All characters in this story are 18+.

Part 1: Surprising reveal

He stood up and walked tired to the coffee machine, "I need more coffee," he thought.

"Simon!", someone yelled out and Simon knew exactly who that was, "Simon! I need to talk to you," Sonja yell again.

"That vacation request you send in, is it really necessary for you to get vacation there?" she asked looking down at him, she was only a little taller than him but wore very high heeled shoes, so she seemed much taller.

"Yes, but we have so many on vacation there, and also your request was sent in too late, so I have rejected it," she said with a smirk on her face.

He turned around without saying a word and walked towards the coffee machine, the only thought in his head was, "If Sonja, just dropped that skirt, I would give her such a spanking."

Right on the spot where he left Sonja, she still stood but now with her skirt on the floor.

The girls from the HR office was just standing around laughing and Simon couldn't help raising a smile either, but in the back of his head a thought started to form, "what a weird coincident.''

"What the fuck..." Sonja said as she looked down and saw her skirt on the ground, she quickly pulled it up and stormed out of the room, while the laughing continued in the background.

Part 2: A Nice view

He was out getting some air, just walking around the park until he found a free bench where he could sit down and rest. He liked the park, always full of people and especially women, walking, running, sitting around on a nice day like this.

So today he was more at ease with everything, more relaxed, but that would only be short-lived.

Simon tried not to stare but it was very hard not to, this woman was just perfect in every way, and as he was looking at this dream girl, all he could think was how much he wanted to just get a glimpse of her pussy.

After some time, she closed her legs again and at no time did had she looked up from the magazine she was reading, he needed to hurry along before she would notice him sitting there staring, this was crazy, had she just deliberately showing off herself to him because he had thought it, that was the question in his mind at that moment, then that would have been the second time a thought in his mind, had manifested itself in the real world.

Simon was sure after the two incidents he had been involved in, that he was the cause of them, it was something he had done, but what and how he had to find out more.

The next few days he was trying to figure out what the experiment should be, it should be something small and relatively risk-free.

In the park was lots of pretty young women and he zoomed in on a pretty young woman playing with a Golden Retriever. He found a place nearby where he could observe and stand without being noticed, he concentrated on the woman and her dog, and in his head started thinking only one thought, "You are getting horny," he closed his eyes and repeated it to himself, "you are getting incredibly horny."

Simon could see the woman getting angry with the dog and he just thought, "and they say dogs are so clever," he couldn't help raise a smile at the scene, because it may not have worked out exactly as planned, but it did prove that he was on his way to controlling his ability.

Simon had now tried his trick out a few more times, with smaller tests and had gained more knowledge on how to control his ability, there had been a few funny episodes just in the last week, but now he was ready to try something bigger.

He walked down to the back of the bus, he would have a better view from there and he needed to have a good view to find the right person, it was early on the route and not a lot of people was on the bus yet. At the next stop a woman walked in, he could see it right away, she was the right one, she went to sit at an empty seat in the middle of the bus, in total there were only around 6 people on the bus, so it was just perfect.

He kept focusing his mind on her and also listening for any signs that it was working and then he heard it, not very noticeable but it was there a clear change in her breathing it was getting heavier.

He watched her for a moment touching herself. He also wanted to see how she reacted in her face, but he couldn't see it from where he was sitting. He was amazed at how good this was going, so he got more daring, "put your hand inside your underwear and insert a finger inside yourself," he thought and focused his mind totally on the girl, and it was not long before she did exactly that. She pushed her hand down the front of her skirt and inside her underwear.

Simon stopped by her seat and quickly understood, she wouldn't notice anything around her, he looked at her sitting there with her hand down the front of her skirt and breathing heavy, he couldn't stop staring at her and suddenly felt the mental connection disappear, he had shifted his focus to long and she was gaining control of herself, he had to think fast now, he was standing in a bus staring a woman that was almost pleasuring herself, he quickly put a hand on her shoulder and shook it.

Simon sat at his desk, it was one of those days that felt like a Friday, and not in the good, soon to be weekend, kind of way, but in the, I feel like I have already been here for 5 days and it is only Tuesday morning, kind of way.

