Bad M.I.L.F Vol. 02 - The New Batch Ch. 04

All teenage characters in this story are of legal age.

Carry Anne had this sort of serene smirk on her face like she'd got one over on me again.

BAD M.I.L.F Volume 2-The New Batch Ch. 4

I found Chrystal standing in the living room waiting for me. Chrystal was caught reaching for her coat on our couch. She was wearing this black turtleneck and some jean print leggings over a pair of leather boots. I always noticed everything about a person, it was an involuntarily character tick I'd learned during my formative years. Chrystal turned awkwardly facing me. The way in which she moved made me feel crestfallen, like she considered me a threat or something. After all we'd been through, I didn't want my last memory to be some shitty nonverbal exchange.

"Uhm, it's okay; you should stay, it's your place." Chrystal interlocked her hands in front of her body still standing rigidly before me.

"NO! Don't leave-please!!" Chrystal lurched forward, remembering herself stopping in her tracks. I just froze still facing the door.

"Look. I'll leave right now; you don't have to run away. I'll be gone and you won't ever have to see my face again! I-I'm just gonna get the fuck out of your life and you can find somebody else who'll treat you better than I did! Find somebody who's not such a FUCKING SLUT!!" She was full on ranting at this point as my fist tightened around the door handle.

"Yeah, I'm REAL SCUM for treating you like a FUCKING SEX TOY!! I just fucked it all up listening to mom and shit; she's got this way of just making people do whatever the FUCK she wants!! It was just supposed to be that one night, but she kept CHANGING THE RULES!! I'M SO FUCKING STUPID!!"

"Honestly, I was REALLY MAD that she was apparently never gonna stop FUCKING you!! Mom's all like "LET HIM CHOOSE BETWEEN US!!" and shit; just challenging me!! She SO FUCKING ARROGANT!! So, like a moron, I listened to her BULLSHIT!! We all did it together; fucked the shit outta each other!! And now I'm going into the TRASH!!" I could hear her breaking into so many pieces, sniffling and sobbing a foot away from me as I worked up the courage to face her.

"Yeah that's what you do, running away when shit goes sideways!! JUST-LOOK AT ME, ASSHOLE!!" I couldn't deny her as our eyes met. She was breathing hard, her hair wild all over her head as she wedged herself between me and the door. I tried to reach for the knob, but she quickly locked it glaring back at me, a mad woman.

"You like fucking my little sister, huh?" The color was drained from her strained, roundish features. I tried to look away, but she cupped my chin roughly.

"No." I peeled her fingers away from my chin.

We were both gasping, breathing hard struggling for control as she palmed my ass squeezing harder than she'd ever had before as a bit of saliva drooled from her lips. Her fist locked around my tumescence jerking in a stiff, brutally muted version that was sexually painful. Chrystal's right ear found a place, locked between my teeth as I sucked on her earlobe before settling on the secret spot behind it that never failed to make her panties wet. Not to be outdone, she got a hand under my shirt twisting a nipple. I cried out pulling her into my body slapping her huge ass with extreme force making it bounce and jiggle, a thing possessed. Chrystal got under my shirt sucking hard on my nipples until I got all ten of my fingers slid under the hem of her jean print leggings luxuriating in the upper swell of her prodigious backside. I glanced at her features, finding them a window into her fractured psych. Chrystal was the picture of frenzied, desperation mixed with self-loathing. I started to withdraw my hands, but Chrystal was having none of it trapping one of my hands between her thighs. The heat and moisture between her shapely, thick legs was incredible.

My cock found almost no resistance using her sopping, wet canal as a throughway until I thudded against the end of her tunnel. Chrystal was exceedingly hot inside, tightening up around me in a vise-like grip as we smashed against one another as hard as we could manage. I wedged myself against the couch giving newly minted ex-girlfriend nowhere to go. Whether she pushed forward or slammed backward, Chrystal was stuffed fed full of my cock. In seconds she was reduced to a blubbering mess of wild, unyielding emotion as I drove my member deep, grinding and rolling my hips against her monstrous ass. She sounded like she was being beaten crying loudly as I got one then the other foot up onto the cushions effectively straddling her like a horse. My cock was driven downward at a forty five degree into her sex with this relentless piledriving motion. I didn't know where we would be after today; all I knew was that I wanted her to remember me for the rest of her life. Wanted to carve myself into her for all eternity. One of my arms hooked around her neck in a faux chokehold as her tears splashed on my skin. Each droplet held a little bit of the molten lust inside Chrystal's virtue.

"Stop-Get off...GET OFF ME!!" Chrystal threw an elbow back at me, violently separating us as she jumped up shoving me in the chest. She covered her mouth with both hands in a cupping motion glaring at me wild eyed. I froze not knowing what to make of her actions.

"You-You just CAN'T FUCK ME like that and expect me to be okay with ENDING IT!! Do you know how that makes ME FEEL, HUH?!!" She was shaking her head looking like she was losing it.

