Mrs. Swanson's Boarding House Ch. 09

The Mrs. Swanson series started in 2010. I have re-read some of it and apoligize for the lame editing. Hopefully this continuation of a chapter started in 2011 is a little better. If this is your first exposure to Mrs. Swanson's ideas please consider reading at least chapter 8 before proceeding. Mrs. Swanson is a strong willed woman. Some men appreciate that, if you don't please move on and don't waste your time.

The young candidates for assistant housekeeper quickly dressed in the nightwear that Miss Bridgeway had left for them and reported to the kitchen.

The nightgowns had a ruffled collar and a slit that extended to the middle of their sternum, conveniently midway between their firm young breasts. Miss Bridgeway inspected their chests. "This will never do ladies." She announced sternly.

"The night clothes I provided for you to wear when tending to our young men do not include bras!" She admonished. "Please remove them immediately."

"During the day, yes, without a doubt." Miss Bridgeway explained patiently. "But in the evening, just before bedtime it is one way to tease our gentlemen. Mrs. Swanson

Miss Conrad sighed as she considered Mrs. Swanson's theory. "But what about all the men's magazines that are available? I've seen some and they leave nothing to the imagination."

As Miss Bridgeway spoke Carol, whose skin was creamy vanilla blushed as she let her nightgown drop to the floor and removed her bra. Latoya whose skin was milk chockolate also blushed but one would ever know it! Miss Bridgeway gazed at their perfect young bodies approvingly, "I see you are wearing the appropriate panties; you may put your nightgowns back on but leave them untied."

"Not if you are careful." Miss Bridgeway snapped, "And we don't call them boys; they are young men soon to be doctors and worthy of your respect."

"I think you will find they never prance!" She scolded again. "It is your job to condition these young men to a life of devotion to one woman." Miss Ridgeway reminded them. "Forbidding masturbation and helping them when they are distracted is Mrs. Swanson's tried and true method of achieving these ends. I remind you that nearly twenty housekeepers have chosen one of our young men as their husband and life partner. Also, there has never been a divorce."

"Why do we need the thermos?" Carol wanted to know.

"Please do, Miss Williams."

"Very well said, Miss Williams."

"Miss Williams?"

"What is the bedtime procedure?"

"That is correct, Miss Williams. What should you be doing while they are preparing for bed, Miss Conrad?"

"That is also correct. These young men have been with us long enough that I doubt there will be any spotting but on the off chance there is some, what should you do?

"You shame them and if it is in their bedding instruct them to get fresh linens from the closet."

"Even if they haven't asked for help?"

Miss Bridgeway glance up at the clock. "My how time flies. Before you go upstairs here are your aprons. You'll be glad you wore them if one of them needs your help." She handed each of them a freshly washed and ironed white bib apron. "These will have to do. If you are chosen you will, of course, be fitted for your own personalized apron."

Miss Bridgeway explained, "The apron ultimately becomes a symbol of a gentleman's submission to his wife. Fitting the apron accentuates her hips and bust, the very essence of her femininty. Each of the women in her inner circle wears an apron with her name on it but fitted to the helper. Even though he is being masturbated by a woman other than his wife he can see her name and is reminded he is still submitting to her authority."

"It has been her life's work." Miss Bridgeway proclaimed. "But enough of this chit chat! It is bedtime."

The housekeeper candidates were not so fortunate. As they descended the back stairs to retire to the guest bedroom Carol whispered, "That was anticlimactic!"

Miss Bridgeway greeted them as they crossed the kitchen on their way to their room. "Back so soon?"

"Miss Williams!" Miss Bridgeway scolded, "They are gentlemen or young men, or young gentlemen but they most definitely are no longer boys! Please remember that!"

"Housekeepers get up at 4:30 to prepare for the day." Miss Bridgeway pronounced. "Off you go, get your rest. You will need it tomorrow!"

LaToya watched as she stripped down to her slippers, panties, and bonnet. As Carol threw the garments into a laundry basket she turned towards LaToya. "What? I suppose you are comfortable in that heavy flannel atrocity!" Carol huffed.

"What are you looking at?" Carol demanded, "Never seen a girl in old lady panties?" She laughed.

"Am I?" Carol whispered in her ear as her hand found the apron strings behind LaToya's back. "Let's get you out of these stuffy old things." She lifted the apron over LaToya's head, opened the neck of her gown and let it fall to the floor. Carol took her hands and stepped back. "We look frumpy in these panties and bonnets!"

"Your tits are hard!" LaToya whispered.

"Kiss me." LaToya begged. As their hips ground against each other their hands roamed freely from their shoulders to their hips. Carol's fingers hooked the elastic in Latoya's stodgy cotton old lady panties, "You don't need these!"

"Tits first, don't you think?" LaToya moaned as they nibbled and kissed and sucked. Carol stroked LaToya's head but LaToya chose to stroke Carol's belly. "Are you a virgin? She asked.

"No, not since senior prom night!" Latoya admitted. "I'll be careful!"

