Realising I am Gay

Typical. Of all the days for my parents to be too busy to pick me up from school band practice, it had to be today. It's raining and cold and I'm stuck walking home.

I'm a nerd. I admit it. I don't care. I have nerdy friends and my life is good. I'm skinny with no muscles, I'm not at all sporty so I'm not fit but I'm also not unhealthy. I have very little body hair and what I do is blonde and hardly noticeable. I also struggle to grow facial hair, so I don't need to shave.

Back to my story. I decide to cut through the park to shorten my walk. I am in the middle of the park when the heavens open and it starts to piss down. Instinctively I run to find shelter, this being a dingy dirty toilet block.

Miraculously the cubicle is quite clean considering, and the lid is intact. I take my shirt and pants off to let them dry and sit on the closed toilet lid. I start flipping through some porn images on my phone getting quite aroused in the process.

Out of curiosity, I look through the hole and see the guy next door is doing the same as me. He's sitting there on the toilet with his pants around his ankles, stroking his hardening cock. I could see that it was not very large. Probably around 14 or 15 cm (5.5 -- 6 inches) and not too thick. I myself had about 2 or 3 cm on him and quite a bit of girth.

As the anonymous man continues to stroke his cock, he stands up and walks towards me. He gently pushes his cock through the hole and I sit there staring. What does he expect me to do? Touch it? Suck it?

Before I know it, I am holding the strange cock in front of me. It is soft yet hard, different to the way my own feels. I start stroking the cock slowly, eliciting a moan from behind the wall. The head of the cock is shiny and before I can stop myself, I drop to the cold, hard floor and lick the stranger's cock.

I stroke my own cock as I slide this strange one further and further into my mouth. I try to go a bit too far and gag a little. Knowing my limits, I adjust my technique and focus on providing the best blowjob I can.

As I continue, I wonder what is going to happen when he cums. Will he warn me? Will he just shoot in my mouth? Do I swallow? Do I spit? Will my new friend become angry if I spit his cum on the floor?

I sit in the toilet stall, naked, thinking about what I have just done. I had sucked a strange cock through a hole in the wall of a public toilet. And I loved it. I was so horny. I pull on my cock repeatedly until I unload my cum all over the floor of the cubicle.

I walk quickly towards home and the direction of the sex shop. As I approach the door, I quickly look around to see if anyone is watching, not noticing anyone, I duck quickly inside. There is a staircase heading upwards, I walk up and am greeted with the sight of rows of DVDs and dildos and a whole range of other items I have no idea what are.

"I'm looking for a dildo."

"Myself," I reply trying not to look him in the eye.

I think he can tell by my demeanour that I am new to this. "New. Just seeing what I like."

I purchase an 'anal training kit' designed to stretch your anus to be able to take bigger things gradually. It has 3 buttplugs, small, medium and large. I also buy a douche on the recommendation of the owner.

The scene is so hot, and I am so horny. I take the small plug out of my ass. Pulling it out feels as good as putting it in. I lube up the middle-sized plug and push that in my ass. As the fatter part of the plug enters my hole, I feel a little discomfort, but it turns to ecstasy when in plops all the way in.

Over the next week, I use my plugs every day, stretching my hole enough that I'm finally able to take the big plug without too much discomfort. I find that the small plug fits comfortably enough in my ass that I can leave it in for an extended period of time. I wear it around the house, my family unaware that I have something up my ass.

After the final bell rings after school, I quickly go into the bathroom, lube up the plug and my asshole and slip it inside. I'm going to wear it during band practice and on the walk to the restroom. It was the most fun I'd ever had in band, the plug in my ass while going about everything as normal made me so excited I practically run towards the bathroom, hoping my man or another man is there for me to service.

I see the man remove his pants and sit down. He has a boner and I can see that it is the same guy as last week. I will never forget that beautiful hard cock. Seemingly aware of what I'm doing, the man stands and pushes his cock through the hole. I waste no time staring this week. I drop to my knees and engulf his cock.

I'm Pete and I turned 18 last month. With it, my parents gave me some extra freedom, although I was still not allowed to use the car to drive to school and relied on my parents to pick me up on the late days.

