My Master

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.

I pulled into the driveway to my house and I was disappointed to see my future mother-in-law's car in the driveway.

My fiancé's name is Sam and we met as roommates in college. He had actually just proposed to me last night, so I was hoping to spend a nice romantic evening with him. Sam's mom is Kathy and she is a pleasant woman and we generally get along well. She is a bit protective of her son which has given me the impression over the years that he is a bit of a Mama's boy because he spends a lot of time taking care of her. She was divorced several times before I met Sam and now it seems she relies on him for her emotional support.

"Sam? Where are you babe?"

I hear a woman's voice say, "Oh Sam, fuck me, make me your dirty slut." This is followed by a smack and more moaning.

I took a step back in shock. What the fuck was going on, I came home expecting to have to entertain my mother in law, but I find my fiancé fucking some bimbo in our bed. I was sad and furious that I just stood there with tears in my eyes until I finally built up my courage. I opened the door ready to fly into a rage at my cheating fiancé.

"Sam!?" I yell with a crazed note in my voice, "What the hell is wrong with you, why are you fucking your mother??"

"What the hell is going on Sam? Why are you fucking your mom and why does she have a cock? Is she even your mom?" I had stopped yelling, but my voice showed how confused I was with my uncertain speech.

"How about you sit down honey so that I can explain." Sam said to me like nothing was wrong.

I was so used to following his orders that I immediately started to undress. I took off my jacket, followed by my dress shirt, and finally my undershirt. Underneath my chest was fully shaved, just how Sam liked it. I then unbuckled my belt and slid my pants off.

Underneath my work pants I was wearing a pair of pink lacy panties and poking out of the them was my chastity cage that was keeping my cock contained. I felt embarrassed as I was now nearly naked in front of his mom, but my shame was soon tempered by my arousal and curiosity.

I got up on the bed and sat next to Sam. Up close, I could see the veins in his cock each time his mom bounced up on his dick. I loved to trace those veins with my tongue whenever I was on my knees worshipping his cock. I sometimes even felt their texture when he slammed his cock into my tight asshole.

"You probably have some questions for me my little sissy boy, now don't you?" He said as he continued to squeeze my cage and balls.

"First of all, who is this? She can't be your mom she has a cock." I said as I looked at Kathy's cock locked in chastity. It looked very similar in size to mine especially since I noticed that me and her had the same cage.

"How did you Dad become your Mom?" I asked confused.

She went very red, but she spoke almost immediately. "I watched a lot of gay porn and tranny porn, but sissy porn was my favorite at that time."

Kathy moaned some more as he massaged her breast and said, "I'm your sissy faggot slut Sam, I'm just a hole for you to abuse."

"Yeah you are you little slut." Sam said and then with a pinch on her nipple he continued his story. "After he tried to tell me off, I closed the door behind me and took off my pants. He gaped at my cock which was already the size it is now 6.5 inches and looked more than double his size. I said to the little faggot, 'Yeah dad this is what a real man's cock looks like.' He gaped and said, 'Holy shit Sam.' All the fight had gone out of him instantly, so I walked over, took his head, and forced it down on my cock. He resisted a little bit at first, but I was much stronger than him which allowed me to grab him by the head roughly and press my cock through his lips. Soon he was eagerly sucking my cock his head bobbing up and down like a college school girl. He tried to resist throughout saying some stupid shit like, 'This is wrong, I'm your father Sam.' It was just hard to believe him with how eagerly he was licking my cock. He was pushing it all the way in his mouth over and over little moans escaping his lips. I came in his mouth, made him swallow it, and said 'I'm the man of the house now, you are going to have to listen to everything I say. Got it?' He nodded like the little sissy he was and from then on, he slowly became my sissy bitch. I made him tell me about all his sick fantasies all of which involved him sucking or getting fucked by a real man's cock until he told me about his feminization fantasies. He was a complete sissy faggot and his greatest desire was to become a bimbo slut to be used by men like a fuck slave. I liked this fantasy, so I focused on transforming him into my bimbo slave. The process started with forcing him to wear panties and chastity cage, he was forced to wear them to work every day. I threw out most of his wardrobe expect for a few pairs of pants and shirts for him to wear to work. Then I made him buy a sexy female wardrobe of panties, bras, skirts, shorts, tops, socks, stocking, everything he needed to be a sexy little sissy for me. I started calling him Kathy to reinforce his new lifestyle and whenever he was home he dressed like a woman. The second he walked in the door he stripped down to his panties and put on whatever outfit I had selected for the day. He learned to walk in heels, wear makeup, and most importantly pleasure me. After a few weeks of him sucking my cock and getting fucked all over the house I took over his bed and made him my little fucktoy housewife. Every night he would crawl in to bed with a sexy nightie and panties on begging to suck my cock. After he sucked it for a while, I would push him down and fuck his ass. I loved to fuck him missionary because it forced him to look at me and see that it was his son pounding his sissy ass. He had failed so much as a man that his own son made him into a sissy faggot who worshipped cock. I loved to watch his little pink cock flap back and forth against his stomach as I fucked his ass hard. He would suck my cock whenever I wanted and I made him suck it all over the house: in the morning before school, at the door after school, in the shower, he practically lived on his knees for a few months. As a graduation present, I got him his big fake tits and some facial surgery to make him more feminine. I made him show up to my graduation dressed like a he was working at a strip club. I think I still have the pictures somewhere if you want to see. From then on he lived fully as a woman with a tiny little secret in his panties." He finished his story with a smile. Then he looked at his former dad and said, "So mom tell my sissy fiancée here your favorite part of the transition."

