Physical Confessions Chapter 1

Hannah was sighing in bed again. It felt alone as it missed another person's body, her husband, Jack. They have been together for two years, but just three months after his proposal, he's been working late a lot more. Even though she didn't want to believe it, he was cheating on her. She even met the woman he was cheating on her with: a damn seventeen year old.

Hannah rose from the bed and went down to the couch. She grabbed her phone and sat on the cold feeling sofa, but for whatever reason, it felt warmer than her bed. She began to cry as she listened to the love songs both she and Jack used to listen to. There was now an empty, hollow feeling inside of her and she couldn't do anything. She needed to vent, but she wanted someone to care as she did. All of her friends were asleep or had kids and couldn't make time for her. She went to the app store and downloaded an app called Whisper. She wasn't sure who'd listen, but she felt just a little comfort that she could vent out her feelings.

That's what she posted on whisper. It wasn't long before she was flooded with messages. Most of them were the same: “I'll make you feel good” “I have a big dick” “I'll make sure you're not alone on your birthday night.”

She clicked in the message, and saw his username: “Fifth Circle of Hell”

She let out a small laugh at the reply, but she felt better than earlier. In fact, she felt that tinge of pain slowly fade for a few seconds before it came back.

It took a few minutes before he responded again, but he did not object to her request. He simply sent an image of himself, and Hannah was wide eyed.

She basically wanted to yell, but kept quiet.

Tears ran down her chubby, full cheeks as she kept questioning herself. She was afraid. Anxiety washed over her. What could she do if he simply saw a whale like everyone else?

‘I'm his princess… his princess…’ She thought as she touched herself. ‘I'm someone's princess…’ Her hand sped up as she inserted two fingers inside of her pussy. Soft moans escaped her lips as she continued to touch herself. Her legs spread out wide as she bucked her hips up and down before reaching an early climax.

“Hi baby,” Hannah said to Jack as he was getting ready for work.

“Do you know what today is?”

Jack left, quickly. Hannah, still at the door, felt her world shatter. Jack didn't care. He didn't say anything nice. He… Hannah cried hard. She fell on the ground and cried. The day that should be about her ended up becoming her worst day. There was nothing she could do. She felt nothing from her fiance. And now, she was alone. Alone…

Jack… he didn't care. He isn't doing anything nice. He… he left for work without kissing me, holding me, or anything. I'm feeling so empty and alone. Please… take me out tonight. I want to feel wanted today. I need to.

Hannah immediately went to take a bath. Then, as the tub filled with water, she looked at herself in the mirror. What she saw was a puffy eyed woman.

While most guys have given her an almost interested look, most turned away once they realized how big she was. She was fat, as blunt as she could be. 296 pounds was how much she weighed. But instead of seeing lard, she saw beauty. Her sagging, 36DD breasts really appeared attractive. The large, pink areola and her erect nipples made her giggle. She even cupped her breasts and began to speak to herself in the mirror.

“Mmm that's it. How do my big, fat titties feel? That big cock can always fuck them. They are yours.”

She quickly turned around and caught the water as it almost overfilled the tub. She quickly turned the faucet and stopped the flowing water.

Hannah pushed all the doubt out of her head and just continued to clean herself. It was already five thirty when she finished washing herself. There was barely anything she needed to do. She was already shaved since last week, she tried to appear sexy for her fiance, but he was barely interested. He only accepted a handjob and it was that once. Nothing else.

After getting fitted in the bra and thong, she looked at herself in the bedroom mirror. She felt very beautiful. It was almost as if she saw the person she always hoped for. But what made Hannah love the way she looked most was how her breasts appeared in the bra. They appeared perky and seemed as if they were carrying milk. It really made her smile.

It took her twenty minutes, but she did her make up. It wasn't a lot, but just a bit of makeup: mascara, light eyeshadow and lip gloss. She really felt so attractive.

“H-hi…” She stuttered. “It's me…”

‘OH MY GOD!’ Hannah screamed in her mind as she heard his voice. It was deep, smooth, yet so rough and manly. She almost threw herself on him.

He chuckled. “I'm surprised. Not many actually know what my name means. Call me Tyrone.”

“Let's go in. And order whatever you want. I got paid a big bonus.”

“What can I get the lovely couple?” A waiter asked.

The door creaked open and Jack came in, just flopping in bed. There was no sound, no whispers, no touching. He just fell on the bed and went to sleep. Then, right at that moment, Hannah felt it. The pain she had tried to not believe in. He didn't love her. He didn't care for her. He just wanted to be with someone so he won't end up alone.

