Nobody Says No to Jake

This is my first story so any reviews or comments are greatly appreciated.

The two main characters in this story are Jake and Brian. Jake is a straight 19-year-old college Sophomore who is fairly nerdy, but very in shape and handsome. Brian is a straight 21-year-old college Junior who is athletic, but not nearly as fit as Jake.

As he walks into his room, his roommate, Jake, is lying down in his bed, completely nude, jerking off.

"Sorry man, wasn't expecting you home so soon," Jake said hopelessly trying to cover his cock with his hands. Jakes cock was well above average, almost 8" long and around 6" around.

Jake realized he wasn't doing too much and took his hands away from hiding his cock, it sprang to attention, standing straight up, rock hard in all its glory.

"Well don't let me stop you, I'm just going to change then hopefully I'll be out of here to meet up with Michaela. You really should take care of that thing, looks like it's about to burst," Brian said with a chuckle.

Jake resumes slowly stroking his cock.

"Yeah, I just prefer to jerk to my past experiences, much hotter that way," joked Jake as he is sliding his hand up and down his cock.

"Oh, only if you knew," Jake joked back.

Jake being cocky responds "Why's that?" Letting go of his cock and letting it stand at attention by itself.

"Is it that much bigger than yours? I thought I was average," Jake says, knowing he will get an answer that makes him feel huge.

"Oh wow, never realized, just how big are you? Comparing to my cock?" Jake asked.

Jake's cock flexed as Brian grabbed it, a soft moan escaped Jakes mouth "Damn dude... that's much smaller than mine," Brian softened his grip and slid his hand up Jake's cock, making sure to make contact the whole way.

"Sorry dude, couldn't really jerk off while you were feeling up my cock," Jake joked.

"Now the only question left is does a monster cock like this also produce a monster load?" Brian joked around trying to not be awkward.

"Dude, do me a favor, hold right here for a second," Jake motioned to his balls.

Jake lets out a moan as he slowly strokes his cock "Well I had one that would do anything I wanted, but she left," Jake moaned again.

"Wait when did your cousin visit again? It was last week right, what's her name?" Jake said thinking out loud trying to think of Brian's cousin's name.

Katherine is an 18-year-old senior in high school who was coming to visit the school and decide if she wanted to go there. She is 5'7" with long brunette hair, very thin, and petite B cup breasts. Overall, she is a very sexy girl.

"Dude! Why the hell did you do that, she was just here for a few days to figure out if she wanted to come to college here, she's still a senior in high school!" Brian got a bit upset; however, never took his hand of Jakes balls.

Brian just shook his head fairly upset with what Jake was saying. Jake laid back and put both hand behind his head "Well..." he looked at Brian.

Brian swallowed hard and moved his hand from Jakes balls to his cock. Jake let out a moan. "Two hands, and get on the bed between my legs," He ordered.

"I have two hands on it and there's still a few inches left," Jakes cock pulses "What? You like that? You like hearing that you have the biggest cock I've ever seen? So fucking thick and juicy," Brian says as his hands are rotating and pumping up and down the length of Jakes cock. "Any girl would be lucky to get to try this huge cock."

"Mmm yea," Brian moans, focusing on stroking his whole cock.

This question caught Brian off guard but he went with it "She'd probably be on her knees before you finished talking."

"No way shed let your fuck her though, this massive cock would probably split her in two," Brian joked.

Brian a bit confused by Jake's slip up replies "Yea, why?"

Brian is starting to get really confused, he manages to get out "Dude... I'm not gay," before his mouth comes into contact with Jakes balls. Brian goes with it and puckers up his lips to give his right ball a wet kiss. Jakes hand still resting on the back of Brian's head with light pressure encouraging him to pleasure his balls.

Brian gives his balls a few more kisses before he starts to work in his tongue, liking Jakes balls up and down. "Fuck bro you are good at that," Jake moans "you know how you are always talking about how nice Michaela's tits are?"

"Hey don't forget to jerk my cock too man... yeah Michaela's tits are so nice," he says as he moans "great nipples too" he says a bit softer, hardly loud enough for Brian to hear.

"What are you talking about, I never said anything about her nipples man," Jake moans. "She's got a nice jiggly ass though, you're a lucky man to be the only one to have fucked it."

Jake laughs a bit as he says "Oh... well what a waste of a great ass then," then he takes Brian's hand off his cock and presses it against Brian's face "fuck it looks so big next to your head," Jake says with great pride

Jake slaps Brian's hand away "Hey you only get to do what I say you can do," Jake then slaps brains cheek a few times with his cock. His thick meaty cock feels so heavy against Brian's face. He then takes his cock and positions it in front of Brian's mouth, "Kiss," he said with authority.

Jake lets go of his cock and Brian's head, Brian reaches up and takes control of Jakes cock and continues to kiss up and down the length of Jakes cock. "Michaela must get lonely with you working most weeknights, huh?" Jake asks.