Kathy climbed off Sam and turned around staring at his cum covered cock licking her lips. He saw her gaze and asked her, "Do you want something slut?"

"Yes, you can, as long as you share with Taylor." he said with a smile towards me.

Kathy immediately took the head of Sam's cock in her mouth and licked off the cum and juices that coated it while I, lowered my head and took his balls in my mouth one at a time until I had licked all the cum off them. I moved up to the shaft and licked one side while Kathy licked the other. "What a lovely sight. I love watching my sissy sluts work together." Sam said as he watched his mom and fiancée slobber over his cock.

"Oh, honey I loved it. I'm so glad you are marrying a sissy slut. Me and her are going to have so much fun together. She is quite the good little cocksucker I'd love to hear the story of how you trained her." She said this as she looked at me excitedly like a I was a new toy she had just received.

"Oh great" I think sarcastically. I'm not looking forward to interacting with her so soon after getting off work. I had just come from a long day working in IT for a fortune 500 company. It's a busy job with no downtime and now that she is here I can't come home, take of my suit and relax. Instead I must spend my time off entertaining my fiancé's mom.

I enter the house and take off my shoes feeling the relief as my feet are free after being on them all day long. I look in the living room expecting to see Sam and his mom sitting on the sofa watching TV, but no one is there. I call out

No response. Weird. They are probably upstairs in the office looking at our current wedding plans that we had already started to throw together. As I head upstairs, I begin to hear some noises that sound a bit like... moaning? They are coming from our bedroom, so I walk silently to the door and put my ear on it to listen.

I hear Sam say, "Fuck yeah take my fat cock you filthy whore. Take it all in your tight little hole."

After I opened the door, I burst into the room ready to make a scene but instead I stared at the scene in complete surprise. Sam was facing the door on the bed, fucking a woman on her hands and knees who moaning face down into a pillow. As they heard the door open the woman looks up and it was Kathy, my mother in law.

He smiled and kept thrusting into her over and over acting like this was a perfectly normal situation. Despite the rage I couldn't help but feel a little aroused watching him pound her so confidently. Kathy face turned a deep purple with embarrassment, and she tried to hide her face in the pillow. Sam though, was having none of that pulls her up by her tits and shifted her until she was riding his cock reverse cowgirl on his lap exposing her...cock?

I felt my arousal grow with how calm Sam was thrusting his big cock in and out of Kathy's ass, her cock bouncing up and down each time he thrust. She had on a pink chastity cage which matched her bra and panties. The panties were pulled aside allowing easy access to her ass which Sam was shoving his cock in and out of rapidly. Kathy tried to put up her hands up to hide her face, but Sam pulled them away, quickly pulling her hands behind her back.

"Take off your clothes as well, I don't like seeing sluts like you and Kathy in male clothes." He commanded.