On the way to the coffee machine Simon had to go past the HR department and all the pretty girls in there, but of cause also the queen bitch herself, Sonja, no one of the girls in HR liked Sonja, but she survived by belittling the male staff in front of all the other girls and one of her primary targets was...

"Yes, Sonja?" he said in a low voice.

"Yes, I have already planned something there," Simon said trying to sound like he had the situation under control.

He really hated Sonja, and now even more than ever, he had really needed that vacation to get some air instead of being locked away in this dark and dusty office.

Suddenly from behind him, there was a roar of laughter, he turned around quickly and what he saw didn't make sense.

He looked at her, standing there in only her shirt and panties, he noticed her far away look, she almost seemed like she wasn't there.

Sonja's eyes suddenly changed it almost looked like she had come out of a trance.

Simon just stood there, his head full of thoughts, "Was that really a coincident," he walked on to the coffee machine, with the HR girls still slapping their thighs in laughter.

Simon was at home, he had turned in sick both because he didn't want to meet Sonja after that day, but also because the episode with her skirt had been nagging him since it happened, he needed to find out what was going on, the first day he was convinced it was just a coincident, but then something that happened the next day that made him doubt it.

He had finally set his mind straight about yesterdays incident with Sonja and her skirt, he had gone through it again and again in his mind and had come to the conclusion that it had to have been coincident, what else could it have been.

As Simon sat on the bench he looked over at the bench on the other side of the path, there was a gorgeous woman sitting there, she was the kind of woman that he would never be able to score or even talk to, but his wet dreams were full of. The woman had long chestnut hair that was wavy in that sexy way he just loved, she was wearing a white shirt with a few of the top buttons undone, her breasts were not big but just perfect and to end it all a short black skirt and high heels.

Suddenly she moved about on the bench and he couldn't believe it, she was not wearing any panties and left her legs open for such a long time that it actually looked like she wanted him to have a good look. This was unreal he needed to pinch himself to make sure he didn't imagine or dream this, but no it did happen, he was right there across from her and she was spreading her legs so he could see her wonderful little pink jewel.

Part 3: Learning

He searched the internet for information and quickly found some articles about strange happenings where a person had imagined something that happened, he read them all, he quickly found more articles about the psychic and the next few days he read anything he found about psychic abilities and soon found that he was ready to do an experiment.

He once again was in the park on Saturday, walking around trying to find a good test subject for his first experiment, there were lots of people in the park that day, he didn't know exactly what he wanted to do yet, but this was still on an experimental level so he would make it up as he went along.

When he opened his eyes and looked at the young women, what he saw was not exactly what he had planned, the dog was running around the woman trying to hump her leg and jumping on her back, Simon quickly removed the thought from his and like magic the dog went back as he was before.

Part 4: More control

He had been thinking about what he should try to do for a few days, and was now at the bus stop and knew what he wanted to try, as the bus came rolling up he started to smile, this time it would work.

The woman was dressed in a short skirt, a thin shirt and under it a white top, she was a good looking woman, but it was mostly her clothes that were perfect for Simon, loose clothes that could easily be pushed aside. Simon started concentrating his mind on the woman, thinking, "you are getting horn," while focusing his mind, he got up and moved a couple of seats closer and was now only 2 seats behind her, he could hear and see everything she did, he wanted to make sure that he didn't miss anything if this worked.

"You are so horny, you need to touch yourself," he thought as he focused his mind, even more still listening for any change, and then she moved her hand, he almost couldn't believe it, she started touching her own breast, he could hear her breathing getting very heavy, no question about it this girl was getting very horny. He quickly took a glance around to see if anyone had noticed anything, but the few passengers in the bus didn't seem to have noticed anything, he was nervous that if he looked around too much he would break the connection, so he went back to full focus on the girl.

Simon had to find out more about how this affected this woman, so without breaking the mental connection he slowly walked past her and noticed her face, her mouth was slightly open and he could hear her heavy breathing and every part of her face looked like she really enjoyed herself, but her eyes were wide open and totally blank like she wasn't there.