My Wife and My College Buddy

The light on my office phone began to blink, indicating an incoming call, and when I picked up the receiver, my former college roommate Ron was on the other end. We had not talked in years, so it was a pleasant surprise to hear from him again. He was in town for a few days on business, did I want to meet someplace for a drink, and to catch up? I was happy to do so, we picked a place near his hotel, said our goodbyes, and I got back to work. Later, I left the office, and drove to the place we had picked. Walking in, I spotted Ron seated at the bar, and walked over and greeted my old friend. Grabbing our drinks, we moved to a table, and found out what the other had been up to. Ron was in pharmaceutical sales, and traveled everywhere in the States. Unlike me, he was still single.

Our conversation turned to my wife Sue, and our marriage. I let Ron see the pictures of Sue that were on my phone, forgetting that I had taken several of her in her bikini on vacation.

"Do you and Sue ever do anything wild, like swinging?" he asked.

"Is he was going to be in town for a few days, we should have him over for a meal." she said. I told her I'd ask him, and off to bed we went. Later, I lay in bed, thinking about what Ron had said about women having sex with another guy, if they had the right opportunity. I wondered if I was right about my wife. Our sex life was good, not spectacular, and Sue had never mentioned wanting anything more. I was surprised when the thought of another man sticking his cock in my wife made my cock get hard.

"Only if we have fewer than last night." I texted back. I got an LOL back, and said to meet him in the bar at his hotel, and he would buy first round. A few hours later, we were sitting at a table and sipping our drinks, and I told Ron that Sue wanted him to come over for dinner. He was happy to take us up on the offer, he said, and was looking forward to meeting Sue. I gave him the address, and set a time for the following evening. The next day came and went, and right on time, the doorbell rang. The three of us shared drinks and a few laughs while waiting on the food. I noticed that Sue was polite, but did not respond to Ron's more risqué comments. I had wondered how she would act around my good looking buddy and his off-color humor. Ron was 6-1, a chiseled 180, with short blonde hair, and piercing blue eyes. Women had always melted at his charm. Remembering our discussion about women craving sex with strange men, it appeared he was wrong, at least where Sue was concerned. Dinner passed, and we had a few more drinks, then Sue excused herself, saying she had an early start the next day. Watching her hips swing as she crossed the room, I noticed Ron was also checking out Sue's round ass. After she left, Ron commented "You're a lucky guy, you should never leave her alone with another guy."

"How do you know, has she been in that situation?" he asked. "Any woman, given the chance, would have sex with another man, if she was attracted to him," he insisted.

"You noticed that, huh? Did that offend you?" he asked.

Ron then stated that Sue had acted as she did because I was in the room. "How would she act if it had been just her and I?"

Ron also laughed, and said he had better get back to the hotel, and I let him out the door. His words stuck with me for some reason. What would Sue do, if she were alone with Ron? Would she still hold him at arms length, or we would she be more receptive?

"Ok, what is it?" I asked.

"Now, if I'm right, and Sue responds to my advances, will you let it play out?" he asked. I was tempted to stop it right there, but there was that thought in back of my head, that I really wanted to see what she would do.

The plan was set for the following evening. When I arrived at home, I asked Sue if we could entertain Ron for dinner again, his last night in town? She readily agreed, and the plan was in motion. The next day, I sent Sue a text, that I had a big problem at work, had to stay late, and we'd have to cancel our dinner plans with Ron. I said I'd take care of calling him. Then, I left work early, to make sure I arrived home before Sue. A storage room in our home offered a view of both the living room, and of part of the bedroom. I made myself comfortable, and right on time Sue walked in the door. She was dressed in a thin button up blouse, and a skirt that ended just above her knees. As I watched, she went to the bedroom, and pulled off her panty hose, leaving only her thong under her skirt. She next unbuttoned the top two buttons of her top, and walked to the kitchen. She had poured a glass of wine, and was sitting on the couch when the doorbell rang. It was Ron, carrying another bottle of wine.

"Oh no, did he not call you?" she asked. "He had to stay late at work, and may not get home until very late." She let Ron in, and they talked a bit. "Well, since you are here, and you brought my favorite wine, the least I can do is feed you. Help me set the table." she said. I could not see the kitchen or dining room, but I could catch parts of the conversation. I heard Ron ask if he could refill Sue's glass, and she readily accepted. After the third refill, I began to worry a little.

