Author's note... Everyone is of legal age, Everything is fictional, Pregnancy can't happen, Enjoy.

John had struggled for years being a single parent.

After turning 18, Sally became rebellious. She would tease her father relentlessly. Sally loved to climb in her daddy's lap, nuzzling his neck while grinding on his crotch. Sally could feel her father's cock stiffen under her tiny ass. Sally would then jump up laughing at her red-faced father. Sally would prance away singing "can't touch this".

John snapped.

Sally got quiet and said "daddy, I've never acted this way with anyone but you. You are the only man I've ever loved. all the times I said can't touch this, what I meant was... I can't give myself to you, you have to take it. Take me like the girls in the porn you watch. Yes, I know what you look at on the web. Those dirty girls are tied up and forced into humiliating sex acts. Make me do it, daddy. Your precious little princess needs to be punished."

Did his daughter just ask him to take her with force? make her his sex toy? punish her sexually?

With a steely look in his eyes, John stood up, scooped little Sally up in his arms, and marched to his exercise room. John grabbed some rope from the closet and stared at his wide-eyed little girl. "Remove your clothes" John commanded. Sally stood defiant. "Now" John barked. Sally didn't move.

Her hands slowly moved to remove her shirt. The sound of the belt whizzing through the air gave Sally a moment of panic as the belt connected with her ass. Sally quickened her pace and removed the rest of her clothes, hoping to avoid another lash of the belt. The next strike hit bare ass. The leather tore at her flesh, raising large welts of dark color. "Sweety, are you ready to do as I say?" John said with a growl into Sally's ear.

John gently laid his daughter down on his workout bench and tied her hands above her head. John tied Sally's legs at an obscene angle. Lastly, he gagged his little girl. John watched Sally for a long time, his rage building as he recalled his daughter's past teasing of him. The hundreds of times he was red-faced and blue-balled by Sally came rushing back.

Sally screamed around her gag and pleaded with her eyes for him to stop. John did stop and stepped around to his daughter's face. "Is my little princess ready for more?" John whispered in her ear. Sally slowly nodded in the affirmative and mumbled a yes around her gag.

Her fear was palpable as John stepped between her legs. John slowly rubbed his cock head against his daughter's virgin pussy. Sally moaned as his cock was dragged across her clitoris. John smiled as he saw the wetness appear on his daughter's cunt. Sally strained to see her father's cock. It had looked huge when her father had rubbed it against her face. Sally had struggled to get a single finger into her pussy when she masturbated, how was her father's huge cock going to fit. John retrieved a bottle of lube and slicked up his cock and Sally's pussy.

John didn't move anymore as he watched his daughter. Tears streamed from her eyes and her breathing was labored. John pulled his cock back, then slid it in another inch. With each stroke, he pushed a little deeper. Twenty strokes later and John's cock was buried up Sally's cunt. Sally whimpered and tears freely flowed from her eyes.

John reached up and removed Sally's gag. He then reached up and released her hands. Sally's hands pulled her father on top of her as he continued to saw his cock into his daughter. John could feel the pressure build and release in his balls as he went over the edge. Sally orgasmed as she felt her father's hot cum erupt inside of her.

John sighed "of course princess." He did not know where this ride would take them, but he intended to find out.

When little Sally had been younger, she had been his little princess. He would have killed any man or beast that dared harm his precious little girl.

Years of teasing went by, and John had finally had enough. Sally had straddled John's lap and was pulling his ear with her teeth.

Through gritted teeth, he said "why do you do this to me? surely one of your boyfriends would be a better recipient of your teasing act than me."

John's head was spinning.

Yes...yes she did.

Sally was shocked at the speed her father ripped his belt off. Sally thought she had heard a thunderclap until the pain seared her bottom. Sally's eyes teared up as a second, then third, then forth thunderous belt slap hit her ass. "Will you do as your told princess?" John asked. Sally shook her head up and down slowly.

"Yes daddy, I'll be your good little princess and do anything you say" She sobbed.

John reached out and stroked his daughter's nipple. Sally's nipple stiffened and goosebumps appeared as her pinched her teat. Sally's happy expression quickly faded as her father squeezed her nipple tighter. Tears formed in her eyes as he pulled hard on her nipple. John relaxed his grip for a moment, only to get a better grip and pull harder.

Sally watched her dad stand up and then step behind her out of view. She saw his shirt fly through her vision, then heard the unmistakable sound of her father's pants zipper coming down. She smelled his cock before she saw it. Her nostrils flared as the musky smell enveloped her mind. The cock head came into view and grazed her cheek as John rubbed his cock on her face. Sally strained to touch her father's cock with her lips. Sally's eyes searched for her father as he stepped away.

Sally flinched as she felt the head pushing her lips apart. Slowly the bulbous head eased inside her incredibly tight pussy. John had gotten just the head of his cock inside of his daughter when he felt her hymen. John eased his cock all the way out, then put the head back in. Sally grunted each time his cock bumped her hymen. On the third stroke, John continued pushing and broke through Sally's hymen.

John began slow, long, powerful strokes into Sally's tight little cunt. After twenty minutes of smooth stroking, Sally experienced her first orgasm. It was not a large orgasm, but it did hint at the pleasure to come. Another 5 minutes of stroking and Sally had a much larger orgasm.

Sally cooed in her father's ear as his body began to relax. "Daddy, I've waited so long for this. Can I be your pet now?"

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