"NOOOOO, NAAAAAHHH YOU'LL-AWWWWWW GAAAWD!!" Chrystal shook her head profusely backing into the hallway that led to our kitchen and bedrooms. Her body looked incredible in the low light of the corridor as she turned away from me. The sweater still rode high leaving her nude from the underside of her breasts to her smallish feet.

The symbiotic energy between us was incredible as I held her aloft pinned to the wall almost solely by my member. Chrystal locked her arms around my neck allowing me to do the same to her abdomen as her legs locked in the small of my back. Her expansive derriere was supported by my fingers imbedded in her succulent flesh. She slid along my length with her butt wetly smacking into my pelvis at uneven intervals. After five minutes of this, it became apparent that she was using her weight to force me down to the floor. Once I was on my back and her feet planted on either side of my hips, Chrystal squatted over me driving her huge ass down onto me in a piledriving motion. The sound of her butt slamming against me was all I could hear. Chrystal took me from stem to base, planting her dead weight into my crotch. Seems she was as intent on fucking my brains out as I was, perhaps trying to change her fate. Her eyes were shut tightly while she gritted her teeth rolling her hips against me. I drew my legs up getting my knees under her buttocks. I bucked up into her sex with wild abandon changing the equation again.

Chrystal was there on our bed waiting with her enormous butt pointed in my direction. Her positioning on the bed with her chest and abdomen riding low to the sheets with her hips raised high, shapely legs splayed apart. Her remaining pieces of clothing rested at the foot of the bed. My ex-girlfriend didn't bother looking back at me knowing what was on display was all that was needed to prompt me into action. Didn't move when the oil was slathered all over her slightly jiggling backside, drizzling down between her ponderous cheeks soiling the sheets below. Finally, Chrystal quietly reached back pulling at her left cheek revealing her backdoor. In this single solitary second, Chrystal McIntyre reminded me wholly of her mother, Carry Anne McIntyre. Self-assured, confident to a fault in regards to her sexual prowess. I was reminded of all the conversations we'd had about being ideally suited to one another physically. It all seemed so prophetic in these seconds as her nails dug into the bedding as I bottomed out. The base of my endowment rested against the supple, pronounced curve of her rear end.

My hands covered Chrystal's shoulders from the back while my body draped over her own, digging deep. A guttural whine escaped her lips as I locked my legs in place, taking her from behind as she mutely requested. That bleating cry became loud, distressed sounding cries of pain and pleasure as I recalled not engaging in much anal sex prior to the weekend at her parent's home. I wondered if perhaps it was something else kept hidden away by Chrystal. The view of her massive heart shaped rear was intoxicating to the eye. She was positioned for maximum impact as I pounded and drove my tumescence home with authority. Chrystal pulled and clawed at the bedding drawing the blankets and sheets into a lump along with one of the pillows. My inner thighs had long since tightened up, almost painfully so as the beginnings of another monumental orgasm mounted. She appeared to sense this raising up on all fours pushing back into my forward motion.

"Go to hell." I shoved my hands in my pockets leaving her on the sidewalk alone. I was driven, eventually running back to my apartment to find some boxes left on the stoop. I stopped in my tracks regretting not having taken the time to close the circle with Chrystal. Instead, I'd wasted the last few moments of our time with her mother. I looked around not even finding the Bentley that had been left behind as Carry Anne pursued me up the street. The boxes were mostly empty with a few odds and ends from the kitchen inside.


"Look, I can go out again, so you don't have to see me; no need to go there."

"No, I think I'll just go to a movie or something." I was fighting the stillness of a dying relationship backing away towards the door.



"Chrystal, please."

"I don't need this; don't want an explanation, Chrystal. I'm just going to take another walk, alright?" I started to turn the doorknob making her panic.

"Come on, stop it."

"Answer me; you liked sticking your thing inside her, eh fucker?"

"WHAT ABOUT MY GRANDMOTHER, HUH?!!" She'd pancaked me with a series of fluttering open handed slaps before I roughly snagged her wrist. We struggled for a few seconds, glaring into one another's eyes. Chrystal shrieked twisting in my ironclad grasp dipping low as she tried to free herself. I released her arm abruptly finding that she immediately closed her fingers in a fist around my package. Our lips mashed together in unison, her tongue invading my mouth as my own fingers dug into the pliant flesh of her narrow waist. Chrystal deftly breached the interior of my pants wildly tugging like she wanted to pull it free of my body.