"Sure, as long as the wine holds out." she answered, giggling. Then they came into view, Ron carrying the bottle and two glasses. Sue was barefoot, and another button on her blouse was unfastened. He sat them on the coffee table, and sat down on the couch next to my wife. I was nervous about what would happen next. I could tell Sue was tipsy, she was grinning and talkative, and her face was flushed. She'd laugh and lean her shoulder into Ron's arm, having a great time. Ron smoothly lay his arm onto the back of his couch, and shortly Sue sat back and lay her head on his arm. She sighed, and closed her eyes. Ron slid closer, closing the small gap between them, then leaned over and kissed Sue.

"You're a very pretty woman." Ron said in a husky voice.

Ron slowly moved his hand away from her face, and let it slide down her arm, then over onto her breast. Sue broke the kiss, and gave Ron a look while taking his hand away, and placing it on her shoulder. Then to my surprise, she put her hand on the back of his head, and pulled his mouth back to hers. Ron moved his hand from her shoulder to her back, and started stroking her back slowly. After a few minutes, he moved his hand back to her belly, then slid his hand up, cupping her breast from below. Sue gave another small jerk, but let him fondle her this time. It was all I could do to control my breathing, not wanting to give myself away. I wanted to send her a text or something, to break things up, but I couldn't move, and I remembered the agreement. Finally, without breaking the kiss, Sue took his hand away, and pushed it to his lap, and I breathed a silent sigh of relief.

"Never found one that caught my eye," he said, "but I've auditioned several." Ah, Ron, still a cocksman. More than once, I had to sleep in the lounge while Ron fucked his latest pussy in our dorm room.

"Wow, she is a total fox, you are a lucky dude." he said, handing the phone back. Sue is 5-5, with dark brown hair, dark eyes with high cheekbones. She was very lush and curvy in college, and has put on a few pounds since, but it only enhances her appeal. Her boobs, which used to be jutting D cups, have grown into pendulous DDs that lay on her chest, with brownish pink nipples the size of grapes. Her ass is ample but shapely, and in front she has a nice bush of pubic hair that runs down on either side of her pussy lips. She has a definite earth mother look that I have always found very erotic. As we chatted, he wanted to know if we had a solid marriage. I told him I felt we had a great relationship, and loosened by the alcohol, added that it was great in and out of the bedroom, with a laugh. Ron of course wanted details.

"Oh hell no," I laughed. "Sue likes sex, but she's a one man woman, and would never consider doing it with another guy." This led to a good-natured argument, with Ron maintaining that all women would stray, given the right opportunity, and me maintaining that other women might, but Sue would not. He finally gave up, and we moved on to other topics before calling it a night. When I got home, I laughingly told Sue that he was the same old Ron.

The next day, my phone buzzed, and it was a text from Ron. "You up for a drink after work?"

"I'm not worried about Sue." I replied.

"That may be true of some women, but not Sue. And besides, she showed no interest in you, and ignored all your sly little comments." I replied.

"No, it was all in good fun." I replied, taking a drink. "But she did shut you down."

"We'll never know, will we?" I laughed.

The next day, my phone buzzed again. It was Ron, he was held over for a few more days, and asked if I had time after work. I enjoyed his company, so I agreed. After work, I met him in the bar across from my office. He was quieter than usual, and I kidded him about it. "I have a proposal for you, a dare if you will." he said with a grin.

Ron leaned forward, and said he wanted to put Sue to the test, and over the next few minutes laid out his plan. I sat back, and mulled over what he had just said. I was hesitant, but also curious. And the fact that I would be present for the encounter made it more palatable, so I agreed.

I looked Ron in the eye, took a drink, and said "Yes, you can take it as far as Sue will let you, and I won't step in."

"Hi, where's your husband?" he asked.

As they were clearing the dishes, I heard Ron say "Is it okay if I stay a while? I'm enjoying your company, and the wine."

"Ron, we can't." she said after a few seconds, gently pushing him back. But, she didn't move away from him, and left her head tilted back on his arm.

"Well, you are a handsome man, and you smell good too." Sue responded, and giggled again. She turned and looked at him, and Ron leaned in to kiss her again. She turned her head away, but Ron kissed her on the cheek anyway, then placed his free hand on her chin, and turned her face back to him. Sue put up no resistance, and when he kissed her on the lips, she kissed him back. I had a good view, and I could tell when Ron slipped his tongue into Sue's mouth. She gave a tiny jerk, then relaxed and tongued him back. By now, I was mesmerized at what I was seeing. My wife was French kissing my college roommate, and seemed to like it, a lot.