Shopping with Daddy: Repercussions

It's awkward as Mark and Katie, and Kevin and Laura, come down off the sexual high they all just experienced. Mark’s daughter Katie gathers her clothes and slips away to her room. Mark stays with Kevin and Kevin's 14 year old daughter Laura as they get dressed in the living room where it all happened. Mark’s back in control of his thoughts and manners. He doesn’t peek over at Laura as she gets dressed. Kevin tries to keep things light and avoid any comments of regret or worry, Once they are partially clothed Kevin says, “That was very unexpected.

Kevin, is fully dressed, and finishes tying his shoes and stands up. Just then Katie, comes down the stairs in jeans and a tee shirt as if nothing has just happened. She looks at Laura and says, “See you in school tomorrow?”

Mark fells relief set in at hearing his daughter and Laura talk as if the last few hours hasn’t happened.

“Yes, sounds great.” Mark shakes Kevin’s hand and leads them to the door.

Mark sets the table and hears the delivery car pull up outside. “It’s here.” Mark calls out. A moment later he hears Katie’s door close and her foot steps coming down the stairs.

Mark eyes wash over Katie before he says, “Thanks.” Katie walks over to the kitchen table with the pizza as Mark turns back to the pizza guy and signs the receipt. Then remembers, “Oh the salad?”

Mark tries to suppress his thoughts about what the pizza guy was thinking when he saw Katie and tries to concentrate on the salad offer. Mark doesn’t want to slide down that slippery slope he did earlier. He says “Thanks sure, yes” and “See you soon” to the pizza guy.

“When does mom get home?” Katie asks breaking the silence.

Katie nods and takes another bite of her slice.

Katie smiles a bit as she takes a bite of her slice and looks to her dad.

Katie blushes as she looks to her dad and sip more of her soda. “I know what you mean. I had lots of thoughts too. and Um then after Laura’s dad and I.” Katie looks down then back up at her dad. “After we finished. I felt kinda bad. But then I remember how I felt before it and during it, and I like it.”

Mark takes a drink as he nervously waits for Katie’s reaction. “It’s weird dad.” Katie starts. “I mean, I know what society says and all, but today in the store when it all started. I got those thoughts and feelings you talked about. It felt exciting, exhilarating. I liked the way I was feeling and wanted to keep feeling it.”

“Um, I’ve thought about that and um.” Katie looks at her dad. “I wouldn’t change anything.”

Katie's eyes flash wide. “Dad tell me.”

Katie nods, but can’t let the question go unanswered. “Dad tell me anyhow. Tell me the things you wish had happened, even if it unrealistic or impossible for it to all have happened in one night. Please.”

“I promise.”

Katie nods, “Yes.”

Katie sits up straighter, “No daddy. Please. Tell me. I want to know. I don’t care about the slippery slope.” Katie looks into her dads eyes, “I’m ok daddy. I want you to let loose.”

“I promise daddy.” Katie’s mind races with all the ideas and thoughts of what her dad might say next. “Tell me what you want me to do.”

Katie blushes. “Tell me more.”

Katie nods. “Tell me daddy.”

“Please daddy.”

Katie swallow and bites her lip with excitement. Her mind running wild with thoughts.

“I want to post pictures of you online to tease other dads. I want to offer you to them in exchange for their daughters. I want to trade you for their daughters. I want to watch them fuck you. I want to see the look on their faces as they cum inside you. As they cum all over your face. And I want their dads to watch me fuck their daughter. I want you to watch me fucking their daughters. Like we did with Laura and her dad.”

Mark’s freeze as his mind processes what his 14 year old daughter just said. Katie says again, “I’ll do it daddy.”

“I mean it daddy. I’ll do it, but only if you promise not to be mad at what I want.”

“Now tell me Katie.” Mark says as his heart pounds.

“Go on Katie, you promised.”

Mark wants to say yes regardless of what Katie wants, but he can’t. “I can’t promise until I know what I am promising honey.”

