Panty Power Ch. 01

Hi there. My name is Vi and I'm 35 years old. I work in advertising and promotions and have made it fairly high up the corporate ladder. I wouldn't say I'm terribly smart but suffice to say I'm smart enough to get where I am with my limited skills.

Anyway, I had a few fucks from then onward but nothing great. In many ways I was a prudish girl from a conservative family and my knowledge of sex was kind off limited. I had a lot of girlfriends tell me about Pussy Power but I never quite understood.

I didn't stay to watch my brother but when I got home later that night, I picked up my panties and found them wet. I realised with revulsion that he had jerked into them. Again, that revulsion slowly turned to quite a bit of lusty thoughts as I imagined him jerking his hard cock into my panties. I often found my dirty panties wet with his cum after that. I never said anything to him about it and I don't think he ever realised that I knew.

I guess that Panty Power is practically the same as Pussy Power. The only difference being that I could sometimes offer my panties in exchange for favours rather than my pussy. In reality though, Panty Power almost always led to my pussy getting some action. It just seemed a little more decent to be offering my panties, if you know what I mean.

There are numerous stories to tell and I will try my best to keep them all in sequence. I suppose this would be a good time to describe myself or rather how I looked about 12 years ago where my stories start. I haven't really changed very much except that I've now put on a bit of weight and some things have started sagging but more of that later. So this is how I was 12 years ago at age 23.

I was also endowed with beautiful breasts. 34C mounds of creamy alabaster. The only thing I didn't like about my breasts were my nipples. They were large and long and whenever I was aroused, would become elongated and erect like tiny little penises, sticking out of my breasts. The thing I did love about them however, were that they were my magic buttons. The slightest grope or stimulation of my nipples and I would start juicing immediately.

My first episode with Panty Power was in my third year in University. I was failing miserably in my Accounting 305 class. The professor was a kindly gentleman by the name of Evans who had tried his best to help me out with extra classes and assignments. I just couldn't get the hang of it.

"I'm really trying." I said. "Can't I do some extra work?"

"Is there maybe something else I can do?" I asked coyly, slowly spreading my legs.

"I've seen the way you try looking up my skirt Mr Evans." I said softly, opening my legs even wider. "In fact most of the girls know you like to take a peak."

My skirt was riding high on my thighs as I spread my legs wide. It wouldn't have been difficult for anyone to see my panties. If truth be told, they were getting a little wet and I wondered if there was already a dark patch at the gusset.

"You like, Mr Evans?" I pouted.

"Would you like to smell them Mr Evans?" I teased. "Smell my juices and see how wet I am?"

"Are you a dirty old man who likes to smell young girls panties Mr Evans?" I continued to tease him as I slipped my hands through the elastic waistband and pulled my panties off.

"Does this warrant a pass Mr Evans?" I asked, smiling sweetly.

Laughing, I threw the panties to him and he caught them deftly. He raised them to his nose and sniffed deeply, sending a tremor of lust jolting through me. I knew my panties smelled, I had worn them the whole day and they would have my pussy scent as well as droplets of my urine on them.

"I think we can arrange a pass for you." He smiled softly. "As long as I can keep these."

"Oh Vi," Evans said quietly. "It's hard enough just to pass you. I really can't do more than that."

Evans didn't need anymore goading. His pants dropped to the floor and he positioned himself between my spread legs. Just before he entered me, he draped my panties over his face, ensuring that the stained, wet gusset was over his nose and mouth.

I don't know what got me going more. The fact that his hard cock was drilling into me and giving me a good fuck or the way my panties were draped over his head. I could imagine how my panties smelled, full of pussy and urine and probably even some sweat. He didn't last very long but it was a very satisfying fuck. I clamped my legs around his back and thrust my hips hard against him as I felt his cock shudder. I could feel his hot cum shooting thick globs of semen into me and I clenched my pussy muscles to milk him. My body shuddered in climax just as he finished shooting into me.

I smoothened my skirt and got out of the chair and gave Professor Evans a light kiss on his cheek.

"Uh No...No." Evans replied, somewhat flustered. "I trust this wont get...."

That night when I returned home, I removed my panties to find them damp with our combined juices. I placed the panties in a zip-lock bag and mailed them to Professor Evan's office with a note that said 'thanks for the experience'.

