New Muscle Ch. 02 - Grin and Bear it

Myles appears in my Mason series. This is part of a planned series of spin offs featuring characters from the "In'DaMan'd" Universe.

In truth Cameron was perfect for him, he had the chiseled body he liked, the tanned exotic look, more importantly he was sane and grounded, it was just a bonus that he could match his alpha male level of fucking. He tried to shake off the clouds in his mind and ramped up the resistance on the machine. He was dripping with sweat as he continued to run, he tried to focus on tonight, Cameron was going to stay over and they were going to have a quiet night in. Myles had no doubt that it wouldn't stay quiet for long. When he felt his cock spring up and put pressure on his tight running shorts he knew it was time to shower.

He had just cracked his first beer when he heard a knock on his door, after the gym he showered and jogged home to quickly tidy up the place. He was not used to hosting the same guy more than twice and despite himself wanted to make a good impression. He looked through the peep hole to double check that it wasn't a tenant who didn't read his "Off Duty" sign that he had placed on all the entry doors. His heart gave a jolt as he seen the state that Cameron was in.

"I am sorry Myles I was trying to keep it in on the bus over here but as soon as I got to the door I just couldn't anymore."

"It's my friend, he says I owe all this rent but I was under the impression that he was doing me a favour, I came home today and all my fucking stuff was gone, he won't tell me where he put it. It's literally everything I fucking own Myles." Cameron said, his voice breaking, he made eye contact with Myles before bursting into a body shaking sob.

"Take a deep breath and start at the beginning." Myles said as he placed a hand on Cameron's broad shoulder and began to rub it soothingly.

Myles stomach flipped, he was annoyed to find that he was jealous of Jeff even though he himself had been bollock deep in Cameron only a few nights ago.

"He suggested that I come down here when I returned from travelling, I had nothing to do back home and decided that I would, I had a feeling that Jeff had fallen for me but I told him straight up that I didn't have those same feelings for him, all he would say to me is 'give it time and you will'. I came here about ten days before I met you, I bought all my own groceries and stuff and even cooked for him, I tidied his unit and slept on the couch but every night would be the same song and dance, he would say good night and then hover around the bathroom door as I was getting ready for bed, then he would try to convince me to share his. I just felt really uncomfortable and I stupidly borrowed money off him for a suit for an interview. "

"I didn't get the job in the end," Cameron continued as he wiped his face, "So it just all snowballed from there, I just knew that if I gave in and slept with him that it wouldn't make any difference, if anything it would have made it worse."

Cameron shook his head in disbelief, his shoulders sagged and he fumbled with his hands.

"Sounds perfect." Cameron replied as he got off the stool and went to get a beer, he handed one to Myles and planted a soft kiss on his cheek. "Thank you Myles."

They spoke about Cameron's situation for about an hour, Myles subtly got the address and Jeff's description out of him without being obvious. They watched some stupid reality television show, making out during the commercial breaks. Myles enjoyed cuddling nearly as much as fucking, it was really good for him to have company. He didn't realise how lonely he had become, his life revolved around work, the gym and recently Mason. He had been paid to look out for him and had failed miserably but he was determined to make it right no matter what. He hadn't seen or heard from him in a few days and decided that he would ring him in the morning to check in, he hated not having any update on Kash or Channing.

He took deep breaths as the lady on the navigation told him that he had reached his destination. The apartment complex looked dank and dirty, old garden furniture littered the flower bed out front, Myles could see all the moths banging against the bright orange light over what he assumed was the entrance. He quickly scanned the index outside and found the apartment number. He walked up the stairwell that smelled of piss to the second floor. He could hear the tenants in one of the apartments screaming at each other, dogs howled in another unit. He wondered how Cameron stuck it out here for as long as he did. The thought of him living in this squalor and then getting his items stolen was too much. Myles zipped up his black hoodie and tried to make himself look as imposing as possible as he knocked on the door.

A bald man in his late thirties answered the door, he was wearing a pink singlet and navy shorts, all of his skin glowed red as if he had spent the day baking in the sun. Myles

"What you want?" He asked abruptly, squinting in the bright light of the corridor.

"I am sorry I think I have the wrong unit. Do you know if a Jeff lives on this floor?"

