Mistress Sylvia Pt. 02

Having gotten a good look at what would be his future living quarters, Debbie followed Mistress Sylvia through a doorway and down a second corridor of bedrooms. She explained that the rooms were where the fags did their whoring, and the door at the far end of the hallway was the client's entrance. Just before the end of the hall was a set of double doors on the left that opened into the playroom. The room was very large, in fact Debbie thought it looked more like a hall. There were several beds pushed up against the walls and in the center was a ring of chairs around an empty area. It looked like a place where shows were performed, and his first guess was sex shows. Hanging on the walls throughout the room were framed pornographic photos and every type of sex toy imaginable. There was a section dedicated to S & M with a lot of bondage devices, and another area with two toilets and several enema bags hanging from a stand. She let him spend a minute taking it all in, then said.

As he gave the room another quick scan he saw some things he'd never seen before, and he wasn't quite sure he wanted to know what they were for. Finally his eyes settled in on two women sitting in recliners at the far end of the room. When Sylvia noticed what he was looking at she silently walked toward them, and Debbie followed right behind. Getting closer he assumed the ladies were Joan and Janice, and he immediately became aroused. They were both slender and attractive women but they had slightly masculine edge about them. Nothing overt mind you, they just looked a little too muscular for such pretty girls.

"Debbie, this is Joan, and that's Janice. Joan is my head fag-slave and your new training instructor. You will call her Miss Joan at all times."

"He Jan, don't you just love it when the little turds haven't got a fucking clue?"

"Joan, why don't you take a few minutes and explain to Debbie what his normal day will be like should he commit to training?"

She stood up directly in front of Debbie and roughly grabbed his boner through his skirt. She was the same height and got right in his face, giving him a hard stare for several seconds before saying.

It was stated as a command, not a request. She yanked hard on his boner, forcing his ass into the folding chair between the recliners. Mistress Sylvia smiled at no one in particular and lit a cigarette, she looked as if she was waiting for the show to begin. Backing up a little, Joan positioned herself right in front of Debbie's chair with her hands on her hips in a commanding pose.

He wasn't sure whether to speak or not, so he just nodded.

He gave Sylvia a puzzled look, but she just smiled, raised her eyebrows and nodded in agreement.

He nodded again but she didn't seem to care, she was on a roll.

She chuckled a bit. "Actually fag, as I think about it, I kinda like that outcome. That way Mistress will let me do it to you all over again."

"So in a nutshell bitch, your ass belongs to me. Got it?"

She smiled ever so slightly then looked at Sylvia, as if waiting for something. Sylvia too has a smile on her face, and after a few seconds she gave Joan a silent nod. Stepping back Joan turned around, sat in the recliner and said.

He did as told. She sat up straight and spread her legs, telling him to move in closer. He moved forward until his knees were against the chair. Sitting on his heels, his face was about a foot away from the unusually large bulge in her trousers, and his eyes immediately lock on it.

"Imagine that, a limp wristed prancing Nancy in a skirt wants to suck dick? Who would have guessed? Don't worry Tinkerbell, you're going to have my dick in your mouth at least twice a day, every day, for the next three months."

"Let's move it along Joan."

Changing her tone back to bitchy she continued.

Which reminds me. Every time someone pumps a load of sperm in your mouth, or in your bottom, or all over a pair of corduroys for you to lick up, you'll thank them for their sperm. Always fag. Trust me, this is a rule you don't want to break."

"During your training you'll be constantly pumped full of sperm. Probably about a dozen loads a day, more on the weekends. Most people think that's for the benefit of the other fags, but it really isn't. I'll let you in on a little secret fag, the real purpose is to have your body ingest as much sperm as possible. It doesn't matter which end it goes in, the rectum absorbs it as well as the stomach. In fact in the first couple weeks you may have some digestive problems, maybe even some semen induced diarrhea, but these things pass quickly as your body adapts.

Well anyway, when you're done draining my ball sack I'll remove your cock cage and you'll shower right over there."

"You see fag, when your sissy penis is uncaged most of the time you'll get an immediate boner, and in case I've forgotten to inform you, during your three months of training you're forbidden to cum. When you're in the shower with a throbbing boner and a soapy hand, the temptation to jerk off may be too much, so you'll always be watched while you shower. Even if no one is around there are cameras recording every inch of the playroom, so you will be seen.

After showering, you'll return to me to have your penis re-caged. You'll then eat, dress as instructed, and be kneeling in the center of the playroom floor at ten o'clock sharp. If I'm not there you'll remain kneeling until I arrive. From ten o'clock until six in the evening, you'll be in training with me. After six, you'll again shower, eat and be allowed to spend a little time alone in your room. At eight o'clock you'll report to the fag's lounge, through that door right over there bitch. From eight til midnight you'll be the house whore, and then you'll go to bed."