All of this means that I am a natural hit with the ladies. I can't keep up with them. I bounce from one to another, never with the same girl twice. I wish. In my dreams maybe. Nobody is interested in me. I'm also really shy so that doesn't help. The extent of my sex life consists of masturbation.

It smells like stale piss, but I don't care because I am out of the rain. I use the facilities while I am there but the rain outside seems to be getting heavier. I head into a cubicle to sit and wait it out.

I am stroking my hard cock to a pic of a hot brunette when I hear someone else enter the bathroom and move towards the stall next to mine. I hear the door squeak open and closed and see a shadow of movement out the corner of my eye. Looking over at the wall and I see a hole cut into the wall and the guy on the other side is sitting down.

His cock is uncut like mine, he is sliding the foreskin back and forth over the head of his cock. As I continue to look, I could see that the purple head of his cock is glistening with precum. I am unaware that the sight of this cock has made my own, significantly harder and I'm very turned on.

The longer I stare, the more I want to actually touch and suck it. I don't know what is happening. What is wrong with me?

I am hooked at first taste. It is delicious. I keep licking until there was no precum left. I then put the whole head in my mouth and suck slowly. I cannot believe that I am sucking cock, let alone a stranger's cock through a hole in a wall. I have no idea who this guy is, he could be old, young, he could even be somebody I know. All these thoughts are going through my head as I continue to suck and pleasure the cock in front of me. I think it is the taboo anonymous thing and that I could be blowing one of my friends, that makes me so incredibly horny.

I have never received a blowjob myself, so I have no idea if I am doing a good job, but he seems to be enjoying what I am doing. There is a lot of saliva all over his cock, I don't know if it is normal or not, but I keep sucking, making a bigger mess of his cock and my face.

I don't have to wait long. He doesn't warn me. As I am sucking his cock, I suddenly get a mouthful of warm slightly salty cum. I initially cough a bit, and some leaks out the sides of my mouth, but I do my best to keep the rest in. The taste is actually quite good. I swallow the rest of this strange man's cum before he pulls his cock back through the hole and walks away.

Even though I had cum, I am still in a horny frame of mind. I wonder what that cock would've felt like in my ass. I have never put anything in there, so I decide right then that I will go and buy a dildo. Lucky for me there is a sex shop on the main road and I must pass by it to get home. I exit the public toilet block and find the rain has mostly died down.

I wander through having a look at what there is. There are big ones, small ones, even ones that look like a fist. I am not sure where to begin. "Can I help you find something?" A voice says from behind me. I jump slightly at hearing the voice and recognise him as an employee. I am nervous, but I guess he would've heard everything working here.

"For you or a friend?"

"Do you have much experience or are you new?"

He walks over to the next row and shows me a range of buttplugs which he tells me are better for beginners, and that once I get my hole used to something being in there, to come back and choose a dildo.

When I get home, I decide to try it out straight away. I lock myself in my room after douching myself, that was a strange experience. I lube up the smallest plug and push it into my ass, surprisingly it goes in quite easily. I like the feeling of being full and my cock is rock hard. I open my laptop and go to my favourite porn video site although this time, I look at gay videos. I find a gloryhole scene where a guy is sucking an anonymous cock similar to what I did. After a while, he turns around and takes the cock in his ass.

I never knew having something up my ass would feel so good. I apply pressure on and off to the bottom of the plug, sending waves of pleasure throughout my hole. I continue doing this, stroking my cock and watching the guy on the screen take an anonymous cock. All of it combined is too much for me and I blow a second load for the day. I am spent, I remove the plug from my ass, wash up, and fall asleep.

A week after my first experience in the bathroom, I plan on going back and seeing if I can repeat my luck. I told my parents in the morning that I was going to walk home after practice and to not expect me back early.

I enter and notice that everything is empty. I enter the same stall as last time, remove my clothes and sit on the closed toilet lid, I don't want my plug to fall out. I'm slowly stroking my cock, looking at pictures of men taking cocks in their mouths and asses, trying not to cum. I hear someone walk in and enter the stall next to me. I look through the hole, trying to see if this guy wants something or if he was just there to use the facilities.