Apocalypse Slaves Pt. 12

Part 12 - Katie

Author's Notes:

Katie Thornton

Pearl from the now defunct blog of "Hurting Pearl".


It was morning on the day after Katie's eighteenth birthday and she already knew what her future entailed. Having failed the standardized aptitude testing two years ago, she was regulated into the labor caste of the Des Moines Hab City. Only the best and the brightest went on to have prominent jobs for the betterment of society. Everyone else was put into menial tasks and went up for the Exile Lottery. Unless, of course, a member of the family did something that she was about to do. Over the course of the last two years, she allowed herself to be augmented for beauty so that when she came out of puberty and came of age, she was the curvy, voluptuous, beautiful blonde that she was today. She had long, slender legs, an hourglass figure, and full, round Double D breasts.

The surviving members of humanity realized after the flare that many milk producing species went extinct or so close to it that they could no longer be used anymore. Cows, goats, you name it. Human breast milk became the saving grace early on. There were stories of women being forced into becoming HuCows out in the wastes between Hab Cities but Katie dismissed those as tales to scare children into behaving. After all, why be forced into one when you can go into a Hab City and be pampered for the rest of your life? Her path was clear and her family would be safe the moment she stepped into the dairy farm.

Katie had been preparing for this by walking around naked at her party, much to the enjoyment of all of her male guests... especially the ones from her high school. Without hesitation she unclasped her black party dress and let it fall to the floor before kicking off her black pumps. She wore no bra or panties underneath as she saw no need to do so. The admin officer came up with her metal collar. Katie pulled her long, blonde hair to the side and allowed him to clamp it around her neck and put the cotter pin in that would keep it there permanently. Once the cotter pin was all the way in to lock the collar into place, he broke the ring off of it. She was now officially owned by the Des Moines Dairy Farm and there was no going back.

"Yes, Master," Katie said submissively at once, having learned from her mother the proper way to address someone when in servitude.

"Will I be bred by my clients, Master?"

"Yes, Master." Katie replied. Already she was getting wet just from anticipation. She couldn't wait to get started.

Inside were lines of frames that looked like a pair of metal Ts, one large and one small, that were joined together at the base. Milking machines were at the larger T and a machine with two dildos on it that were pointed at the smaller T. "These are the milkers," the admin officer said. You just missed the morning milking but we'll get you caught up in no time. Milking and fucking takes at least a half hour and you're encouraged to get off as many times as you like, no need to ask for permission or anything silly like that. We encourage sexual release as often as possible to help aid the release of hormones in your body to produce more milk. To aid this, we pump aphrodisiacs into the air during milking times to make you women horny and thus more susceptible to getting off. Please kneel here."

"This the new heifer, Bill?" Max asked the admin officer, who nodded. "Excellent. I love those tits. They'll produce some high quality milk, I'm betting," he said with approval as he knelt down, strapped Katie's ankles to a spreader bar attached at the bottom of the frame and her wrists into the spreader bar that her collar was hooked to. Then he took two metal rods in his hands. He flipped a coupled of switches and the machine started up with a sucking noise coming from the rods. These he placed up underneath of Katie, the openings of which immediately latched onto the tips of her breasts over her already hard nipples. He flipped another switch and the suction rods began pumping her breasts, first the left and then the right, as they sought out any milk that might be inside of her. She let out a long, low moan of pleasure as her nipples were sucked on harder than any man had done to her on the previous night.

"Yes... Master..." Katie breathed lustfully as she was being fucked in both holes by the machine. This was her chosen purpose in life and she was already in heaven.

With that, they left her alone in the milking room at the mercy of the machines. She got lost in the steady gush-gush-gush-gush sound of the milkers rhythmically sucking on her round, hanging tits while the dildo machine behind her whirred endlessly as it constantly pushed the dildo into her and pulled it back out again. She whimpered and moaned, biting her lower lip as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation. "Oh God..." she breathed as the first orgasm was already building. The whole morning of waiting and now she was here. She bucked on the frame as she came hard. "OH GOOOOOOOD..." she wailed as her body shook and shuddered from the climax. Her head swam, delirious from the ecstasy as she settled in for the next one.

CHAPTER 115: Joining the Herd

"Oh yes... Master..." Katie purred as she allowed Max to help her to her feet. She wobbled a bit but then managed to straighten up and stand properly with her hands folded before her. Max then helped her back into her plug panties, making her gasp as she was penetrated up her ass and pussy once again.

