The Devil's Cuckoos Ch. 01

This is the very first pure fiction story that I publish here. It will be a slow starter this one. So if your attention span is no longer than that of a TV advert then it is probably not for you. If it resembles in any way anybody living or dead then I suggest that you seek psychiatric help quickly or some other kind of therapy as soon as possible.


I was surprised she wanted to come on holiday with me because she knew I would be all over her like a vampire limpet. It had been a scorching summer that year and she grumbled "I am fed up sitting at home really and it is ages before the university returns so why not but no funny stuff Mike, you can have oral and anal but no pussy!

It had never entered my head to ditch her and find a chick that did put out. It never entered my head to just plain two-time her as there were chicks that were interested in me or at least giving me signals that they were. Erica even got jealous about them being about me and I almost caught her out a couple of times before she hit the no switch and then she would clam her legs tight shut on me. She could see that really pissed me off as well at the time when she did that.

It was also the case that my so called mates that tried it on with her and got their faces slapped hard for their trouble. More than one of them had to get inventive as to how they ended up in A &E with sore balls. They were actually lucky that she didn't employ her sharp nails on them as that they wouldn't have been able to cover up. They couldn't get away with being inventive about deep scratch marks.

It was pretty late when we got there. I could hear the blokes making the crude comments and even see the blokes letching her as we pitched our tent. The tight denim shorts she wore and the cropped almost see through top were always going to attract attention from assholes. Thankfully they were gone in the morning when we got up.

She was being exuberant and jiggling her tits as she waved at me "This is Shee Mike! Well that is the way he pronounces his name! He says his mother says it means elf or something like that! I think it is cute!"

Clare giggled and flashed her eyes and jiggled her tits at him "Oh we can so see that Shee! He looks as if he spends as much time in the gym and pool as you do Mike!"

She giggled "Push, your biceps are as big and as hard as Mikes and I think those assholes thought so as well Shee!"

She sighed "They hadn't! They were sort of harassing me for my number until Shee chased them off! They have gone now! He growled at them and left! They are gone totally! He might be as good as you at growling at guys to leave me alone!"

She stood and jiggled her tits as she did so "Did you get the stuff I asked for Mike?"

She smiled "Oh and he helped me with my moisturising cream and sun block and just the bits I couldn't reach on my back!"

Erica headed to the car and Shee let out a deep breath "I don't think your chick has any concept as to what she does to most hetero blokes Mike!"

He replied "Yeah well asshole number one got one hell of smack to the face but asshole number two had a hold of her wrists as she could get a good hard grip on his balls and do any damage! Those are evil steel heels she has as well! He didn't see her lining up those heels on his feet and shins! There would have been blood everywhere if she connected with those! It was at that point I intervened!

She had heard and giggled "Coo you got my stats right! Were you letching me Shee? Its okay since you saved me!"

Erica chirped "Shee says there is a nice pub restaurant along the loch side about a couple of miles and no more than that!"

She replied "What isn't there to fancy in him? He has long curly blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, rugged good looks and he is ripped! Oh and chivalry isn't dead it seems!"

She giggled and flashed her eyes at me "He isn't gay! He had a hard on before you arrived back at the campsite so it wasn't for your butt cheeks he had it mister!"

She checked herself though and bit her lip when she returned to me "Sorry I am doing things I don't normally do today, crazy things like! Shee could have been hurt earlier as there were 4 of them and only one of him and they weren't exactly small but it was weird like they were shit scared of him! I mean really scared! Well it would have been my fault if he got hurt as I taunted those assholes instead of keeping my mouth shut and ignoring them! I thought they were going to rape me! I can't remember being so scared before!"

I got a hard on and a rock hard one thinking about it before I snapped back to the present. I found the vision of her getting gang raped really disturbing as it made me hard. She noticed I was distracted and I smiled as I lied "Sorry babe I think I am feeling the drive from yesterday a bit now! I am a little on the weary side it seems!"

I would find Erica I thought she might be and that was with Shee. He had built a fire on the shore and Erica smiled "We were waiting for you before he lit it! He found a lot of dead wood on the loch shore! He smokes weed but he won't sell any! He will trade a little for some wine though! You like some weed but only on holidays!"

