One More from the Attic Pt. 01

_The Usual Disclaimer: This is a work of fantasy. All characters featured in sexual situations are over 18. The characters in these stories are fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons living, dead or undead is purely coincidental. Do not try this at home.

This installment ran longer than I had anticipated. Because I thought it was really too long for a Literotica short story, I wound up splitting it into three parts. Also, at the time I am writing this, I am still working on the ending to this chapter. I figured this would let me get chunks of the story online so you would have a chance to read it now._

Over the course of that summer, after I had graduated from high school, Hope and I became inseparable. Colleen and her boyfriend, Dave, became a very serious couple as well. With increasing frequency, Colleen stayed the night at Dave's apartment. She still sat in my lap and teased me when she was home, but we seemed destined never to consummate the incestuous desire that had built up between us.

Once, we were still sitting on the couch when Mom got home from work. Hope was sitting on my lap, and her t-shirt hid the fact that my cock was buried to the hilt in her ass. I think Mom was aware that something was going on when she walked over and talked with us. As soon as our mother went into her bedroom, Hope wiggled her bottom in my lap and came explosively. Her juicy pussy drooled our combined cum onto my balls and thighs.

That night, I stroked my erection as I watched that action on the hidden camera feed. My mother told Dad how hard I had been when I came into their bathroom and joined her in the shower. He just moaned into her shoulder as he pumped in and out of her horny little asshole. They were amazing to watch, and I came hard into a tissue just after my dad filled her ass with his cum and she cried out in release.

Brittany and I dated once or twice a week. Hope encouraged me to keep seeing her. It was my sister's idea that she and Brittany should "hang out more often." She would pick Brittany up and then they would come over to our house. Evidently they had talked about it and agreed that it was a bad idea for me and Brittany to be alone. It was just surreal the first time the three of us sat on the couch, and Brittany fished my cock out of my shorts and started sucking it. Hope watched the entire time with a smile on her face.

It wasn't that her oral skills were insufficient—she gave a really great blowjob. It also wasn't that she disliked the taste of my cum. It was just that I was saving it. Brittany never caught on that while I was talking dirty to her on the phone, Hope was usually sucking my cock in one of our beds. She absolutely loved sucking me off while I talked dirty to Brittany on the phone. I think she also got turned on when she made me squirm while I was on the phone with Brittany. Compared to my mother's filthy language when she teased my dad, our conversations over the phone were downright tame.

I had applied to go to college several places, and was overjoyed when my first choice not only accepted me, but offered a full scholarship. It was three states away from where we lived. Everyone was surprised that Hope had applied to go to the same prestigious school and was accepted. Her solid work ethic meant that she had a perfect grade point average at the community college. It was her strong letters of recommendation and her Skype interview that pushed her application over the top, and I had helped with those.

I still had the video feeds from our house on my laptop. The camera feeds all went to a central router that was also concealed in the attic, and that router passed the data along to my laptop over the internet. It might have been an issue if I had been using the surveillance cameras for security, as there was a slight processing delay. It was part of the reason the system had been so inexpensive when I bought it.

During the days when I was at the apartment and Hope was in class or at work, I would catch up on what our parents had been up to over the past few days. Sadly, a lot of the kinkiness had gone out of their sex life once we had moved out of the house. Oh, at first I got some amazing and salacious footage. I was shocked to see them in Hope's bedroom. Mom was on her hands and knees on Hope's bed while Dad pounded her from behind. Two days later, they were in Colleen's room. Mom encouraged my dad to shoot his streams of semen all over Colleen's pillow. I had to wonder what they might have done in my bedroom.

We went home for Thanksgiving break, and Colleen and Dave were there when we arrived. They announced their engagement. The two of them had been living together for close to a month by then. Colleen's eyes sparkled every time she flashed that engagement ring, and the two of them were constantly kissing and hugging. Dave joined our family for Thanksgiving dinner, and he joined my dad for beers during the football games.

"What's wrong, Mom?" I asked.

My mind immediately raced to come up with something appropriate to say. So much of my insight into my parents' relationship came via those hidden cameras, and I had to be careful not to reveal any of that. I sat up in the bed and patted the mattress next to me, inviting her to sit. She sat and rested her head on my shoulder, while I rubbed her back.