One thing that caught her attention no matter where she looked was that the women were all wearing the black thongs with tails, just like her, and had equally black pasties on their nipples. She did a double take as a few women walked by. "Once your body starts producing milk, you'll be wearing the pasties on your breasts all the time, taking them off only when you're being milked or when you are entertaining clients," Bill explained. "They're designed to hold the milk inside of your breasts until its time for you to be pumped."

"Good to meet you," James said cordially with a nod before turning back to the women on the treadmill. "Alright, that's enough for now. Go do ten laps in the pool and then relax in the hot tub." The girls left and James turned his full attention to Katie, looking her up and down. "Those are some really nice legs," he noted. "Did you run much?"

"Alright then, let's follow Sarah and Audrey over to the pool then and see what you got," James motioned for her to follow. Bill bid her goodbye with a promise of seeing her after the evening meal and left. James led her over to a starting block for an empty swimming lane. "Give me four laps freestyle, four laps breaststroke, four laps back stroke, and four laps sidestroke. GO!" he picked up his whistle that was hanging around his neck and blew it once.

"For two weeks for both of your exercise periods, I want you to come to the studio and do your stretching, then out to the pool to do your laps, back to the studio for a second round of stretching, and then here for yoga to finish out your exercise period, understand?" James asked while writing all of this down on his electronic clipboard. "The computer now knows where you're supposed to be and the times you're to be there, so don't drag your feet. If you are not where you are supposed to be, it will alert us trainers to come and punish you and we really don't want that. Do you?"

"Good. Keep with your schedule and we won't have a problem." He checked the clock and noted the women filing out. "Looks like we got you caught up to the herd's schedule. "It's lunch and free time until the second exercise session. Do you have any questions?"

"Yeeees?" James prodded her. "Come on, if you are uncertain about anything, ask. You need to know what goes on here so that you can be the best productive hucow you can be."

"Oh, that," James nodded. "Good question. You can usually get hot tub or sauna time, based on what you prefer. We encourage it as we don't want your limbs over stressed and aching, otherwise you can't properly service clients in the evening. Relax; you're not going to be punished or anything for finishing early. You might even get to frolic with some of the other girls but no doing that until you're done. Got it?"

"Now get going to the chow hall with the rest of the herd. I'll see you back here after free period." James shooed her away.

"Sorry," he said, sounding genuinely apologetic. He pointed to her breasts. "I see that you don't have any pasties on which means you're new. So let this be a lesson to you; don't be the last one in line unless you like being spanked. If you're last to chow or last to be in to get milked, you're getting one clean paddle to your bottom. Got it?"


Model Inspirations:

Nadine Jansen

Chapter numbering continues from previous stories just for continuity sake.

CHAPTER 114: Intake Procedures

After her birthday fling in which she slept with every eighteen to twenty-one year old boy that'd come to see her off, she spent some quiet time with her family. They were poor farmers living on the outskirts of Des Moines responsible for overseeing crops that kept the city fed. But being poor they were up for the lottery each year. Katie arranged for her to help with the milk production in the city, and keep her family out of the lottery, by becoming a breeding HuCow.

She said her goodbyes to her grateful family that she'd never see again and left her home. Katie took the electric trolley to the farm that would become her new home where she was met by the intake personnel. After attesting that she was doing this of her own free will to the terms that her family was removed forever from the lottery, she signed her name. The admin officer overseeing it then had her stand up and remove her clothing.

"Follow me, please," he said with a smile and a gesture. Katie fell into step behind him, following him from the intake room into an examination room. There, a couple of doctors quickly took her stats and vitals. They inspected every inch of her body and rubbed a salve over her mons to ensure that no pubic hair would ever grow back. They then gave her two injections; one in each of her breasts to start stimulating milk production, and then had her straddle a drain in the corner where they proceeded to clean out her pussy and her bowels with small hoses that filled her up with water. Katie let out a lustful moan as the jets rinsed her insides completely. When they were done and satisfied that no lingering traces of her party with the boys from last night remained, the admin officer beckoned for her to continue with him. "We like to get our new intakes in with the herd as soon as possible as it promotes harmony, unity, and kinship. You'll be pumped and sexually stimulated twice a day and fed three times a day," he explained. "Between morning and evening milkings, you will be ran through your exercises twice as determined by our experts. After evening meal, you'll be on display in one of the pleasure boxes where clients can rent you in fifteen minute increments. You will do your best to try to entice people to fuck you as that helps the income of the farm. Do you understand?"

