Poor Little Cassie - Chap 3 - The Christmas Party

The week flew by. I did not see the two guys who had fucked me so well on Monday and Tuesday and I started feeling pretty normal by Thursday. My pussy was not sore anymore but I had gotten on a fairly aggressive masturbation schedule. It seems that almost everything made me think of sex, primarily sex from two older plumbers. I was a little worried that I was becoming some kind of sex pervert, I didn’t think a 16 year old girl should be fantasizing about having sex with two old guys but my mind seemed to be obsessed with the idea.

My name is Cassie. I am normal height, about 5’5” and weigh about 105. I am a cheerleader in my prep school, a flyer to be specific and I am really good in the air. That was always my strength. I have long blonde hair and a decent body. My breasts are 36C but look really good on my little frame. My legs and ass have always been my best features. Until last Monday I was a very typical young girl. Sophomore in high school, dating a cute boy at school but had not slept with him yet, slept with no one yet actually. Almost lost my cherry in the back seat of the quarterback’s car. He dumped me after a couple more tries. He was a douchebag.

I was sitting on the couch in my house with my friend Janie watching a movie on Friday afternoon when my Mom came home. I heard the door and then her voice.

“We’re in the den.” I answered.

“Oh, hi Janie. How are you? I haven’t seen you in months.” My mom said.

Janie was a cute little brunette and my best friend for the last 10 years at least. Neither of us could remember when we became friends, we just feel like we have always been together. She lives about 4 houses down from us. She is also a junior but still in the local high school. She is planning on majoring in Nursing at the University of Texas. Her entire family went there and she never even had to think about where she was going to school. I always thought she was way prettier than me, but in more of a sweet, girl next door kind of way. I was your typical blonde, blue-eyed cheerleader type.

“They are great. They just said today that they missed you guys.” Janie answered.

“Nothing much, we went to lunch and went to the high school to visit.” I said.

I remembered lying on my kitchen table covered in cum and the plumber Tony telling me that I was going to dress up real nice for him at his Christmas party. I knew what he meant, he was very clear. He had spanked me with a yardstick for not wearing panties on Tuesday. I should have been mad, it was unintentional, I sometimes did sleep without panties and the doorbell woke me up. Really what it did was rip me out of a wonderful dream where I was going to be raped by a whole bunch of natives on a beach. What was wrong with me? My mind was reeling and I couldn’t get it back under control. I got spanked for not wearing panties? God, it hurt but it felt so good.

I snapped out of it and looked at her. She was smiling. I felt my mind refocus and I saw it in her face that she really wanted to go shopping. I thought about what I had in my closet that I could wear tomorrow. A few things came to mind but who was I to disappoint my mom.

“Goodie, let’s go to the mall. Janie, do you want to come? I will treat you girls to dinner.” Mom said.

“Sure, Mrs. Jones, that would be fun. Let me call my Mom.” Janie answered.

We walked into the Mall and headed straight for my favorite store. The clothes were so cool and not real expensive. I grabbed a few dresses and headed to the dressing rooms. The rooms were a little weird in that they were right out in the open against the side wall and there was only a curtain to hide the room. The curtain wasn’t even that big, it only went down to right below my knees and up to just over my head. I could see over if I got on my tiptoes but that usually creeped me out. I closed the curtain. You had to make sure it was all the way closed, I remember once I looked up and saw a guy staring at me through the small gap in the curtain as I was pulling off my pants. That was strange. I felt my pussy tingle as I remembered that incident. I shook my head to clear it and slipped off my shorts. My panties were pink with white polka dots as was my bra. I tried on a little black dress that was adorable but it looked stupid with my bra. The straps were spaghetti and the top was soft and v-shaped. I unclasped my bra and slipped it out. The dress was very pretty and I pulled the curtain back to show my Mom. I stepped out and spun for her. The dress was very soft and flew out from my legs as I turned. It came down a little below mid-thigh but it was short enough where I would have to be careful how hard I spun. I didn’t want to cause a riot.

“You probably should wear a bra with this one.” She whispered in my ear.