Together they laid across the bed. Their cheeks resting on the other's thigh gazing at the other's womanhood. Slowly, with no sense of urgency, they traced each other's sex. Squeezing each other's mound and lightly teasing the inner lips. Inserting first one then two fingers into their tight young vagina's. Latoya broke the silence, "I'm ready, please, I am so ready."

LaToya licked her slit. "Girl, you talk too much."

"Quite well ma'am, quite well indeed." She closed the door before letting her nightgown fall off her shoulders and in a move that was well practiced stepped out of her soggy panties. "I think they are equally qualified to join our Sisterhood!"

"Indeed." Miss Bridgeway agreed. "What is your pleasure tonight, my love! It's your turn to choose!"

Miss Bridgeway went to the nightstand and pulled out the oddly shaped double dildo and the leather straps needed to hold it in place. Mrs. Swanson pulled up the skirt of her own nightgown revealing a neatly trimmed and very puffy pussy. "Are you extra horny tonight. lover?" Miss Bridgeway teased.

"Let me get a good look at you." Miss Bridgeway scrutinized their appearance. "Please untie the ribbons under your chin."

"I'm sorry, Miss Bridgeway, what seems to be the problem?" LaToya asked sheepishly.

"Why is this appropriate? Latoya inquired. "Isn't going braless immodest?"

believes that the sight of a lady's ankle or the possibility of just a fleeting glimpse of the swell of her breast should be all it takes to arouse a gentleman."

Miss Bridgeway frowned, "Those magazines are an abomination! Full of pictures of sluts and whores who allow their pictures to be used to sell products. They are forbidden in this house and in the household of every member of The Sisterhood. Always remember our goal is to condition these young men to desire just one woman. The woman who ultimately guides him and helps him in all things!"

"Won't the boys be able to see our tits?" Carol challenged.

"But they are naked and we are not!" Latoya interrupted, "It is difficult for me to imagine respecting men who prance around naked."

"Enough of that. As you can see there are two trays that I have prepared for you. In the future, if you are fortunate to be chosen, you will prepare your own trays since I, of course, will be enjoying my day off." On each tray was a cookie for each of the young men, and a glass for milk. Also on the tray was a thermos for the milk.

"May I answer that Miss Bridgeway?"

"Since we cannot know if one or more of the young men will require our help the thermos will keep the milk warm until it is needed."

Just then the clock chimed the quarter hour. "It is time for you to get your charges ready for bed."

"Yes, ma'am."

"We announce ourselves, give them five minutes to conclude any reading or writing they may be involved with ask them if they need any help before bed and if not give them their cookie and milk to enjoy as they wrap up their studies. Then have them brush their teeth and use the necessary room if need be."

"We should turn down their bedding and collect their laundry inspecting both for any spotting."

The two young ladies looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.

"Watch as they make their own bed and then take them to the small room at the head of the back stairs where you will masturbate them in privacy."

"In this case yes! Impress upon them how disappointed you are. You should do this as quickly as possible so that they realize they have failed and you are not happy about having to report to Mrs. Swanson that you have failed. In short lay a guilt trip on them!"

"A fitted apron? I've never heard of such a thing!" LaToya blurted. Carol remained silent but was just as dumbfounded.

"Mrs. Swanson has thought of everything!" LaToya acknowledged.

Carol and Latoya picked up their trays and climbed the back stairs to attend to their duties. Much to their disappointment none of the young gentlemen needed or requested their help. To an outsider, the sight of these "housekeepers" dressed in long flowing nightgowns, aprons and bonnets attending to naked young men would be titillating, even erotic but to the young men, it was becoming normal. That was Mrs. Swanson's plan.

"I'll say!" LaToya agreed quietly. "I was hoping at least one of them would require my help."

"Yes, ma'am, the boys were well behaved!"

"Yes, ma'am." LaToya was contrite, it would take great effort to break habits developed over her all too brief adulthood, but she knew she could do it if given the chance!

Safely in the guest bedroom, Carol closed the door. "I've got to get out of this atrocious gown and apron!"

"Not at all." Latoya abmitted.

LaToya stared as Carol struck a mock modeling pose and then walked seductively towards her. "You're gorgeous!" She whispered breathlessly.

"We do, but what would our 'gentlemen' think if they could see us now!"

"So are yours!" Carol grinned. "The poor 'little boys' would need our help!'

Together they stepped out of their panties and slippers. They embraced wearing just the bonnets. "Why are we still standing?" Without saying another word they walked to opposite sides of the bed and turned down the covers. They crawled towards each other and kissed. "I want to taste you." Carol pleaded breathlessly.

"Yes, are you?" Carol gasped.

"Why? Carol giggled. "I have toys you know!"

Carol flicked LaToya's clit with the tip of her tongue, tasting her for the first time. "You're so sweet!"

The muffled sounds of the two young women pleasuring each other brought a smile to Miss Bridgeway's lips as she paused to listen on her way to Mrs. Swanson's bedroom. "How are our candidates doing this evening?" Mrs. Swanson inquired.

Mrs. Swanson mused, "It will be a shame to disappoint one of them."

"Lucky me!" She giggled. "I think I want you in me tonight!"

"I am."

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