"We did," Mom chuckled, "At first, it was amazing. But that lost its appeal after just a few weeks. Somehow, it wasn't as exciting when we knew we couldn't be caught. Also, both of us have been much busier at work lately. Your dad's promotion means that he has a lot more planning meetings to attend, and I've had to train two new people. We've both been so exhausted that we haven't had the energy to play lately."

"You must be having some great sex these days," she said softly. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to acknowledge what was going on with Hope, so I kept my face rigid. "I'll bet the two of you look amazing together," she breathed, fishing my cock out of the front of my boxers.

My mother was preoccupied with my dick in her mouth. She didn't hear it when my bedroom door eased open, and Hope gasped softly from the hallway. I could vaguely make out her wide-open eyes in the darkness as she watched our mother slurp my hard dick hungrily. Hope had not known, until that moment, that Mom and I had anything going on. It was a very faint sound, but I could make out the soft squishing noise as my sister slid her fingers in and out of her drenched pussy in the hallway. She shook with a quiet orgasm when I groaned out my release and my mother noisily slurped down all of my semen.

"Oh, Mommy," I gasped, "I'm going to come in your ass!"

Half an hour after my mother left my room, Hope returned to join me in my bed.

"Almost as long as you and I have been," I replied. "Although not nearly as often, and not once since we moved away, obviously. At least, not until tonight. Dad knows, too, in case you were wondering."

"Yeah," I whispered. "We never talk about it, but it turns him on something fierce when she comes to him freshly-fucked like that."

I thought of all the video footage I had of my parents. You have no idea, I thought to myself.

She walked into my bedroom dressed like someone's idea of an anime schoolgirl. Her navy skirt matched the piping on her snug blouse, and her dirty blonde hair was pulled back into a braided ponytail. It had only been two months since we had left for college, and it was not only her outfit that marked how changed she was.

She had given her virgin pussy to a guy that had seemed special until he dumped her. After that, she realized that she enjoyed sex far more than she had expected to. She had been with two other guys after that first one. Her only regret now, it seemed, was that we could have been having sex and she had denied herself that experience—until this morning.

It was jarring. Brittany had never been the kind of girl who would use words like "fucking" or "asshole." I wasn't sure if I should try to talk dirty to her, so I said very little as I rolled on top of her and filled her pussy again. I had to stop, though, before I could reach my own orgasm. I desperately had to use the bathroom. Even though I was as quick as I could be, by the time I got back Brittany was no longer alone in my room.

Brittany and I did talk on the phone a few times after we went back to school. Her college was nowhere near mine, so it would be a drive of a full day if either of us wanted to visit the other. We never had a full day off to make the drive, much less the three days it would have taken to make that round trip worthwhile. Brittany's salacious talk on the phone rivaled the best I had heard from my mother. She really was a horny slut now.

"Do you think you and Brittany will wind up together?" she asked.

This is the third chapter of the story that began with Into the Attic. In that story, Daniel used the cover of replacing the old insulation in the attic of the family home to install surveillance cameras that allowed him to spy on his parents and his two older sisters. He overheard his mother and his sister, Hope, talking about him. That was how he found out his sister was in love with him. Eventually, he had sex with Hope and his mother, and very nearly had sex with his oldest sister, Colleen, on two separate occasions.

That meant that while Mom and Dad were at work, Hope and I had the house to ourselves most of the time. When she was not at work, Hope was mine to enjoy anytime and anywhere in the house. When she had a weekday off from work, she would not even bother to put on panties beneath her long t-shirt. The living room was a favorite for both of us. I loved licking her tasty pussy while she watched television, and she seemed to enjoy swallowing my hard cock just as much.

Hope hopped up to use our bathroom afterwards, and I took advantage of that opportunity to join my mother in her shower. She was incredibly aroused, and her horny ass welcomed my still-slick cock eagerly. I rinsed quickly when I heard my dad pull up in the driveway. We passed in the hallway and exchanged a nod. It wasn't something we ever discussed, but he hurried to the bedroom. His hard cock would soon be deep in Mom's ass, since I had paved the way for him.

There was another time a few days later when Colleen came home for lunch. We weren't expecting her. Colleen joined us on the couch, catching up on the past week. For that entire half hour, my dick was buried in Hope's soaking wet pussy. When Colleen finally gave us each a peck on the cheek and left, I wasted no time bending sweet Hope over the armrest of the couch and fucking her silly.

