clothes bunched between us. As I moved, she matched me lust burning in her eyes as she rocked her hips trapping the tip of my cock between her legs as I thrust forward splitting her damp lips open as my cock sank into her warmth. Pressing a hand over her mouth as I bit her neck, I began to pump my cock into her pussy lost in the feeling of her body wrapped around mine. As we fucked, she tossed her head back in ecstasy her eyes drinking in the scene I was missing as several people had stopped to watch our show we were putting on in the middle of the party. It was there two people stood filming us, one wearing a cat mask and the other a colorful bird.

Giggling the bunny girl climbed down off of me and gave me a peck on the cheek before all three disappeared into the crowd. Shaking my head, I tucked myself away and slipped out of the party bemused and riding high on pleasure and went home for bed. I woke-up early the next day to excited girl voices drifting into my bedroom. Grumbling a little I grabbed a robe and pulled it on to go and see what the commotion was about. As I entered the dining room my sweet daughter was sitting there with two of her friends and resting on the table were three masks...

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