"When we have a trainee in the house, that would be you fag, the rules for the slaves change. Under normal circumstances, after a long day of whoring the girls like to pair off and have sex, maybe even have a little orgy, or just jerk off or whatever. But when there's a trainee in house they're forbidden to have sex with each other, or even jerk off. That doesn't mean cumming privileges have been revoked, it just means that if they want to drain their ball sacks they are to use the trainee's mouth or bottom. You're our whore, the house whore.

In addition to all of that fag, Mistress Sylvia entertains friends and business associates frequently, and sometimes she offers our services to them free of charge, so you may be summoned to the main area of the estate at any time for those purposes. She rarely uses a trainee for that, but if she wants you, you go.

Noticing that he never took his eyes off her corduroys, she rubbed her bulge just inches from his face.

"Yes Miss Joan I do."

"Well, I'll discuss you sucking my dick in a minute, but first, aren't you even curious why I haven't said anything about you spending time with Mistress Sylvia?"

"Good shit for brains, for a minute I thought you were totally fucking stupid."

"After two weeks of training to make sure you can handle it, mistress will pick one night a week that suits her, and you'll be honored with a three hour personal training session. During those sessions you'll be instructed in the ways she likes to be worshipped. All I'll say about that bitchboy, is you better learn well."

"Well fag, I think that about covers the basics, get on your feet and go sit in the chair."

"Now Debbie dear, we've reached the part where I'm expecting an answer."

"Mistress, I beg your forgiveness, but may I please say one more thing before this fucking turd licker gives his answer?"

"May I speak freely Mistress?"

Joan got up and stood right in front of Debbie with her bulge again just a foot away from his face. He liked that.

I love and respect my Mistress, and she knows I'll do whatever she commands me to do, but I still disagree with all of this bullshit. She says this isn't a reward, but it sure seems like it to me, and you haven't even swallowed a load of jizzum yet. As far as I'm concerned you deserve a kick in the balls, not a reward."

"Just know this fag, this corduroy shit pisses me off and I'm going to take it out on you! I'm going to make your training a living hell, it'll be impossible for you not to screw up, and when you do I'll see to it that Mistress makes all this corduroy shit disappear."

Still facing Debbie, Joan closed her eyes tightly and winced.

Sylvia took a drag of her cigarette, paused for effect and then spoke in the voice of a teacher correcting a student.

She did as told and Debbie again mourned the loss of her bulging corduroys. Sylvia continued.

The tone of her voice left no room for rebuttal. Joan sat back in her chair, crossed her legs and had a chastised look on her red face.

"He looked in his lap for a moment, then asked. "Mistress Sylvia, may I please approach you?"

He knelt in front of her, turned his face upward and boldly made eye contact.

I expect, and know I deserve, nothing in return. Your generosity in allowing me to exist in your world is more than I could ever ask for. So I ask you humbly Mistress Sylvia, please train me to be one of your slaves. I want to do anything, and endure anything I have to, just for the honor of being allowed to spend time in your presence. May I kiss your feet now Mistress?"

"This is the playroom sissyboy, and a lot goes on here. It's also where you'll do most of your training."

The thing that caught his eye though and gave him an instant boner, was the fact that they were both dressed in matching corduroy outfits, the only difference being that one was red and the other black. Both outfits consists of snug fitting, mid-wale jeans and a jacket. Underneath they wore plain white tee-shirts. She ordered him to stand directly in front of them and pointed to the one in black.

Joan pointed to Debbie's tented skirt.

They both chuckled, and Sylvia continued.

Quickly adopting a submissive demeanor she replied. "Yes Mistress, of course."

"Why don't you sit over here fag."

"Listen faggot, I don't care what your name is because from now on you don't have a fucking name. You answer to fag, sissyboy, asshole, turd, or anything else I might call you that reflects what a worthless piece of shit you are. Do you understand me shit for brains?"

"You bitchboy, are now my property. Your fucking ass belongs to me! Got it?"

"Don't look at her, you look at me turd, and don't you dare look away again. You won't belong to my mistress until after you finish your training. No pantyboy, you're my fucking bitch until then, and that means for the next three months you're the lowest form of life on the face of the Earth. You're lower than a turd squeezed out of a diseased crack whore's ass. Are you getting the picture tinkerbell?"

"You're my property until such time as I recommend you for slavehood. And fag, I have a reputation to uphold in order to maintain my position as head fag-slave. So if I don't think your training has been successful, I won't recommend you. And princess, you won't be the first one it's happened to. It'll mean you've suffered all the abuse I gave you for nothing."

