Potential Part 28

Other than the one he didn't have and wanted to give Deana right away, the rest made him uneasy. He had been glad Deana talked him into getting Candy one, but now he realized it would serve as a constant reminder that he fucked his father's wife. To Gloria, the ring meant they were going to do it. Once that happened, everything would change, again. He couldn't have a girlfriend who was his sister or his mother. Deana and Candy understood that, and Deana didn't care that he was having sex with Candy; she had a girlfriend, anyway. Their mother didn't know he was doing Deana, but she knew they couldn't be together once his father came home.

After the thing in the basement with Rebecca, giving her a ring might be stupid. Shit, why did he let Deana talk him into this?

Deana giggled and grabbed his thumb with her toes. "It would have been weird if I didn't have a reason, and after a day at school, a foot massage is relaxing."

"That was amazing."

"It wasn't planned," Deana said. "You felt up my ass in front of that lady and told me you wanted to buy me lingerie, that got me going, then it just happened."

"No, that was in a different store, and that was all her. She's bad."

"Relax, we got time to get ready for that," Deana said. "It's not like I'm going to get naked and drag you into the girl's room. Rebecca, hmm, that's another story."

"What did you expect after that orgasm you gave her? Then you took a shower with her," Deana said.

"Come on," Deana said, "you think we didn't talk about that? We're sisters."

"No, and she shouldn't,” Deana said. “You should stop fooling around with Candy. Um, Gloria, ah, if Gloria ever found out, that would be bad."

"Evan, I don't regret it. I'll never regret it."

"Ooh.” Deana shook herself. “You telling me you don't wanna put this," she used the arch of her foot and rolled his dick against his inner thigh, "in Candy's clone? Damn, you're getting hard. Twice this morning and again at the mall, does it ever get tired?"

"Yeah, and it made me mad that mine aren't big enough for that."

"As I was saying," she rubbed his now fully erect cock, "you know you want to, and she wants it to be you, so just make it the best first time she could ever have. She loves you."

"So that's what you're afraid of?" Deana asked. "You're scared you won't be able to keep your hands off of her, not the other way around."

Deana mindlessly noodled his dick for a few seconds before saying, "I can, I actually think I can." He waited for more while enjoying the attention. "Start now, as long as you start now, stay away from her, in a few days you'll be good at acting normal."

"We'll figure that out later," Deana said. "For now, we have the house to ourselves, let's have fun."

In the conversation Becky had earlier with Jason, her brother blamed her and acted like he didn't get a huge boner thinking about doing their mother or at least letting her catch them. Oh, he did, Becky knew that, but Jason didn't have the balls to try and make it happen. Fortunately, like her, Jason lacked self-control. Once things reached a certain point, he couldn't stop.

Thanks to Evan, Jason knew about them, now. It would still be great to get fucked by Evan again, but he took away the anticipation and excitement of seeing Jason's expression when he caught them. That had been how Becky's other fantasy threesome played out. Jason would walk in and see his best friend plowing her pussy. She'd tell her brother to shut up and fill one of her other holes. It had to be something like that because Evan wouldn't agree to it ahead of time. Although, that wasn't the threesome that kept her awake at night. No, she wanted to share Evan's vein-bulging, rock-solid dick with someone else. It had to be someone who would enjoy his cock as much as she did. They would kiss each other while Evan forced that plum between their lips. They'd lick and suck and kiss, then share his hot, creamy load while sucking each other's tongues.

Deana opened her door and said, "Deal." She got out of the car. "Grab my bag."

"Because you love me," Deana said and shut the door.

She stopped with her hand on the screen door, smirked and said, “Or, maybe you just love this?" She yanked her shorts down and mooned him. The girl's ass was an aphrodisiac.

He stared at the front of Deana's prominent hip bones and the waistband cutting across her mound. He stood one step below his sister and crowded her against the door. “And you're lucky.”

“You're lucky you're not wearing a skirt.” He got to his knees and kissed the hairless slice of skin between her shorts and shirt.

He nodded, and his sister pushed her shorts lower. “What's stopping you.”

"You're bad," Deana nudged her shorts lower, arched and leaned back on the door, "influence on me."

“Ah, shit, Evan, oh God, we can't, shouldn't do it out here.” Deana panted and pumped her hips for a few more seconds. “Oh, shit, ah, the neighbors, the neighbors might see you fucking me.”

“Ah, wouldn't it be amazing if it didn't matter; if we could do it right here or anywhere without worrying?”

"I guess we better, but first," Deana said and pushed her shorts to her ankles. "Holy shit, you have no idea how exciting it is knowing someone might see me like this."

“Okay, but now,” Deana said, “let's finish what Mom interrupted last time you had me for dinner.”

