My Mom's New Husband Ch. 04

Life comes at you fast, and you realize that when you're 21 and your parents are divorced and your step dad turns out to be a lecherous mystery and you suddenly realize your mom is a MILF.

Mom's job hours had finally changed, and in fact she decided to take some time off since we'd seen so little of each other since I came home. We had a week to ourselves and we wanted to spend as much time together as possible.

I'm pretty sure that was my fault.

The first breakfast she made seemed to set the tone for the week as she sang and bounced around the kitchen, her robe coming undone over and over and her laughing like a girl, tying it back, loosely at best, then letting it come open again and again, me watching in wonder as my mother teased me showed me her tits without making it obvious and basically turning me into a smoldering son, leering at her as she became more and more brave and emboldened.

"Mom!" I said. "Don't ask me that."

"I can't believe I did that," she said. "Don't dare tell your father. I mean, step father. Or either of them!"

She smiled and looked me in the eyes as I realized what I was doing and stopped suddenly, blushing and apologizing.

"Don't worry baby," she said. "Mommy's not going to punish you."

"Throw that into the hamper if you would darling," she said, walking away, her perfect ass swaying as she went onto the pool deck and grabbed a t-shirt hanging from a hook. It barely covered her ass, and when she reached up for a coffee mug, I could see her gorgeous figure, her beautifully shaped butt and just the underside of her bald, waxed pussy.

"Stop staring at me," she said in a sweet and innocent voice.

"So let's talk," she said, taking a sip of coffee and looking into my eyes. "I want to know what you think of Michael. I really want to know."

She considered the answer and scrunched her eyebrows a little and asked a question that shocked me.

"No Mom," I said. "That's nobody's business but yours and Michael's anyway. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks."

She looked me in the eyes again and asked "Do you think he's gay?"

"Well, then bi?" she asked. "People talk, and my best friend Cheryl told me that Michael had been quite a sexual animal when he was a medical rep."

She stopped me.

I looked at her and wondered what she knew and what she suspected. I was a little scared that she knew more than I did. I had to be honest, my vodka-laced dream encounters with Micheal down in the basement weren't strong memories. I barely believed they happened, but I fully understood my strong feelings toward him as a man were real.

"Let's go swimming naked!" she said.

I followed her, confused again, but intent on seeing the summer through, anxious about how it had gone up until now and curious as hell how this would all end. My mom was absolutely seducing me, just as I suspected her husband had done.

I dove in at the deep end, my shorts falling off as I swam toward my mother, not having any idea what was going to happen when I reached her. She was suspended at the edge of the pool where the diving board was located, the very deepest part.

I did the same, falling feet first until we bobbed on the bottom. My mother looked at me wide-eyed and jumped into my arms, kissing me like a teenager as we slowly floated back up to the surface.

She began to grind her hips up and down, kissing me and staring me in the eyes, moaning slightly as we sank again, falling to the bottom, humping like virgins.

After playing for what seemed like hours, she took my hand and led me to the shallow end where we walked up the steps, hand in hand, like young lovers.

I heard the voice from inside the kitchen. It was Michael.

"C'mon naughty boy. Let's eat!"

We're almost through summer, and to say my life has changed is putting it mildly. I don't even remember who I was when I came home from college in May. It was now early August, and school was beckoning and my time at home was running out.

Michael was working days, and we would mostly see him in the evening, but as the summer had worn on, even Michael and my mom seemed to be changing.

The last week started innocently enough with mom waking up and making breakfast in the mornings, always happy and perky, always dressed in a little robe that covered almost nothing.

"Do you think I still have a nice body," she asked that morning.

She laughed and opened her robe completely, flashing me for just a second then collapsing onto the edge of the counter laughing hysterically.

We laughed harder, so hard she spilled orange juice all over her and I stood up and grabbed a hand towel and without even thinking and began to rub her robe, basically feeling off my mom right there in the kitchen.

She laughed again, and hugged me.

She disrobed right there in front of me, letting it slide from her shoulders, slowly and seductively. Then she threw it in my face.

I was staring when she turned back around.

She poured herself a cup of coffee and sat down at the table with me.

I was surprised by the question and wasn't entirely sure of her intentions, but I told her I liked him. A lot.

"Do you think he's too young for me?" Mom asked.

She exhaled and admitted there was talk at the hospital, gossip among doctors and nurses about their marriage and their sex life. Apparently, Michael's reputation didn't get back to Mom until after they were married.

I almost spit my coffee back into my cup and said "Mom, how would I know something like that?"

"Mom, this is kind of..."

"Don't get me wrong," she said. "I don't mind it. I know there are men like that, and I think it's kind of hot in a fucked up way. Hell, it's not 1960 anymore."

I was lost in thought as my mom stood from the table and walked out the back door again, taking off the shirt before turning to me grinning.

And then she was gone, prancing away, her tits bouncing and her perfect little hind end sashaying back and forth as she walked out onto the deck, across the concrete and dove into the pool.

But there was no vodka involved now. Just my MILF mom showing me her waxed pussy and inviting me to swim with her. Naked.

When I got to her, she held her nose and took her arm from the edge, slipping straight down into the dark deep.

We broke the water gasping for air and laughing like kids, still holding each other in a lover's embrace, my cock thrust tight against her bare pussy. She wrapped her legs around me and kissed me, our tongues in each other's mouth like swords flashing.

We played all morning, rarely out of each other's arms, teasing and chasing and pawing at each other, a 40-year-old mom and her 21-year-old son, an incestual dance in the water that left us both exhausted as the sun rose higher into the air.

"Lunch is served!"

Mom looked at me and smiled, kissing me one last time and letting her hand wander down to my ass. Then she broke away and popped me on the rear.

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