Jake moans a bit when Brian goes back to his cock "Yeah she complains a lot about it."

"Yeah, she said it's nice to have someone to be with... depend on... ride, while you're busy" Jake responds

Brian climbs up the stairs to his floor with some hop in his step, tonight was one of the few nights he has ever gotten out of work early as business at the restaurant where he works was slow. He heads to his dorm room thinking he might be able to meet up with his girlfriend, Michaela, and go out for a change as he is usually busy every Thursday night.

"Woah!" Brian is shocked and initially looks away.

The initial shock factor for Brian went away and he looked over at Jake again, "Doing a great job of hiding that massive thing, huh?" he said with a chuckle.

"Just hoping to get my rocks off, I don't know what it is I'm just always horny recently," Jake said.

Michaela has been Brian's girlfriend for the past two years. She is a 5'5" brunette, with a cute tight body. She has great, perky 30DD breasts, and a nice big tight ass accompanied by a slim waste. Her tits have always been my favorite part about her body.

"I'm surprised you just jerk off old school with nothing, so much porn on the internet now," Brian comments while he is searching for some clothes to wear.

"Never seen you fucking a girl around here, your past experiences consist of walking by a hot girl on the street?" Brian teased.

He's not sure why, but Brian paused his clothes search and just started to watch Jake for a bit, "Remind me to never let you around Michaela naked," Brian joked.

"Cause you have a fucking weapon, a massive cock," Brian responds. Jakes cock visibly jumps when Brian says that. Brian inches a bit closer, casually during the conversation.

"Uh, yea, that thing is fit for porn, almost thankful I never see you with girls, cause that would tear them in half," Brian laughed.

Brian paused for a second, then reached out, placed his thumb and pointer finger around Jakes cock, hardly over halfway "Probably about there," Brian noticed his fingers couldn't even touch because Jakes cock was so thick.

"Well I'm average, you're just superhuman apparently...are you going to finish jerking off or are you just going to let your balls explode from all that pressure?" Brian joked.

Brian shook off the comments, also realizing how weird it was that he just held his roommates' cock.

"Wouldn't you like to know," Jake laughed a bit, prompting Brian to do the same.

Brian hesitated, then for some reason his hand slowly made its way over and cupped Jakes balls. They were so much larger than Brian's, it was such a new feeling for him to be holding heavy, solid balls. "I don't understand how you can't find a hot slut to do this for you, you certainly have the body to lure them in here, and the cock to make them stay," Brain laughed while starting to get bolder with Jakes balls, rolling them around in his hand.

"Oh really? Who was it? Why'd she leave?" Brian asked.

"Uh yea, Katherine was here last week why?" Brian asked, still fondling Jakes huge balls.

"Yeah she was dirty, she would have let me do anything to her, as long as I fucked her with this cock," he said shaking it I a bit as if to tease Brian.

"If last week was any indication, I think she'll be back... what a sexy little nympho," Jake cock twitched and seemed to get even harder after seeing Brian's reaction to fucking his cousin.

Brian just had a blank look on his face very confused. "Are you going to jerk my cock or not?" Jake said flexing it to make it dance.

Brian quickly complied. His cock wasn't quite wet enough so Brian leaned over and spit on it. Letting the spit fall down from his mouth across Jakes big mushroom shaped cock head. Jake audibly moans.

Jake moans in agreement "Any girl?" he asks.

"What do you think Michaela would say if I offered it to her?" Jake asked.

"Oh yeah what a good slut she is," Jake moaned.

"I don't know man, I think you'd be shocked at what she lets... erm would let me do," Jake tried to switch the conversation to avoid any questions about his slip up "Hey you ever eat Michaela out?"

Jake reaches up and gabs the back of Brian's head and lowers it down toward his balls "show me how good you are with your mouth," he says.

"Mmm yes bro, just like that," Jake moans.

"Yeah they are fucking great," Brian says as he backs out from Jakes balls for a second before diving back in.

Brian spits in his hand and reaches up to take care of Jakes cock "Yeah you've noticed her walking around in her low-cut tops huh?" Brian licks Jakes balls a bit "Wait what about her nipples?"

"I've actually never fucked it before, she said she doesn't want to try anal," Brian responds while Jake seems to smile and laugh a bit.

"Yeah I'll never understand how any girl could take a cock this big in her throat man," as Brian reaches up to retake a firm grip on Jakes cock.

Brian hesitates for a bit, too long for Jake to wait "I said kiss," as he grabs the back of Brian's head and brings it forward until Brian is kissing his precum soaked cockhead. "Mmm yea, just like that."

Brian takes a quick break from Jakes cock, kind of confused at where this came from "Yah, she gets a little bored, but we make it work."

"Oh, she's talked to you about it?" Brian asks