Model Neighbors Ch. 07

_Author's note: This story features a wife having brazen sex outside of her marriage with her husband's encouragement and enjoyment. If you're looking for revenge or remorse, look elsewhere.

"I-," Mike started before pausing to sip his own wine and give him time to think. Erin was going off of birth control and was trying to convince Julie to do the same. Mike and Julie had been discussing starting a family, but that was before Julie's recent affair with Jason. Mike cursed inwardly as he felt his cock hardening at the thought of his wife and Erin's husband together. He awkwardly cleared his throat. "Well we have talked about starting a family. We have the money for it now."

"I guess," Julie agreed. Inside she was screaming yes at the top of her lungs but she tried not to seem so eager to not scare her husband off, especially considering her rather open cheating with Jason.

"He's not the only one," Julie admitted. Erin laughed and slipped a hand down up the leg of Julie's shorts, encountering a soaking wet pussy that she teased with her fingers. Julie moaned and kissed Erin.

"Oh fuck!" Julie collapsed against her friend as an orgasm ripped through her at the thought of Jason taking her sans birth control.

Julie meekly nodded and gathered herself and soon the two women brought Julie's birth control packets back and handed them to Mike.

Mike and Julie cleaned up when Julie's alarm went off. She grabbed her phone and showed it to Mike, the screen reading Pill. "Daily reminder. I'm supposed to take it at the same time everyday," Julie said. She hesitated then killed the alarm and opened her clock app. "Guess I can delete this one now."

"Okay yeah that's a good idea!" Julie said. She kissed her husband and hugged. "I love you so much Mike! Thank you thank you!" She fumbled with his belt and began to mount him.

"Oh you silly fool," Julie grunted as she bounded up and down in his lap. "I'm still protected now! Just figured you might want one last bareback ride. Guess not though..."

"Oh baby, fuck your slutty wife," Julie moaned into his ear.

"Uhhh mmmmm. Guess you'll have to make sure I always have condoms on me," Julie seductively whispered into his ear. "Wouldn't be my fault if you sent your horny wife out into the world without any protection."

Julie smiled at her husband. "I was kinda serious about the condoms, just to be safe. He likes my mouth and ass a lot too though, so shouldn't be a big deal."

Julie giggled and swatted his hand away. "Nope! You promised Erin I would be fresh and horny for this weekend. Not my fault you cut yourself off!" Julie herself was feeling the lack of sex as well. Erin had made everyone promise no fucking until the gala and the already several weeks of no sex was driving her wild. Didn't help that the lack of hormonal birth control had sent her already healthy sex drive to new heights.

Julie stuck her tongue out then started dressing herself. "Okay so I have a few appointments, can you please remember to grab the package Erin left at her place?"

Julie headed off to get her hair, nails and makeup done while Mike walked over to meet Jason.

"Good, good," Mike said.

Mike agreed and soon the two were sipping their drinks and talking about everything except the gala and Jason's impending date with Mike's wife. They finally finished their drinks and Jason leaned back.

"Oh yeah happy to help. I know she will have a good time," Mike awkwardly played off the event. "I think Erin left a bag for her?"

Mike grabbed the envelope which had a handwritten list from Erin with a small check next to each item: dress, shoes (at Jule's), matching jewelry, purse, lube, condoms. Below there was a short thank you note addressed to both Mike and Julie. Mike opened the small jewelry box and gasped. Earrings, a bracelet, an anklet, and a choker sparkled in the light, all made of gold with with deep blue sapphires.

"Oh, yeah," Jason said. "Erin and I went and picked them out, thought they would match her dress."

"Oh don't worry about it man, Julie really deserves the best and it's not like I paid for them. The firm is taking care of us," Jason said slapping Mike on the back.

"Hhahah! Yeah Erin picked that up. Not a real sapphire in that one though," Jason said. "Thought it would be sexy if she matched everywhere!"

"Yeah, let's go to the game room," Jason said leading the way into an open hangout area complete with pool table, giant TV, and a small bar.

The photos of Julie made similar use of light, but half of them featured Jason's thick cock filling her mouth, pussy, or ass. Her face and wedding ring featured prominently in many of them so there was no mistaking who she was and that she wasn't Jason's wife. Mike realized he didn't recognize many of these.

"Oh, yeah. We had another shoot couple of weeks ago. Erin wanted a complete set you know? Not just anal," Jason casually stated as he mixed a couple of drinks. "Turned out great, right?"

"I'm sure Erin can make you some prints too," Jason said as he joined Mike and handed him a drink."

As the game ended Mike stood and said he had better be off. Jason shook his hand then suddenly stopped. "Oh almost forgot!" he went over to the bar and grabbed a box. "Erin said this one was for you."

_ "Th-thanks," Mike mumbled as he collected everything. "I guess I will see you in a few."

"Too much?" Julie asked. She still didn't feel completely comfortable in this dress.

"Nah ah! Don't mess me up," Julie laughed.

