Polyamory Ch. 02: Doctor's Visit

"Doctor's Visit"

"Not really. Her office is only a couple or three blocks."

"I guess", I replied, "nobody else has had it today."

When she was done, she wiped her hand across her lips, smiled at me and said, "Yum! Will you do me later?"

"Yes!" she said sheepishly.

She threw her arms around me and kissed me, inserting her tongue in my mouth. This nearly virgin kisser sure had advanced a long way. She pressed her naked vulva against my hard cock covered only by my shorts and I got harder.

"When nothing is causing it to get hard, which with you around is never."

"Yes, you do especially when you are naked."

"We best find out or we'll be late."

Once she had it on, she sort of twirled one way and then the other, and sighed in delight. "Hank, It feels so good. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" She then sort of hugged herself, ran her hands down over her hips and exclaimed again and asked, "Do I look all right?"

"Is it OK if I do not wear underwear?"

We started out to Maggie's which was about a quarter mile and we had only about 10 minutes. I thought we could do it no problem. So holding hands we started out.

"I feel the same way, Debra. I want you like I've never wanted anyone, but ... ."

"No, I don't feel that way, I know your background, or think I do and I don't want you to do something you'll regret."

"I came at it a bit differently than that. We have a thing we study in the Presbyterian Church; we call a 'Catechism'. It's designed to help young people learn basic principles of theology. The first question is, 'What is the chief purpose of humankind?' The answer is, 'To glorify and enjoy God forever.' I don't think we often get the beauty of that purpose."

"Well, the glorify bit," and we are now passing the Presbyterian Church, "in my view, does not mean what many have taken it to mean which was to obey all God's commandments, but truly celebrate God's wonderful gifts to us and to men that includes women and for women it includes men. Desire for the other is a beautiful thing and what it is about in the end is to enjoy God's gift of sexuality."

"Yes and no, because sexual desire can lead us to do stupid and even dangerous things. Sex is an amazing thing and very powerful in the right circumstances, but if one becomes intensely involved with another person sexually and other things are horribly wrong, it leads us into great sorrow."

"Debra, it can happen to anyone. My ex-wife and I had an intensely sexual relationship but failed to recognize some things about ourselves. We have two wonderful sons, which is the blessing of it. But because we did not know ourselves very well, we ended up hurting each other terribly."

"Very, because we got a divorce and that hurt the boys which hurt even more than leaving her. I was ready to leave her but not be separated from the boys. It's working out, but I think the boys will always have resentments about it for some years to come. Teenagers and young people do not see much but what is right before them."

"Yes, I don't. I understand your feelings for me and about what is happening, but I don't want you to get hurt in your first and your parents ..." I hesitated because I didn't really know where to go there. "Well, you have to deal with your parents. Being estranged from one's parents is extremely difficult no matter whether we think them wonderful or not."

"Debra, keep that thought and we'll return to it. We are at Maggie's."

We went to the office door and entered. The waiting area was a fairly large room with chairs around the walls for patients and coffee tables and end tables with magazines of all sorts— fashion, cooking, women's sports and women's health. There were photos of the region and two diagrams of human anatomy. One was of a woman's sexual organs and the other depicted the progress from embryo to developed child ready for birth.

"As far as I know. I've never been inside a woman but that is what the doctors tell us."

"Have you never explored yourself down there?"

"Well, I think Maggie will probably have you look. These are, as the diagram said, called labia. They are folds of flesh that protect the vagina and some women find them very sensitive and love for their lover to touch them, lick them and even lightly bite them." She squirmed and rubbed her legs together. "The little nub is sort of the penis of a woman except it is just highly sensitive and if anyone touches it, it causes pleasure."

"Very likely."

"I don't know about everything," I responded as I extended first my hand and then we hugged chastely. "As for me most things are fine."

"Yes, this is Debra and, well, I sort of told you what she wants to see you for."

"OK", Debra replied quietly.

"NO, please," Debra responded hugging my arm to her.

We sat on a comfortable love seat and Maggie sat in an arm chair facing us, not behind her desk after having offered us coffee. Debra had never drank coffee because of her religious teaching and I don't like coffee.

"Yes, we were not permitted to even look at ourselves."

"Oh, God no", Debra responded somewhat as if she'd be punished had she.

Debra looked at me as if for permission. I said, "Debra I am just here for you. This is your appointment, so you do what you feel comfortable doing."