She reached down and crudely scratched her crotch without the slightest hint of embarrassment, and that drew Debbie's attention to the large bulge in her corduroys.

Without thinking he responded. "Yes Miss Joan, I do."

"Get up and kneel in front of me faggot."

Janice chuckled. "Oh no, watch out Miss Joan, I think the fag wants to suck your dick, look at him staring at it."

They all laughed. Then Sylvia said.

"Of course Mistress, at once."

"OK fag, it's time for me to map it out for you, so here goes. Just like with Mistress Sylvia, you'll do anything and everything I tell you to do. You'll speak only when spoken to and you'll call me Miss Joan at all times. You'll get up every morning at seven o'clock, and if you want you can go to the kitchen, which is right through those doors, and get a cup of coffee. At eight o'clock you'll be kneeling exactly where you are now, and you'll give me a blowjob. That's right sissyboy, you'll swallow a load of my jizzum every morning before breakfast, and you damn well better remember to say thank you.

In the midst of Joan's snotty narrative the little pervert liked hearing the part about licking up jizzum from a pair of corduroys, that turned him on a lot.

Mistress Sylvia discovered many years ago that ingesting large quantities of sperm for a prolonged period of time creates an actual physical change in faggots. Similar to alcoholics, the fags develop a craving, only in our case, a craving for jizzum. They also develop a psychological dependence on cock. Knowing that dicks spit out what they crave, they crave dicks too. That's the reason Mistress pimps us out. She doesn't need the money, what she needs is a steady supply of cum to keep her fag's sperm cravings satisfied. So my little prancing Nancy, once your training is over and your craving has been developed, you'll be unable to leave. You'll never be able to find a steady supply of sperm like you do here.

She pointed to the area with the toilets, and he noticed a shower that was completely exposed. Seeing his look of bewilderment she said.

And if Mistress didn't already tell you, coming without permission is one of the worst acts of disobedience anyone can commit around here. Mistress finds it absolutely despicable and she'll fuck you up big time if she ever finds out.

Again she received a puzzled look. She sighed and continued in a bored monotone.

Whenever you're not in training you'll service any dick in this house any way they want it, and mistress encourages the fags to make ample use of the house whore. Also pantyboy, as I told you, you're always being recorded and mistress reviews your whoring from time to time, so be a good little slut. Monday through Saturday, you'll be house whore from eight til midnight. Since there's no training on Sunday your whoring time will begin right after breakfast and last until midnight. And fag, if you get any time when you're not being fucked, you can spend it watching TV or relaxing.

And as you can see, Mistress Sylvia is a very beautiful woman, and as such she has many boyfriends. So many in fact, that they rarely get to date her more than once every few weeks. If they enjoy fucking fags though, she allows special ones to use us for free sex in between dates. Again, trainees are rarely used for this purpose, but it does happen from time to time."

"You really want my cock don't you sissyboy".

He meant it too, her pants were turning him on a lot. He heard Janice chuckle and Sylvia light yet another cigarette.

Now that she mentioned it he was, and he nodded.

More chuckles from Janice.

She paused to look at Sylvia again, and Sylvia said.

He hated having his face pulled away from Joan's bulge, but he did as told.

But before he could respond, Joan said.

"Go ahead dear."

Sylvia thought. Well here comes the bitching , but smiled and nodded approval.

"You listen to me bitch and you listen good. As you can see, Mistress is making us wear these fucking corduroy outfits. Fucking corduroy for God's sakes, I mean what kind of perverted fuck gets turned on by corduroy? I can't believe she's wearing it, and allowing you to wear it too. She even wants me to use it in your training.

She paused, took a deep breath and continued in a more controlled tone.

"That's enough faggot, don't make me dress you down in front of the turd." It was Sylvia.

"I'm sorry Mistress, I meant no disrespect. I simply wanted this turd to know that if he thinks for one minute he'll get any special treatment from me, he's fucking crazy."

"Joan, go sit in your chair, now."

"Trust me dear, no one would ever think you'd give a turd special treatment, and I've already explained to Debbie that the use of corduroy in training was my idea, not yours. He also knows full well that it will disappear in an instant if I think it's not serving its purpose. Your objections have been heard and duly noted, so there's no need for them to be heard again."

"OK Debbie, I've invested a lot of time on you, more than I normally would with a prospect. I want your answer now."

A bit curious and not the least bit concerned, she said. "Go ahead Debbie."

"Mistress Sylvia, you're the most beautiful and sexually attractive woman I've ever met. You're also the most dignified and deserving mistress I've ever had the opportunity to address. Yes Mistress Sylvia, I relish the idea of being one of your fag-slaves, please give me the opportunity to serve you. Just being in your presence makes me feel like I have a purpose, and that purpose is to bring you pleasure in any possible way I can.