My Only Daughter Ch. 05

The windows were open when I woke up late, the smell of bacon wafting up from the kitchen, a song I didn't know blasting through speakers.

The hot water washed all my thoughts away, and I stood there and let it cleanse me.


She poured a cup of coffee and turned toward me. She was wearing my shirt. And nothing else.

"Morning Daddy," she said, handing me my coffee, lifting higher on her tip toes to kiss me on the cheek. "Come have some breakfast."

"Thank-you baby," I said.

Charlotte broke the silence.

"What about the new boyfriend," I said.

I mumbled something about him not being welcome here anyway, and Charlotte waved it off.

"Oh, you have no idea," I said.

"About last night," I started. "I don't know what came over me. I don't..."

"I came all over you, Dad," she said. "Don't blame yourself. That was all me. You were drunk and helpless. And I don't regret one part of it. Well, maybe that last part."

"You loved it," Charlotte said. "I learned that from Mom."

My favorite memories were of her growing up, entertaining us with stories and one-act plays and made up games and songs and dance parties.

And now Sally was coming. What could go wrong?

That's an image I won't forget.

We always had great sex, maybe even better than we'd had when we were married. Sally had blossomed a bit, discovering that she liked anal sex more than ever, and also discovering a fondness for toys and objects.

So on one hand, I was looking forward to seeing her. She hadn't been over all summer. In fact, it had been more than six months since I seen, and fucked, my gorgeous ex wife.

"I have to get dressed," she said, dropping my shirt off as he rose. I followed her behind my sunglasses until she walked behind me and hugged my head, her tits rubbing against the back of my ears and her hand running down my chest and stomach.

And then she was gone, her smell hanging over me. I picked up my shirt and held it to my face. Then I slipped it on.

The doorbell rang just late in the afternoon, but Sally was coming through the door before I could even get to it. She walked in like she owned the place, which she once did, and just stood there.

God I loved her so much.

She was staring at me.

"I've started going to the gym again," I said shrugging and walking past her to make myself a vodka tonic. "You don't want to mix that with something?"

"I need a stiff one," she said, winking at me and rubbing her hand on my ass. "You look good."

"You look great," I said, my voice cracking just a bit.

"This was always my favorite view," she said.

"It was better when you were part of it," I said.

"Was it?" she asked curiously.

"Look at you two!" she said, a little too cherrily. "My parents, side by side."

They didn't say a word to me, just turned and walked back inside, arm in arm, laughing like little girls. I poured the rest of Sally's drink into mine and polished it off in one long gulp.

Sally was already making another drink. She was a consumer of excess, going through glasses and clothes and cars and men, and if my daughter's stories from the night before were true, women too.

We were like an estranged family of sorts, having survived years of happiness, cheating, divorce and sex. And apparently I had no idea how far it had gone.

They stroked each other's hair as they talked on the couch. It was beyond mom and daughter. It was foreplay. At one point, Charlotte leaned over and kissed Sally on the cheek and lay her head in the curve of her neck. Sally was crying.

They pawed at each other for several minutes, Charlotte brushing away Sally's tears as she kissed her in sensous pecks all over her face. They didn't know I was alive, lost in their own world, a world I was only vaguely aware of and only barely a part of.

This was a scene I'd never imagined, playing out before my very eyes in an overwhelming show of pure love and incest. I put my glass down quietly and leaned forward on the island.

She pulled it up and off her daughter's perfect body, pulling her face to hers and kissing passionately, I stood transfixed, the sun behind shining so brightly I was hidden in its rays coming through the sliding-glass door.

I almost passed out. I didn't take my eyes off of them, watched Charlotte's face in a way I'd never seen it, lost in utter bliss, her mom pulling her tighter around her as Charlotte rode her mom's face.

"C'mere," she mouthed the words, calling me with her finger.

My shorts were folded neatly at the foot of the bed, but the shirt I'd worn all weekend was gone. I started the shower and thought back to the night before, to all the nights before. Charlotte would be leaving for Chapel Hill in a day or two, and I would be alone again in a big beach house with nothing but memories of summer.

When I stepped out of the shower, there was quiet. The music was no longer playing, and I dried myself off with a towel and listened for Charlotte.

I slipped into my shorts with the towel draped over my shoulders and walked downstairs into an empty kitchen. The sliding door the deck was open, and Charlotte was outside arranging breakfast on the table.

I stared at her perfect body, the wind blowing it wide open exposing her completely, her blonde hair everywhere as she held the coffee cup and walked toward me, her long tanned legs moving like a little girl, lifting on each step with her painted toes shining in the sun.

