Forever Love Forgotten Ch. 05

Diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, George forget his wife, his children, and his grandchildren.

She paused as if thinking what she was going to say next. Then before asking him and interrogating him, she looked at him with renewed sexual arousal. As if she was imagining him with her sister, she continued masturbating herself while rattling off her sexual questions.

Reluctantly reticent at first, he eyed his wife while trying to read her. New and forbidden ground, carefully walking on thin ice, he didn't want to get in any more trouble after she forgave him for having sex with her sister. Yet, with her asking the questions, Mary seemingly wanted to know more about the sexual relationship he had with Donna. With her masturbating herself while waiting for him to respond, obviously, she was sexually aroused by him having had sex with her big sister.

Instead of voluntarily expanding on the sexual details of having sex with her sister, careful in what he said and how he said it, showing no sexual excitement, he allowed her to ask the questions.

He shook his head no while making a sour face.

Seemingly pleased with his answer that Donna and George weren't in love, Mary nodded her head. Then, as if imagining his cock buried in her sister's mouth, she continued masturbating herself. She paused again before asking her next, probing, sexual question.

Instead of looking at George with anger, she looked at him with sexual arousal that her sister not only fucked her husband but also may have sucked his cock, too.

Wanting to expand on the sexual details of her big sister sucking his cock but fearing that he may have Hell to pay later, he wanted to tell Mary how much Donna loved giving him blowjobs. He wanted to tell his wife that her sister was as good of a cocksucker as she was. He wanted to tell Mary that he loved Donna blowing him and cumming in her mouth. Only, in enough extramarital trouble already, not wanting to open and replace an old wound with a new and festering one, he didn't expand on her sister's cocksucking skills.

George looked at his wife as if he was going to cum just reliving the forbidden, sexual memories of Donna blowing him, cumming in her mouth, and giving her a cum bath. He stared at his wife to make sure that she wasn't goading him to fall in a trap. Yet, with her fingering her nipples while rubbing her clit, she was as sexually aroused by their pillow talk as he was sexually excited telling her what it was like to have sex with her sexy sister.


He looked at his wife to see if she was still sexually excited or growing angry.

She laughed a sexy laugh.

He stared at his wife while recalling having sex with her mother. At first reticent to have sex with her son-in-law, then once he gave her sexual orgasms with his fingers, his mouth, and his cock, Carol was his willing whore. In the way that he could sexually do anything with his sister-in-law, his mother-in-law allowed him to sexually do anything with her too. Always respectful of his wife's mother before, yet, after having had sex with her for years, with her hungry for his cock as much as he was horny for her pussy, his mother-in-law was his sexy, MILF of a slut.

Mary stared at her husband.

George looked at his wife with embarrassment and shame. It wasn't easy for him to hide his sexual excitement when first recalling his sister-in-law sucking his cock. Now, it was even more difficult hiding his sexual excitement when recalling his mother-in-law blowing him. While remembering cumming in Carol's willing mouth, so as not to get an erection, he thought of baseball instead of giving his wife's mother a cum bath.

Slowing down her sexual interrogation, Mary looked at George with even more sexually arousal than she looked at him before. She looked at her husband as if imagining her mother stroking him while blowing him.

Not sure if she was baiting him by asking him that question, he answered her truthfully.

Mary laughed.

George smiled at his wife.

Mary returned her husband's smile with her smile.

Afraid to tell her the truth, he feared the repercussions of his honesty. Yet, this was his chance to be honest. This was his chance to come clean by telling her everything. Giving them something more and something new to discuss, this was his chance to continue with the sexy pillow talk they always enjoyed when having sex.

Mary wrinkled her brow while looking at her husband.

He gave her a shameful look.


Even though he only had sex with her best friend onetime, as if it happened yesterday, whenever horny, he enjoyed masturbating over the memory of having sex with Sheila again. With her not as pretty as Mary but, probably because she never had kids, she had a better body with tits just as big as his wife's huge breasts. Maybe because they were childhood friends and knew one another so well, he enjoyed having sex with Sheila as much as he enjoyed having sex with Donna. Yet, glad that he didn't, had he not married Mary, he may have married Sheila.

Mary looked at her husband with sexual excitement mixed with anger.

George shook his head yes.

Mary fingered her nipples while rubbing her clit while staring up at her husband with obvious, sexual arousal.

As if it was yesterday, with him still masturbating over seeing Sheila naked, George smiled while remembering her topless. He smiled while remembering her naked. As if it was a looping and reoccurring video that he forever has in his head, he smiled while replaying having sex with Sheila.

Obviously knowing what a slut her best friend was, Mary nodded her head.

George smiled.

Mary rolled her eyes and sighed.