"Later!" she promised dancing away from him and sticking her tongue out. "I'll be home by one!"

"Oh come on!" Julie said. "I told Erin and Jason that this is just a friend date! I know things have gotten... involved with Jason, but this is really just a favor for a friend."

Julie rolled her eyes. "Whatever, I'll be back at one. Now show me the jewels you were teasing me about!" Mike pulled out the box and Julie gasped, "Wow! These are beautiful!" Julie quickly had the earrings and bracelet on then had Mike help with the choker and anklet.

"Oh what! That bitch..." Julie said holding the butt plug up. In her dainty fingers Mike realized just how large it was, obviously bigger in diameter than his own cock. Julie giggled as she also pulled out the bottle of lube.

In response Julie began coating her fingers with lube, bending to work them into her ass. Not even thirty seconds later she easily slid the plug into place and grinned back at her husband, the sapphire-like jewel glinting between her cheeks. "Have some faith honey! You've seen Jason's cock."

"It's been so long!" Jason laughed as he shook Mike's hand. His eyes quickly found Julie and he swept past Mike to wrap her in a hug. "Wow you look incredible!"

"Hell no! These things can get a bit competitive, the wives all trying to outdo each other. Damn do you look good," Jason said, reaching down to adjust his thickening cock. He slipped his arm around Julie, his hand drifting down to cup her ass. "You all ready? It's a bit of a drive to the event so we should get going."

Mike thought about his wife with Jason and suddenly grabbed her wrist. "Thought you said this was just a friend date," he teased as he took the condoms away, hiding them back in the delivery bag.

Mike smiled and shrugged. "I love you Julie. I just want you to go and have a good time," he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her forehead. He slipped the lube into her purse and smiled. "Just in case right? I'll see you tomorrow." Mike gave her one last peck on the cheek then released her.

"Hey one is tomorrow!" Mike grinned then kissed her lips once before escorting her to Jason. "Make sure she has a good time," Mike told Jason as Julie moved to the other man's side.

_Mike, Thank you so much for helping us out. Jason will be sure to show her a good time tonight. How good is totally up to you! The gala is being held out at the Greenbriar Country Club Event Center and is set to wrap up around midnight. That's a long drive back after a night of drinking. Don't you think it would be better if they could just sleep it off there? The Club has rooms available. I suggest you call and make them a reservation. Just tell them you are a friend of Jason's and are setting this up as a surprise for the couple. I've included some things to make the evening enjoyable for us too! Text me if (when!) you set them up! - Erin

Mike quickly called up the club and reserved a room under Jason's name, telling the hotel he would be coming by to drop off some of Jason's things for the the night. Mike packed up the cameras and lube and headed out, making a short detour to pick up a bottle of wine and some fruit for the couple.

This is also the last planned chapter of Model Neighbors._

"Come on, I know Mike agrees with me," Erin said after taking a sip of wine. She was hanging out with Julie and Mike, again without Jason who was working feverishly to finish this project and make partner.

"Yay!" Erin cried. "See? Plus the sex will be amazing! So much better truly raw!"

"Oh I know!" Erin grabbed Julie and pulled her with her. "Where are your pills? We can give them to Mike." Julie dutifully followed along and led her to the bathroom. Once alone Erin giggled. "Did you see his crotch? He's so turned on by you getting knocked up!"

"Real questions is if you two are thinking of him doing the knocking or Jason," Erin asked as she rubbed Julie's clit.

Erin smiled and gently kissed Julie. "I know how you feel. Something about going unprotected is just way hotter!"

"Here you go hubby. You're in charge now!" Erin said shoving them towards Mike then digging in her purse. "Oh and I went ahead and got these as well," Erin held out a large box of condoms which Mike accepted, mumbling a thanks. The group drifted on to other topics and soon Erin was kissing Julie goodbye and headed home to her husband.

"Yeah..." Mike agreed. "Um," he fumbled then punched a pill out and hesitated. "I mean I think we are ready now. At least. Ready for you to go off the pill. We can use the condoms and talk about the whole baby thing."

"Wait, what about the condom!" Mike gasped as his wife's pussy enveloped him.

Julie began to stand up but Mike grabbed her and pulled her back down. "Fuck yeah I do!" Mike grabbed her hips and began fucking her. The couple kissed deeply, both wildly turned on by Julie impending fertility.

"Oh fuck Julie!" Mike gasped, his mind returning to her affair. "What about Jason?"

"Oh god! Julie!" Mike grunted as began to fill his wife. Julie felt his cock swelling inside of her and joined in with her own orgasm. The couple kissed softly as they regained their breath.

Mike moaned under her and she felt his cock twitch inside her. Clearly the idea of their friend taking her unprotected was exciting for him too.

"He'll love it," Mike said. "I know I do." He reached out began rubbing his wife's freshly waxed pussy and asshole then fumbled with his pants.