I had lost my virginity at 18. I don't even remember the guy that took it away. All I remember was that I got a little drunk at a party and went to rest in one of the rooms. I remember being half awake as some guy started feeling me up. I was too drunk to protest and I guess in my stupor I kind of liked it too. Anyway, I recall him fiddling about with my dress and then pulling my panties aside. He slipped his cock between my legs and had his clumsy way with me. I only fully realised I had been fucked the next morning when I saw blood on my panties and felt a dull ache between my legs.

I guess I first realised what powers I had between my legs when I was about 19. I had just had a shower and changed to go out. I forgot to get my favourite lipstick and had made my way back to my bedroom. That's when I saw my elder and only brother sniffing my panties and moaning out my name. I watched as his cock grew hard and made a tent in the front of his pants. It was amazing how my panties could get him so hard. I was initially filled with disgust at my brother for sniffing on my used panties but that slowly turned to a feeling of kinkiness.

I started to check my mother's panties in the laundry and often found them either wet or crusty with caked cum. I could only presume that my brother was doing the same thing with my mother's panties as he was with mine. Armed with this new found knowledge that panties could excite a man so much, my life started to change. I started to use Panty Power!

As time went on though, I started using Panty Power to get some good sex. Teasing a man with panties was always a good prelude to sex. I also realised that men love a kinky woman and to most men, there is nothing kinkier than a woman's soiled, used, filthy panties. Especially if the panties are sexy.

I'm 5'7" tall and weigh about 115lbs with nice long legs. I was extremely fit and my body was toned. I guess my favourite part was my tight, small butt. I was lucky to have small hips because my mother and sisters were both endowed with Child Bearing Hips!

My hair was dark brown and I wore it shoulder length, often tied up in a bun or a pony tail for the casual look but I always wore it blown and teased around my shoulders for that seductive, sensual look. I was a pretty girl and I knew it although I must emphasise that I wasn't one of the snooty crowd that flaunted their attractiveness or put others down because of it. You could also say I was fairly outgoing and popular although I never knew if it was just because people wanted to get into my pants. Not that it really mattered anyway.

"Ms Thomas," Professor Evans said as he ushered me into his office. "There's only two weeks to go and at the rate you are going, I really don't see how I can pass you."

"You haven't even handed in some of the assignments I've given you."

"And what exactly do you mean?" Evans asked, his voice getting slightly hoarse.

"Well! I never...Oh my!" Evans said as his eyes fell on my splayed skirt.

Evan's gasped at my wanton display. I watched as his eyes devoured my light blue panties. They were hi-cuts and wisps of my pussy hair could be seen peeking out of the sides. His eyes grew even wider and his breath quickened. I slowly lifted my skirt, offering him and unobstructed view of my panties.

"Ohhh Yesssss." He replied.

"Good God!" Evans moaned as his cock grew hard in his pants.

His breathe caught in his throat as his eyes took in the view of my hairy pussy. I dangled my panties seductively with one hand, teasing him further. I felt powerful as I watched this senior lecturer turn to putty, controlled by my panties.

"Give it to me first." He said, his confidence returning. "We'll see after I smell them."

I watched in fascination as he inhaled strongly, his eyes bugging out with lust. My hand moved to my pussy lips and started to stroke them lightly. Evans watched me rub my pussy and smelled my panties again.

"What grade do I get if I let you fuck me?" I moaned as I bucked my hips against my hand.

"Fuck the grade and just fuck me." I moaned. I was getting so horny I needed a cock to fill me. The grade didn't really matter anymore, as long as I passed.

"Oh Vi!" he cried as he stabbed into me. "I can smell you on your panties!"

As he pulled out of me, Professor Evans suddenly seemed to lose interested in my panties and he quickly removed them from his face. Just in time too, as his cum was starting to leak out of me. I reached over for them and quickly put them back on, feeling his cum leak into the already stained gusset.

"Thanks Prof." I smiled cheekily. "I take it I wont fail."

"Oh No sir." I replied quickly. "This stays between us." I kissed him lightly again and left his office.

He never said anything to me after that evening in his office although we did exchange meaningful glances from time to time. In the next two weeks, I finished off the assignments that I was supposed to do and a month later, when results were posted, I was gratefully surprised to see I had received a Credit. I can only assume that my 'gift' was evidence that Panty Power had succeeded in upgrading my grade.

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