Her hands were working almost independently of the rest of her body cupping the underside of my sack while the other caressed the head of my member against her muff in these small, circular repetitions. We'd come to know one another biblically, every hidden spot and nuance of sensuality during our time together. Chrystal knew exactly how to touch me for maximum effect. My hands slid up her abdomen taking the sweater upward until the undersides of her breasts were exposed. She was wearing this demi shell-type brassiere made out of some flimsy material that came away in my hands exposing her tortured looking reddened nipples. Chrystal's hand shot up cupping the back of my head pulling me into her right breast. It was almost like we were possessed of a single, sensuous entity between us as she molded her body to my own. Our hips mashed and slapped wetly together as we made out wantonly. Before I even realized it, Chrystal was on her knees sucking hard on my cock with this kind of vacuum sealed motion. Her attentions were excessively wet and nasty as copious amounts of drool and saliva bubbled up around her lips. I was lost to the pleasure in that moment, taking her orally with extreme prejudice. Chrystal let her mouth hang agape as I fucked it like a surrogate vagina losing myself. She snatched at my girth slapping her lips and cheeks with it as her skin flushed crimson. I was gasping uncontrollably at the precipice of pleasure, almost at the point of no return. Chrystal's face was a glazed over, sloppy mess accepting my member rubbed across it with no regard for dignity or self-respect. I couldn't take it anymore as the remaining vestiges of my innate humanity were stripped bare. My fingers were entangled with her blonde locks as she crawled beside me mounting our couch with her, enormous, rounded ass high in the air. Chrystal continued demonstrating how much she knew almost every fiber of my being arching her back and rolling her hips. I was sweating, drenched from head to toe as I gathered fistfuls of the hem of those leggings almost ripping them down to the junction where her plump thighs met her muscular calves. Chrystal had gone "commando" with nothing else impeding her huge ass from emerging like some kind of gigantic, flesh colored peach.

Experience informed her actions as Chrystal locked her legs in place as I took a few steps backward cupping the swell of her abundant hips. The voluptuous, bottom heavy blonde was savagely railed with a series of long strokes that hit her deepest parts ultimately triggering a massive, screaming orgasm that seemed to go on for an eternity. A lattice of goosebumps on her undulating, arching back followed by this mounting series of internal tremors leaving Chrystal a sobbing mess. I wasn't done yet, stripping the leggings and boots away from her body leaving only her top half clothed as I impulsively got behind her, right between he legs, spreading them as far apart as humanly possible. I hadn't cum yet and I was intent on fucking all of the drama of the past few days out of the both of us. Chrystal's enormous cheeks cradled my pelvis as I thumped against the back of her cunt once more. Every time I hit the back of her tunnel, I lingered longer grinding against her in a circular motion. Chrystal matched my every motion in a counter motion adding a slight bounce to her actions. When it became too much for me, I started in on her with powerful stabbing thrusts that made her cry even more.


"Hey come over here." I beckoned.

I was on her in an instant, animalistically catching Chrystal while scrambling towards her on all fours. I locked my hands around the back of her thighs pressing my face against her huge left ass cheek. I bit and nibbled at the under cuff of that cheek as she fell forward supporting herself by pressing her palms flat against the wall. Chrystal shuddered fighting to face me as she hooked a leg over my shoulder allowing me direct access to her snatch. I went after her clit like a madman sending her right over the edge as her shrieks echoed across the corridor. I slowly stood taking advantage of her doubled jointed nature as her leg remained hooked over my shoulder, fully impaling the thick blonde. Her shapely leg was trapped between us as I stole another deep, soul kiss from Chrystal. Our bodies fit together in perfect symmetry as I positioned myself to get maximum penetration grabbing her right breast with one hand and a monstrous, juicy ass cheek with the other. This had the effect of trapping Chrystal between my arms as I played her delicious body like a sexual cello. We went at it like this until her weight became a factor necessitating a dip of both knees on my part so that Chrystal could hook the other leg over my shoulder as I stood entering her honeypot from the bottom.

This had the effect of negating Chrystal's movements, muting her momentum and visibly frustrating her. She dismounted storming into our kitchen upending some errant boxes left behind at the end of the corridor. I found her rummaging through the cabinets over the kitchen sink, inadvertently knocking some bottles of spices and other odds and ends. Her erratic behavior soon made sense as she turned pushing a bottle of olive oil into my hands. I stared at the narrow bottle quizzically for a few seconds as Chrystal pushed roughly past me, half staggering towards the bedroom. She stopped for a second leaning in the doorframe watching me pensively before disappearing inside. It was at that point I realized the innate, almost inhuman stamina I'd been displaying up until this moment. Her mother Carry Anne had supposedly duped Chrystal into allowing her to sleep with me under the pretense of making me better in bed then I'd ever been before. I stood there holding that bottle of olive oil wondering if perhaps it wasn't true. Wondering where I'd end up after Chrystal was gone from my life, after that fateful weekend.

" it."

"Oh yeah, you're pushing my button, fucking me so fucking hard, making me cum on your thick cock like you always have, motherfucker! Letting my mommy FUCK, YOU was the WORST DECISION I've EVER MADE!! Oh please, keep fucking me like this! OOOOHHHH, IT'S COMING!! Give it to me; cum for me this one LAST time. Just one more time before it's-AAAAWWWWW FUCK!!" Chrystal exploded spraying our sheets and my crotch as she came hard. She flushed crimson going into a screaming fit that triggered me to the ninth degree as I began erupting several molten bursts inside her backdoor before I pulled out completely glazing the junction between her monstrous cheeks. Chrystal clapped her two huge, halves together creating a web-like lattice between her gluteal cleft. We collapsed onto our disheveled bed with Chrystal caring little that she was covered by me. My tortured member was cradled happily in her rear cleft. I was thoroughly trashed, mouth breathing; Chrystal was sobbing into the sheets, her face hidden from view.