"Stop there." Sam said. "Now look, you and my mom match."

"Come up and sit on the bed." Sam said to me as he motioned to a spot next to where he sat, his cock was still thrusting in and out of his mom's asshole while her chastity cage bounced up and down.

"So." He said as he grabbed my chastity cage and looked me in the eyes.

With his dominant hand on my cock I lost the last of my anger and decided that I needed to figure out the situation before I made any judgements.

"Well honey, this is originally my biological father. My Dad and Mom were only married for a brief period divorcing when I was 3 years old. My dad raised me by himself, but he didn't become my mom until I was in high school." Sam said. He gave Kathy a smack on her ass when he said "mom" and she moaned a little bit as she still bounced hypnotically up and down on his cock.

"Well, it all started when I hit a major growth spurt in high school. By the time I was 18 I was already 7 inches taller than my Dad. You see my Dad, whose name was Connor at the time, was only 5'3" and very slender for a man. Our relationship began to change one day when I was using his computer to do some homework for school. I looked through his browsing history just out of curiosity and I found that I had been visiting some very kinky porn sites. Why don't you tell Taylor the kind of smut you were watching Mom?"

"Good girl" Sam said as he gave her another hard smack on the ass which caused her to emit a little whimper of pain. Sam smiled and continued his story. "So, I had realized my Dad was most likely a sissy that wanted to be feminized by a real man and now I had to figure out what to do about it. The next day I left school and came home early hoping to catch my dad in the act as he usually worked from home. I was in luck, his car was there, so I snuck into the house quietly, and crept up to his office. I peered inside and saw him in there at his computer with his pants around his ankles. He was jerking off watching a video on his computer that was showing a scene of tranny get fucked by a big black cock. I burst into the room and said, 'What the fuck are you watching Dad?' He quickly minimized the window and turned around his face shining red and said 'Sam what the hell are you doing? Get out of my office.' I responded by saying 'What the hell is wrong with you Dad, are you some kind of faggot? This is probably why mom left you.' I looked down and saw his tiny hard cock and laughed, 'I guess that's probably part of the reason too. She probably couldn't even feel that tiny thing.' Then my silly dad said 'You don't talk to me like this, got to your room now young man, you're grounded!' She was so cute then so defiant, tell Taylor what you are now Mom." Sam said this with one hand on her breast and the other on her caged cock.

That statement excited me for two reasons: one, it was so hot to hear a crude statement like that out of his normally classy mothers' mouth and two, it was something I had said to Sam many times before.

Kathy seemed to be a little more comfortable looking at me now as she eyed my caged cock in panties with a lusty eye. Her glazed eyes made her look like she was racking her brain hard and finally said, "I think my favorite part was when you made me start wearing the panties, cock cage, and bra under my work clothes every day. It was so arousing being at work covered in these sexy clothes, when I was the only one that knew. Then I loved coming home, dressing up in a short skirt, and waiting near the door for you to come home. I was always so aroused when I saw you open the door and pull out your cock right away. It felt so right when I said, 'Hi honey how was school?' and you just ignored me pulling my face onto your cock till it exploded. Then you would just slap my ass and say, 'Good girl, now what's for dinner slut?' Me losing my place as the man of the house and essentially becoming your sissy fucktoy was the best thing that ever happened to me." Kathy finished her story and seemed to be lost in thought remembering until suddenly Sam started to groan and thrust faster in her ass. I had seen this happen so many times before and knew that he was about to cum. Before long, his cock erupted inside her his balls lifting as he painted the inside of her ass. Kathy began to shake, and I saw a little bit of cum drip out her cage onto the bed. Then I saw a lot more cum began to seep out of her ass around Sam cock which was becoming soft and retreating from her ass.

Kathy who seemed to have lost all her embarrassment of me being there said "Please sir can I suck your yummy cock."

He laid back on the pillows and motioned to both of us. I looked and Kathy who wasted no time burying her face in his cock, so I quickly followed suit. Sam grabbed us both by our hair as we got close and said, "Don't fight over me now, there's plenty of cock for both of you sissies."

Sometime later once all our licking had made Sam hard again, he pushed us away from his cock. "Mom" he said looking at Kathy with his cute little grin. "How did you like your surprise today?"