Retribution of the Chambermaids

Another tall tale suggested by Mrs. 123z.

England, 1780.

"So you wish for me to take on another chambermaid to ease your overburden, is that right?"

Katherine stood stock still, nervous and afraid at her own boldness. Cruel fate had brought her to Grantley Manor and she rued the day she had crossed the threshold of the front door. Born of a humble life she and others like her had to eke out a living in the harshest of ways. Servitude being the most popular. At the age of twenty the slim and not unattractive woman had worked for Lord Grantley since she had turned eighteen, and a more sadistic brute of a man she had never known. Perverted and sadistic, the wealthy aristocrat wielded the whip AND his cock with ever increasing demands.

In fact Lord Grantley had a substantial wealth thanks to his heritage and successful career as a lawyer and lived a sumptuous life. Indeed he was fully expected to be knighted by King George before the end of the year. The son of Thomas Grantley he had been educated in an all boys college and had married Grace soon after, a frigid ice maiden who had born him no children. Resentful of a loveless marriage and little sex life and put together with his lonely school life his Lordship harboured a spiteful grudge for the fairer sex. His large Manor and grounds in Dorset necessitated a number of servants and he chose his female staff to a high degree.

"Eighteen my Lord. Jane is young and healthy and very eager to work."

Katherine understood his words only too well and prayed that she knew what she was doing in bringing her best friend into this hell.

He stared at the woman with the most cruel and malicious eyes and a nasty curl of his lip.

Katherine obeyed and knelt in front of the grinning slob as he unbuttoned the front of his breeches. How many times had she been subjected to this humiliating and debased chore. To spurn him would result in a beating, to perform fellatio badly would mean the cane. She took hold of his hardening manhood and began to stroke it in her right hand. He growled at her touch and shifted in his big chair as the woman put her lips to the spongy head. Her hand gripped the veiny shaft which pointed up from the thick nest of pubic hair as she moved down on his knob with a steady bobbing.

He felt her hot breath as she devoured half of his length, her hand screwing around his organ in a clockwise twist as she licked him. Katherine hollowed her cheeks as she drew him in deeper with her lips firmly closed on his fleshy rod. Lord Grantley threw his head back as her dextrous tongue slithered this way and that as she desperately hurried to bring him off.

Saliva ran down the underside of his prick as Katherine rocked back and forth on her haunches and felt him throb in her mouth. Faster and faster she licked and slobbered and flicked at his scrotum with her slender fingers. He grunted loudly as he came and Katherine inhaled through her nostrils as she kept his pulsing cock inside her mouth as he humped up. The milky white ejaculate ran out of the corners of her mouth as she gulped the rest down her throat. When he had ceased coming Katherine duly cleaned his knob and replaced it in his breeches which he drew up over his corpulent belly.

Revenge will be sweet.

The next day the housekeeper, Mrs. Mannering brought Katherine and Jane before his Lordship, and as they stood side by side he ran his eyes over the slip of a girl. Dressed in her best frock she looked at the floor as both young women awaited his decision.

Jane looked up with big blue eyes and bit her lower lip.

"Yes, my Lord."

As he spoke the two servants looked at the thin and long cane he fingered in his hand. Jane knew what he meant from the stories that Katherine had related to her this past year. Spankings, canings, and sexual horrors were all too prevalent for anyone to endure.

After the perfunctory inspection the pair hurried up the main stairs and to the servants wing on the north side of the house. The bedroom had no window and was sparsely furnished. Katherine handed over a maid uniform to Jane as she sat on her thin cot.

"You know that I am. We shall hand this brute some poetic justice believe me."

The two friends ate a welcome supper with the other servants that evening and both succumbed to a deep sleep before the next days hardship.

It didn't take long for Jane to fall foul of Lord Grantley's displeasure. Up at five in the morning every day the two women attended their various duties before the household awoke. His Lordship took breakfast at eight and headed off to his office in town. When he returned at five he happened upon Jane who had just taken a moment to mop her brow and take a breather.

"Forgive me, my Lord. 'Twas but a mere second I swear."

"Go forth into my study!"

"Please my Lord, do not harm me I beg of you. I am but a pathetic wretch."

He pointed to a sturdy looking oak wood table and Jane obeyed as she began to sob in desperation at her predicament. She felt her gown and under things lifted over her lower back and her nether cleavage fondled by rough hands.

Unaware that her lewd stance displayed her tuft of fair pubes she assumed the position and dipped her head. Then without any warning the broad strap or belt bit into her upturned rump with extreme force. Jane screamed at the fire on her ass. Again she was struck and it took all of her efforts to stay standing as the momentum thrust her forwards. As he laid into her the pain spread like wild fire and tears streamed down her face. Lord Grantley chuckled as he observed the redness supersede the previously white flesh of her pert cheeks. She would show some bruising in the morn.

