Seduction Ch. 04

Yes, that felt good, Emmie thought as she remembered the shocked expression on his face. He deserved it after all the sexual references that he'd included in their conversations just to watch her reaction.

One minute he was easy to talk to, and the next minute he seemed to want to jump her bones. He was almost boiling over with steam. It made her very aware of what she said or did when he was around.

She took a deep breath. She had to forget all about him and concentrate on her tasks.

"How was your lunch?" Irene wondered.

"It seems you've tamed the beast."

"You know. Jake, of course. Everyone is talking about it."

"It was incredible. He seemed to be putty in your hands. He was even smiling. I've never seen that before."

"He's actually rather cute. And so big and muscular. Much more virile than the rest of them. Maybe I should go for him instead of Dave. What do you say? Is he worth pursuing?"

At least that would get him off her back, Emmie thought. He was too disturbing for her state of mind and after today he deserved to have other women chasing his tail.

"Not at all. You're welcome to him," Emmie smiled. "So, he doesn't scare you anymore?"

Emmie got some very disturbing images inside of her head and she shook it slowly. She tried to laugh to get the images to disappear.

Although she had some serious doubts about that after glaring at his crotch from about half a meter's distance.

It would be good for his score, as well, if someone else's discovered his appeal. Emmie smiled.

Letting the rest of the ladies start the pursuit could only be beneficial for her state of mind. Then they could gossip about someone else instead. This could be very interesting to follow.

"Such language," Emmie berated him.

Oh my, Emmie thought as she clasped her arms around his back and held on to him. Oh boy, but he could kiss, she thought as he nibbled slowly on her tongue, making her open her mouth to him.

She didn't care. She held on to him, feeling each breath being shared with his and a constant craving had started inside her, insisting that she wanted to feel his entire length filling her up.

Suddenly she heard someone entering the office.

"Go away, Dave," Jake said as he pulled his mouth away from Emmie and letting her slide down along his body.

Dave turned and placed himself in the doorway, seemingly to block anyone else from looking inside.

"I'm sorry, Emmie. That did get a little out of hand."

"That's an understatement."



"And let you take the blame and get fired for it? Forget it!" Emmie said as she quickly adjusted her clothes and hair.

"How difficult can it be to fix one lousy computer? I don't care how long the waiting line is. My computer is a lot more important than all those other issues that you have, so you better get a move on right now, Jake!"

Some of the younger men on Jakes team visibly shrunk back in fear as she passed them.

Maybe he wasn't such a nice guy after all. Or maybe he just so desperate after some real sexual experience that he came on too quickly? Either way, she had never been so confused as to what his real persona was. She had no idea.

Lately as she had become very aware of him and her mind was flooding her with forbidden thoughts and needs. It was exhausting and exhilarating at the same time.

Feeling more like herself, she walked briskly into the office that she shared with Irene.

"Interesting," Emmie admitted.

"What beast?"

"Beast, hah? I would rather call him a dragon."

"Oh well, as long as you find the right topic, I suppose any person will smile."

"How should I know? But by all means. Help yourself to any man in the company. You'll never know unless you try."

"But, I won't if you fancy him, you know. Do you?"

"No, he seems more normal now that he's smiling. Only a lot more masculine than the rest of the bunch. I like men to be tall and well-built. Just imagine how large his manhood will be since he has such a large body. You know what they say about a man's penis being scaled according to his size?" Irene blabbered on.

"You're always thinking ahead, Irene. Maybe he's an exception to the rule and is teeny-tiny."

"I'm just curious," Irene said dreamingly.

And hopefully he would get off her back as well. He could be very annoying and a constant threat to her equilibrium.

Still, Emmie failed to notice the knowing smile on Irene's lips.

"Screw the language," Jake said as he bent down and captured her lips with his and gave her a deep kiss.

He took advantage of her surrender and placed his hands underneath her buttocks and lifted her up. She could feel the outline of his cock against her stomach. As he lifted her up, she spread her legs wider and felt her skirt move upwards toward her waist.

She wanted him to touch her breasts and push his fingers inside of her hungry flesh.

"Whoa, Jake," Dave sounded shocked. "What have we here?"

"Sorry, buddy. The rest of them are heading back now so unless you want an audience...?"

Jake helped Emmie adjust her clothes.

She pushed him slightly away from her.

"Hit me, Emmie."

"Hit me and yell something at me."

"Let them think that I assaulted you," Jake suggested.

She turned a little more away from him and raised her voice.

And that said, Emmie walked briskly away from the scene, her head held high and her legs stamping as if she was really displeased with the discussion.

"Oh boy, maybe you should move her to the front of the queue, just in case, Jake," Dave suggested just loud enough to convince the other that the termagant was not be gainsaid.

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