Deana pulled their father's chair back, and he set her on the table, looking out the bay window at the driveway. Candy pulled in last time while his face was buried in Deana's pussy. This time, if their mother came home, he didn't want to stop. He wanted Candy to know about them, and he wanted Gloria to know, too, so he wouldn't feel like he was cheating on any of them when he was with the other. Deana moved so he could sit, then she put her feet on the seat next to his legs and spread her knees. He stared between them. “Jeez, you're incredible.”

“Mm.” He started kissing his way down her inner thighs. “Definitely not.”

An impending orgasm caused Deana to imitate a crab, pushing up on her feet and hands, she thrust her pelvis high. He braced his elbows on the table and squeezed her ass with both hands, forcing her to endure the brutal lashing he was giving her clit. His sister was absolutely drooling orgasmic juices. They dribbled down into her groove, across her puckered anus and dripped on the wooden surface.

Evan's zipper was going down as he stood. His sister's long fingers slid into his boxers, wrapped around his cock and brought the bulbous head to her opening. She looked directly into his eyes and said, “Fuck me, I want you to fuck me on the kitchen table.”

The arches of Deana's feet contoured to the curves of his butt and helped him test the limit of her pussy. “Ooh, Evan, you make me feel so good.”

Evan humped Deana until the last second, then he pulled out, shoved his dick down and they both watched the cum pelt her bald pussy mound. It slid down over her inflamed lips and dripped onto the table. That's when he consciously thought, fuck you, Dad, I just came where your plate will be when you come back and spoil everything.

Candy stopped the fingerprint-smudged, softball-mom SUV behind a polished, black Mercedes-Benz sports coupe and wrung her hands on the steering wheel. More than likely, somewhere on her Tahoe a kid had scrawled, 'wash me' in the grime. The two vehicles spoke volumes about the choice each woman had made.

Candy started toward the front porch, but an acidic, burnt smell, clinging to the hot, sticky air, halted her. Standing there in rural Mississippi, Candy felt right at home with a Gator McKlusky sized foreboding. Surely, she wouldn't end up like the guy in White Lightning, dropped off in a swamp, but the outcome of this visit with Sally had the potential to alter the course of her life as much as the choices she and her sister made as teenagers. This time, would they both end up without their daughters?

Gloria was another story, though. Deana's comment about Gloria wanting to marry him had been playful, but the girl had a crush on him. Hadn't he had hopes of marrying Candy during his crush years? If he gave Gloria a ring and made love to her, how could she not take it the wrong way? Jeez, she already got jealous when her friends flirted with him. God forbid Gloria told Jayda, and Jayda said, me too!

Deana turned in the seat and put her foot on Evan's lap. He looked at it and said, "You haven't had foot cramps for a long time."

"Huh, does public sex relax you, too?" he asked.

"When did you plan it?"

"Is that where you and Rebecca did it?"

Evan rolled his eyes and slipped his fingers between his sister's long, elegant toes. "If today was a test for when we go back to school, we failed."

He laughed but knew it wasn't a joke. The tumbler was a lot like Becky, anything could happen, anywhere. "I'm not worried about that, but Gloria, she kissed me in front of Jayda's house. I'm afraid she won't be able to—"

"How do you know I showered with her?"

"Does that mean she knows about us?"

"I know, and I don't think I should do anything else with Gloria. She's in such a hurry. It would be better if she got a boyfriend, fell in love and did it with someone she can be with in public."

"But you have a girlfriend, you're in love, and you're older,” he said. “Why is she in such a hurry? Since dad left, you wouldn't believe how many times I've woken up with her naked body in my bed."

"Twice, jeez, she told you everything."

"Don't change the subject. Why is she trying so hard?"

"I do too, and I want to, I have since before it would have been okay, but I didn't know that until today."

"That too," he said. "Dee, I'm already worried about you and me and mom. Shit, can you imagine how hard it will be not touching Candy after he comes back?"

"What about us?"

with her feet on the bed, thinking. The night before, her mother had at least two glasses of wine that Becky knew of. The woman rarely finished one with dinner. But the extra alcohol couldn't have been her excuse for the bathrobe only situation because Becky saw her get the second glass after she had changed into that. A nun seemed a more likely candidate to go naked under her robe than Mary Barnes. If for some bizarre reason she had to, their mother wouldn't have been caught dead sitting on the couch that way. Becky knew this because she had been checking her mother out for years. She felt sorry for the woman. A body like hers didn't deserve to be entombed in terrycloth and padded bras.