“I don't know what to do anymore. My fiance is cheating and I just feel alone. My birthday is soon, and all I want is for someone to care.”

But one stuck out to her. “I'm sorry you're going through that. Is there anything I can do to help?”

It took a minute to see his reply, but it came through.

Hannah felt her heart skip a beat for a moment. No guy has ever told her that her weight was hot. She was always told her weight was disgusting or that she have lost 70 pounds to even be considered attractive. Even her fiance, no matter how many times he fucked her, never once told her that her weight was attractive. He just tolerated it.

He was very handsome to her. The way his goatee looked on his face and the way his cheekbones were more full than any of the male partners she had sent a shock down to her pussy. His eyes even gave her the look she had never seen before: primal desire. Before she knew it, her hand went down to her pussy. She began to feel her clit, then touching her lips, she finally realized she was wet.

Hannah paused. Was she even going to appear attractive to him? He was nice enough to compliment her and tell her that he found her body weight hot. But was she going to simply send an image to him? ‘What if he thinks I'm ugly? What if he is making fun of me? I'm not attractive. If I was… Jack would still love me.’

And once again, her heart skipped a beat. That word made her heart skip a beat. Being someone's princess. In the heat of that moment, she couldn't reply. She instead just rubbed her pussy, slowly masturbating.

“I'm… a slut.” She said softly. Tears ran down her face as she could only think of how she masturbated and climaxed to a guy who gave her a small amount of attention and found her attractive. Hannah, feeling empty, cried as she realized that the first guy to actually treat her nicely and make her feel attractive isn't her fiance.

The next two days went by as Hannah had known for the past few months: Jack “working late” until two in the morning and sleeping without any attention to Hannah at all. She felt worthless. But today's her birthday. She's excited, because Jack would have to AT LEAST care for her today.

“Hi,” He replied in an annoyed, but friendly enough voice.

“Uh… your birthday? Happy birthday. I'm working late tonight. Don't wait up.”

Suddenly, whisper came to her mind. She texted him, her new friend.

There was no reply for ten minutes, but when he responded, Hannah felt better.

Her dark brown, almost black hair ran past her shoulders while her plump lips just remained quivering. She was still sad. But she didn't want to cry in front of him. So, she slapped herself. She needed to be confident and happy. This day is for her.

“You like what you see baby? These are for you. You made me feel sexy on my birthday. It's time to make you feel good.” She grabbed her toothbrush, and pushing it between her breasts, she slowly gave it a titjob, imagining her new friend as the object and how he would enjoy the titfuck.

Hannah opened her eyes and was shocked at herself. What was she doing? Why would she do that to her friend? He's just kind to take her out. There's no reason to fuck him. There's really no reason…

It was over an hour of soaking in the tub before she started to get clean. She really cleaned off her body in different areas, mainly focusing around her breasts and pussy. Did she expect them to be shown tonight? Why? He wouldn't love big breasts…

Hannah picked out just a few pieces of clothing for the night. A black dress, a white, strapless bra and a thong. She even grabbed her fishnet stockings. They were rarely used and were only used on two different dates: the first date with Jack and the date Jack asked to marry her.

After getting in her dress, Hannah started to get in her stockings. They were so comfy and nice on her. It was as if she felt the pure bliss of being sexy and wanted again.

Even though she wasn't sure what she wanted to wear for her shoes, she settled on the nice flats. They matched her black outfit quite well and were comfortable for her.

Hannah finally made it to the restaurant before eight. And there outside, she saw him. He was just as handsome as his photo looked. The black and gray suit he wore sent some of the most pleasurable chills down her back. His dark skin almost shined under the lights of street light and restaurant lighted signs. He was looking at his phone before he looked up and saw Hannah making her way to him.

A smile formed on his face and it was if Hannah saw the definition of beauty. “Hey there. Happy birthday, princess.”

“Hi… and thank you. What's your name? I don't want to just call you anger.”

“Hannah is my name, ba- I mean Tyrone.” She blushed as she almost called him baby.

They both entered the restaurant, and after getting a booth, they smiled and began to talk about whatever came to mind.

Before Hannah could say anything, Tyrone began to speak. “A margarita for me and… give me a moment to check the menu. Hannah, since it's your birthday, order first. Ladies first, after all. And please, don’t be afraid to eat whatever. I won’t judge.”