Sen x Skala: Shower

_So this story was created by me and my RP buddy.

I wrote it up story style and thought I would share it. I have a bunch of them that I plan to write up and post. I hope you enjoy!

He ran his hands across her stomach, caressing the smooth skin with his rough hands. Sen shifted as he continued to rub in a circular fashion, slowly moving upwards under the shirt until it came to rest on her left breast. Receiving no protest, he gently massaged it, lightly running his thumb over her nipple until it became hard. Skala could feel something else getting harder too...

"Now?" she asked, "But it's bed time."

Sen hummed a quiet moan as Skala kneaded her breasts in time with his hip movements, teasing her nipples with gentle pinches. The feeling of his manhood sliding back and forth in her cleavage caused a pleasant warmth to grow within her. He thrust faster, precum dripping down, making her tits wet and slick. Skala moaned, pressing her breasts together to further envelope his cock. He squeezed in rhythm, groaning at the sensation of her soft flesh against his shaft as it started to throb.

Skala nodded, thrusting slightly faster before quickly pulling back, grasping his manhood as it shot a load onto her stomach and breasts.

Knowing just what to do, Skala scooped her up in his arms bridal-style and took her into the bathroom. Turning the shower on, he kissed her while he waited for the water to heat up. She pressed her lips against his, tilting her head and allowing his tongue to enter her mouth. They stepped under the warm spray, their mouths still locked in a passionate kiss as the water washed his seed from her skin.

Pulling his hips back, Skala guided himself so the top of his cock prodded her wet entrance. Sen ran her fingers through his black hair, twisting the shorter strands at the nape of his neck in her slender fingers. She leaned in and used a hushed tone in his ear.

That was all he needed to hear. No sooner had the words left her mouth, Skala slid himself inside her, slowly but purposefully filling her until he couldn't fit anymore in. Sen moaned and tightened her grip on his hair. He groaned as her tight, wet walls enveloped his manhood which twitched in excitement as he waiting for her to adjust to his thickness. Though they'd been together for a while, it was still a lot for her to take.

Sen placed her hands on his face, cupping his cheeks. "I love you," she panted.

She kissed him passionately again, moaning into his mouth as his started to thrust harder. He nibbled her bottom lip and pushed his tongue into her mouth, swallowing every sensual sound. She wrapped her arms around his neck and spoke in breathy words between kisses. "I'll never get tired of this. Of you."

"Harder," she pleaded, urging him with more hip gyrations, "Faster."

"Don't stop."

Sen's loud cries echoed in the bathroom as her orgasm hit her. Her inner walls clenched around him. It was all Skala needed to tip him over the edge. Giving one last powerful thrust, he buried himself deep inside her and released a wave of cum deep within her quivering pussy, groaning as he put his forehead on her chest.

Cleaning up, they stepped out and returned to their bed, laying in each other's arms just like they had before.

Sen is human and Skala is a werewolf and they're deeply in love. He believes she is his destined soul mate.

P.s. sorry for any spelling mistakes. I type fast and proof-read fast so sometimes I miss a few._

Sen snuggled up to Skala in their comfy king-sized bed, sinking into the pillow beside him. Wrapping his muscular arms around her, he couldn't help but notice she was wearing one of his shirts. It looked good on her. Especially since she'd only fastened two of the buttons which just barely covered her chest.

He skilfully unbuttoned the shirt with one hand, revealing Sen's bare torso. In an instant he buried his face in her soft mounds, kissing and licking the valley of her breasts. His manhood strained in his pants and he had an urge to use her generous cleavage in other ways. He slipped off his underwear and climbed on top of his girlfriend, straddling her chest. Sen sleepily looked up at him and then down to her chest as he placed his erect penis between her breasts.

"I'll make it up to you," he replied softly, squeezing as he thrust his cock in the middle of her fleshy mounds in long, slow strokes, the tip just brushing her chin each time it came forward.

"Not on my face," Sen requested, feeling his cock pulsate between her breasts.

Sitting up, Sen looked at herself, "What a mess," she sighed.

Sen squealed as Skala picked her up, grabbing her rear and pressing her back against the tiled wall. He pressed his erect cock against her pussy. He rubbed his manhood up and down her slit, gliding past her clit back and forth. Sen bit her lip and released a breathy moan as his kisses continued along her jawline down to her neck.

"Give it to me," she whispered.

Looking at her boyfriend with lustful eyes, he took the hint and slowly began to thrust. He barely took more than a couple of his seven inches out of her before slipping back in. Her arousal was making it easy for him to leave and re-enter her with his smooth motions. He pulled her closer, pressing his broad chest against her soft breasts and kissed her neck.

"I love you too," Skala replied.

Her legs clenched more firmly around his waist, encouraging his thrusts to become faster. Sen buried her face in the crook of his neck, breathing heavily and crying out every time she exhaled. He nuzzled his cheek against her and kept his pace causing her to dig her nails into his back, dragging them across his shoulders and leaving red marks in their wake. Skala growled lowly, squeezing his girlfriend's ass cheeks as he ground into his thrusts a few times. Fresh noises were coaxed from Sen's mouth and she rolled her hips to match his movements. Her head fell backwards, resting against the tiles and exposing her neck in an almost submissive way. Skala vigorously licked and kissed her throat.

He groaned, her begging igniting his desires as he thrust into her with reckless abandon. She cried out, delighted with his reaction.

Skala ploughed his thick cock into her pussy and moaned along with her. His manhood throbbed inside her. He was close. But he wanted her to climax first. He gripped her ass, fucking her as hard as he could without hurting her.

They stayed there for a while, breathing heavily while the warm water washed away their sweat. After a few minutes, Skala placed Sen back on her feet, withdrawing his cock from her body and his seed dripped down her leg.


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