In Becky's mind, if their mother had woken up the night before, she would have sat up with her mouth hanging open, but as long as they didn't stop, the woman wouldn't have said a word. Mary would have continued to sit there with her jaw hanging while Becky rode her brother's dick. Jason wouldn't agree with that, but he didn't know what happened after he ran off with his drooling cock dangling between his legs. Now, the trick would be to tell Jason enough to whet his appetite, but not scare him. If she set things up right, her brother wouldn't be able to stop himself. At least I still have that fantasy, Becky thought.

They could eat whatever they wanted, watch TV and touch each other without that fearful need to look over their shoulders. "Let's make the most of the time we have, tonight, this next week, and as much as we can get away with the rest of the summer."

"Why should I carry your Victoria Secret bag?”

He sighed and grabbed the bag. "I suppose I do."

Deana's snug shorts caught on her bubble-butt, lifting the sexy flesh into mounds above the waistband. She took her time and turned the struggle into a seductive wiggle. He dropped the bag and covered three steps in one stride. Whack. Deana's right cheek bumped the left, and they both shook. "Ooh." She jerked upright and turned around with her hands on her hips and her brow arched. "You're fast."

“Um, Rebecca is the one who gets off on being spanked, so how am I lucky?”

“And if I was, would you lift it up and do something right here where we might get caught?”

It was irresponsible and dangerous, but he reached through the gap below Deana's crotch, placed his hand on the curve of her lower back, and pulled her forward to meet his lips and tongue.

“Mmm, I think it's the other way around.” He pressed his mouth on the curve of Deana's pubic bone, stuffed his tongue between her pussy lips and hummed. Her fingers twisted in his hair and she worked her pelvis, grinding her clit on his face.

He imagined saying, fuck the neighbors and taking his sister from behind while Mrs. Bryn watched from her window, fingering herself. “I guess,” he said and slid his middle finger inside Deana's pussy.

The tip of his finger trolled the wet groove and flicked roughly over Deana's swollen bud. “We got the house to ourselves.” He stood up. “Let's go in where we really don't have to worry.”

“I think I do,” Evan said. “Remind me to tell you what happened at the creek.”

“I think it was lunch-time that day,” Evan said and picked her up. Deana's flip-flops tumbled down the steps when she wrapped her legs around his waist. He carried his sister through the screen porch and into the kitchen.

She batted her eyes and said, “I bet you say that to all the girls.”

Evan eagerly turned his head side-to-side, working his lips deep into her labia while poking her hole with the tip of his tongue. As much as he wanted to know why his sister was acting like she wasn't a lesbian anymore, he was determined to enjoy it without asking questions.

Deana pushed his face away and dropped her butt. “I want you, ah, want you inside me . . . now.”

He held Deana's face between his hands and pressed his forehead to hers. "I love your potty mouth." She guided him, and as if they were made to fit together, one shove was all it took, and he was deep inside his sister. He watched Deana's black eyes register the joining of their bodies. Simultaneously, tears filled their eyes, and they said, "I love you."

They moved as one in opposing directions. Their speed and force steadily increasing. Deana's cheeks squeaked on the table top. He grabbed her hips and yanked her back to the edge, dipped down and angled his thrust upward. She leaned back and watched his glistening flesh move in and out of her body. It didn't matter that he had seen hundreds of dicks fucking pussies in porn; the sight of his own cock sliding inside his sister's body amazed and excited him as if it were the first time he'd seen it. Deana's expression said she felt the same way he did.

empty stomach, and the thirty-minute drive had been enough time for her to stem the flow of tears, but not the onslaught of doomsday scenarios bombarding her mind. John had choked her for suggesting he give Evan more leeway, what would he do if the security footage revealed that she had allowed her stepson to do what his father explicitly forbade?

They had the same parents, grew up under the same roof, learned about life in the same bedroom, and both got pregnant as teenagers, then one crucial decision took them in contrasting directions. Candy grabbed her overnight bag off the passenger seat, turned, dangled her legs and slid out. The gravel crunched under her feet. She looked down and realized she was wearing her daughter's sneakers. An image of Gloria's face flashed before Candy's eyes. It was the day Evan had kissed Gloria in the kitchen right in front of her. It had been a diversion in case Gloria had noticed the attention he had been giving Candy, but the girl had been aflame with the hope of reciprocated love for the rest of the morning. What kind of mother would do something that might dash the girl's dreams?

The door opened, and her sister stepped out. The moisture still trapped in Sally's thick, red hair made it appear darker and lengthened the wavy curls. The shoulders of the luxurious pool robe were damp. Candy looked into the deep void between the woman's breasts and saw the fabric that held the two halves of the bikini top together. She followed the opening down to the blue bottoms. "Did you steal that robe from one of those eight-hundred-dollar a day hotels?"