"So, is that a yes?" Debra nodded yes. "OK, so in a bit we'll do that. But right now, let's talk a bit. Debra, your anatomy and mine, despite external appearance, are nearly identical. They are a wonderful gift from God. Besides making it possible to have children, the woman's anatomy holds a closely avoided secret. We have an organ that is for nothing but pleasure. There is no other species or gender other than mammal females that have this organ. I'll try to show you about it in the physical part. Hank said you were from a very conservative Christian background so this may be hard to believe, but what we call the clitoris, let me show you, is for no purpose but pleasure." She opened a notebook with photos, xrays or MRI's, I don't know the difference.

Next morning, I woke with incredible morning wood going on but decided not to do anything about it myself. If Debra didn't want to, no big deal. I'd make it. She showed up at 8:30 dressed as usual and began disrobing the minute she entered the house. Before I could say, "hello", she was naked not having worn any panties. "I guess we have to hurry to get to the doctors on time."

"Oh, good, come here." I was on my way as she dropped to her knees. She immediately got my cock free and began sucking it. She stopped briefly, to ask, "Is it fresh?"

"Good!" and she plunged right back on it. It was not long until I was feeling about to cum. I told her and she smiled up at me and took me back in her mouth. To my surprise, she swallowed all my cum. She learned fast or am I really her first.

"You mean make you cum?"

"I'll be glad to. We best get going. I washed and dried your dress last night and your underwear."

"When does it get soft?" she asked.

She smiled a sort of smirk of pride. "I do that huh?"

"I bet I can do it when I am dressed."

She went to the kitchen where she would have seen the dress hanging when she came in if she were not too blinded by lust. I watched as she slipped it over her head and pulled it down. Her bra and panties were lying in plain sight, but she did not bother to put them on. She just buttoned up leaving three buttons undone.

"You look like a goddess." And she did. Her breasts do not need a bra for support. They are as I described small and pert and sit about as perfectly as any could. The dress fit them perfectly. Her nipples poked through the thin material and I suspected in better light her areolae would show a bit.

I took her in may arms, hugged her to me and kissed her. "As far as I am concerned you could go naked. I just wish everyone felt that way. Let's get going."

"Oh, Hank, this feels so good. I can feel the air up my skirt, the dress caresses my body instead of binding it. I feel so much freer and I feel ... I feel like I'd like to make love to you right now."

"You have reservations, like we shouldn't be wanting to?"

"I know its a sin to want you so, but I do. Why would God make me want you so, if he doesn't want me to?"

"What do you think it means?"

"So you think it is all right to have sex?"

"Do you think that could happen to us?"

"I'm sorry, Hank. It was painful?"

"So you don't want us to make the same mistake?"

"But Hank, you know, I've been thinking the last few days about them. I have always thought I loved them because I was supposed to love them. But I was reading the Bible last night before I went to sleep. I don't think I do love them. I also am not sure what love is. I think the thing I feel most about them is fear and resentment. Fear of what they may do and resentment that they have kept me so bound up for so long."

Maggie lived in a large house that for many looks like a mansion. It was built by a doctor and had a doctor's office built on to it. Because the permit to have a doctor's office was grandfathered in the ordinances, despite being in a residential community, she was allowed to have her practice here. It was set on a beautiful large lot with very large Live Oak trees shading it.

Debra became immediately entranced once she realized what they were. She studied the one of vagina and uterus. "That's what I look like inside?"

"Wow! What is this?" she asked pointing to the clitoris and the labia.

"No, it was forbidden to look."

"Wow! again. I never knew. So last night when I turned the light out, I rubbed down there and I had one of those orgasms. Is that why?"

At that time, the door opened and Maggie came out, "Good morning, Hank. So good to see you. How's everything?"

"Is this your lady friend?"

"Nice to meet you, Debra. You are so adorable." Debra was acting a bit shy and almost girlish in the presence of a woman she would find a bit intimidating. "Now Debra, you need not be anxious. All this is for your health and there is nothing that will be painful. I'll do my best to make it as enjoyable as possible. OK."

"Let's sit and talk a minute if you don't mind Hank being with us until the exam."

"Nobody else is coming this morning, so why don't we go back to my office where we can be more comfortable." She led us into her office which is nothing like most doctors have today. It is more of a study. The room is lined with shelving which one day would have contained books of all sorts on various health related subjects. Maggie had lots of photos of her children and extended family arranged on the ones directly behind her. One portion of the shelves did have medical books, but most were used for the paper files on patients.

"Now Debra, I understand you have lived a very sheltered life and not been instructed regarding your physiology, is that correct?"

"So have you?"

"Unless you object, I think we should have you look today. Is that all right?"

She took a deep breath, "This is all very new to me. Until Hank asked me to lunch, I hadn't had anything like the feelings I have had since. In the last three or four days, my world has changed and I want things I never even knew much about."