"Fuck what a mistake that was..." Mike shook his head then buttoned his pants back up.

"Yeah I texted Jason earlier and am headed over there right after you leave."

"How's it going man?" Jason asked as he pulled Mike in for a hug.

"We'll come on in, let me make you a drink. An old fashioned okay?"

"Hey man thanks again for letting me borrow Julie. These gala events are a bit silly but I know the bosses will respect me more if I show up with a beauty like her."

"Yeah right in here," Jason led him in to the other room. "Dress, a box of accessories and some instructions for you."

"Shit are these real?" Mike asked, turning to Jason.

"Fuck, we can't take these! Must have cost a fortune!"

Mike pulled the choker out and held it up. He couldn't wait to see his wife in it! Suddenly he noticed another piece on the edge, a large buttplug with matching blue gemstone on the end. He pulled it out and showed it to Jason.

"That's true," Mike agreed, putting the box away. He checked his watch and saw he had time for another drink. "Want to watch the end of the game? I got a few."

"Oh!" Mike exclaimed, catching sight of the artwork. The walls were decorated with Erin's photography featuring both Erin and Julie. While the photos of Erin were explicit and revealed all of her naked body, they were artful with light and shadow used to accentuate her body.

"Wow, these look good, are they new?" Mike asked, trying to hide the arousal in his voice.

"Yeah they're beautiful," Mike moved closer to look at them and noticed that in many of the pictures not featuring Jason's cock, Julie dripped with cum. In one Julie laid back, her face flush from a recent orgasm and a content look on her face. Her legs were twisted to the side and a thick strand of cum was visible running out of her pussy and down her ass.

"Yeah, that'd be great," Mike said moving to the next picture as Jason turned on the TV and started watching the game. In this one Julie smiled up at the camera, licking her cum covered lips sensually. Her left hand held Jason's dripping cock, her wedding ring sparkling. "Shit," Mike swore under his breath. His cock was rock hard and he realized he had been asbently stroking himself through his pants at the thought that all of Jason's friends that came down here would see the conquest of his wife. He quickly removed his hand and joined Jason.

Mike read the small tag on it. _Mike, open after Erin leaves with Jason. Have fun tonight! I know they will ;). PS. Julie insisted on the condoms but she agreed it was up to you to pack them! I know what I'd choose ;P.

"Yeah and thanks again man! You and Julie are really saving me here," Jason said hugging his friend.

"Fucking hell," Mike swore as Julie came down the stairs. She was the picture of sensual beauty with perfect makeup and hair and a dress that managed to both reveal and conceal her body.

"Hell no! It's perfect!" Mike approach her and pulled her in for a kiss. She kissed him briefly before pushing him away with a giggle.

"Awww, I have half a mind to take you now," Mike growled, his hand easily slipping in the slit of her dress and squeezing her ass.

"Somehow I doubt that," Mike said.

Mike kissed his wife's cheek. "I love you honey. I appreciate your concern for me, but I just want you to have a good, guilt-free time."

As Mike knelt before his wife's outstretched leg he couldn't help but glance up. The dress fell between her thighs, technically covering her but revealing her full legs and hips, as well as an enticing stretch of booty. He breathed in deeply and could smell her arousal before standing, Julie smirking at his erection.

"Will that even fit?" Mike asked, concerned for his wife's ass.

Mike laughed in agreement then spanked his wife's ass causing her to moan before the doorbell rang. Julie quickly straightened herself out while Mike answered the door to find Jason dressed in a sharp looking tuxedo.

Julie blushed and gazed up into his yes. "I'm glad you like it." She twirled and the dress fluttered, briefly flashing her trimmed bush and tight ass. "It's not too much for an office function is it?"

"Almost! Let me just grab my purse," Julie grabbed her usual purse and pulled out her wallet, keys, and phone. Mike handed her the designer clutch and Julie tossed everything in. She hesitated and glanced at Mike before reaching for the box of condoms. "Just in case," she muttered under the breath.

Julie suddenly gave him a serious look. "It is... I mean I am not not planning anything," she stepped closer to him. "But like, just in case?" Her cheeks were flushed at the idea of fucking Jason raw and she secretly hoped Mike would send her off unprotected. She glanced at Jason who was grinning happily and winked at her.

Julie was practically panting as she realized her husband was sending her willingingly to Jason. "I'll be back by one you silly fool, I promise!"

The couple left arm in arm and Mike watched as Jason's hand moved to his wife's ass, Julie wiggling her hips in pleasure as they headed to his car. As soon as they drove off Mike ripped open the box from Erin.

_ Mike looked into the rest of the box, finding another bottle of lube and several small cameras with another note. Cameras are synced to the home base. Password is JulesGetsFucked. Can sync them to the hotel wifi with your phone or a laptop. There looked to be three cameras and a central station. He quickly pulled out his computer and looked them up. "Damn," he muttered. These were top of the line HD cameras with mics. He quickly downloaded the software and found them easy to connect.