He barked as he came down hard once more on the helpless female. Broad marks were now developing on both her nates in a crossed pattern, but despite his force he had not yet drawn blood. Her initial screams were now reduced to a low whimpering that caused her entire frame to quiver. He stopped the punishment and reached out and ran his hand along her bottom, admiring his work. It felt hot and he could make out tiny ridges where his belt had connected the most. He made a fan of his right hand and slid in between her inner thighs and brought it up sharply into her most vulnerable spot.

Jane stood slowly and gingerly touched her stinging backside before lowering her petticoat and gown.


"Have you taken leave of your senses, you stupid cunt! I shall whip your fucking tits! Strip off completely!"

"YES! Slut! I want you naked."

"Is this what you want?"

Grantley virtually spluttered the words as his rage knew no bounds.

The next thing Katherine heard was the surreal sound of her own scream. Grantley brandished a riding crop and was lashing down and down again on both the poor woman's breasts. At first her full boobs were struck just below her erect nipples on the rounded globes. The pain was excruciating as gradually the sadistic brute made firm contact with her nipples.

Katherine went weak at the knees and her ankles buckled as she tried to maintain her stance in the middle of the room. His arm was a blur as she blinked furiously as she was savagely chastised. Her breath almost gone she fought to stay conscious and feared that her ribs may crack at any given moment. After five more blows the brown haired woman sank to her knees, exhausted and shaking with shock at the searing pain in her tits.

Lord Grantley left and Katherine laid limp on her side, her upper body bruised and blood splattered. This man would pay!

Jane snapped up as she readied herself for bed to the door to her room being flung open. It must have been midnight and there stood his Lordship in his flannels and a tankard of ale in his fist, quite obviously drunk.

Grantley pulled on her bed covers and tossed them aside, then he turned to her and followed up with a wrench on the front of her night gown which caused her bosom to spill out.

He continued to rip the ruined gown down to her feet and tossed her backwards onto her cot. Jane had a wide eyed innocent look as her attire was torn asunder and she laid on her back naked and shaken. The angry Lord dropped his lower flannels and his member stood proud and erect. He had looked forward to this for a week.



"Yes, your Lordship. Since Fanny left I have been most overwhelmed by my workload. It is a large house and the hours are long."

"You expect me to throw away pennies on some young trollop? I'm not made of money girl."

"How old is she?" He asked as he reclined in his plush armchair.

"Eagerness I admire. Does she know that she would be beholden to obey my express demands, and, shall I say special demands?"

"Very well, bring her in the morning and I shall inspect her personally. I shall discuss this with Barnes also. Now, come here and suck my cock."

"My Lord."

"Ah! The bitch does suck well. I hope your friend is as gifted as you."

"Yes, yes!" He cried as he squirmed on his fat ass.

"Dismissed." He said abruptly and she curtsied and left the study, smiling to herself as she did so.


"Look up girl." He spoke, his voice one of arrogance and conceit.

"I have spoken to my butler Barnes and shall grant you a months trial, and in that time I expect you to obey me at all times. Do I make myself clear?"

"I shall pay you £6 a year and I demand the best of everyone I employ. Any tardiness or mishaps will force me to exact the strictest punishment."

"Katherine will show you her room which you both shall share. Now go."

"So, are you up for it?" She asked as she lit a candle.

"I have a plan formulated. We shall soon give this bastard what for."


"What slovenly behaviour is this? Do I support you to take things easy, you little strumpet!"

Jane stood erect in her crisp uniform of a white cotton gown over a plain linen petticoat. A large bonnet sat on her golden curls and she wore a pair low heeled buckled shoes which she hopped on nervously.

Jane bowed as she slowly entered the room, fully expecting the worst. Grantley followed and removed his wig, cravat and waistcoat and stood in his knee breeches and long sleeved shirt.

"Nonsense. I warned you in advance. I do not suffer fools gladly. Now bend over that table."

"As soft as a newly born. Too bad. Now put your weight on your elbows, spread your legs and hold that position at all times."

"Hold still, tart!"

"Your cunt is as dry as a bone, shame. No permanent damage done. I hope that you know your place. You are my slave. You may leave."

"Yes, my Lord. Thank you, my Lord."

It was the turn of Katherine to suffer two days later when she had inadvertently served her master tepid tea instead of piping hot as he preferred.


Reluctantly Katherine slipped her gown and under things off and then rolled down her stockings.

"What! Is this what I want, your Lordship!"

"Stand still and put your hands behind your head. Now spread your legs and thrust out your tits."

"Stand still!"

"Cunt! When you are able, get up and fuck off!"


"Stay still peasant! I shall fuck some respect into you."