I pulled the dress up and over my head. I put it on the hanger and hung it on the hook. I looked at it again, it was very cool and I loved the way it looked on me. I thought it would look even cooler if I wore it with a nice bra that pushed the girls up a little more. The top was a scoop and would look even better with a little cleavage. I turned to look for my clothes and noticed movement. I then turned my head towards the curtain and looked right into the eyes of one of the young guys. They were standing about 20 feet away behind one of the displays and had a perfect view of me through the small opening I had inadvertently left between the curtain and the wall. My pussy throbbed and I froze. I looked down immediately and then reached down for my shorts.

“So baby, what do you think?” My mom asked.

“I like the little black one but I love the gray one.” I said.

“When did my baby girl get so grown up?” She said as she held me.

“Ok, let’s pay for these and get something to eat.” Mom said.

We had a nice dinner and headed home. I was starting to feel like a little normal teenage girl again, like not thinking about sex every fucking second. We got home and Janie and I ran upstairs to my room. I closed the door and she immediately looked at me.

“Um, yes. How could you miss them?” I answered.

“I really didn’t notice them until you said something.” I said.

“It probably didn’t help that I left the curtain open a little too much.” I said and smiled.

“Well, my bra was off. It was after I tried on the gray dress.” I stammered.

I nodded and blushed.

I knew she was teasing me but the slut word hit hard. I would have to be more careful, I was not supposed to act like a slut. Tony would be mad. I got angry all of a sudden at myself. I was sitting in my room with my best friend and I continued to think about what my fucking plumber thought. I wiped him out of my mind, or I tried to.

“Maybe so, but I didn’t flash them my tits. Though, now I kinda wished I had. That sounds so fucking hot. What did it feel like?” Janie said to me with a serious look on her face.

“It felt wonderful, like carefree and really exciting. I can’t believe I did it.” I responded.

“Amazing, so tell me about this fancy party you are going to.” She asked.

“I think it is a friend of my Dad’s.” I answered.

I laughed hard. The image of a group of old people dancing around hit my head and I laughed some more. I couldn’t stop and soon we were both rolling on the floor with tears rolling out of our eyes. I love it when we get into a laughing fit. About 10 minutes later we are both lying flat on our backs trying to get our breath back.

“Sure. I got nothing in the morning. I’ll call my mom.” Janie answered.

However, by Friday, I was feeling good. I was starting to go out with my friends, shopping, hanging out, etc. All the things your typical high-schooler would do on her first Christmas break.

Last Monday changed my life. I woke up early to let the plumbers in and they fixed the sink and then proceeded to fuck me twice each. They came back the next day and fucked me again. Ironically, the thing that is bothering me the most is that I think I liked it. The sex was rough and raw. I felt dominated and subservient and it was incredibly exciting during the acts and then afterward as I have been masturbating to those images for four days now. I was a little worried about myself and where this could lead but I was able to calm myself down and convince myself it was a one-time thing and I was not a whore or a slut or any of those other interesting adjectives.

“Hey sweetie, I am home.” My mom’s sweet voice.

I heard her hang up her coat and throw her keys on the table. Then I heard her walk into the den.

“I am good, Mrs. Jones. How are you?” Janie answered.

“I am great, dear. How are your mom and dad?” Mom said.

“I know, we get so busy we don’t even have time to go outside. What did you girls do today?” Mom asked.

“That sounds like fun. Cassie, do you have something to wear tomorrow night or do we have to go shopping?” Mom asked and my brain screeched to a halt.

“Honey?” Mom’s voice again.

“I have a few old things, Mom, but a new dress would be fun.” I said.

Janie looked at me and I nodded.

We were in the car in a matter of minutes. I was sitting in the front seat turned sideways talking to Janie. I hadn’t told her about my Plumber adventures yet. I was scared of what she would think of me. I looked down at my legs. They were tan and looked good coming out of my jean shorts. They were not slutty short but most of my thighs were visible and they were a little tight but totally comfortable. Janie had jean shorts on too, we did that a lot, kinda like twins. Her legs were incredible, long and smooth. I snapped out of staring at my friend’s crotch as my Mom pulled the car into a spot.