George imagined Sheila flashing her tits and her naked body to unsuspecting men. He imagined her having sex with multitude of men. Always needing something sexy to talk about when having sex, now they did.

Mary gave him a sexy smile and a naughty look. Even though Mary was a virgin when he married her, now he wondered if she flashed men when out with her ex-best friend. Now, he wondered what the both of them did when on spring breaks in Florida. Knowing the exhibitionist his wife was back then, remembering her flashing his friends her naked breasts, he wondered if she participated in any topless and nude beach contests with Sheila.

As if remembering Sheila in her bra, topless, and naked, George smiled.

Mary smiled at her husband.

As if he was in the witness, hotseat of a courtroom, George smiled a nervous smile.

Mary looked at him with curiosity.

Embarrassed and ashamed, George looked at his wife with sorrow.

Mary nodded.

George looked down at his hands.

Mary waited until he looked at her and made eye contact before asking him her next questions in rapid succession.

Again, George looked down at his hands with shame.

Continued from Chapter 04:

"Did you fuck her? Did you fuck Donna? Did you fuck my sister? Did you eat her? Did you lick her pussy while fingerfucking her cunt? Did you give Donna a sexual orgasm with your fingers, your mouth, and cock," asked Mary?

"Yes, we fucked," he said while careful not to fall through the ice or be caught in a bobby trap. "Yes, I gave your sister cunnilingus. I fingered her pussy while licking her pussy. I gave her multiple orgasms," he said. "She seemingly enjoyed me giving her sex as much as I enjoyed giving her sex."

"Did you make love to Donna? Did you tell her that you love her? Did she tell you that she loved you," asked Mary while staring at her husband to read his face for the truth.

"Nothing like that. We just fucked. We never made love. I never told her that I loved her and she never said the she loved me," he said with honesty and sincerity.

"Did she blow you," asked Mary? "Did my sister suck your cock?"

"Yes, Donna blew me. She sucked my cock," he said careful not to say any more than what she asked.

"Did she allow you to cum in her mouth, and if she did, did she swallow your cum?" She paused with obvious sexual excitement. Not waiting for him to answer her first question, she asked her second question. "Did you give my sister a cum bath? Did you cum all over her face and across her naked breasts."

"Yes, your sister allowed me to cum in her mouth. She swallowed my cum and allowed me to give her a cum bath. When I wasn't cumming in her mouth, she seemed to enjoy having me cum all over her face and across her naked breasts," said George without volunteering any more information that wasn't pertinent to her question.

"Now that you told me about the sexual affair you had with my sister, tell me about the sexual affair you had with my mother," she said making eye contact with her husband. "Did you enjoy having sex with your mother-in-law as much as you enjoyed having sex with your sister-in-law?"

"Yes," he said while afraid to say anymore that what she asked.

"I bet you did," she said laughing again. "Now, that you had sex with my whole family," said Mary with another sexy laugh. "How did having sex with my mother compare to having sex with my big sister and me? Did you enjoy having sex with my mother as much as you obviously enjoy having sex with me and obviously enjoyed having sex with my sister?"

"I love your mother and having sex with her was even more sexually exciting than having sex with your sister or even with you," he said careful with what more he confessed. "When stripping her naked and having sex with her, much different having sex with her than having sex with your sister, I felt as if I was doing something so forbidden. I felt as if I was having incestuous sex with a blood relative. Because she was older, as old as my mother, I almost felt as if I was having sex with my mother," he said.

"I can understand that," she said with a pause while studying him. "Tell me the truth. I'm curious to know. Did my mother blow you? Did she suck your prick?"

"Yes," he said while wondering who was going to win the world series. "Your mother blew me."

"Did you cum in her mouth?"

"Yes," he said. "And she swallowed, too."

"I always wondered if my mother sucked cock. With her from a different generation, I never pegged my Mom for a cocksucker," said Mary. "Obviously, like daughters like mother, the women in my family are all cocksucking whores," she said with a sexy laugh.

"Carol is a good cocksucker," he said with pride with his admission. "Not as good at sucking cock as you and your sister, yet, she seemed to enjoy stroking and sucking my prick as much as I enjoyed her stroking and sucking my prick."

"Tell me and be honest. I'd like to know. Did you make love to my mother or did you just fuck her in the way that you said you fucked my sister," she asked?

"The first several times we had sexual intercourse, we made love. I kissed her, French kissed her, more than I kissed your sister. Then, after a while we fucked," he said. "After the first few times, every time we had sex, we fucked. Putting a pillow over her mouth so that you weren't awakened by her screams of sexual pleasure, I fucked your mother hard and fast until she had a sexual orgasm," said George staring at his wife with apologetic eyes.

