Return to Fantasy Hotel

The air conditioning provided a much-needed relief from the blistering heat outside, as the car powered down the highway. The sun was due to set in a couple of hours, at which point the temperature would become bearable once more. But for now, in the midst of a heatwave, the best place to be was inside the cool car, with music tinkling in the background, providing a gentle, relaxed ambience.

'Is everything alright?' Veronica murmured contentedly, catching his eye.


'Sounds wonderful,' she sighed, cupping her husband's cheek tenderly. 'Thank you.'

'And, of course,' he added playfully. 'I've arranged an extra surprise for you too.'

'Guess,' he replied teasingly.

'Very well,' he agreed. 'Slip off your shoe and place your foot in my lap.' With a questioning look at her husband which clearly doubted how on earth this would provide her with an answer, she nevertheless did as he'd instructed.

'Nice,' sighed Veronica, when he eventually released her and she returned her tingling foot to the ground. 'Really nice. But how does that provide me with a clue?'

'Seriously?' gasped Veronica. 'What? Here?' George chuckled at her animated response, nodding his head in confirmation. 'Then, what on earth are we waiting for?' With a fizz of excitement, she grabbed her husband's hand and they quickly left the restaurant, fingers intertwined, heading at pace towards their room.

From the moment they walked into their hotel room, the happy couple knew this was going to be an adventure to remember. No expense had been spared on the décor and with the warm, sultry evening air wafting in through the open windows, it was easy to imagine they had been whisked away to East Africa, through the hot sands of time, to a magical past filled with Pharaohs, Sphinxes, Mummies and the incredible architectural wonders of the great pyramids.

'Veronica! George!' exclaimed Claudia, her face lit with a wide smile as she noticed their arrival. 'How wonderful to see you again!' Making her way towards their friend, the trio all hugged and kissed affectionately, thrilled to be reunited once more.

'Oh, George,' she murmured. 'Thank you so much for arranging this for us.' Tenderly, she dropped her lips to his, savoring the sweet touch of his mouth.


'Ladies first,' offered George, assisting his wife onto the table whilst appreciating her delicious, naked form. Settling stomach down, Veronica adjusted her head in the face cradle until she was comfortable. Then, with a long deep breath, inhaled the scents of lavender and rosemary oils which were already permeating the air.

Claudia's magical touch slowly migrated up her friend's back before embarking on a deep shoulder and neck massage which, if Veronica could have remembered any worries she did have, would certainly have driven them all away. As the talented masseuse moved down to concentrate on her arms, Veronica inhaled yet another deep sigh. She was in heaven and her pampering was a long way from over yet.

Tenderly, Claudia returned her hands to Veronica's upper thighs, circling gently, encouraging her legs to open, before gently stroking her fingers down to nudge against her swollen pussy lips. George had been happily observing the scene from afar until this point. However, at the sound of his wife's gasps and the erotic sight before him, he was unable to prevent himself approaching the massage table.

Utterly zoned out with pleasure, Veronica was barely able to raise an arm to assist but between the three of them, she was carefully shuffled over to lie on her back. Opening her eyes with effort, as though intoxicated, she gazed around her, unable to focus on any one particular object.

Claudia recommenced her sensual massage, starting at Veronica's fingertips and travelling up her arms and neck to her chest, but teasingly avoiding touching her hard, aching nipples that were desperate for relief. Having gently kneaded and stroked her abdomen, Claudia circled her fingers loving around her friend's protruding hips. Claudia was edging ever nearer to her neatly trimmed pubic hair when an expression of delight crossed her face.

Lying there in her enforced darkness, Veronica's remaining senses seemed to be on hyper-alert. It was only when George's soft, loving hands started to caress her throbbing breasts, whilst Claudia started to perform her trademark light butterfly movements down her legs, did Veronica understand what the two of them had managed to concoct.

'Use your lips,' mouthed Claudia wordlessly, as she teasingly concentrated her efforts onto each of Veronica's sensitive toes individually. With a swift grin, George happily obeyed, revelling in the feel of her shuddering nipple against his tongue and the sound of his wife's groans filling the air.

'Now use your teeth,' she mouthed silently at him once more. 'Gently.'

'Oh fuck!' gasped Veronica, at the feel of the over-stimulation of her breasts, coupled with Claudia's wickedly naughty fingers which had begun to teasingly explore. As Veronica's body began to twist against the sensations and her hips lifted slightly from the table, George growled with arousal, in the knowledge that his wife was being so pleasured in this way. The knowledge only drove him on and he allowed one hand to migrate down Veronica's abdomen to locate and nudge against her hardened clit. It seemed to take no time at all for the lady who was the focus of so much sensual attention to collapse headlong into a violent, noisy orgasm.

'I hope you enjoyed that,' murmured Claudia at last. Veronica responded as best she was able, although in reality, all that she achieved was a garbled groan.

'Oh,' she added to George, a grim smile on her face. 'Make sure you keep your hands to yourself whilst I'm gone.' With a wide grin, George raised his hands in a gesture of surrender.

'Promise?' confirmed Claudia, clearly highly suspicious.

A naked Veronica lay there in the darkness, completely unaware of what would follow but one hundred percent certain that George had something planned...and she was correct. Padding silently across the room, he grabbed one of the Peacock feathers they had noticed upon their arrival and placed the tip at the hollow of Veronica's throat. Although she inhaled swiftly, it wasn't until he stroked the feather teasingly down the length of her body to the line of her short pubic hair that she reacted more animatedly.

