Return to Paradise Ch. 07

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Chapter 7

Told by Carol - Sam Sr, ad Susie Met Carol and James on a Cruise, James is the father of Carol. Sylvia was hired on as A nanny for young Sam and Sara and just happened to be James's Sister. Marsha was picked up by Terri and Michael on the way to the island with her brother Bobby and Cindy. Bobby and Cindy are a couple, Marsha is a third wheel so far and had some interest in Sam Jr. Before Sara got to him, they played some but never got as far as sex, as she wants to remain a virgin until she finds the perfect guy. Now as you are figuring out Real life is getting more and more complicated.

I'm Carol, I was my father's lover for the longest time until I just had to branch out. We started when I was too young to have any experience and I had to experience the world as any young person must I guess. Sylvia came along and one night they got hooked up and I was so happy for them. When this whole garbage of the Zombies hit, I was married, he was a nice guy but really didn't do a lot for me. My Dad, James, had a much nicer cock and really knew how to fuck and lick my pussy just right. My husband didn't make it, he wrecked our car on a bunch of zombie guts and, well let's leave it there.

She said, "I'm Marsha, I'm Cindy and Bobby's sister. And right now in the way if you know what I mean."

Marsha continued, "I hate being so close to them like that all the time and yet so alone. We all three share a room now. We shared one with Sam Jr. for a while. Sam Jr. and I never had sex, but he was there for me at least when they did. I think he would have had sex with me if I wanted, but he's a good guy."

"Sometimes I wonder if there is something wrong with me, I was never good at the dating thing at all. But I guess it's not just me, I mean look at you! You are so beautiful, you have a wonderful body compared to mine and you are still out here alone while others are having fun." Marsha was almost in tears.

Marsha responded by taking her shirt off and saying, "Not much here!" and dropping her shorts she was naked in front of me, saying "What do you think?"

I found it to speak, "What do you mean you are beautiful, I love those lovely breast, and you skin is just mouthwatering. I love how your pubic hair is just a light covering, your hips are curved just right I want to run my hands over them." And with that I actually lifted my hands to her small breast, feeling the bump of them in my palm and her nipples harden under my touch.

"What? I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." I said.

I put my hands on her face, and ran them over her shoulders, brushing the hair off them so it fell behind her, My hands went over her breast, spending a little more time on her nipples this time. They felt so nice in my hands, Just a small bulge of a breast with puffy nipples with a hard tip. I ran hands down her sides as she stood before me. When I got to her hips, I pulled her just a little closer to where I was sitting. Close enough that all I had to do was open my mouth and take her whole right breast into my mouth, The puffy nipple was so, I don't know, the only thing I can say is I needed something.

I got up, spread my camping mat out rolled the blanket as a long pillow. Stripped off my clothes and asked, "I have never done this but, Marsha, would you like to join me?"

I kissed Marsha on the lips and felt the electricity flow, Her lips were soft like mine and she tasted sweet. Not like any guy I've ever kissed. Her kisses were tender but needy also. Her hands found my body and I could feel the burn of desire trail her touch. I moved down her body and kissed her right above the line of her pubic hair. I rubbed my cheek on her soft silk find hair, and flicked out my tongue. Tasting the first pussy I ever really wanted. Her pussy was as sweet as her lips with just a light musky tasted. I was getting drunk with desire. Her small legs wrapped around my neck as I continued to drink her in.

She kissed me, and worked her way down my body. When she latched onto one of my nipples, filling her mouth with it, she pressed her tongue down and I saw the white hot light of my orgasm as if it was a speeding train coming at me. She did that again and I came, just from her sucking my one of my nipples.

I wasn't able to speak just yet and I nodded. She spread my legs and got her body where our pussies were meeting. Something I never figured out exactly how lesbians did. She ground her pubic bone up and down my pussy, Driving us both nuts. We came almost together, and after than We just held each other tight for the longest time.