I tried on a few more that were less than exciting but then I slipped on a gray sweater dress. It fit my body like a glove but it didn’t feel too tight. I ran my hands down my sides and it clung to my ass nicely. I looked in the mirror and turned a little. My ass stuck out and the dress was making it look even better than usual. It was thick enough though to not show my panties. That was good, no panties at the Christmas party might be bad. I wondered if Tony would spank me in front of everyone at the party. My mind started reeling again and my pussy tingled. I opened the curtain and stepped out. My mom smiled and said the dress was incredible. I heard something and looked to my side to see three young guys staring at me. I looked back quickly at Janie. I turned around slowly for her. She smiled and leaned towards me. It looked like she wanted to whisper something to me.

I processed her statement and looked down. My breasts looked fine without a bra, they filled out the dress well and the dress hugged them, making them look even bigger. Then I saw what Janie was talking about. My nipples were sticking straight out of the dress and were incredibly obvious. I put my hand over my boobs immediately. I heard the boys giggle and I knew I had put on quite a show for them. I stepped back in the dressing room and looked in the mirror. My nipples were obvious but looked really hot. I touched them lightly and felt a tingle run through me. I wondered if Tony would like this or if he would think it was slutty. Suddenly I realized I was considering what my plumber would think.

I could feel my bare boobs hang down as I grabbed my shorts. I slipped my feet into them and slid them up my legs. They were a little tight so my boobs bounced a little as I worked them up my legs. I did not look at the opening but my nipples were now rock hard and I could feel my pussy getting wet. I slipped my bra on really slowly and then my t-shirt. I gathered all the dresses and stepped out. They boys were still there and I glanced at them. I tried to play it cool but my crotch was on fire.

I was thankful she spoke as it ripped my mind away from sex and spankings and nipples. I looked at her and returned to “normalcy”.

“I totally agree, they were both very cute but very grown up.” Mom said and hugged me.

I know she didn’t want an answer but I would have ventured it was about the time that Tony pulled my sweatpants down and I didn’t do anything to stop him.

I stood behind Mom and looked around. The boys were still lingering and I looked at Janie. She smiled and nodded. She knew they were there too. I looked at her closely again and realized the boys were still there because my friend was incredibly hot even with clothes on. I guess they could be looking at my legs and ass too but together we were very “stalkable”. The fact that they also got a flash of my boobs and panties didn’t hurt. Mom finished paying and we walked out.

“Did you see those guys staring at you while you were trying on dresses?” Janie asked.

“They liked you. Nice move with the nipples.” She said.

“Well then you need to pay more attention. Those guys were about to explode.” She said.

“No fucking way, what did they see?” Janie said, her eyes now wide.

“They saw your tits?” Janie said, a little too loud and I held my finger to my lips.

“Fuck, that is so hot. No wonder they were hanging around. You are a real slut.” Janie said.

“No, you’re a slut. They were staring at you too.” I said.

I thought for a second on her question. It felt great, my pussy was in control of my mind at the time and nothing else mattered. I was a little embarrassed now when I think about it but there was no shame at the time.

My friend looked at me with a strange expression. I knew she loved me and I knew the look was one of wonder and excitement. We had known each other long enough to almost read each other’s thoughts. We never fought, both of us loved the other one and every situation seemed really simple if we remembered that. I so wanted to tell her everything, tell her how I let two strangers fuck me senseless. Tell her how I liked it so much I let it happen a second time the very next day. I wanted to tell her but something held me back. Would this be the thing that she couldn’t take? Would this be the thing that changed her feelings about me? I hated this.

This was my opening. This was my chance to tell her about the plumbers. Tell her all about the intense fucking, the spanking, the order about how to dress. To tell her I was deathly afraid that I will end up in the same situation at the party. What would he do to me in front of a crowd?

“So, an old people party? That sounds fun.” Janie said.

“You wanna have a sleepover?” I asked.

We laid there for a little while longer and then Janie called her mom. We changed into jammies, Janie wore a pair of my pajama pants and one of my t-shirts. Her boobs were a little bit bigger than mine so the shirt was pretty tight on her. She, of course, was fucking incredibly cute even in an old pair of pants and a plain white tshirt. We watched movies until around three o’clock and then fell asleep on the floor of my room. I woke up with my friend snuggled up next to me, her back to my front and my arm wrapped around her. She was so soft and warm. I held her for a few minutes and thought about the party. I was a little scared but also a little excited. I had no idea what was going to happen but remembering the look in Tony’s eyes as he fucked me and talked to my Dad at the same time I knew it was probably going to be interesting.