George chanced a swift glance across at his wife and couldn't help but smile. Thoroughly relaxed, she sat beside him, the woman he'd loved for so many years.

'Perfect,' he smiled, returning his gaze to the road but dropping a hand down to rest on her leg. Lovingly, George circled his fingers across her upper thigh causing a shiver of excitement to flutter up her spine. He'd been planning this weekend away for some time and wanted everything to be just right.

'Here we are, Mrs. B,' smiled George as they eventually reached their destination and he cut the engine. 'Shall we have dinner and then get settled into our room?'

Over dinner, George took the opportunity to enlighten Veronica about the luxury hotel in which they would be staying. The themed rooms, of which theirs was Egyptian, boasted an enormous bed, a hot tub and an extra-large shower.

'What's the surprise?' asked Veronica, as George fed her a spoonful of his dessert across the candlelit table, before softly stroking his thumb across her smiling lips.

'Give me a clue.'

Quickly looking around to ensure the waiter wasn't about to appear, George tipped a little olive oil into his hand, from the bottle on the table, before sliding his slippery fingers around her foot with a perfect pressure. Unable to prevent herself, Veronica inhaled deeply before releasing the breath with a soft moan. Massage always provided such a flood of emotions; contentment, relaxation, affection...arousal. George's sure touch along the base of her foot was already creating a delicious tingling in her pussy and when his fingers migrated to her toes, individually concentrating upon each one in turn, heat flooded to her core. His teasing, loving touch was a clear promise of what was likely to follow, once they retired to their room, and it was beyond thrilling.

'Claudia,' said George simply.


Their room was lined with tall marble pillars, dimly lit by silk flame lights and aromatherapy candles. In the entrance hall stood a stone table with carved hieroglyphics, upon which sat a plate of devilishly tempting-looking pyramid-shaped white chocolates. As the room widened out and they walked past a tall glass vase filled with exotic peacock feathers, their eyes were flooded by expensive décor of vibrant blues and golds.

'I've set up over here,' she explained, pointing towards her large, luxurious massage table towards the far end of the room. 'Come and join me when you're ready?' Nodding, Veronica turned to face her husband, reaching for his hand.

'You're welcome,' sighed George contentedly. 'But you already know...there's not much I wouldn't do to make you smile.'

Having undressed in the bedroom, which was even more palatial than the living area, George and Veronica strolled back to join their favourite masseuse.

When Claudia's soft, warm oily skin first slid across her feet, Veronica was filled with pure delight, her eyes sliding closed with unconcealed bliss. As those talented hands worked their way slowly and methodically up the backs of her calves and thighs, Veronica fought an overwhelming urge to open her legs and allow the pleasure to increase exponentially. As it was, she held it together until her tight, powerful ass muscles were kneaded, at which point she released the deepest sigh of contentment. Occasionally, Veronica could feel her ass cheeks being pulled gently apart as a result of the massage. Such teasing movements consequently opened up her pussy lips slightly, making her deliciously aware of how wet she was becoming.

Having playfully stroked her hair and scalp, Claudia's hands started to work their way back down Veronica's relaxed body, the backs of her fingers trailing teasingly across the sides of her breasts. Unable to hide her reactions in such an exposed state, Veronica whimpered as shivers of delight rushed up her spine to the base of her skull. Unseen by the couple, Claudia registered her reaction with a soft smile.

'Good timing,' murmured Claudia.

'Relax,' soothed Claudia, carefully placing a mask across her eyes, before leaning forward to drop a soft kiss on her full lips. An immediate wave of lust crashed across Veronica's trembling body, unable to properly process the emotions she was feeling but knowing she never wanted them to end. Somehow, knowing George was witnessing the entire scene made it so much hotter.

'Come and help, George,' she suggested quietly, before pouring some warm massage oil into his hands and issuing brief instructions.

'Oh, George!' she groaned, as Claudia reached her feet and her husband's delicious touch began to overwhelm her thought processes. She could feel her pussy lips pulsing as liquid pooled.

Claudia's hands travelled back up in inside of Veronica's legs, encouraging them to open, as she headed for her pussy. Glancing down at George, she observed a loving husband with an enchanted look on his face, as he happily pleasured his precious wife. Suddenly, he looked up at Claudia, observing the naughty smile on her face.

Working in harmony, George then increased the pressure, simultaneously compressing either side of Veronica's hard nipples with his teeth and spare hand, whilst Claudia allowed her fingers to drift closer and closer to where her friend needed to be touched the most.

Once a gasping Veronica had ridden out the entirety of her pleasure, both George and Claudia slowly withdrew their slippery fingers from her satiated body and smiled down at her. Claudia spent some time calming her back down once more, massaging her face, ears and nose.

'Now, I'm going outside for a cigarette and then it's your turn,' she nodded at George. Claudia was halfway out of the wide-open French doors when she poked her head back around the elegant voile curtain.

'Yes Ma'am,' he said, in a voice that sent shivers of excitement through Veronica's body, despite her momentary exhaustion. She'd been with her husband long enough to be able to recognize his most mischievous tone.

'Of course,' he purred in response.