Erica would do something out of the ordinary that night and that when we were back in the tent she would turn to me and giggle "I'm horny mister, get your dick out!"

The transformation of my beautiful sexy Erica into a hard core slut and me into a cuckolded partner began when we went on holiday together for the first time as she turned 19. We had been together forever it seemed like but she had never put out for me as in me getting into her knickers and fucking her. I had to that point had to suffer getting relief from oral and anal sex and even then only with condoms on.

And no I am not going to work in that Sleazy Bar like you suggested or get naked for the camera like that dodgy oily photographer wanted me to this summer! We are like having the hottest summer on record for like over 40 years so maybe we should go up the west coast because we won't get this again until we are old, decrepit and broken down!"

I think she knew that at 5ft 8 inches and 36DD-23-35 she was drop dead drill her pussy into the bed gorgeous as well. Her long wavy red brown hair and her dancing brown eyes made her look like a cock stiffening vixen on top of her other physical attributes. They say red headed girls put out more but not Erica. She wasn't putting out at all. My mates would laugh that she is only going on holiday with me to keep the other predatory sluts away from me.

That was the background as loaded up my car with what we needed or thought we would need and headed off up the west coast of Scotland. Our first destination was an official campsite about 45 minutes or so north of Glasgow. It was just as well we weren't in any great hurry.

She was content to stay about the campsite as I headed off to fill up the car on petrol and get some other supplies before we continued our journey up the west coast the next day. When I got back to the campsite the alarm bells went off in my head. She was sitting with a bloke who was topless and she was in her skimpy tie up bikini that didn't really cover a lot.

He groaned "Chicks always think it is cute! If there is a 4 letter word in the language that I really hate it is the word cute! There is nothing cute about me!"

She was obviously flirting with this guy and had been and that was also unusual for her. He grinned "I am blessed with good genes I guess kitten as I am too lazy to go the pool or the gym!"

I quizzed her "What assholes were these? I thought they left early this morning!"

He shrugged "They were all mouth and no action Mike! Most guys are!"

I tossed the car keys to her "It's in the boot babe!"

I had visions of him doing more than her back and her bikini coming off and her legs spread and then getting fucked. I snapped back to the present and the fact I was getting a boner about her getting fucked by another guy and wondering where those thoughts had emanated from. They were not thoughts I had before ever.

I laughed "I think she does dude, it is just that she doesn't give a fuck! She thinks she can chase most of them off!"

I was saving them from her but they wouldn't se it like that! Being total assholes that they are and not seeing those weapons! They would have seen only the 36DD-23-35 body and nothing else!"

He shrugged "It was a lucky guess and to illustrate a point about male blindness in certain situations!"

She clearly wanted him to join us but he declined. I would ask her on the way "So you fancy him then Erica?"

I laughed "The last bloke you described like that turned out to be gay and I had to deck him for feeling my arse up!"

Erica was baiting me but I didn't rise to it. I thought that was a first as well. She had put on some layers as in tight fitting skimpy denim shorts and a halter top that really didn't cover all that much. She at least chose to sit in some shade at the pub as opposed to on the sundeck. I also noticed she was being flirty with some guys at the bar later as well.

The word rape was like some kind of trigger on my imagination as I had visions of her being pinned on the ground and skimpy clothing torn or removed from her and her legs being forced apart before she was penetrated and her body betrayed her as they took turn about fucking her.

We walked back to the campsite where I retreated to lie down in the tent and try and clear my head. I didn't need to ask Erica where she would be as she would hunt out Shee and I thought what sort of name is Shee. I was just disturbed by more visions of Erica being pinned own and raped or visions of her fucking Shee. It was the fact they gave me rock hard boners that was most disturbing. I think I just rested if you could call it that for an hour.

Erica had never done any weed before and now she wanted to try some. She wouldn't get the full effect of it as she coughed her lungs up when he offered her a bong. She wasn't any more giggly than usual. She didn't complain about having the munchies. She did say that she was tingly all over though and thought the loch was rainbow pretty in the twilight.