Marsha said, "I think I love you. Not just the sex, but I felt so much more."

We spent the night out there, We covered up with the blanket, but I don't think we slept at all. The next day I was on cloud nine. It was lunch time before I saw Marsha again. I told her, "I have a little pull and I think I can get us a room if she wants to."

I smiles at her giddy attitude saying, "I'll let you know."

I said, "Thank you , Sam, I don't know how to repay you."

I kissed him on the lips, and gave him a big hug and said, "Thank you!"

James, Sylvia and Carol and Marshia


I've been staying in the same room as James and Sylvia, and to be honest I feel like a third wheel. One night I went out walking while they were having sex. I watched them a time or two, even joined once, but it wasn't the same. Dad loves Sylvia and I know they both love me, but the sex was just sex, there was no magic. I knew the island pretty well, so I went to a little private area I figure no one knew about that overlooked the sea, I brought out a camping mat and a blanket as was going to sleep out for the evening. I found a young girl dressed in a little almost baby dollish shirt made of very thin material and a pair of baggy looking pajama shorts. I introduced myself to her. "Hello there, I'm Carol, what's your name, I know I should know but there are so many new faces."

"I think I do. James is my Father and Sylvia is his sister, my aunt and they are probably doing the same thing you siblings are." I said.

I said, "I know Sam Jr. and he is a great guy. I think he's bunking with his sister now." I actually know he is but didn't want to come out and say they are a couple now.

I said, "You are very pretty, I love how tiny you are myself. I love your pretty blue eyes, the way your hair drapes over your shoulders, how pretty and white your skin is. You skin looks so touchable and kissable." Strangely I started to feel a tingle. "And I just bet you are hiding some nice assets under your clothes."

I was kinds shocked, but found myself checking her out. unexpectedly I was starting to feel tingly in the right places. Her breast were small with really kind puffy nipples topping each. Not even a handful but I on the less almost stared, Moving down her body to her pussy which was covered in a light blonde hair matching what was on her head. I could see her pussy lips through the hair. My mouth was watering.

I then ran my hands down her sides and over her hips and got an "Oh god..." From Marsha.

"Carol, you don't understand, that felt so good. The way you just touched me. Do it again please." Marsha pleaded.

I attended to the other nipple as well, She was moaning, and said, "I got to sit down or I'm going to fall down, that feels so nice. " with that she sat down. "Oh my god." I let my hands wonder around her body some, I found her sopping wet pussy and my finger found her clit and it was short business to get her off. I'd never really WANTED a girl before but I wanted her.

The most amazing thing happened, she lay down beside me. I was so expecting to be rejected, I felt normal for a change. This was someone I wanted, that wasn't related to me or someone to just fuck. Even Sam Jr. was just filling in a gap for me, I practically raised him so he was kinds related.

This sounds selfish, but I was surprised when she came, I was so lost in enjoying what I was doing. She gushed getting just a little bit wetter, and bucked wildly as I continued what I was doing. When she released me I came back up to her, kissing her again. My larger breast on her chest, rubbing against those insanely puffy nipples. I was drunk on lust for this little girl. When she moved me onto my back I knew what was coming, but didn't expect what happened.

Marsha spoke, "Can I try something?"

I spoke, "Marsha, that was great, I've never wanted anyone like this before, EVER."

I said, "I'm glad I'm not the only one.

"Oh my god, I'd love that." She said.

I talked to Sam Jr., and told him about Marsha and I and he said "I'm happy for you two. I know she is a cute girl, and very kind. I'll see what I can do, I think there is a room in one of the guest houses that is open not that we got a third bunk house built."

Sam jr. said, "Carol, seeing you and Marsha happy will be enough for me."

True to his word that night Masha and I moved in together. We made love in a bed, and it was nothing short of spectacular. I never thought I would like being with a girl, but I never really had time to explore who I was growing up. She's a little younger than me, but age is just a number. James And Sylvia understood.

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