Myles looked over Jeff's shoulder and could see that the unit was a squalor, dirty dishes and garbage were strewn on the counter top that he could see, the stench of beer and cigarette smoke nearly made Myles gag.

"I never seen you before buddy, how'd you think we know the same people?" Jeff asked slurring his words.

Jeff looked confused for a few moments before recognition dawned on him.

Myles clenched his fists when he heard the disrespect.

"Don't have them on me right now." Jeff said with a condescending smirk.

"I see that little punk did a number on you too, he spread his ass cheeks for you yet. Well listen pal you are not special to him, I seen his kind come and go over the years. Sob story one minute then your left high and dry. Do yourself a favour, you look like a nice dude, kick his leech ass out pronto. He is nothing but trouble."

"As I said I don't got 'em."

"In storage, I had a feeling he would pull some shit like this, not man enough to come back here cos he knows he's in the wrong."

"Anyways, that little prick owes me over six thousand dollars."

"I have loaned him money for this last year, I paid for his trip and his flight, I have emails and voicemails to prove that it was a loan. He is not getting anything back until I see my money. "

"Have those emails and voicemails ready I will be back in the morning. Have the key to the storage nearby as well just in case you come round."

"Looking forward to it sexy, don't fall for his shit."

Myles slammed the car door and sped off in the direction of home, he was half way there when he decided that he needed to go to the gym to clear his head. By the end of the session he had come to the conclusion that Jeff was just as toxic as Cameron had said, a small voice in his head warned Myles not to be so trusting of him until he found out for sure. He didn't want his loneliness to cause him heartache down the road. He quickly abused the machinery and showered off. Cameron was sitting at the bench when he returned home.

"Yes I got in an impromptu session in the gym. You eaten yet?"

"I was hoping we could have breakfast in bed." He said flirtatiously licking Myles' ear.

"I am just going to nap, I have something to take care of before work. What are your plans?"

"Look for places to live I guess, maybe hit up a few second hand stores see if I can throw together some sort of wardrobe. I have an interview at eleven as well. That prick took everything, I should have grabbed more before I left."

"No, I am afraid to message him, he has a really creepy habit of twisting things. Two days ago I asked him could he get me some bread in the store, he said yes if I kiss him. I thought he was joking so I replied sure. Then he comes home and demands his kiss before he gives me the loaf, I refused and he fucking threw it in the bin, right in front of me. He then showed me the message I sent him but twisted it out of proportion so much that I knew I had to leave. It was one of the lowest points in my life eating that bread out of the trash can Myles."

He hadn't felt this way about a guy in years and wasn't sure if he could take it if it turned out that Cameron was a leech. Myles always relied on his judgment of character, he could tell if a new applicant was going to be a good tenant or not after their interview for the complex. The city council always complimented him on how smooth he ran it all. It pained him to realise that he was still on the fence about who to believe.

On the other hand Jeff hadn't appeared to be the most stand up guy Myles had ever encountered but something about their last meeting struck a chord. His brain was still going a mile a minute before he realised that he was outside Jeff's unit. He lifted his hand to knock but the door opened before he made contact.

The whirr of the treadmill soothed Myles' frayed mind. Work was getting to him, his investigation into Kash was proving annoying and fruitless. He hated seeing the disappointed look on Mason's face when he either told him a lead he had was a dead end or that he had nothing to report. He was slowly becoming aware of how deep his feelings actually ran for him. Even after meeting Cameron he knew he should be happier, he had three dates with him in the space of six days and they always ended in ball busting amazing sex, he knew his underlying feelings for Mason was holding him back from going all in with Cameron.

"What's wrong?" He said as he opened the door quickly.

Myles placed a muscular arm around him and guiding him to the counter. He handed him his beer and went to turn down the stir fry he was cooking them both.

Myles stomach lurched, he hated seeing anyone he cared about in trouble or distress. He knew that he intimidated strangers with his giant muscular build, long flowing hair and beard, but deep down he had a big heart and would do anything for anyone.

"I meet Jeff on a gym social media page a few months ago and we did the whole online flirting thing, it was just banter to start with then we exchange nude pictures."

Cameron took another swig of beer, Myles was rubbing both of his shoulders now.

Myles tutted and shook his head, he fucking hated people who took advantage of others who were in a bad situation.

