1) This is my First story.

3) All characters are most certainly over 18.

Seven letters was what her pet name contained, 7 simple letters. He had her get on all fours on the bed, ass high in the air. He knew she was playing without him, her face was flush, her pussy was dripping still. She admitted it. It was time for punishment. The black leather paddle, slid down her back, up one side then the other. Why did she test him like this? Why would she think its ok to play when he was hard at work? She was naughty, so unbelievably naughty. Now, now she would be punished.

He pulled her back to the edge of the bed, and instructed her to stay put. The paddle lightly teasing her ass crack, falling lower, just caressing her exposed pussy lips. "A" he said as he drew back and let the paddle fall hard again on her ass. She whimpers, finding joy in the punishment, feeling the heat on her ass. "S" as another blow landed. She inches forward again, her ass burning. He notices the redness, notices her pussy is getting wetter. He lets the paddle slide up her wet slit, up her ass crack, and back down again. His hand rubs the red spots on her ass cheeks and then slides slowly up her back, the paddle still rubbing her wet slit gently. He grabs her hair, pulls her head back, and the paddle is before her. He shows her the wetness on the paddle.

She couldn't tell him it was because of him, because of now, because of this.

"S" he whispers as the paddle slides down her back just caressing her skin. There is no warning as he pulls back and lands yet another blow. This time a deep moan escapes her lips, she pushes back on the paddle, willing it to make her ass burn again. He pulls it away and her ass lunges towards him. She is enjoying it now, the pleasure of being naughty. He notices, and his hand holds her firm in place. His lips drop to her ass as his tongue licks her wet slit from top to bottom, all the way up her ass crack. His hand again finds the back of her head and he kisses her so hard she can barely breathe. "So naughty," he whispers as she tastes herself on his lips; on his tongue. He relents and lets her head go and it falls in shame again. "So naughty, such a deceiver" he whispers.

"Not yet. O" as the paddle falls again, harder still, her ass searing, in ecstasy.

"T" he whispers as the paddle falls the final time with firm hand. She cries out as the paddle slides up and down her wetness, she cannot hold back. His whisper in her ear, "you may let go my Sasspot", comes just in time as she feels her juices escape herself. Her head falls and she promises not to play again without her sir. Her mind adds "at least not much" as he gently kisses her neck.

2) I am very new to anything BDSM related, keep that in mind please.

4) Dedicated to Sasspot.

The paddle swung back in his hand, "S" he whispered and guided the paddle firmly to a square landing on her ass. A moan escaped her lips, and she inched a little forward, surprised at the sharpness. She knew she would be punished, but the play was too tempting, the desire too strong, her head betraying her into thinking she would get away with it. She admitted it willingly when he walked in and her hand was between her legs, her eyes closed, and desire consumed her very being. The images in her mind driving her deeper.

"Look at it" he tells her, "look at how wet your pussy is from playing."

"Taste it" as her tongue reaches out to taste herself, he pulls it away again, not letting her, teasing her, punishing her.

He pulls her back again and the paddle rests on her ass firmly. As he pulls it back, her ass try's to follow, his hand again stopping her, commanding her to stay put. "P" he says demanding her attention, the paddle cracking down the hardest it has yet. She moans, she feels it building in her as the paddle again teases her wet slit, rubbing her hardening nub. "Your liking this" he whispers as she softly moans at the paddles position, rubbing her, pushing her closer. "Do you deserve to cum?" He asks her softly, her moans the only answer.

The paddle falls away, as his mouth lightly bites one red ass cheek and the other, she feels the sting as his teeth press into her red flesh and she moans. His finger finds her wet hole and slides in with ease, soon joined by another. Even he is surprised at her condition, her wetness, her intense warmth begging to be filled. His fingers find her throbbing nub and he teases it, feeling her tense, her legs beginning to shake, he pulls away yet again, leaving her moaning in want.

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