"How many times did you have sex with my mother?" Before he could answer, she asked him another question. "How many times did you have sex with my sister?"

"Over ten years, from your first to your last pregnancy, while you were in the hospital having babies, breastfeeding them, and busy caring for them, we had sex dozens of times. Too many to count and remember, with them staying overnight, and with us in the living room while you were sleeping, we had sex," he said. "Your sister and mother not only helped you with the housework and the babies, but they sexually helped me with my horniness and I returned the sexual favor by helping them with their sexual frustration," he looked at his wife with shame. "I'm sorry, Mary," said George.

"Now, tell me about you having sex with my best friend, my co-worker, and our next-door neighbor," said Mary obviously in the mood to have some hot, sexy pillow talk while getting sexually aroused all over again. "I'm curious to know. How did it happen with Sheila?"

"With your mother taking the kids for the night, Sheila came to the house when she knew you wouldn't be home. She was out shopping and, her reason to strip naked in front of me, she wanted to show me what she bought," said George.

"Without you asking her or coercing her, Sheila stripped herself naked in front of you," asked Mary with disbelief? "She's such a wicked whore."

"With her knowing how much I love big tits, I couldn't believe it when she unbuttoned and removed her blouse to try on her new blouse in front of me. I couldn't help myself from staring at her big, bra clad breasts. Her breasts are just as big as your breasts, your sister's breasts, and your mother's breasts."

"I can't believe she showed you what she looked like in her bra. Obviously, trying to steal you from me, Sheila is such a whore," said Mary with a quivering voice. "Yet, I don't understand why she'd have to strip naked just to show you the new blouse she bought. Tell me for her to strip herself naked, what else did she buy to model for you," asked Mary.

"She wanted to show me her new bra. In the way that I was surprised when she removed her blouse in front of me, I was shocked when she removed her bra in front of me too. With her turning one way before turning the other way while fiddling with her bra and adjusting her bra straps before putting it on, she made sure that I got a good, long look of her naked breasts," said George.

"That sounds like Sheila. Yet, I can't believe she showed you her naked breasts. I can't believe she strip herself naked in front of you. She's such a slut," said Mary. "Tell me. Why did she have to strip naked to model her bra," asked Mary?

"She bought a new bikini too and wanted to show me how she looked in that," said George while trying not to show his sexual excitement from remembering Sheila naked.

"Of course. Anything to show off her body. Sheila's such an exhibitionistic whore," said Mary again about her ex-best friend. "She's always been a whore and will always be a whore. I could tell you stories about all the guys she flashed. If ever I told you, all the men she sucked and fucked would shock you," said Mary.

"I'd like to hear about Sheila's sexual escapades," she said.

"Maybe one day, I will." She looked at her husband with curiosity. "So, tell me. Did you like her naked body? Something I don't even have to ask," she said with a sexy laugh. "Did you like her big, naked tits?"

"She has a nice figure and really big tits. I can understand why men would want her," he said. "Yet, she's nowhere as pretty, as kind, as loving, and as nice as you are Mary," he said. "Moreover, I don't think she'd make a good mother or a good wife. Seemingly caring more about herself, about her hair, her nails, and her makeup, she's not the motherly type."

"Thank you, George. So, tell me," said Mary. "How many times did you have sex with Sheila?"

"Just the one time. We only had sex once," he said. "Don't forget, a time when I had been drinking, all of my sexual encounters with your sister, your mother, your best friend, your co-worker, and our next-door neighbor happened after we had a few drinks," said George. "Besides with your sister and your mother sexually satisfying my need for big breasts, I really didn't need to have sex with anyone else but with them," he admitted.

"Then, if my sister and mother were enough, why did you have sex with my best friend, my co-worker, and our next-door neighbor?"

"Because they threw themselves at me," he said looking up at his wife with shame. "This was my chance to satisfy my big breast fetish by seeing the big tits of three more woman. How could I say no," said George with a shrug? "I couldn't say no," said George. "I wanted to see, touch, feel, fondle, and suck their naked tits as much as they wanted me to see, touch, feel, fondle, and suck their naked tits."

"I understand," she said falling silent to formulate her next question. "Did you fuck her? Did you fuck Sheila?"

"Yes," he said.

"Did she blow you? Did she suck your cock? Did you cum in her mouth? Did she swallow your cum? Did you give her a cum bath too?"

"Yes, she blew me and I ejaculated in her mouth. She swallowed but I didn't give her a cum bath," said George. "No doubt, not wanting to get cum in her hair, she wasn't into that in the way that you, your sister, and your mother all are. The three of you are such cum sluts," he said with a dirty laugh while eyeing his wife to see if she was upset by his comment.