"You did the right thing, don't worry I will help you and we will get all your stuff back, you can crash here for a few nights." Myles had heard enough, his brain switched into protective mode and he knew then that he deeply cared for Cameron, he had only known him a short while but he liked to think he was a good judge of character.

"Grab a beer from the fridge and I will dish up the dinner, then we can talk about what we are going to do and forget about it for the night. Sound like a plan?" He asked with a grin.

He looked down at Cameron as the show ended, he was asleep on his chest, a small line of drool snaked from his mouth and rested on Myles' vest. He gently pushed his face of him and placed a pillow underneath his head, he grabbed the throw he kept on the back of the sofa and draped it over his waist. Cameron moved a little but didn't wake. Myles slipped on his sneakers and grabbed his car keys as quietly as he could, he tiptoed to the door and snuck out not making a sound. He took a deep breath as the door closed behind him, he didn't want to chicken out from the task at hand.

He typed in the address he had gotten of Cameron in his phone and drove the twenty three minute drive, he was lucky there was no traffic this late at night or else he would have turned around long ago. Myles hadn't decided to do what he was about to do until he looked down at Cameron's sleeping face, he hated the injustice of it all and convinced himself that if he stood up for him and got his possession back then that would ease his guilty conscious and erase the thoughts he had about Cameron not being good enough.

He knew it was late at night but in this area he didn't think people kept to normal hours. Sure enough after another round of knocking he heard what sounded like cans been kicked over and someone swearing loudly.

thought he was attractive in a rugged man's man kind of way, he had dark rings around his eyes but that only added to his butch look.

Myles couldn't believe for one second that Cameron could know someone like this man let alone stay with him.

"Yeah that's me, what you want?" He asked looking questioningly at Myles.

"We have a mutual friend and I am here to collect his property, then I will be on my way." Myles said calmly.

"Cameron told me he stayed at this unit on your couch. Is that correct."

"Oh that little prick tease. Figured he would move on to a younger model as soon as he could. Little bitch owes me money. "

"Not according to Cameron, now if you could pack up his things I will take them and leave, no drama needed."

"Well when can you get them? I trust they will be exactly as Cameron left them. I would hate to have to involve the authorities over something that I am sure two grown men can solve easily."

"Jeff," Myles' spoke calmer than he knew he could, his blood was boiling, "Just get me his belongings and he will be out of your life for good. Can you do that for me?"

"Where are they then?"

Myles could tell that he was getting nowhere.

"I doubt you pay six thousand dollars rent here in a year, how could he supposedly owe you that much?"

Myles took a deep breath and sighed. He had not expected the conversation to go like this, he imagined coming in here and being all tough, being Cameron's knight in shining armor, but now he was beginning to second guess himself and his relationship with Cameron. He tried to think quickly about what to do.

He turned and walked away he heard Jeff shout down the corridor after him.

"I woke up and you were gone."

Cameron hopped off his stool and walked towards Myles who was setting down his gym bag. He was wearing soft grey shorts. They could barely contain his meaty thighs, his six pack glowed in the pre dawn sun.

Myles jerked away, Jeff's words were ringing in his ear. Could Cameron really have used Jeff and taken all that money? There was no way he could find out unless he confessed that he went behind Cameron's back and meddled.

Cameron stepped away, a wounded look on his face.

"You try and contact him at all?" Myles asked as he pulled off his sneakers and socks.

Myles just raised his eyebrow and shook his head. He kind of regretted getting involved now and felt bad for doubting Cameron, when he called over to see Jeff later that morning there would be no more mister nice guy.

Jeff's complex was worse in the daylight, Myles caught a glimpse of himself in the cracked double doors, he had decided on wearing a black hoodie and shorts and his red high top sneakers. He had napped and showered and told Cameron he would see him later and good luck with the job interview and bolted out the door. He didn't like lying to him but couldn't see any way to avoid it this time and if there was even the slightest chance that he could get all his stuff back then it would make up for what he had justified in his head as a white lie. Jeff's comments were still running through his mind.

He knew Cameron seemed to have a good heart by the way he spoke but Myles wondered why he bothered to take Jeff's offer to stay with him in this shit hole. Was Cameron really that desperate?

"So you came back, I wasn't sure if you were going to, I thought that a guy that looks like you would have his choice of anyone and wouldn't be doing the dirty work of a sponge like that Cameron."