"Good girl," the admin officer smiled and nodded his appreciation at her deferment to her new status. "Do you have any questions?"

"No," he shook his head. "The nightly clients are injected with a RadRoot supplement in a small holding closet right before they enter your pleasure box. We'll show you how it works later tonight. We save the breeding for wealthy, paying clients who are ready to have children based on the genes that they are seeking. With them; you'll sleep with them on a nightly basis in a private suite. Once you are confirmed pregnant, you'll go back to the pleasure boxes for clients in your normal routine. Do you understand now?"

"Here we are," the admin officer said as he came to a door. "Lean up against that wall, please." he said as he went to a nearby cabinet and opened it up. He came back with thong that had two plugs on it, the butt plug looking like it had a horsehair tail on it the same color of her own blonde hair with dark roots. She leaned against the wall as she'd been instructed and parted her legs for him. He nuzzled the plug up against her ass and slowly pushed it in, followed by the plug that fit snugly inside of her pussy. Katie moaned as her butt was filled up in both of her holes. When he stepped back, she wiggled her ass, making the tail swish back and forth a bit. Then he led her though the door.

Katie knelt in front of the small T where he directed. The dildo machine was now behind her, pointed at her bottom. At his direction, she bent over the small T and found that it was just at the right height for her smooth, flat belly to fold over. Her neck was at the right height for her new collar with ring on the front to hook onto a D ring at the top of the big T. "You can either stay on all fours or you can rest your hands here," he told Katie. Then he motioned to a man who was walking up. "This is Max, he'll be one of the ones responsible for hooking you up every day."

Max was already moving behind her, feeling her up, pulling her plug panties down, and parting the lips to her pussy. "Already wet and ready? Good!" he said, patting her ass affectionately. She then felt the head of the dildo press past her labia and all the way up inside of her. Once it was fully extended, she heard another switch be thrown and the dildo began to fuck her deep and steady. She let out a deep, guttural groan as she was now fucked while her breasts were being pumped. "Enjoying already, huh?" Max noted as he then did the same with the second dildo, lubing this one up and getting it working up her ass.

"Alright then," admin officer Bill said. "We'll be back for you in a half hour and we'll get you out to physical fitness after you're done.

Two orgasms later, Max was turning the machines off and unhooking her collar from the T bar. Bill was there with his clipboard and was regarding her with amusement. "Enjoy?" he asked in a pleasant voice.

"Good, come," Bill motioned for her to follow. She fell into step on slightly shaky legs and managed to be walking normally by the time they got to the central building of the complex. "This is the rec center," he told her as she looked around at the spacious interior. Everything from sports, to track, to the huge pool that was in the center of the running track caught her attention. There were naked women doing gymnastics off to one side. Women jogging laps on the track. Some were doing cardio and weight lifting on machines off to another side.

He gestured to a man who was running a couple of women through their paces on a treadmill. "This is James, our head trainer. He'll determine your fitness routine for the week and assign you to a physical trainer. "James! Our new hucow, Katie."

"No, Master," Katie shook her head. "Swimming."

Training from the swim club kicked in and Katie dove into the warm water and began to kick. She took her time as she mentally remembered that this was for exercise and not for competition. A half hour later, she finished the last of her laps to James' nodding admiration. "Good job," he told her. "Your form is flawless so we won't have to correct you on that. I'm going to want to emphasize your beauty and leg length, so lets go over to the parallel bars and get you going on some stretching exercises." He led her to one side of the complex that looked to her like a ballet studio. There he had her doing leg lifts onto the bars, then toe raises where she'd go up onto the balls of her feet and come back down, then simple standing and sitting stretching exercises. After that, it was to another studio next door where he then selected yoga poses for her to do that would help her flexibility while keeping her breasts firm.

"Oh, no Master!" Katie replied with a wide-eyed shake of her head.

"Uhm..." uncertainty showed on her face.

"What happens if I finish my exercises early, Master?"

"Yes, Master," Katie nodded enthusiastically.

Katie jogged to catch up with the rest of the girls who were filing into a building aptly named 'Cafeteria'. She was the last one and when she got there, a man at the door with a paddle swatted her hard across the ass. Katie cried out in pain and dropped to her knees, looking up at him with a confused, questioning look on her face.