Mark heart nearly stops at hearing just how dirty his young 14 year daughter has become. His mind falters as he tries to find a response. He wants to say yes so he can have his fantasies, but by saying yes, he takes a chance of loosing all secrecy about the things he’s already done, and the things he wants to do. He imagines his friends looking at his daugther now; in her bikini or a skimpy outfit, checking her out discretely. Maybe a few talk among themselves about her. Maybe they “warn” him about how she is dressed; giving him a chance to test the waters to see how perverted they really are. Then he imagines Katie with Trey. He can’t help but imagine the look on her face as she sees his big black cock.

Just as he is about to answer he hears the pizza guy’s car out front. Staring at his young daughter Mark answers her earlier question. “I’ll agree on two conditions.” Katie’s eyes grow with excitement. “You let me set up cameras in your room to film everything you do.” Katie nods. “And we start tonight. Right now. With you acting out the things I want.”

Mark’s heart is beating hard and fast as he can’t believe what is happening. He is completely lost in sexual perversion. He has to act now. “I want you to unbutton your top and answer the door for the pizza guy. Ask him to keep you company because your dad had to run out.” Mark can’t believe what he is asking his 14 year old daughter to do, but he can’t resist the desire. “If he accepts I want you to subtly tease him.” Mark looks right in Katie’s eyes.

Katie stares back at her dad. Her mind processing what her dad just asked her to do. Her body tingles with excitement. She smiles and says back to her dad, “Where will you be?”

Mark doesn’t look at Kevin but does respond with, “Surreal.” Mark pulls on his shirt and becomes comfortable clothed. He looks up and sees Laura slipping on her shoes. She’s back in her shorts and top. She catches Mark’s eyes and offered a small quick acknowledging smile before looking away. Mark wonders what she will think about her what just happened when she is alone with her dad and they can talk more freely.

“I’ll meet you in front of the library before first period.” Laura replies.

“Well, we’ll be going.” Kevin announces the obvious. “We should get some beers sometime.” Kevin continues and offers Mark his hand to shake.

After Kevin and Laura leave Katie goes back to her room and Mark plops down on the sofa in the living room. As the hours pass both do their usual things. Mark watches TV and cleans up the house and Katie does some homework and surfs her social media sites. It isn’t until dinner time that they are back in the same room again. Mark announces to Katie that he ordered pizza and that it's going to arrive any minute.

Mark walks to the door and greets the pizza guy. He’s a man in early 30’s. The pizza guy hands Mark the pizza. Mark holds it in one had and takes the pen from the pizza guy to sign the receipt. Just then Katie offers, “I’ll take that.” Katie takes the pizza from Mark. Mark can help but notice the pizza guy’s eyes look past him. Mark turns his head to say thanks but pauses as he sees his daughter in short silky night time shorts that hang very low on her hips, and a matching loose fitting cropped top. Her red hair up in a high pony tail.

The pizza guy cusses under his breath then apologies and says, “Sorry, I’ll forgot get it. No charge. I’ll be back in 20 mins. Is that ok?” Marks nods.

Mark avoids looking at his daughter in any of the ways he did earlier when things got very out of control between him, his daughter, Kevin, and Laura. Mark grabs a beer for himself and a soda for Katie from the refrigerator. Mark sits at table and they eat a slice before either says anything.

“Tomorrow evening.” Mark answers then follows up with. “Katie, we should talk about today before she gets home.”

“I’ll go first.” Mark says and takes big drink of beer. “I think you’ll kinda understand what I am about to say. About what happened. What we let happen. What we, um what I said." Mark takes another sip of beer. 'Well that’s the result of letting things slip too fast.” Mark looks to Katie. She takes a sip of her soda. “It starts with one little exciting thought. A thought that feels good but at the same time your mind says you shouldn’t have. And if you don’t stop it right then it can lead to other little thoughts and soon you have a string of them, a bunch of them, and that leads to physical feelings that are very hard to reverse.”

Mark continues. “And well, I don’t know much about how a woman, or a girl’s mind works in this area, but I do know, and you witnessed it first hand today, that if a guy, a man, doesn’t stop those little thoughts fast enough the physical feelings can take over and create bigger thoughts that have no boundaries or restrictions. And if you let it go on too long it will lead a man to do things, almost anything to satisfy the need to feel the pleasure of the thoughts.”