My sister seemed to really get a kick out of watching while we made out, especially when Brittany sucked my dick. I enjoyed licking and sucking Brittany's virgin pussy, but I was not the one who took her virginity. Instead, we mostly teased each other for hours, and then continued teasing each other over the phone after Hope had dropped her off at her house. I usually made Brittany come with my tongue and lips, but she only took my cum in her mouth twice.

We wound up getting an apartment together near the campus. I didn't have any of the same classes as my sister, so we rarely saw each other during the day. Every night and most weekends we had amazing sex. My bed was always made, since I never slept in it. Hope was actually getting slightly better grades than I was, but we were both doing very well. We had talked about dating other people, but nobody I met was as attractive to me as my sister was.

I was really only aware of it because I called my mother twice after watching her sexy body in the shower. I had a dirty talk with her while she played with her soaking-wet pussy, but the delay meant the images on screen were almost a minute behind the conversation on the phone.

That went on for a few weeks, but rapidly cooled off. I still got to see some great sex in their shower and bedroom. It was just less and less frequent, and Mom's filthy talk became less inspired.

It was weird sleeping by myself over that break, but that only lasted the first two nights. That third night, when I heard my bedroom door open and close, I eagerly awaited Hope's body next to mine. It was not her. My mother's eyes were puffy and red when she turned on the bedside lamp.

"Oh, Daniel," she sobbed, "I'm afraid I'm losing him. Ever since you kids moved out, our marriage feels like it's falling apart."

"I figured you two would have sex all over the house, once we were out of your way," I said.

I am not a marriage counselor or anything like that. I didn't have any brilliant insight to share with her. I squeezed her shoulder, trying to be reassuring. She looked up at my face and a weak smile finally reached her lips.

I thought about those fantastic videos I had of me and Hope in her bed. We really do look amazing together, I thought. Out loud, I groaned, "Oh, Mommy..." as my mother's loving mouth enveloped the head of my cock.

I made sure to keep my mother facing away from the door when I bent her over and filled her ass with hard cock. She buried her face in my pillow to muffle her cries of ecstasy, but Hope could see and hear everything clearly from her vantage point of the doorway. I turned my head, and my sister gasped softly when our eyes met. She grasped the doorframe for support as she shook through a second orgasm. When she had recovered, she continued to watch. I returned my gaze to my mother's shapely ass and did my best to keep my orgasm at bay until she shuddered through her own intense climax. Then I let myself go.

"Yess!" she hissed. Her whole body shook as my molten discharge filled her snug bottom. I heard my bedroom door quietly close behind me.

"How long have you and Mom been...?" she whispered, as her hand found my cock beneath the covers.

My sister's hand froze at that. "Really?" she asked incredulously.

"Oh, God," she groaned, "that is so hot. I had no idea our parents were so kinky."

We were both exhausted by the time Hope's hungry pussy coaxed that final load out of me.

The next morning, Brittany dropped by for a visit. Like us, she was home from college for the break. The transformation of that young lady was unreal. I had never seen her dressed the way she was now. Her usual attire when we had been in high school was always tight jeans and a loose t-shirt, sweater, or occasionally a tank top beneath a loose dress shirt.

Brittany had not been in my room for five minutes before she had my hard cock buried to the root in her tight, sopping wet pussy. She had pulled my dick out of the front of my boxers, and I was completely surprised when she slid on top of me. She clearly knew what she was doing as she rode me hard, drenching my balls with her copious juices. Her head shook and she moaned through clenched teeth both times she came. Afterward, she cuddled with me on my bed and spoke in hushed tones about her experiences at college.

"I feel really stupid now," she said huskily into my ear. Her hand was beneath the covers, slowly stroking my still-hard cock. "I should have had you fucking me this whole time. It feels like I wasted a great opportunity. Also, it should have been you that took my virginity instead of that asshole."

Hope and my mother both stood in my room, talking with Brittany about college. Brittany was sitting on my bed, and gave me a warm smile when I walked in. Her appearance gave nothing away; my mom and sister had no idea that we had been having sex in that bed five minutes earlier. Only I knew that she wore nothing under that pleated skirt. Unfortunately, we never had another chance to have sex over that break. We did talk on the phone twice more, but even then we could not really speak freely. Someone was always listening.

That was something I did confide to Hope.