I followed her to the table, my eyes never leaving her perfect ass with my shirt billowing all around her.

We ate in silence for a few seconds, watching eachother without saying what was obviously on our minds. The night before was wrong and something we both knew would always be between us. But it was also hot as hell, and my cock was hard just thinking about it.

"Mom's on her way over," she said. "She's going to spend the day here if that's OK. She's bringing some of my things for school."

"He's not coming," she said, smiling coyly.

"She wouldn't do that, Dad," she said.

We talked for a few more minutes before I said the obvious.

She put her finger over my lips.

I smiled. It all came back to me, her sliding onto my chest and peeing, a clean clear finish to the most taboo night of my life.

They had a close relationship, and there were no secrets between them. Charlotte was her mother's daughter, a perfect clone 23 years younger but with an imagination beyond either of us.

Now I had a new memory of her, straddling atop me, her perfect tits bouncing up and down as she rode her father's hard cock, both of us cumming over and over until she ended it by marking me and sending me off to sleep soaking wet.

We'd patched things up in the five years since the divorce. I was still heartbroken and hurt from her actions, the image of her and another man fucking in broad daylight while I watched from a few cars away.

But after a couple years, and arranged by our daughter, we started seeing each other from time to time, family dinners mostly, but a few times I would come up with an excuse to drop by or she would show up unannounced at the beach house.

I knew to always have an extra cucumber or a candle. One night, after emptying two bottles of wine, she used the wine bottles to fuck herself as I called her dirty names. She found that she liked being a submissive slut, something she'd never done when we were married.

Charlotte said something that woke me out of the daydreams of Sally.

"I loved last night," she whispered in my ear, sliding her hand down to feel my fully erect cock inside my shorts. "I've wanted you my whole life."

This was going to be a memorable day, I could just sense it.

She was incredible, tall and tanned, sunglasses perched on her head, blonde hair slightly out of shape from the ride over in her convertible. She was wearing a sundress, no bra, with sandals, dripping in gold around her neck and wrists, and smelling like saltwater and Chanel.

She swept past me, giving me a slap on the ass as she walked past, not slowing down but going straight to the bar, taking a glass from underneath and pouring a stream of vodka as she grabbed a handful of ice, plopping it all into the glass, splashing it everywhere.

"You've gained weight," Sally said, her sexy voice making me quiver slightly, my cock stirring inside my shorts.

She laughed.

She was walking toward the deck when I responded.

We walked to the deck where we'd spent so many summers together, stood in the same spot we always stood in and stared out across the dune, the swaying sawgrass and the ocean beyond.

I nodded.

She looked at me as she pulled her sunglasses down over her eyes.

I didn't answer. Charlotte was coming through the kitchen singing something I didn't recognize.

Charlotte and Sally hugged as I took Sally's drink from her hands and smiled at the two of them. They were twins, Sally a little weathered and Charlotte a little more tanned, but from a distance, you couldn't tell them apart.

"God help me," I mumbled as I walked in after them.

Charlotte was in a sundress, too, barefoot and braless, telling Sally about the summer, the parties, the boys and the latest exploits of Kennedy and her mom Stacey. They were all best friends, Stacey and Sally being closer than I realized for years, right under my own roof, and Charlotte and Kennedy now sorority sisters at Carolina.

The afternoon wore on as Sally drank, and I began to cook for an early dinner and Charlotte bounced around on and off the phone, herself starting to get tipsy as it turned to evening and the sun dropped onto the water, washing the house in an intense orange light that made if possible for me to stand in the kitchen and watch them without them able to see me.

I just watched them, emotions running over me in a torrent of confusion and erotic yearning. They were beautiful creatures. And despite a lifetime of drama, I was the luckiest man I knew.

Charlotte's head disappeared and Sally let the strap of her sundress slide off, exposing her breasts. She held Charlotte's head as her daughter suckled her mother's tit, Sally's head leaned back, her tongue hanging out as Charlotte sucked her mom harder and harder, both of them moaning slightly.

Charlotte stood and straddled her mom, settling down in her lap and facing her, dropping her own sundress down to reveal her perfect breasts as Sally buried her head into her daughter's tits, sucking her nipples as Charlotte rode her mom, slowly grinding her hips as Sally's hands slipped behind her daughter and slowly unzipped the sundress.

I reached down and dropped out of my shorts, began stroking the head of my cock absent-mindedly as I watched my daughter stand on the couch and collapse her pussy into her mother's face.

And then I realized she was looking at the silhouette of me in the sun, her father standing in the kitchen watching his daughter get her pussy eaten by her mother. Charlotte smiled and held up a finger, making a sultry motion.