Mark feels a big sense of relief that Katie isn’t hating herself for what she let happen. “So, Well.. Don’t feel bad honey. It’s not bad.” Mark can’t believe he is saying this to his daughter. Telling her that what she did with Laura’s dad at 14 isn’t bad. “I mean, this is hard for me Katie. I should be telling you that you shouldn’t have done what you did, that I was bad for encouraging it, and for doing what I did with Laura. But I can’t.”

Mark swallows nervously. “How are you feeling now? I mean, um. Do you regret anything? Do you wish your first time, was with someone your own age?” Mark asks worried he might hear regret from his daughter and not wanting to feel the guilty of having led her to her first experience with sex that might haunt her.

“Either would I.” Mark says back. “Well…” Mark starts but stops.

“Well, it’s unrealistic to go back and think about how it could have been different. It’s not good to dwell on things you’d like to add to the memory. You just have accept the fun it was and instead of imaging it differently. It’s best to image how you can have it different the next time.” Mark kicks himself for have said that last part.

Mark gets up and grabs another beer from the refrigerator and opens it. He takes a long drink of it, then leans against the counter. “Ok, but you have to do the same. You have to tell me your thoughts.”

“It’s more than adding things to what happened today. It’s just that they’re soo many things I wish girls your age did when I was your age. Things like today. I had so many fantasies. I am having those same fantasies again, about girls your age, not only doing things with boys your age but also with men, older men, even men older than me. I want to know there is a girl out there doing them in real life.” Mark takes a long drink of his beer. “Are you sure you want to hear this?”

Mark pauses then gives in. “Fuck Katie. Seeing you like I did today makes me want soo much for you to do all the dirty things I dream of girls doing. Very naughty things, even more so for a girl your age.” Mark takes a swig of his beer. “Katie, I have to warn you if we don’t stop talking about this, if we let it keep going I’m going to end up casting all my reservations away. I’m slipping down that slope I told you about where pleasure overrules your mind.” Mark takes another swig. “We should probably stop.“

“Katie, you have to promise me you won’t tell anyone about this, about what we did or talk about. You can’t tell anyone what I say.”

“Ok. Fuck it. Okay.” Mark looks at Katie. “I want to take you back to the mall and make you wear the dress with the long split up the side, or the short little skirt that shows off your ass at the bottom. And I want to watch you walk around the mall. I want to watch guys, and men, checking you out. I want to see them follow you around dreaming of you.”

“Honey, you know what I just said about letting thoughts go uncheck?”

“Honey you don’t know what I’m thinking. It is very bad.” Mark pleads.

Mark breaks down and says, “I want to offer you to them. I want to tell them they can fuck you Katie. I want to see the look in their eyes when I tell them. I want to see their excitement when you tell then they can.”

“Anything else?” Katie asks.

Katie's mind floods with the memory of earlier. The excitement of it overwhelming. She says, “I’ll do it daddy.”

“Don’t tease me Katie.”

“Katie, right now I don’t think you could be mad at anything you’d say.” Mark ensures.

“Are you sure?” Katie asks. Mark nods.

“It’s because of the way Laura’s dad and you looked at me and Laura today. How excited you guys were.” Katie blushes. “Promise you’ll let me do it and I’ll promise to let you do what you said. I’ll let you trade me and take me out dressed like you want.”

Katie gives up, she can’t contain it. Promise or not she has to tell her dad. “I want you to have a party with some of the guys from your work softball team.” Katie pauses for just a moment. “Tom, Sean, Chris, and Trey. A BBQ pool party. I want to tease them like Laura and I teased you and her dad. If they talk to you about me like Laura’s dad did, I want you to encourage them to look at me, and if they tell you things they want to do with me, to me; then I want you tell them they can. If they want be sneaky with me, I don’t want you to stop them.”

“Fuck, you’re driving me crazy honey.” Mark says as he looks at his daughter. Mark’s cock hardening in his pants at all the dirty images he has of her with his friends. Mark’s now completely lost in his dirty pleasure filled thoughts.

Katie bites her lip playfully, nods, then smiles. “I promise.” Katie mutters.

“I want him to fuck you Katie.”

“I’ll be in the other room, watching and listening.” Mark props up his phone in a discrete location in the kitchen and starts a video broadcast app. They both look to the door as the pizza guy knocks. Mark quietly walks to the next room.